Review: Zack Snyder's 'Sucker Punch' Movie Kicks Some Serious Ass!

March 24, 2011

Sucker Punch

Sometimes the Hollywood machine works too well, churning out mindless drivel with such frequency that audiences gaze on the pretty pictures without a glimmer of a thought in their minds. They don't think to look deeper than the massive explosions and whirlwind action to discover actual meanings, the story that is truly being conveyed. That's probably worked too well for Zack Snyder, whose Sucker Punch is likely to play in front of millions of eyes but whose meaning is expected to be either lost or not even considered. It's definitely there, but does it also play on a visceral level? Does the imagery and story work hand-in-hand in creating a successful work of fiction? Let's let the next statement answer that:

Holy God, Sucker Punch kicks some serious ass!

Loaded with all kinds of visions of the fantastic and high-octane excitement, it's a visceral feast that utilizes Snyder's signature techniques with all the velocity of a fire breathing dragon. It takes its video game mentality of "the mission" and turns the revelry volume of blasting hundreds of monsters, robots, or Nazi zombies with hails of bullets up past the point of splitting ears. But Sucker Punch is not just style over substance. That's an argument the film is sure to be met with, as well, but there is just as much bubbling up under Sucker Punch's CG surface than there is in its sepia toned skies. Filled with themes of empowerment, escapism, and changing the course of the typical narrative, the film rides high in its jet-propelled mech warrior, and it has much to tell us when it's done doing loopty loops around our brain.

The film is told in three layers, the top of which involves a young girl played by Emily Browning. In the opening moments, we see her mother pass on, her sister and her left with an abusive step-father, and the ultimate tragedy that sends her to a mental institution. Once there, she escapes into her imagination, a fantastical world where she is Baby Doll, an orphan and latest addition to a brothel. Baby Doll meets four other young women there, and the group devise a plan to escape the brothel and the malevolence of owner, Blue, played with staggering gusto by Oscar Isaac.

It's when the plan to escape is devised, when Baby Doll distracts with her dances - accompanied by incredibly cool covers of great songs - and escapes into that third layer, that we are shown the true moments of ambition Zack Snyder wanted to show us. These are missions Baby Doll goes on in her imagination, the four girls fighting alongside her. Each mission has a purpose, a plan, and its own setting that includes everything from trench warfare to a train on a far distant planet. These environments are brought to life with stunning detail, something that has become a staple in Snyder's style.

There's an argument to be made against these moments of fantastical action. Above being essentially video game segments complete with Scott Glenn as the mission director - try not to hit the X button to get more information out of him - there's a lack of concern for the girls. All of this is playing out in Baby Doll's head, so everything is going to be just fine, right?

Of course, Snyder has a thought about that, as well. Beyond being able to make the same argument about the suspense in a James Bond or Mission: Impossible film - you never worry about 007 getting killed on a mission, but that doesn't mean they aren't exciting to watch - the story structure in Sucker Punch begins to turn around on itself. You begin to realize that reality comes before the fantasy, and real death can actually come into play. It's a notion that plays out all the way to the film's satisfying end. How it plays out will obviously have to be seen, but you understand when all is said and done that Snyder had a plan from the beginning. He went for a grand slam in visual and story-telling ambition, and he hit it just right.

The themes raised in Sucker Punch are executed with just as precise accuracy as the amazing visuals. Sucker Punch is a film about a young girl in the '60s, and how a male authority could easily have her locked up if he saw fit with minimal effort. Snyder brings the feminist movement, the empowerment that would come shortly after this period of time, to the front of his ideologies in Sucker Punch. Baby Doll and the girls she befriends are standing up for themselves. They are being proactive in getting away from their current situation, and the comradery found between them is as strong as any war-time epic.

Browning, Abbie Cornish as Sweet Pea, Jena Malone as Rocket, Vanessa Hudgens as Blondie, and Jamie Chung as Amber, make that connection work, too. The third layer down, the mission layer, has a tendency of making most of them caricatures. There's little definition between them, but once you understand how all of this is playing out in Baby Doll's mind and based on what she knows of these girls, it completely makes sense for the story at hand.

But even more than this idea of empowerment, Sucker Punch shocks the system of your standard narrative. Sure it unfolds in layers, but Snyder and fellow screenwriter Steve Shibuya have much to say about the idea of character, who is important, and what each person in the film stands for. The ideas of purpose and sacrifice run deep beneath the film's surface and are likely bits to be picked over for days or even weeks after watching the film.

