Shane Black Says 'Iron Man 3' Will Be a Tom Clancy Style Thriller

March 7, 2011
Source: AICN

Iron Man / Shane Black

Just recently we learned that Kiss Kiss Bang Bang director Shane Black would be at the helm of Iron Man 3, the next sequel in Marvel's blockbuster comic book franchise. Though his directing the film was confirmed, it wasn't clear if Black, who has a strong history in screenwriting with films like Lethal Weapon in his history, would also be writing the script. Now it seems we have confirmation as AICN has word from an attendee at the Omaha Film Festival where the writer/director appeared as a panelist and declared he was also writing the script. In addition, Black also talked about his approach to the film. More below!

Though there aren't any direct quotes, apparently Black said the studio wasn't very pleased with the direction Iron Man 2 went, though it's been said they were the reason the story was such a mess anyway. The big contention seems to be the element of "two men in iron suits fighting each" other all over again. Black apparently said this sequel is more like a Tom Clancy-thriller (see films like Clear and Present Danger or Patriot Games) where Iron Man will fight real life villains.

While I don't completely take that to mean that we'll see Tony Stark just taking out Al Qaeda or various dictators around the world, I think the villain will be less like comic book showmen and more like vicious terrorists that make a big bang (literally and figuratively). The Ten Rings terrorist unit The Mandarin could still fit into this model. With Black on the script and this veer away from iron suits clashing, I'm only more confident in the writer/director being hired for the sequel.

In addition, apparently Iron Man 3 will not include any other heroes from the Marvel Universe. Considering many of the problems in Iron Man 2 seemed to stem from the subplot used to connect the film to The Avengers, this seems like a great decision. In addition, as a general statement, apparently Marvel is only doing crossover characters as a way to lead into The Avengers. After the superhero ensemble flick comes together, the plan is to return to stand alone, single character franchise stories. All of this sounds pretty great to me! What do you think?

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cant wait hope its good!

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


cant wait hope its good!

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


sounds interesting indeed!

dave on Mar 7, 2011


Looking forward to hearing about that script. on Mar 7, 2011


It all sounds good! "Iron Man 2", although entertaining, was bloated and all over the place. Favreau is a sharp guy and is good at what he does, but I think there were too many people giving too much input and the end result showed that! I have just as much confidence in Shane Black, and since he seems eager and excited to prove himself, I'm sure he will bring his A-game! I like the direction Marvel is taking with this 3rd flick!

Spider on Mar 7, 2011


Can we stop with the rhetoric about how much substance we need in comic book movies? "Just iron suits fighting each other"? It is an iron man movie, a comic book movie, and there are going to be fantastical elements that should be integrated into it... Not every single piece of the movie needs to be 100% rooted in reality... Tom Clancy espionage movies are a dime a dozen. And way to throw Favreau under the bus.. Marvel needs to remember everything that they have in their cinematic universe came from the job Favreau & Downey Jr did on Iron Man 1...Marvel needs to stop acting like it's s#@t doesnt stink. Wasnt that long ago they were almost bankrupt....

Frustrated CBM Fan on Mar 7, 2011


I'm sure it'll be awesome.

Anonymous on Mar 7, 2011


@Frustrated CBM Fan I agree 100% with you! I don't want to see Iron Man fighting terrorists. My opinion I think they shouldn't try to act like it is in the real world and realize its based off a superhero comic. And also Iron Man took that group of terrorists out in like 15 mins. How u gonna make a whole, 2 hr movie about that? I thought thats why they are making the Avengers, to incorporate more comic book elements into that world. I just hope they ditch this idea and put The Mandarin in it (and if they dont give him his alien rings and make him a terrorist leader or some bull*$#! im gonna be pissed)

Blakops on Mar 7, 2011


Yeah well thats probably exactly what Mandarin is going to be - A Terrorist

Japetto on Mar 8, 2011


OT: The thumbnail links to the front page if accessed from the front page.

Claudio Carreon on Mar 7, 2011


Damn I was hoping it was gonna be an Iron Man style movie!

Anonymous on Mar 7, 2011


I don't understand why "two men in iron suits fighting each other" is a bad thing, its an Iron Man movie, thats what Iron Man IS. It'd be like saying "Well for Transformers 3, we got a bit tired of big giant robots fighting each other, so we're going in a different direction", its nonsense. I was really hoping for more Iron Man & War Machine teaming up in the next movie, there was a really fun dynamic building between the two of them at the end of the last film. Yes, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight were very gritty and "real" and very successful, but please stop trying to make every superhero movie more "real". If you do that, you take away the magic that makes the genre what it is.

Warren Carroll on Mar 7, 2011


iron man vs who this time?

Anonymous on Mar 8, 2011


Real life villains? Like Wall Street bankers who screwed up the economy? Or the Somali prates in their rowboats? This is supposed to be a superhero battling super villains! Geez. Maybe we'll have a drunken Tony Stark dealing with his alcohol problem for the 1st half of the film...

Boot on Mar 8, 2011


The Mandarin BETTER be the villain this time around...

Iron_Douche on Mar 8, 2011


Iron Man 2 came down to two things: 1. the story was convoluted / boring and could not hold the audience. 2. Iron Man (movie) and RDJ are played out. I like the actor but this character is predictable and just plain not interesting anymore. A playboy-a la-charlie sheen-minus the drugs in a iron suite that pops out of a brief case. I think RDJ would have been better of using his character from Tropic Thunder. This is not all on Favreau. I do look forward to the 3rd installment to see if this franchise can sustain itself at least fo one more go at it...

Shawn Rhodriquez on Mar 8, 2011


RDJ is ironman, take away his take on tony stark and you lose the magic of this movie. lets not forget this is a movie about a super hero from a comic book, and RDJ is portraying that character perfectly. what exactly would you change?

rocKicker on Mar 8, 2011


they need an avenger sequel too?!? DONT END HERE!! I want a new avengers movie with spidey and wolverine

Tony Stark on May 25, 2011

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