Rumor: Production on 'The Wolverine' Sequel Might Be Delayed Again

November 29, 2011
Source: Moviehole


Though the actor will be taking his musical talents to the big screen for the first time early next year with Tom Hooper's new adaptation of Les Miserables, it's been reported that Hugh Jackman would start work on the gestating sequel The Wolverine with director James Mangold shortly thereafter still in early 2012. However, it sounds like that after the delay caused by Darren Aronofsky's departure from the project, the film may yet again be on hold until later next year. Moviehole has word from one of their inside industry sources that some issue in Japan (though it's not clear what) may cause delay in starting production.

Their source says talks to get the film off the ground will resume next year, so that makes it very unlikely that the film will meet its early 2012 projected start date. Though interest may have waned some since Aronofsky left the film, word on the street is that the script for this X-Men Origins sequel is quite good, and much better than the first film. To attract a name like Aronofsky initially, it would have to be on the higher end of quality, at least for a comic book film, so that's not surprising, but these delays are certainly frustrating as fans are eager to see Wolverine's backstory play out on the big screen again. Stay tuned.

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Last I read the projected start date was July 15, after Hugh films "Les Miserables".  I think the article is talking about the original story back when "Wolverine" was moved from an October 2011 start until a summer 2012 start. 

Anonymous on Nov 29, 2011


The first one sucked anyway ..they raped wolverine like Indiana Jones got raped.

Randall Sumthin on Nov 29, 2011


Huh...spoken like someone who has no clue what rape really is.

Anonymous on Nov 29, 2011


He's referencing a South Park episode. 

Awtan90 on Nov 29, 2011


I've seen every episode of South Park, ALL X Men films, and the Indiana Jones Quadrillogy ... and I have to say the original X-Men trilogy was far worse to both the Wolverine and (especially) Sabertooth characters/story.

Anonymous on Nov 30, 2011


No no he is right,Orgins and Crystal Skulls sucked so much ass and its like Wolvie and Indy really did get raped.

TheLaughingMan on Dec 2, 2011


Good news

Tester on Nov 29, 2011


I was glad when Aronofsky left, he just wasn't right for Wolverine.   but it might be good for Hugh to make musical movies and do Broadway shows for awhile, as he does so magnificantly, and wait until Japan is ready for the Wolverine movie located there.  I would much rather see him in a musical motion picture than see another Wolverine movie, but I am probably in a minority there..

Anonymous on Nov 29, 2011


Well, Hugh did star in musicals in Australia...and I also heard from a cousin who saw it that he was magnificent in THE BOY FROM OZ. And don't worry if you're in the minority.  While Jackman, for me, IS Wolverine, I've been very impressed with how he is able to shift gears and act in other films (and do a damned great job).  My favorite Jackman film is not even any of the X-MEN movies--it's actually THE FOUNTAIN.

Anonymous on Nov 29, 2011


Off topic here, but I hated The Fountain, although I must admit that Wolverine was very good in that movie.

Tester on Nov 29, 2011


Don't sweat it, Tester--THE FOUNTAIN was one of those films that was evenly split between "I like it" and "I hate it".  But all agree that Jackman was certainly the best thing about the film. 

Anonymous on Nov 30, 2011


If its not rated R, its not worth making. He's a badass and therefore portrayed as one.

ur_babys_daddy on Nov 29, 2011


they should just let's this project die. we have enough wolverine already.

Truong18 on Nov 29, 2011


I still carry the bad taste of the 1st wolverine movie. I honestly hope the production just dies and concentrate with the sequels of x-men first class because this is becoming ridiculous and I'm not anxious to see him throw on the claws again all he does is just bad mouth people and have an intense look on his face for no reason. The wolverine from the comics has more wit and attitude than what is being portrayed in the movies.

Anonymous on Nov 29, 2011


Make it with about 90 less characters and it will be fine, I dunno why they squeeze in so many characters, it makes it dumber than it already is. Some issues in Japan, maybe the giant earthquake that happened or something... Strip it back a bit, it would be good, but who I am kidding.

Crapola on Nov 29, 2011


This just got debunked

Moviekidmike on Nov 29, 2011


Hugh Jackman... musical... did anybody pay attention to the Happy Feet movies? I gotta hand it to Jackman, the man is versatile.

Anonymous on Nov 30, 2011


The wolverine origins movie was garbage..rushed story destroyed deadpool as a character..just all around sloppy and stupid.. the horiible cgi on his claws in the gay bathroom scene made me laugh it looked like cut and paste..

Randall Sumthin on Nov 30, 2011


don't make prequels! make Sequels!

Davidbryan on Dec 1, 2011


plus X-men first class felt like a reboot than a prequel

Davidbryan on Dec 1, 2011

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