When Sucker Punch has ended, after the final voice-over narration which is the only cringe-worthy aspect to the film, you let out a breath. The imagery, plot, and characters have played out before you, and the time for understanding the subtext begins. Sucker Punch is a film loaded with it. The battle scenes, the dragons and giant Samurai statues and killer robots are the blue pill that helps the themes go down smoother, but there's no denying what Snyder was aiming for in terms of deep-rooted meanings or metaphorical story telling. Visually captivating and thought-provoking, Sucker Punch is an explosive success, one that begs the question: "What the hell is Zack Snyder going to show us next?!"

Jeremy's Rating: 9 out of 10

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A great film!

Diego on Mar 25, 2011


Hahahaha, a great film??? Ever play video games? THIS IS NOT A MOVIE,  THIS IS A CUT SCENE!  A very long, very colorful, veerrrry trippy cut scene! Someone (Zack Snyder) had a long weekend playing some japanese fighting games and said, "you know what? we should dress some REAL women up like this, and have them jump around and punch and kick and do some really badass fighting in RIDICULOUSLY small clothing!"  If you are a 13 year old boy, you will LOVE this movie.  It's Ivy, and Amy, and Setsuka, AS REAL GIRLS!!  Enjoy!  Prepare to be dissapointed!!

bizkitchick on Oct 7, 2011


this entire review is just wrong

thatguy on Mar 25, 2011


Uh huh and just like everyone else who didn't like it, they have no real explanation for why they didn't like it, they just didn't like the style. I agree with Jeremy more than anything, I thought it kicked ass, but I'd still give it only a 7.5/10.

Alex Billington on Mar 25, 2011


There is about 47 other critics on Rotten Tomatoes and counting that disagree with you. I don't want to be that guy but yeah I just brought it up. But hey it's your review and I am glad you like it. However it seems that you are trying to redeem the movie because you like it so much even though there movie had a lackluster story. The action sequences were amazing though, but I did leave the movie theatre sucker punched. I wanted more of the story and I really wanted to connect with the movie, but I couldn't no matter how much I like Snyder.

Bryan on Mar 25, 2011


Well, it's a good movie but not a great one. And that's because, as I see it, there's a gigantic problem with this movie. It's all upside down!  Ok, I'll elaborate a little, so caution here; SPOILER WARNING (It's not in the theaters, so I think it's ok):From the begining to nearly the end, Babydoll is the main character and it's the one promoting the escape. And in the last second, then all the movie gets upside down and you get faced with the hard fact that you have been seeing the history as sweet pea sees it in her wicked head. Is Babydoll crazy because of his mother dead, or is it sane and just helping the girls escape the mad house? Who knows? And who cares! It's not her history, it's sweet's one. You really have to stop to think about it to realize it, and there's no way you can have time to think about it all in the theater, so you go out with the sour feeling of having the hero sacrifice herself for a secondary character, when it's all the other way arround.

Dan Netwalker on Jun 28, 2011


It can easily be assumed he felt the opposite of the review. Im sure people who didnt like it have their reasons, and furthermore, not liking the style or finding it confusing are 2 "real" explanations for not liking a movie. 2 plain and simple and real explanations. This is a comment board, thatguy commented his own opinion that he felt the article was inaccurate. Give thatguy a break.

Voice of Reason on Mar 25, 2011


But whats the point in leaving a statement like that, expressing a defensive and harshly accusatory sentiment to someone who put plenty of time and effort into detailing something great about material when others don't see it. The persons freedom of opinion was used to attempt to bluntly strike down someone who found something they enjoy in life, and therefore I too say that thatguy was wildly unfair in his simple slap in the face.

Ravek019 on Mar 26, 2011


this entire comment is just wrong

Voice of Reason on Mar 30, 2011


The action scenes weren't exciting. The entire movie takes place in an insane asylum and, despite the main character being sane, we only see about 7 minutes of it. The ending was both unexpected and unwelcome. The movie offered no payoff in any way. It was 100% visuals and even they didn't carry enough weight to keep myself, or anyone around me, interested. That's what I didn't like about it.

Lucid003 on Mar 28, 2011


Not enough people hear obviously watch enough european movies. The stereotyped "I want a happy ending" or "I need some sort of closure" is all we come to expect from kost American movies. European movies (especially French movies) often leave you with an unpleasant ending since (wake up people) that is life! But thats what make them fun. I find that Snyder's ability to step outside the American film makers usual stereotypical movie ending is very refreshing. To me the movie dealt with real imagery (the stepfather placing the stepdaughter in an insane asylum) with the imaginary world the girl escapes to to cope with the horror of both what she has witnessed and what she has to cope with. The mere fact that you are all raving and bitching about this movie at the same time means that on one level it was a great movie because it has you all thinking. Something that not many movies can lay claim to these days.

