Rumor: Mystery Female Role in 'Superman: Man of Steel' Revealed?

February 6, 2011
Source: Latino Review

Ursa / Superman

Last week we heard about three actresses who were top contenders for a lead female role in Zack Snyder's take on Superman: Man of Steel. Though Alice Eve, Rosamund Pike and Diane Kruger seem like great love interests for Clark Kent/Superman, apparently their role in question was not that of intrepid reporter Lois Lane. Actually, at the time the news hit, that female role had not been specified. Well, Latino Review may have solved the mystery and learned that the female role one of the three actresses may take is that of Ursa, a villainous vixen of Krypton and accomplice of Superman's arch enemy General Zod. More below!

This wouldn't be the first time Ursa has appeared on screen to wage war on Supes. Actress Sarah Douglas played the character alongside Terrence Stamp as Gen. Zod, plus Jack O'Halloran as Non, as the 3 villains who were imprisoned in The Phantom Zone in Superman: The Movie. Then in the sequel, the 3 intergalactic criminals escaped and causing chaos on Earth. This news, assuming it's true, will certainly mean General Zod is coming back into the villain equation, even though director Zack Snyder half-heartedly disregarded his involvement in the story by saying, "For now, it's just a rumor." It's certainly a very interesting idea!

And for those worried that a Superman film just wouldn't feel right without Lois Lane holding onto the Man of Steel's cape, Latino Review is also claiming that her character will definitely be in the movie ("Lois Lane WILL be in the film"). Since the superhero movie is gearing up to start production in summer, expect many more details to slowly come out of the woodwork. Until then, stay tuned for additional updates. Thoughts?

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Diane Kruger would be perfect!

Anonymous on Feb 7, 2011


ah, no doomsday?

Nick S. on Feb 7, 2011


keep doomsday for another movie. let me purge smallvilles efforts from my memory first.

Ross Curtis on Feb 7, 2011


i so agree, smallville has been a colossal disappointment to me.

Dabaki on Feb 8, 2011


Zod is lame. Superman has a few dozen villains and they have another go at these goofs that do not even crack his top 10?

Haz on Feb 7, 2011


give me lobo 🙂

Anonymous on Feb 7, 2011


i think Darksied

Dabaki on Feb 8, 2011


Even cooler but I agree thaT DIANE would be better...but how about adding SUPERGIRL Eve as well?

Gh on Feb 7, 2011


crazy ass rumor

Supe_de_lupe on Feb 7, 2011


Diane Kruger would rock it. But still, let's not forget Parker Posey as Lois Lane.

Johnny Neat on Feb 7, 2011


P.s. Diane Kruger as Supergirl wouldn't hurt by a LOOOOONG shot. Would be great.

Johnny Neat on Feb 7, 2011


Kneeeeeel before ZOD!!!

ChrisC5g on Feb 7, 2011


Here's an it on the internet: Diane Kruger has denied any connection to this movie. I could've seen her as Ursa or Mercy Graves. Not as Supergirl. Supergirl is older than Superman and was sent by her father Zor-El to protect and watch over her younger cousin Kal-El/Superman. BUT she was caught in a large meteor of Krytonite as Krypton exploded and was encased within it. Her rocket the only thing protecting her from it's radiation. She was lost floating around in deep space in that chunk of meteor in suspended animation. When she arrived (Jeph Loeb and the late Michael Turner's Supergirl From Krypton storyline in the Superman/Batman title) she was still physically a teenager. Kruger's too old for that role anyway. A teenage actress would be ideal, even IF they used her old origins from the comics and not the Supergirl From Krypton take (which I'd wager they'd cull from more than the old school version for the sake of drama and gravitas). I doubt Supergirl/Kara Zor-El would be in this new movie anyway...maybe a sequel to introduce her (then spin her off into her own movie?). The story for the new movie will be focusing too much on Clark's story and reintroducing the character and world of Superman to even think about adding in Supergirl to the mix just yet.

Phineas J. Whoopie on Feb 7, 2011


Vera farmiga would be great as the villainess

Tyler on Feb 7, 2011


They want alien-looking, non weird-ass.

voodoo2 on Feb 8, 2011


My bad... I was thinking of Fairuza Balk. Vera Farmiga would be a good choice.

voodoo2 on Feb 8, 2011


Zod wasn't my first choice as the villian, but at least there will be an actually fight scene.

Lamar on Feb 8, 2011


you want to reboot a movie series and start fresh by going back to what's already been done..

Flanders_23 on Feb 8, 2011


I hope this is not true. What was great about Batman Begins (There was a lot of great things by the way) was that Nolan used different villians (Ra's Al Ghul & The Scarecrow) for the film instead of rehashing popular villians from the original films. Sure he used the joker in the sequal but it was totally original and hold off using him til the second film. I want a Superman film that has all new villians. Bring in Brainiac, Metallo, Doomsday etc. Have Lex Luthor in a smaller supporting role. Having him be a threat but in a smaller compacity. If they are going to have Ursa it should only be a small role like she had in the original Superman film and have her as a set up to Zod arriving on earth which should not be done until at least the third or fourth film.

Lost Son on Feb 9, 2011


As long as they disregard Superman III, IV, and Returns, then this film could be the version of Superman III that we had wanted for so long.

Christopher York on Feb 21, 2011


i read about this sooo excited 😀

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018

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