See Some Highlights from Last Night's 83rd Annual Academy Awards

February 28, 2011

Anne Hathaway and James Franco

Last night brought the live broadcast of the 83rd Annual Academy Awards and while the list of winners is what everyone was really dying to see, hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway along with a plethora of Hollwood's finest did their best to make the hours long presentation a little more fun. From an opening sketch featuring the Oscar hosts in some of this year's Best Picture nominees, to the charming and hilarious appearance by legendary actor Kirk Douglas (father of Michael Douglas), there were plenty of funny and heartwarming moments to finish up awards season with a bang. Check out some of our favorite parts below!

Franco and Hathaway kicked off the show by making their way through several Best Picture nominees like Inception with special guests like Alec Baldwin, one of last year's hosts:

Then very shortly after the awards began, the legendary Kirk Douglas appeared on stage to hand out the award for Best Supporting Actress. But he couldn't hand out the award until after he'd flirted with Anne Hathaway, took some fun jabs at Hugh Jackman and kept the nominees in terrible suspense. Though he's getting up there in years, Douglas certainly seems to still be full of piss and vinegar as evidenced by the following clip which also features Melissa Leo lost in excitement after winning said award:

The next fun bit is a traditional musical segment, but this time around, Anne Hathaway goes solo for a number that was supposed to feature Hugh Jackman. As you can tell by the song's lyrics, she might be a little bitter. I'm not sure why Jackman became the focus of so many jokes last night, but they were funny nonetheless. There's a bonus for anyone who wants to see James Franco in drag (also see photo above):

Though there weren't very many great speeches last night, Natalie Portman again delivered a touching speech along with a list of great names behind the camera who helped make her performance shine:

Then when the big award for Best Picture came around, this amazing montage with Oscar winning film The King's Speech providing the voiceover proved to be an amazing highlight reel for the ten nominated films:

And finishing the night was this lovely performance by the PS22 Chorus which ends up being joined by all of this year's Oscar winners on stage with their golden statues:

Generally, I thought this year's ceremony went rather smoothly and was quite entertaining. However, since the idea behind Hathaway and Franco's hosting duties was to bring a sense of youth to the show, they didn't exactly liven things up more than any other host has in recent years. Anyway, this was Hollywood's biggest night, and though the ceremony does end up being longwinded every single year, I love seeing the brightest and most talented filmmakers come out for a night of celebration and congratulations for their colleagues. What did you think of last night's Oscar show? One of the best or worst of the last few years?

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Best Picture compilation gave it away. When it was the full speech it was already a given who the Oscar was going to, TKS.

Oscar Time on Feb 28, 2011


Yeah, they really telegraphed that one.

Anonymous on Feb 28, 2011


I was wondering that, too... It was like a bit of foreshadowing as to what will win, but they don't know the winners before the envelope is opened, so that can't be the case. I just think they chose one of the most triumphant, finale moments from one of the Best Pic nominees and used that as the theme for that final montage.

Alex Billington on Mar 1, 2011


Anyone else catch the scene they used for Hailee Steinfeld? Talk about a spoiler alert... I was rooting for Williams for best actress but in Portman's defense I have yet to see Black Swan. Glad The Social Network didn't take many home, that movie was just terrible.

Junebug on Feb 28, 2011


*cough* Christian Bale forget his wife's name in his acceptance speech...?

David Banner on Feb 28, 2011


I think he just got emotional, so he couldn't go on with his sentence.

Steven Fivez on Feb 28, 2011


That whole broadcast was painful to watch. Is that Franco kid's career over now? And the Emmy for worst sound mixing in a live broadcast goes to...the 83rd Annual Academy Awards.

Johnny Carson on Feb 28, 2011


Yea Franco was just plain weird and childish. I always thought he played that "freak" on Freaks and Geeks funny, but seems like he is a stupid weird stoner, who just has his own ideas which make him a good artist of some sort.. Thought more of him before. He seems to be one of those kids who have smoked way too much pot and starting to get a bit slow at a young age. Always liked hes characters and him as a person (what ive read). Oh well.

coswell on Feb 28, 2011


You realise James Franco doesn't actually smoke pot, right? I know I'm only feeding the troll here, but for a "stupid weird stoner", he's doing quite well for himself in both his educational pursuits, literary and acting/directing career.

Daniel on Feb 28, 2011


James Franco can be considered a genius. Not bs, the man has 4 masters degrees and is currently pursuing a doctorate! Hes an excellent actor, 127 hours anyone? But the issue was the chemistry between him and hathaway, James is always mellow while she is always high energy so they don't mesh well IMO

superman on Feb 28, 2011


he looks like a stoner but who knows and who cares if he smokes for recreational use

Dim2thesum on Mar 1, 2011


I think he was just very, very nervous, as well as Hathaway. But Hathaway managed to cover it with many laughs and stuff, while Franco didn't always deliver the jokes right, by speak too low and too quietly. Also, I don't think this has nothing to do with his career as an actor whatsoever, that's just a total different thing. To speak for a live audience, you have to be more mature and confident, like Robert Downey Jr. for instance.

Steven Fivez on Feb 28, 2011


Oh I agree, as hosts both Franco and Hathaway didn't really deliver anything all that memorable and often didn't engage the audience well, but I feel It was clear Franco at least was only there for the experience of having done it. He tweeted photos and videos before and during the show highlighting his experience, but he wasn't all that interested in hosting well... but again, I can't really fault him for that. I never really watch the Oscars and think it was an entertaining event, this year just continued the trend.

Daniel on Feb 28, 2011


the Social network is the greatest movie of all time

Loser on Feb 28, 2011


....more like on the of the worst.