Freeflow64 on Aug 20, 2011


Next: The Oscars! Seriously?

thatpj on Mar 25, 2011


God, the headline of this article makes this movie and review so unappealing. We don't need another Ain't it Cool News.

samir on Mar 25, 2011


LOL at everyone hating on this movie. It was awesome. Every movie doesn't have to cater to the Citizen Kane pretentious Oscar crowd. This movie is exactly what I wanted to see and it is what I got. Hot chicks, action, and style. Sometimes it is just about fun. Every movie doesn't have to be some pretentious art piece that answers all of life's questions and gives you the meaning of life.

A+ on Mar 25, 2011


Amen to that! 😉

Buzzfunk on Mar 25, 2011


People need to just look at the poster. It's obvious what you're getting into. If you don't like that sort of movie, then don't watch. A girl carrying a sword.... Oh it must be freakin' sophisticated, I'm sure it's like Inception with a happy ending! I happen to love these sort of outlandish movies, they make me happy.

Anonymous on Mar 25, 2011


Yes, Yes, Yes!

Map Mpeart on Mar 26, 2011


Amen to that you my friend will go far. Be strong go forth

IsaacStallard on Apr 2, 2011


This movie IS citizen kane......with less clothing......and less talking.  Don't most movies use DIALOGUE to convey meaning?? Not CG and porn-looking females dressed EXACTLY like japanese video game characters... Seriously, almost 30mintues went by in the middle of the movie/towards the end and not a single word was spoken!

bizkitchick on Oct 7, 2011


This is just wrong. Yeah, it has some great actions scenes, hot girls, robots, dragons and everything a geek would dream of, but it lacks substance. 4/10, because of the hot girls.

Anonymous on Mar 25, 2011


Sucker Punch was horrible. Zack Snyder is a one trick pony. Very one dimensional director. The Visual Effects in the film were as bad as his last one, Watchmen. He needs to fire that VFX Supervisor. This does not bode well for Superman.

Rosana on Mar 25, 2011


1. His "last one" was not Watchmen. 2. His Visual effects are praised by everyone, in this movie and Watchmen. Congratulations on the double Fail.

Cap on Mar 25, 2011


That's right. His last one was Legend of the Guardians aka 300 with owls. Complete waste of time. He's a hack like M. Night.

Aang on Mar 25, 2011


I would agree that the Legend of the Guardians was not a very good movie, plot wise. But to compare his movies to the likes of M. Night is a grave mis-step.

Cap on Mar 25, 2011


His "visual effects" are scantily clad, porn star looking girls with 6 pounds of makeup on their faces.  This movie is not "fantasy-action."  It's a 13yr old boy's fantasy while he's sleeping.

Bizkitchick07 on Oct 7, 2011


Maybe he should take advice from Uwe Boll, then he can make super awesome movies that you'll enjoy. By that I mean garbage.

Anonymous on Mar 25, 2011


Watchmen sucked? Wow. I liked it. Guess my taste sucks too, huh 🙁 And I thought Nolan and Goyer were on board for Superman. Did they help with Sucker Punch? NO? Oh, well, relax then. Nolan's not about to let Snyder go over board people. Relax.

Judasbarronx1 on Mar 25, 2011


I totally agree with you. Watchmen was GARBAGE! The VFX looks very cheap in all his films.

BPope on Mar 25, 2011


Just out of curiosity, what movie do you think, if not any of his movies, has good VFX?

Cap on Mar 25, 2011


Thumbs down for this mindless abomination of a film. Waste of time and money.

Kal-el on Mar 25, 2011


You are right, another Snyder film I hate. God, I cant believe he is doing the next Superman movie... so sad.

Gabo8080 on Mar 25, 2011


I really really wanted to like it but it was just a whole mess. Maybe if someone else tried to re-edit this film it would make more sense but whatever he was aiming for, clarity and good storytelling wasn't it. The visuals were great, as usual. but they're not enough to save this film. Maybe Zach Snyder was trying to be deep. If he was he sure took out all the fun in the film.

Jackieyou on Mar 25, 2011


THANK GOD! Finally the posters on this site are actually genuinely approaching movies in a critical way, instead of the deadass boring usual RAH RAH MOVIES ARE GREAT LOL DONT HATE IT DOESNT HAVE TO BE AN OSCAR MOVIE tone that seems to be the standard line. More, I say. More! More snark, more debate, more shitting on unworthy opportunism. Screw this lazy, sexist, fanboy servicing soft porn garbage.

