Second Kick Ass Trailer & Poster for Tuskegee Airmen Film 'Red Tails'

August 17, 2011
Source: MTV

Red Tails Trailer #2

"We have a right to fight for our country, the same as every other American." Holy crap this looks so good. Or at least they can cut great trailers. MTV has debuted another new trailer for Red Tails, the George Lucas-produced WWII film about the Tuskegee Airmen, the first African-American pilots to fly in a combat squad. The film stars Cuba Gooding Jr., Terrence Howard, Ne-Yo, Bryan Cranston and others. The first trailer for this hit just a few weeks ago, but I'm glad to see another, cause this looks awesome. I also had to toss in that poster at the bottom, as even that kicks ass, too. I can't wait to see this! We will not go away!

Watch the second official trailer for Anthony Hemingway's Red Tails, originally from MTV:

The story of the Tuskegee Airmen, the first African-American pilots to fly in a combat squad during WWII.

Red Tails is directed by up-and-coming filmmaker Anthony Hemingway, making his feature directing debut after lots of TV work on HBO, including extended work as the first assistant director on "The Wire". The screenplay was written by John Ridley (Undercover Brother, "Barbershop", "The Wanda Sykes Show") from a screenstory credited to George Lucas. This was produced by Lucasfilm and Partnership Pictures, shot in Hawaii and California. Red Tails arrives in theaters on January 20th, 2012 next year. Here's the poster:

Red Tails Poster

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Good-looking film but so was Red Baron and that film didn't get a big promotional push. Very few people know about it, even with Lena Headey starring in it. on Aug 17, 2011


yeah but this is a lucas arts film, i think it'l do alright in theaters 

Anonymous on Aug 18, 2011


I'm sure Cuba Gooding Jr. is glad to be in something that's not direct-to-dvd.

Christohper Exantus on Aug 17, 2011


strange poster, but great trailer.

one on Aug 17, 2011


Strange? Wha... there's absolutely nothing strange about that poster at all. Except that maybe it doesn't have cheesy ass floating heads. It's a gorgeous poster, beautifully designed, honestly I could see this being a Drew Struzan piece of art it's that good. It's a very unique, energetic, and fitting poster for Red Tails.

Alex Billington on Aug 17, 2011


Among other things, this looks like a treat for aviation buffs.

Michael W on Aug 17, 2011


Oh yes! I can't wait to see this film, and it isn't because of the actors!

Moif on Aug 18, 2011


love the style of poster, and the trailer looks great. i really like the true story of the tuskeegee airmen and hope its done justice.

Rockkicker on Aug 17, 2011


love the style of poster, and the trailer looks great. i really like the true story of the tuskeegee airmen and hope its done justice.

Rockkicker on Aug 17, 2011


I was down from the second I read it was written by the same guy who wrote Undercover Brother and Barber Shop.

Scott of the Antarctic on Aug 17, 2011


I was down from the second I read it was written by the same guy who wrote Undercover Brother and Barber Shop.

Scott of the Antarctic on Aug 17, 2011


Looks great! Awesome poster too! Just weird seeing Cuba Gooding's name on a theatrical poster and not a dvd movie!lol!

jah p on Aug 17, 2011


Hells yeah. Great to have Cuba back.

your_babys_daddy on Aug 17, 2011


Meh...too much way I'm giving Lucas another dime...I'm already familiar with the story...the true story...not the politically correct propaganda.

Geoffrey Shauger on Aug 17, 2011


it says based on true EVENTS. if you are look for the word story you should've read the tag line in the trailer.. and if you can find over a hundred WWII era planes that can still fly then they would love a call from you....

Jericho on Aug 17, 2011


He's too stupid to know that. He obviously believes that vintage WWII planes still in working condition are available by the thousands.

Anonymous on Aug 21, 2011


I'm bored with Terrence Howard. Seems too pretentious to me. And the CG isn't terrible, but it is obviously CG. I like the vibe of the trailer though, very intense and some cool visuals. if only the CG looked real.

Marty on Aug 17, 2011


How did you expect them to make this movie dumbass? Did you think they could just going out and rent vintage WWII planes still in flying condition by the hundreds? Get real. The effects look great. Stop whining like a pathetic little bitch.

Anonymous on Aug 21, 2011


Wonder who gets teary eyed in this movie first, Terrence Howard or Cuba Gooding Jr.

Lou on Aug 17, 2011


Cuba of course

Anonymous on Aug 17, 2011


Plot looks Hollywood-cheesy but Aaron McGruder co-writing it certainly peaks my interest.  I assume this is the same 'Boondocks' Aaron - IMDB doesn't even list him on the movie.

Leroy on Aug 17, 2011


Please be in 3d. Please be in 3d:P

CookieMonster on Aug 18, 2011


Looks dope. Happy to see Cuba making a comeback.

fancy pants on Aug 18, 2011


ill be there

Have Hope on Aug 18, 2011


Same old same old. All these WWII airplane movies are the same. Same moves same patriotic boring crap. Lets see it from a Germans point of view for once???

Aimee on Aug 18, 2011


Watch U571, Triumph Of The Will and Schindler's List for the German point of view. America could use more movies about non Caucasian Americans kicking ass. This country still has a hell of a long way to go as far as equality.

Brandon on Aug 18, 2011


U571 was about an american submarine crew who took over a U-boat. Triumph of the Will was a propaganda film made prior to WW2. Schindler's List was about the holocaust and not really from the german point of view but the jewish, though Schindler himself was german. Das Boot. As Far As My Feet Will Carry Me. Cross of Iron. Downfall.

Anonymous on Aug 18, 2011


Last time I checked, a lot of the Jews in the concentration camps were German... But the movies you recommend are good films about WWII from the German perspective.

Emma on Aug 19, 2011


Nobody with any sense gives a shit about the Nazi point of view.

Anonymous on Aug 21, 2011


MTV players, always straight up balls.

Crapola on Aug 18, 2011


I'll see it.  My only hope is that it isnt too preachy, but is rather a good movie that 'happens' to be about black pilots who didnt get a fair shake VS being force-fed the fact that they're black pilots, so for PC's sake we must think its a good movie...  <--  As a minority, I cant STAND that.

Anonymous on Aug 18, 2011


I'm tired of the pro war propaganda movies coming from that neocon Spielberg. Wars that kill millions are not something to be glorified, to make money, and to push that limousine liberal's civil rights agenda. The reason the U.S. is bankrupt today is in part because of the collusion between Washington and Hollywood in war glorification going all the way back to WW2 which brainwashed the public into giving the government it's power go to war, kill millions, and print hundreds of trillions of dollars to do it.

Michael Shipley on Aug 19, 2011


yeah, conservatives NEVER glorify war do they?

Jbl266 on Aug 19, 2011


C'mon guys. It's being released in January. Only utter shit gets released in January.

matt on Aug 19, 2011


Seeing as how that's your birth month, then i guess you would know.

Infojdl2 on Oct 1, 2011


C'mon guys let's forget about race and politics for a minute and realize that this movie sucks for other reasons. Forgive me but I didn't know WWII was fought on Naboo.

............... on Aug 20, 2011


This may win the award for the stupid post in the history of the internet. Congratulations! I can understand why you wouldn't use your name.

Anonymous on Aug 21, 2011


spare us your douchery.

Infojdl2 on Oct 1, 2011

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