'Real Steel' Sequel Coming When Hugh Jackman's Schedule Clears Up

September 26, 2011

Real Steel

With just under two weeks until the robot boxing film hits theaters on October 7th (be sure to check out the kick-ass trailer and my set visit report), apparently a sequel to DreamWorks and Disney's Real Steel is already planned. While the decision to move forward on the project is certainly being reserved until after the the box office numbers come in, director Shawn Levy told The Playlist that he's definitely going to come back to produce and direct the sequel, and also Hugh Jackman, Dakota Goyo (who plays the estranged son in the film) and Evangeline Lily are all a big part of the sequel's story. Plenty more details below!

Apparently DreamWorks, including executive producer Steven Spielberg, has plenty of faith in the film simply because of some successful test screenings. Levy said:

“Even ‘Night at the Museum’ didn’t test like this. People were cheering in a movie theater. The last time I remember that happening was in ‘Rocky III’ with Clubber Lang or even against Drago in ‘Rocky IV.’ So we got that kind of visceral reaction from audiences and the studio not only took the bullish move of developing a sequel and asking me to sign on but then also didn’t deny it when it leaked in the press. That was a show of confidence that hopefully we will reward.”

So considering how much of the story follows the redemption of a father and his estranged son over the backdrop of a robot boxing league, exactly where might the story of a sequel head. Beware of some potential spoilers, as Levy revealed:

"It is the same characters, the next chapter. It delves into the fallout of the new fame and money that the Kentons are going to have as a result of Zeus-Atom fight. It also delves into something I thought was a cool aspect of the movie that I didn’t have time to get into, which is the class warfare between the underground unsanctioned world of robot boxing and the monetized corporately funded league. The truth is, it’s not unlike the way boxing saw its popularity contested with the rise of a more violent, less rule-bound MMA.”

Of course, it's anyone's guess as to how soon the sequel might come together. Not only does it look like Levy will be shooting Frankenstein in the spring of 2012, but Jackman will be busy shooting Les Miserables around that same time and following it up with The Wolverine later in the year. So as far as giving a timetable on when we might see Real Steel 2 come together, Levy says, "I need to wait and see what shakes out with Hugh’s schedule and mine. But we are both committed to the sequel if this movie is a hit.” This kind of faith in a blockbuster like this is always good to hear, and when my review for the film comes sometime soon, I think audiences will be surprised to learn just how this film has turned out. Stay tuned.

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The first one looks absolutely horrible and they are gearing up for a sequel?  ugh...

Boogie Pop on Sep 26, 2011


It was awesome!!!!!!!!!!and its for kids.............. I dont know about your place but people were really cheered up here.

Rajat Kumar on Oct 10, 2011


Its an awesome film... Fuck off and get some basic movie taste... WANKER!!!

Ethan on Oct 31, 2011


Saw this at one of those test screenings in LA this weekend and the movie is most definitely sleek and professionally made crap.  It's a massively superficial and uninspired movie.  But, given it's sports movie framework and father/son story, American audiences will probably eat it up.  It feels like a rip off of Transformers, Iron Man, Iron Giant, and Rocky- but, unlike those movies, Reel Steal is soulless.  This is because Shawn Levy is a bad director.  Just look at the movies he's made.  I really hope audiences give Dreamsworks no reason to make a sequel.  And 'thunderous applause'?  Not at my screening.  Some decent applause at the end, with an ending that begs claps.  More applause when I saw Moneyball.  But they'll spin what they can.  Come October 7th, we'll know.

lane on Sep 26, 2011


Wait. Transformers wasn't soulless?

Craig on Sep 27, 2011


This sounds like a ploy to drum up business for RS to make money now and in return reward and justify their thinking ahead for a sequel. Despite this sites advertisements and endorsements, I do not have any desire to see this film AND reading that the studios compare this to crappy movies like Rocky 3 & 4 and Night at The Museum encourage me to stay home and read a book.

Voice of Reason on Sep 27, 2011


They're getting ahead of themselves arent they? I think the movie looks like total rubbish.  But it's aimed at the 8 to 14 year olds.

Posthuman on Sep 27, 2011


Aren’t we cocky? Better hope the first one doesn’t flop!

MJM on Sep 27, 2011


well I gotta give a possitive comment, cause I just saw this at an advanced screening this morning and I liked it, I thought it was a good movie. It certainly wasn't soulless. Hell the main reason I found this article on here was cause I was googled whether there would be a possible sequal. To the people that haven't even seen it yet, leav your negative opinion till you've at least watched it.

nanahara on Oct 2, 2011


this movie was one of the best ive seen all year. I agree with nanahara if you havent watched the movie dont comment about something you know nothing about. I also came on this page hoping for a possibly sequel. It was so good i watched it twice at the cinema.

lia on Oct 9, 2011


I prefer non-cliched indie or foreign films (like Let the Right One In), and my girlfriend had to drag me to watch this. After that, I watched it once more myself. There's something so endearing about the Hugh/Dakota relationship, the warmth of the movie more than fills its plot holes. Much better than I thought it would have turned out.

Getagrip on Oct 22, 2011


this movie was awesome! anybody who doesnt like it, seriously has no imagination. i mean boxing robots? with how real it looks, cant get any better.  im just waiting for a voltron or a japanese gundam movie with transformer movie graphics.

Dougfunnieyo on Oct 9, 2011


I Absolutely enjoyed to film it was great. You cannot simply judge on how the movie looks without seeing it first. Very immature to whomever to say this film looks garbage. Watch the movie first.

bkok on Oct 15, 2011


Fantastic film FOR ALL AGES, can't believe some people! It's has a very good story, the CGI is brilliant and the acting is good too. Watch before complaining! You can't be a critic without doing so....

Rhizo on Oct 18, 2011


Totally AWESOME...... Definitely a must watch movie...... Fun, well written and good graphics i think thats just perfect....... Why would you NOT like this movie...... This is soulless?? NO WAY!! This is 10x more soulful than the transformers movies...... believe me i've seen all the three transformers movies AND Real steel........ Real steel is Definitely awesome!! I can't wait for a sequel!!

Mridhu on Jan 18, 2012


I didn't see it at the movies and I felt it would be dumb, based on the idea of boxing robots. Boy, was I wrong! This movie is awesome. It has a real human element to it. They did a terrific job. I can only hope the sequel surpassed the original. That will be a tough ask as Reel Steel is a winner!

Alan_chong on Feb 7, 2012


Loved this movie so much and, all u haters out there, shut up! I cannot believe that anyone could call a movie that awesome soulless. I loved it so much that I am waching it for the sixth time! The sequel will be wicked awesome!!!!!

Jj on Feb 19, 2012

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