Lebowski on Mar 25, 2011


SPOILER ALERT: this movie was to be for me one of the best films of the year. Too bad the plot is thrown together in a chaos of visual effects with naive characters and nonlogical plotholes. Can anyone tell me why Baby Doll doesnt shoot the stepfather to begin with, why the signature is so easily forged and theHigh Roller doesnt seem to check anything before he starts the procedure and why the girls would have to collect a knife that Baby Doll had already acquired earlier and then bluntly thrown away. Oh and what is the dancing do for the plot? Seriously horribly executed film since a long time. The Rebecca Black of mainstream movies. All the elements are there, just lacking any true inspiration and creativitie. Yesterday was thursday,thursday. Today is friday, friday. Catch my drift. E

EGB on Mar 25, 2011


SPOILER ALERT QUESTION: do Amber and Blondie die, or is that only in Baby Doll's imagination?

BRGSP on Mar 28, 2011


Mixed reviews here. The trailer was disappointing. So not too keen for the movie as well.

Dhiram on Mar 25, 2011


"Superman:Man of Steel" of course! 🙂 That's what's next with Sir Nolan (Time to knight him too btw) From the trailer I knew that it was more than a visually loaded flick with deep layers as it has deep spiritual symbols (both from the East and the West).It's no wonder His Nolanness chose him; they are kindred spirits. I like the fact that he went with an all-female lead attract more people and "hit them" with some deep stuff

Gh on Mar 25, 2011


Id give it an 8/10. I go to see Zack Snyder movies because they are always a visually phenomenal. I def like Sucker Punch better then Watchmen and I think he did a great job using his own original material. I for one can't wait to see what he's doing with Superman. Kudos Zach

N. Williams on Mar 25, 2011


This review makes me want to see the movie even more!

David Perretta on Mar 25, 2011


Zack Snyder's style and visual artistry are unmatched, but reviews are considerably negative towards this movie; particularly its lack of story, structure, characters, etc.

xyz on Mar 25, 2011


Those reviews are from people who didn't understand the symbols...because unless you do, it is going to be boring only with the visuals. Remember critics are after substance and if they don't get it, it's worthless. They never think about challenging their own minds and (old) ideas....

Gh on Mar 25, 2011


This makes no sense. 'Who didn't understand the symbols' - I guess you mean symbolism? And what symbolism? The symbolism of strippers fighting dragons? And also, if 'critics are after substance' wouldn't the symbolism you just talked about add to their enjoyment of the film? Also - 'They never think about challenging their own minds and (old) ideas' - what the crap is this? This movie has zero new ideas. It just cobbles together existing popular nerd memes - school girl outfits, nazis, strippers, dragons etc into a plotless melange of dogshit.

Lebowski on Mar 26, 2011


Well, your namesake would disagree, the story is about escape, feminism, and the futility of trying to hide from the truth. The fact you only watched for "school girl outfits, nazis, strippers, dragons etc" proves that you have no weight to discuss symbols or their meanings in the subtext of this movie. *Spoilers* Sure, you can assume that there are plot holes, but the whole premise of the movie is the inherent falseness of the real/fantasy dialectic. The movie forces the binary forces together into a continuum, and the lobotomy is the slashing of her ties from reality to her new fictional (real) world. The plot holes only exist to a person who is in "reality" in her world, the cohesiveness of everything makes sense and is perfectly logical. You must take into account the point of view of the story, as told from her eyes. Just watching the action does make it a very boring move, but actually viewing the movie makes it extremely thought provoking and interesting.

Lobotimized on Mar 26, 2011


Lebowski thinks "nerd memes" = dragons, nazis, strippers, etc. That's when I knew he wasn't worth responding to.

Daniel Vu Tran on Mar 27, 2011



JT on Mar 29, 2011


I loved Snyder's previous films, but 'Sucker Punch' is nothing but a few gorgeous, slick and stylish action sequences connected by such a paper thin plot. There are no actual characters in this film, and there's a rapey vibe hanging over the entire film, it's very unsettling. As much as Snyder as billing this as a female empowerment movie, it's not. This film is 'Inception' for people who love Maxim.

