'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World' Gets Midnight Residency at New Beverly

August 29, 2011
Source: Movieline

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

If you haven't taken the time to discover and enjoy the hell out of Edgar Wright's fun and fantastic film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, then you're missing out on one of the most unique and satisfying films from 2010. For those who have come to love the film unconditionally or need to be enlightened by the majesty of the troubled romance between Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers, there's a solution, at least if you're in the Los Angeles area. The charming New Beverly Cinema has just announced that Scott Pilgrim vs. the World will have monthly midnight screenings beginning Friday, September 23rd. Hell yes!

The theater announced the new resident film via Twitter, but Movieline came through with details on the first screening. The first midnight show and every single screening following also encourages people to come in their best Scott Pilgrim cos-play gear, and I'm willing to bet some Rocky Horror Picture Show type reenactments might eventually become a tradition as well. I'd love to participate in a big fan-filled screening complete with audience members acting out the epic on-screen battles as best they can without a wire-fighting team behind them. The film joins Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs (since Quentin Tarantino is a part owner) which also have regular screenings at the theater which has made a great habit of holding special screenings of films from the past and present. Pretty great, right?

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OMG, SERIOUSLY???!!! This is one of the worst....THE WORST movies of 2010!!! Does this piece of crap deserve such monthly attention?! HELL, NO!!!! Maybe I should go and joyfully throw food at the screen while loudly and annoyingly laughing at it's complete and total idoicy!!

Anonymous on Aug 29, 2011


seems like an overreaction. 

Xerxexx on Aug 29, 2011


Overreaction is being too kind.  I swear there's steam coming from his ears.... That said, he's entitled to dislike the film if he's seen it.  But it wasn't the worst film of 2010. Me?  I liked it.  Thought it was cool, loved the cast.  Had a great time watching it (mostly because I went in with an open mind and no mental checklist--sounds bizarre in this day and age....).

Anonymous on Aug 31, 2011


I loved it as well. I had a blast and just all around enjoyed the film.

Xerxexx on Sep 1, 2011


You don't enjoy fun very much, do you?

Groov on Aug 29, 2011


I have a lot of fun and enjoy A LOT of movies! Sorry...this just isn't one of them. BTW, this flick was basically the nail in the coffin of studios reassessing their presence at Comic-Con.

Anonymous on Aug 29, 2011


i hate just coming out and making some sort of negative comment, but you're an idiot. this movie was brilliant. it stayed relatively true to the comic but was able to step out a bit and let it stand on it's own. sorry, i hate to troll a troll.

Jimmy on Aug 30, 2011


Ah, don't sweat him, Jimmy.  It did stay relatively close to the comic, and I loved the cast.  I had a blast watching the film, but if others didn't, no sweat.  After all, not everyone liked 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY when it first came out in 1968.  True fact.

Anonymous on Aug 31, 2011


On another note, just as a point of reference, if you were in charge, what movie would you grant a monthly showing to?

Groov on Aug 29, 2011


Don't really have anything specific in mind for a midnight show....just think this movie is seriously overrated. So baffled by the attention it's getting.

Anonymous on Aug 29, 2011


well its a good thing your opinion doesn't matter

Cory Lind on Aug 29, 2011

12 funny.

Anonymous on Aug 29, 2011


Did you really begin a sentence with "OMG, SERIOUSLY???!!!"? Any valid criticisms you have(which you don't) are officially nullified.

Ufo3330 on Aug 30, 2011


O.K. just asking a perspective question: what other movies and TV shows do you enjoy? JJ Abrams "Star Trek" and / or "Smallville"? Do you think movies like the original "Terminator", "Highlander" or even "Close Encounters" are funny or cheesy?

Anonymous on Aug 30, 2011


This question literally means nothing in regards to anything being discussed.

Chazzy on Aug 30, 2011


It's just a point of reference as to why people like "Scott Pilgrim". Really not a trick question. I'm just trying to understand why this movie is so revered, because I don't understand. Seriously, I'm not being sarcastic...just trying to figure it out. And so are several of my friends as well as my girlfriend.

editboy on Aug 30, 2011


Awww....  poor baby.

Chazzy on Aug 30, 2011


"Scott Pilgrim vs The World" was, in my humble opinion, one of the best movies of 2010.

Manuel on Aug 30, 2011


Agreed, it will be nice when I stop hearing about this stupid film.

JT on Aug 30, 2011


This is one of my favorite films ever!! Whenever in in LA, i will check this out!!

Moviekid on Aug 29, 2011


No, it's not pretty great. This shit needs to go away...

Anonymous on Aug 29, 2011


Pretty much.

Anonymous on Aug 29, 2011


Awesome Movie, One of my favorites of 2010. To bad I live in the east coast

eru88 on Aug 29, 2011


why is editboy throwing a hissy fit?

eru88 on Aug 29, 2011


Well, maybe because he can't understand why people like the film.  But the answer is simple--some people liked it, some didn't.  Happens with every film that's released.  And he seems to expect that movies are a Mensa test or something. I know people who like films that I consider to be, well, shit.  But that's their personal, informed opinion--if they saw the film, and liked it, that's their call. I liked SPVTW myself--loved it, in fact.  But if anyone gets up in my face and calls me stupid for liking it, then we're going to have problems, because I'm not having it.

Anonymous on Aug 31, 2011


One of my favorites. I enjoy it for what it is. A fun manga translated into film with sweet music. Its cool if you don't like. I'm sure I wouldn't like a lot of films that other bloggers post about.

ur_babys_daddy on Aug 30, 2011


This, right there.  Great points!

Anonymous on Aug 31, 2011


I think this movie is up there with Ferris Bueller's day off I don't know what there is to get about the film is just a fun movie to laugh with. I'm sure people who are fans of the comics would appreciate the movie more than anyone else like our beloved Mortal Kombat that was a huge hit back in the 90s. I'm sure everyone can remember that back in the day.

Anonymous on Aug 30, 2011


This movie is not even close to the awesomeness that is Ferris Bueller's day off. Also as someone who is a HUGE Mortal Kombat fan (I have a large Mortal Kombat standup in my living room), the original 90s film was terrible. Even as a child I kept asking myself, "Where is the blood?" Mortal Kombat without blood and gruesome fatalities isn't Mortal Kombat.   Sure the characters were decently done, but the movie totally failed to capture what made Mortal Kombat unique. Now if they went back and did a re-edit, adding in tons of blood and gore, then we might have the Mortal Kombat film we always wanted. Sorry but I get riled up whenever anyone talks about that movie. I would rather have a movie be shitty than be able to see elements of greatness yet failure in something I love.

JT on Aug 30, 2011


That was just my opinion but lets not forget it won an award for best comedy of the year. I don't expect people to agree with me but with Ferris Beuller it is more reality based of a story with comedic humor that everyone can relate to as oppose to Scott Pilgrim is more fantasy based with human elements added to it which makes it appealing and cute to many like a love note you pass on to a chick during class just to get a smile out of her. As for Mortal kombat it was the spirit and finding the determination to overcome evil is what made it appealing the "journey" so to speak. I'm not crazy about blood and gore it's more the "journey" I'm more concerned about because nothing just happens at a whim.

Anonymous on Aug 30, 2011


Trying to make a cult movie out of a bad movie.

Anonymous on Aug 31, 2011

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