Randall Miller on Feb 28, 2011


Good Argument

Splinteredvision on Feb 28, 2011


I knew that Natalie Portman would win for Black Swan.

ProMovieBlogger on Feb 28, 2011


So much hype for so much rubbish, from the 2 minutes I could bear to watch. Make a movie about English royalty or Nazi's and your sure to win...

Crapola on Feb 28, 2011


Or the Iraq war, like last year... If the main character has some kind of disability even better!

Anonymous on Feb 28, 2011


The show was just boring, too safe.

Mattias K. Nielsen on Feb 28, 2011


Well I enjoyed the show, thought it was a massive step up from last years, and I thought both Franco (coming in second to Hathaway in terms of quality) and Hathaway were great (nervous, but who wouldn't be?). I was happy for nearly all the winners, and I give the show on a scale of 1-10 a solid 8...and that's how the cookie crumbles. P.S. Christian Bale fucking won!!!!

Anonymous on Feb 28, 2011


I agree. My husband and I both laughed a lot this year. I think both Franco and Hathaway were a great choice to reach a younger audience and make the ceremony a lot less dull and stiff than it has been in past years. They were obviously very nervous in the presence and under the eyes of many of their idols and millions of people at home. I know that many people criticized Hathaway's hyper liveliness, but that was actually something I really liked about her. She seemed to genuinely enjoy herself and get excited for the stars, which for me added to the whole thing. I preferred her "Wooooh!" over the usually small lipped and fake looking golfclap of previous presenters/hosts. As for the actual winners... I am happy with most of them (especially Christian Bale), except for Alice in Wonderland now being an "award winning movie" and The King's Speech. I would have loved to see Inception win, but I didn't really believe it would. Personally, I think it should have been The Social Network as it is, like or not, a movie that defines this generation and is a testament to the impact the internet has on most people's life nowadays. Yeah, The King's Speech was a good movie, but TSN will stand the test of time, imo, and in 10 years people will watch it and say "Oh man, I remember when Facebook started out. I was still using Myspace then, lol." while nobody will remember The King's Speech in six months. But hey, what's done is done.

Anonymous on Feb 28, 2011


I can agree with you, personally I would have been happy for any on the Nominee's for Best Picture, they were all great film. I really enjoyed Hathaway's demeanor during the ceremony, especially her reaction to Kirk Douglas and her musical number (When she called out Hugh Jackman I died laughing). Franco was good but nearly crippled with nerves, and when he showed up in drag I about passed out. I was disappointed with Alice winning, but oh well. Bale winning was the highlight for me, that and Firth for Best Actor, Leo for Supporting Actress, and Portman for Best Actress. Social Network definitely deserved Best Adapted Screenplay, and I really think Inception should have gotten Best Original Screenplay. As for Best Film, Win or lose the films nominated are still apart of an Elite Group just as Spielberg said. All in all, a good show that I enjoyed.

Anonymous on Feb 28, 2011


I really like Franco as an actor, and he seems to be a smart, all around great guy. But he and Hathaway were absolutley horrible as hosts. He had the chance to make some jokes, but his timing was off, and because he seemed so "careless" (and not in a good ricky gervais kind of way, he just looked like a wax-doll most of the time), a joke like "Congrats nerds" fell flat and just semed asshole-ish. I liked the idea of younger hosts, but they didn't do anything new. The "put the host(s) in other movies"-thing has been done way to many times, and better. And their opening monolouge was just plain boring. Not to mention the auto-tune skit, what is this, the VMA awards? And when Billy Crystal came on, and he showed some old Bob Hope clips, they just seemed so bleak in comparison... I'd not be suprised if the Oscars goes back to the old type host the next few years...

Victor Berglund on Feb 28, 2011


SO ... we can have Franco dressed in Drag but Banksy can't show up in a monkey mask ...

Plo on Feb 28, 2011


Didn't you listen? He was there. He presented an award with Mila Kunis.

Anonymous on Feb 28, 2011


Seriously, who made those montages? The broadcast was filled with spoilers wasn't it? Specially True Grit, but also the ending for Black Swan AND THE KING'S SPEECH!!! That truly was a mess. Overall the show was very weak. Anne and James didn't deliver, not even close. I don't know what it was, nerves, lack of experience, bad scripts, it fell short. The best parts were the intro, Kirk Douglas and Sandra Bullock. The music was boring as hell. It's ridiculous that producers and writers have only like 20 seconds to thank their loveones and actors can go on and on about nothing, such a lack of respect for those that, in the end, keep the industry running. This was an actors year!

Anonymous on Feb 28, 2011


I agree, the time limit for actors was ridiculous compared to everyone else's.

Anonymous on Feb 28, 2011


i bet while Chris Noaln was sitting there watching he was thinking, "Can we recast Catwoman?" overall, the only reason i laughed was because i was listening to, do their overview of the ceremony, glad Bale won and all the actors/actresses. Nolan should have won screenplay, I haven't seen King's Speech but from what i her, it was an alright movie ut nothing fantastic about it, and that I wish that Inception or The Social Network won

max s. on Mar 1, 2011


Hey James, stick to the film roles...........portraying somebody else.

Rosaleeadams on Mar 1, 2011


Trying to get younger people to the watch the oscars is a losing battle no matter what they do...push the nominees for best picture from five to ten? Really? Because we don't already know that eight of them have no chance in hell of winning. Having younger and more "hip" actors to host the show and watch Franco dress up in drag because they think thats what young people think is funny just kind of insults their intelligence. Do they really think that younger audiences are going to tune in to watch a movie most of them have never seen or heard of take home best picture? Im gunna think not!

Cmo on Mar 1, 2011

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