Dan Hacker on Mar 25, 2011


you should read what I just wrote above to xyz...because it applies to you 🙂

Gh on Mar 25, 2011


Or, you know, he really just didn't like the movie. He gave a list of reasons why it wasn't for him and mentioned that he loved all of Snyder's previous movies. What more do you want? The whole "Omg, you just don't get it!" defense is getting old. You can't argue someone's personal preferences.

Anonymous on Mar 25, 2011


Why are people complaining about the movie. From the first time i seen the previews, you could automatically tell that the storyline would be thin (if not hard to comprehend), if you have half a brain. The movie is all visual for a reason. Not to entertain the audiences with love and a heartfelt moment. WTF?? HELLO?? Its and action film dumbass! Why do you go and see an action movie, "the board says action". Snyders movies are brilliant on a visual level, hands down. The point is.........stop complaining, hot chicks, swords, dragons, robots, etc.... What did you think the movie was gonna be?, about reuniting with her mother; N***a Please!!!!.... don't be a brainless idiot when the previews come out. That means watch the previews, not stare at it and go " looks good to me". That way you wont have to waste your valuable time the next time you see a movie that doesnt appeal to you.

Somava99 on Mar 25, 2011


47 critics didn't like the movie on Rotten Tomatoes? Those same critics gave an 81% to The Lincoln Lawyer, which for those keeping score at home is in fact a Matthew McConaughey movie. Most of the critics on Rotten Tomatoes only get to show their opinion because of the internet.... Look at where those reviews come from, when was the last time anyone frequented half of those websites or picked up those newspapers? Is an E! Online review really going to deter me from seeing a moive? It is comical to think anyone would not see a movie based E!. 76% of users on Rotten Tomatoes enjoyed Sucker Punch, and lest we forget because many mainstream critics reviews are so visible, many have a mob mentality. and don't want to be the one person who liked the movie for one reason or another.... Why do 40 of those 47 reviews read exactly the same? Because they all read each others work. I'd much rather trust someone like Jeremy or Alex, who I don't know, likes going to and watching movies and sharing their actual opinions, not just cutting and pasting another critics words.

Part Fanboy Part Cinephile on Mar 25, 2011


Of course all the complaints that the plot is a bit of a mess and doesn't make much sense fits perfectly into the tale as it is all in the mind of a messed up young person so it has to fit into the logic of that character. Therefore, if it seems a bit all over the place then that means Snyder has been faithful to the character.

Phil Edwards on Mar 25, 2011


WHAT?!?!?! Jeremy Kirk liked a movie?!?!!? BURN HIM AT THE STAKE!!!!!!!!!

timbuel on Mar 25, 2011


You don't watch a Snyder film for its plot, in the same way that you don't buy a porn film for its plot. As a side note, I haven't watched it yet. AA

Awesomealvin on Mar 25, 2011


I just got back from the movies seeing "Sucker Punch". Last night, a bunch of friends went to see it at midnight, and were praising it. Saying it has these deep themes and it stood for something. Immediately I thought "There's no way, it can't be THAT good." That's not just me not having faith in Snyder, no, it just didn't seem like that type of movie. And to be honest, I don't quite trust my friends opinions of movies. So I saw it for myself, as I fully intended to do in the first place. The movie..wasn't bad. It wasn't perfect, it wasn't the holy grail of films for this new decade, and it certainly wasn't mind blowing. Yes, it had themes. Themes of empowerment, women being looked down upon and treated like property, and even the very blunt theme of (as spelled out in the ending monologue) you can do whatever you want to do. Whatever you set your eyes upon, nothing is impossible. While the most obvious theme, it was probably the one I liked best. Because it's inspirational, and a message Snyder has for his audience's. I mean, hell, he did. He was a no body, and look where he is today. Look what he was able to create. He had complete creative control on this bad boy, and he's not even a vet of the industry. Anyway, besides that, there were other aspects of the film, obviously. The plot -- paper thin? Not really. Entertaining -- somewhat. Some things irked me. Like how the first two "quests" were them acquiring an item in their journey similar to what they needed -- a map (from the nazis), fire (from the dragons), but then it just went random...remove this bomb to...get a knife? Really? Why not just -- defeat this guy to get his sword? Or something pertaining to a blade in any way, shape or form? Again, minor, but it irked me. The above poster mentioned a few things about how John Hamm's character didn't stop the lobotomy after he saw her face..Why would he? It didn't register until after the needle hit. The film was even edited in slow motion at that time to show this. Sometimes you have these moments where you begin an action and half way through you realize "what am i doing?" or "oh shit" but it's too late to stop. He also said something about how she had a knife earlier but dropped it...but that was before she had this plan and although I don't want to be an ass, that was a poor observation. The acting was surprisingly well done on all fronts...besides Scott Glenn. I mean I KNOW for a fact he was supposed to sound that way, I know that was what Snyder had in mind. But it bugged me, and I didn't like his dialogue. Overall, it was a good, well done film, it was definitely an achievement in many departments, and it was definitely a Snyder film, his style was all over it. I felt it was a little predictable, and when it wasn't, it really should have been, because at points there wasn't even conflict, internally and externally, to keep the plot interesting. I'm excited to continue to follow Snyder's career. With some more experience, his writing will continue to grow, and his next vision (that isn't Superman) is sure to not disappoint, although stranger things have happened (Shyamalan...) Give it a shot, it's not an Oscar contender, but it's a fine piece of work artistically and theatrically. It is not for everyone, but that doesn't mean it's a bad film. As a side note, the VFX weren't bad at all...neither in this or watchmen, not sure the complaint there...

Mike P on Mar 25, 2011


This is both a great comment/response to the comments section in general, and also a fantastic review of the film. A+ to you sir.

Spleen Machine on Mar 25, 2011


Exactly my thoughts. Thank God someone on here noted the fact that Snyder actually was trying to say something beyond the visuals. The film is basically a feminist take on "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", and while it's sloppy in many respects, it's still interesting in terms of its text on empowerment and sexism issues (hence the film's 1960s setting). Also, the film played like a 1930s Busby Berkeley musical, both in the way he uses music but in how the women utilize their sexuality to distract the male gaze and achieve what they need. The ending may have seemed anti-climactic to some, but it's really a statement on civil rights in general: the outspoken will pave the way (and martyr themselves if needed) for the rest to be inspired and carry on the cause. While it's not perfect, it does have a lot to say and Snyder should be recognized for that. It's obvious he loves his film history.

Boobly on Mar 28, 2011


Best comment/review I've read across the net concerning this film. I just saw it tonight myself and I enjoyed it quite a bit. I share a lot of your feelings towards the film and it's nice to see someone make a post from a nice detached viewpoint. Yes it wasn't the coming of the next messiah, but it was anything but paper thin. Really looking forward to whatever Snyder works on.

4rest on Mar 29, 2011


The whole point of the bomb in the third mission was because there was water leaking onto the radios power cord, the whole point of the third mission was that they had a time limit to get what they needed (the knife). They didnt get the knife before the bomb got to the city (the radio shorting out) and it ended up with Rocket dead (the city levelled).

A_guy. on Aug 15, 2011


I can't believe we paid $34 dollars to see this sh-t in IMAX, mostly. This is a movie that, by all accounts, should have appealed to me. I've been reading comic books since I was 6 years old. I have a video game collection that spans hundreds of titles over almost 3 decades. I have a shelf full of manga, graphic novels and art books. I have filled sketch books with drawings and have published my own independent comics in the past. So please don't anyone tell me I don't "get it". I "got" this movie more than 99% of the people in the theater. And it was F'ing terrible. The plot was non-existent. What plot there was tended to be extremely cliched and contrived. The style was awful. It's just over powering. The action scenes were really completely pointless, in that they added nothing to the film, aside from being eye candy. They might have added some weight to the film if Snyder had enough talent to actually make us CARE about the characters, but alas. They were paper thin stereotypes that you could not possibly have made an emotional connection to. Calling ZS a one trick pony is fair. The whole movie just felt so, so generic from start to finish. I was actually having more fun watching the movie and figuring out what Snyder apparently ripped off. Like, "Oh, hey, I saw that in The Matrix" or, "Oh, hey, it's the bad guys from Killzone 2!", "Didn't I see this exact fight in an InuYasha episode?" and, "Wait a minute... are those the Orcs from Lord of the Rights??" Another thing, and this is more a personal gripe, is that if you're going to have fight sequences, particularly martial arts fighting, SHOW THE DAMN FIGHT. I hate this ongoing trend of 'change the camera angle every 2 seconds'. The camera doesn't need to be static, but I'd at least like to see whats actually going on. The only redeeming part of the film is really the end, but in general the parts that weren't action sequences were the only enjoyable moments for me. It's when we got closest to actually caring about what was really happening and about the characters themselves. I have absolutely no hope now for Superman. I really hope Nolan reigns Zach Snyder in big time.

Anonymous on Mar 26, 2011


Hey ofcourse it was generic ! This is the first time they've attempted to produce a hollywood movie with a sorely anime concept. Are you trying to tell me that the first few plot lines of the first ever batman movies as amazing as the new ones ? This shows scope for better future productions. But in your defence, the fight scenes ... total rip off. I mean how random was the killing of the baby dragon and the Orcs ? How did that parallel with the " real " situation they were in ?

CGaddict on Mar 27, 2011


WOW, studio plant or what, this movie was pure garbage!

Dee on Mar 26, 2011


If movie "geeks" are praising it, I'll pass. Inception was praised far and wide, and it was a piece of boring garbage.

Cougar on Mar 26, 2011


I'd like to see you make better than Inception. lol Inception, "garbage". yeah right.

Anonymous on Mar 26, 2011


You're trying to judge Sucker Punch on everything but itself. If you did that to The Social Network, it would probably look like they followed some college student around campus recording dead space. I saw someone somewhere said that if you saw this movie than YOU'RE A SUCKER, but strangely I don't feel like a sucker. I look up to Zack Snyder because the man shows genuine art. To be frank, he's revolutionary. His imagery manipulation is one reason why I favor him so highly and if you're knocking Sucker Punch cause it "sucks" DON'T just tap the person sitting next to you and tell them to let you by and get a refund! This reminds me of how people used to hate Gaudi's art because it was "ugly" and made out of rocks, but now everyone's dedicated to finish his church! And if I can one day further Snyder's take on directing, i'll be happy just because I could help build something I believe in.

Map Mpeart on Mar 26, 2011


I already know I'm gonna like the film. I've been a Snyder fan since Dawn of the Dead. 300 was great. Watchmen was perfect (The best comic adaptation ever).

Anonymous on Mar 26, 2011


I love Snyder too, and I agree that Watchmen is the greatest comic book adapted film ever. However, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't dissapointed in Sucker Punch. The action scenes have no "weight" to them and feel "empty" due to the overuse of CGI (Ex. the samurai fight). It's an ok film but definetly Snyder's wort. But that's just my opinion.

Zac917 on May 1, 2011


The response is exactly what I expected. Fans and non-Fans clashing, that's what a movie is supposed to do.

Anonymous on Mar 26, 2011


your a sucker if u saw this movie and i hate to say im one of those people

Jalts4 on Mar 26, 2011


well i don't feel like one :/

Anonymous on Mar 26, 2011


maybe you're the sucker for seeing it?

Anonymous on Mar 26, 2011


im LOLing at this. awesome movie was awesome. "hurr there are plot holes" "durr what plot?" srsly? stop picking at films so much that there isnt anything left to enjoy. also going into this movie expecting bad is what u will get if thats what your mind set is. honest opinion 8 out of 10

Zell on Mar 27, 2011


I give Sucker Punch an F for FAIL.

Kal-el on Mar 27, 2011


woah a 9/10 im suprised u gave it that maybe worth more than a rental

A5J4DX on Mar 27, 2011


Whoever isn't into gaming or doesn't watch an extensive amount of anime, will never understand what this movie is about and why there is such a blatant undertone of dirty old man fucking school girls fantasy. This is NOT a movie about FEMALE EMPOWERMENT. That's a load of horseshit and never say that to a woman who's watched the film, she'll harm your gonads. It's about coping with whatever situation youve been thrown into and ofcourse it's not an oscar winning "true story "-like, this-happens-to-people-in-reality type of movie. But don't hate on it just because it's a visual orgasm. And I think that after watching the movie, I left with the mindset " Oh my God, I loved the cinematography and the concept. And it was loosely based on anime format and the world is not going to accept it for what it is but seriously that was one of the best CG, Sci -fi semi-animated movie I have ever seen. " Also this might help : Sucker Punch was originally a Hentai i.e. Japanese-animated porn. There for the sex and rape and school girls 😛

AnimeFan on Mar 27, 2011


We loved this movie. My wife doesn't watch anime and also doesn't like gaming but she loved this movie. We both liked that it wasn't "gory" but creative in the way of using steam or light instead of using blood. Anyway, great review and we couldn't agree more! Can't wait to see what Zack Snyder does next!

WhizBang Parade . on Mar 27, 2011


This movie kicked ass. The people posting all of the negative comments missed the point of the movie and are not the target audience. Please, go re-watch Kings Speech and leave cool films alone. The review above is spot on, Suckerpunch definitely kicks ass.

SuckerPunch kicks ass on Mar 30, 2011


The King's Speech was awesome.  So was Sucker Punch.  

Ryne on Jul 28, 2011


reading these comments i realize most of those who wrote them go to movies to be spoonfed; they don't enjoy thinking for themselves or turning stones prepared to find maggots and gold nuggets beneath them. Sucker Punch has both style and substance, but the substance is maybe too subtle for viewers who watch merely with their eyes. i agree with this reviewer, with Mike P and those who saw what he saw. too bad most moviegoers are low on empathy--thus they missed what went on in Baby Doll's mind, and how her final decision indeed enabled her to realize her escape. it's not everybody's idea of an escape, but it's an escape anyway, accomplished with full volition.

therese on Mar 30, 2011


Finally someone gets it!

Tasket44 on Apr 21, 2011


This is a great movie...if you are under 20 years old 😉

Alegra on Apr 2, 2011


Mediocre movie, less than average acting, Visualy was an experience. Would not see it again or purchase the blue ray. Glad I saw it. That is all 3/10

Crawfordjk2000 on Apr 3, 2011


Yes! Visually, this movie was stunning. AMAZING. The movie itself just.. lacked depth, no?

Jonah on Apr 3, 2011


This movie is the biggest piece of jumped-up misogynist male-centric cliched worthless fap fodder I have ever seen in my life.

Emily Thomas on Apr 6, 2011


Wrong. As a girl, I loved it. And you should do your research first. Read this review from the Boston Area Rape Crisis centre, who also loved it:

Anonymous on May 11, 2011


Since I found the movie just entertaining and nothing more, I shall nitpick a small historical point. The Germans they are fighting are not Nazis. They are "clockwork and steam" zombies of sorts in a World War 1 universe. The scene does pay a small homage to Kubrick's early film Paths of Glory and a bit to Sargent York

Joseph Bridges on Apr 9, 2011


"Sucker Punch" is "Brazil" meets "Perfect Blue". If this is just a warm-up for Snyder's next film "Superman: Man Of Steel". Literally the sky is the limit.

Kalunakimo on Apr 15, 2011


I agree completely.  

Ryne on Jul 28, 2011


You are dead on. I have been thinking about the undertow and potential deeper theme elements since I saw the movie. The soundtrack is fabulous, the visuals captivating and fantastically stimulating, and the ability to continually peal back the deeper concepts beneath the surface of this film was surprising and requires a another trip to the ward.

Steve on Apr 16, 2011


Sucker Punch is a masterpiece, a true exposition of fragile human drama. The scenes are symbolic and stylized for a reason. Everything was carefully crafted in this film, from the sets to the costumes to the lighting. People need to put aside snobbish snap judgments and look deeper. There is much said about tragedy and self sacrifice, which more than redeems the few rough edges to this movie. Watch it with your imagination ...

Tasket44 on Apr 21, 2011


thank god !!  omg i thought i was going mad therese u r a gem and saved my sanity for summing up my thoughts 🙂 ty 😀 a great movie , had to watch it 3 times .. got it in 2 but 3rd was to make sure i wasnt mad 😛  it was fantasy all, remember that, it was entertainment, if u dont like that type of movie then go watch something else .. i dont go to opera cos i dont like it , i certainly aint gonna go watch opera then sit bitching about the fact i didnt like it sooooo .,,,,, stfu if ur too stupid to enjoy a great movie Spoiler  hope everyone realises that everything after the stage when she was about to be labotomised was all her imaginataion up to the end when the pin went in her head>? it was the 2 seconds it took for the guy to pin her brain that most of the movie was ,, it was her memory that we were seeing in the few seconds before she was pinned , and done in her fantasy mind.  As for the Sucker Punch  ? did anyone get that ?  ok its like this ,, listen to what was said on the way to the asylum ... now remember that .... Baby Doll remembers seeing an old man who offers her a way out and some weapons to help her as well as a plan to get the 5 things .,.,, now the sucker punch comes at the end when Baby realises this .... its not about her its about Sweet Pea .,,  , yes thats right the guardian angel aint Baby Dolls its Sweet Peas  and thats the sucker punch she thought it was her angel but he wasnt thats y he picks up Sweet at the end ,, he just used Baby to help Sweet get out of there ..   fook me great movie and kept me thinking for days  loved it want another like it

Rodent31 on May 17, 2011



Anonymous on May 20, 2011


agre this movie really rocks... welll i think people dont like it cus they are so stupid they didnt uderstood what hapenned in the movie. for those ho didnt: she did killed her sister her doctor was abusing her and she helped that girl come out cus she wanted to do something good... and no she whas never in a whore room or what ever that place whas... she whas crazy and saw everything like that

daniel on May 28, 2011


its sad

wollace on Aug 19, 2011

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