Michael Bay Might Return for 'Transformers 4' - Anyone Surprised?

December 7, 2011
Source: Vulture

Michael Bay

Yep, we knew it would happen. After all, whether you liked it or hated it, Transformers: Dark of the Moon did make a whopping $1.12B worldwide, meaning Paramount will do anything to make sure he comes back to keep the series going. Even though Bay once said, just a few months ago, "I am currently not talking to Paramount on T4 and T5 despite reports," Vulture is reporting that "Michael Bay is in final negotiations to direct a new Transformers film," presumably following making his "small" film Pain and Gain. Bay has provided a not-so-clarifying response to this already (see below) but it's no surprise he might be returning.

Don't get too excited angry, it's not completely confirmed yet. Not only does Vulture's report have a source saying that while Paramount "does not have a closed deal" with Bay, the studio "is not far from closing" on one either. Then again, they start out saying firmly that Bay is in final negotiations to direct, so they may be at least trying to make it happen. Word is that Michael Bay is indeed focused on Pain and Gain next (which is casting now), but might be able to shoot that and finish it quickly next year, leaving time for him to start on Transformers 4 late next year. Bay responded on his forum Shoot for the Edit regarding the news:

"Studio's are passing rumors but I'm not sure what I'm doing? I know I'm going to do Pain and Gain early spring but that's it for right now. I'm leaving all my options on the table. I've got several Studio meetings in the next two weeks."

So I have to say, having seen Dark of the Moon in 3D multiple times, it definitely seemed like Bay was just having a blast playing with 3D and CGI for nearly 3 hours, and he kind of redeemed himself for that mess Revenge of the Fallen. Some might say this is now the perfect place for him to jump off the Transformers franchise, and move on. He kind of is getting a break making that "small" movie anyway, so then why not come back and play with the big money again, make some more crazy robot 3 hour action sequences? Plus, Vulture drops a hint about how "it will delve deeper into Transformers canon to mine older characters and lore," which I hope is the case either way. It sounds like things are still undecided, but it's definitely on the table for Bay, so we'll keep you updated on whether or not he takes it or moves on. Sound good?

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I'm thinking this may be the worst movie ever.  1 was good.  2 was awful.  3 was unbelievably terrible.

Brian Ricci Movie Review on Dec 7, 2011


Said before that hearing Bay and LaBeouf would not be involved with a new Transformers was like Christmas. Still is, except it's now back to like finding someone gave you a lump of coal as a present.

Chris on Dec 7, 2011


Do we really need another transformers?

Xerxexx on Dec 7, 2011


 Yes. But not from Michael Bay...

Anonymous on Dec 7, 2011


nobody cares what we do or dont want. michael bay has the talent for making audiences pay through their nose to watch what can only be described as seizure inducing crap. transformers is the greatest example of what he can do. the studio would be begging on their knees for him to come back and do another one.

Anon on Dec 7, 2011


This franchise is hungry for greatness.

Arthur Marcus on Dec 7, 2011


I'm hungry for more Transformers. I loved the movies and Michael Bay is that best choice because he's one of the few directors who can make the military look beautiful.

RobotProphet on Dec 7, 2011


Who gives a shit about the miliary? All they do is stand on screen for Bay to wank off to his army fetish while the acual Transformers only appear in a quarter of their own f**cking movie.

John.E on Dec 7, 2011


A fourth film! Yes ... yes. This is a great opportunity.

Carmen on Dec 7, 2011


I loathed the first 2, but I had a goddamned blast watching the 3rd. I wouldn't watch it at home and I wouldn't say it was a great movie, but seeing the 3rd Transformers in the theater was an awesome experience. It made swallowing the Bay Pill that much easier. That said, I dont need Bay for a 4th or even a 4th Transformers, but after the 3rd, I do hate the franchise just a tiny bit less.

Voice of Reason on Dec 7, 2011


i just realized BAY rhymes with PAY. coincidence? i think not!!

Anon on Dec 7, 2011


I loved the first two. Yes, Revenge of the Fallen. But I really disliked the third, set pieces were lame and the story was crap and given I liked the second, I guess that should say something. So, hopefully this is false because I like Michael Bay but Transformers has run its course. Don't need to see another lousy actress and Shia doing the same old thing. I'd rather he do another film with all his explosions and shit.

gol on Dec 7, 2011


T4 and T5...if they plan on diving deeper into the transformers history and whatnot and bringing back old characters.....PLEASE BRING BACK THE DINOBOTS!!!

JBrotsis on Dec 7, 2011


What? No love for the Gobots????

ur_babys_daddy on Dec 7, 2011


No more Shia.  The loud, blubbering teen thing is old.

Anonymous on Dec 7, 2011


Please do "Bad Boys 3" instead Michael.

Last Son on Dec 7, 2011


Michael Bay sucks! Only way to make him go away is to resist buying tickets to a movie because it's Transformers. Spielberg sucks too for hiring him. 

Chris Batty on Dec 7, 2011


the filthy rich get richer

Anonymous on Dec 7, 2011


ohh noo... not for the 4th time again... the disaster continuous!! can some1 take the liberty of grabbing Micheal bay by his throat and shove him out of Hollywood... He is destroying Transformers over and over again... Mr Spielberg, are you sleeping or something?

Stevenfreestyler on Dec 7, 2011


I wish he'd move on. I like the Transformers films (especially the first one), but now it's time for him to blow up something else..

Davide Coppola on Dec 8, 2011


Nope. Not surprised at all. All it took was the right number of zeros.

rennmaxbeta on Dec 8, 2011


I just worked it out. The Wachowski brorthers will direct the new Transformers trilogy. Optimus Prime foretold it: "THE MATRIX will light our darkest hour..."

SV7 on Dec 8, 2011


Does this mean that Jason Statham won't be in the upcoming T4 as planned?

Timnimbus on Dec 8, 2011


Those complaining about how the bad the movies are need to do the research, those that are pissed about the movies being bad are the people that are the fans of the cartoon and what needs to be realized is that the stories are taken from the comics as well. Many of you probably aren't even aware that Transformers was a comic book first and that Marvel put it out back before the cartoon was originated. Does anyone know about Primus? The Covenant of Primus? Dark of The Moon was a great movie and especially because it caught what the show was, THE DECEPTICONS TRYING TO ENSLAVE HUMANITY FOR ENERGON and DEFEAT THE AUTOBOTS. Mostly every episode had something to do with those two factors and it was the first transformers movie really to do that. People need to the research on the true story of this amazing franchise and I actually hope people research on the wiki's about Transformers. I would hope that reviewers would know the complete backstory on it MARVEL COMICS and not just TRANSFORMERS THE 80's CARTOON SHOW.

Aaron Curry on Dec 8, 2011


The reason people think Revenge of The Fallen is so bad is because they know nothing about the dynasty of primes, who The Fallen really was before that and I feel the only thing the film lacked was more backstory on The Dynasty of Primes and The Fallen in general because he's a valid character and in many ways more valid then Megatron.

Aaron Curry on Dec 8, 2011


You are right, Mr. Curry. And that is the problem. Bay has yet, to any degree whatsoever, execute a smidgen of those story lines in any one of  the three movies with any success. He is a horrible for this awesome series(comic book or cartoon)!!!! He needs to go away. Find someone who is willing to tell the stories that Marvel has come up with. Get rid of this guy who can't see beyond his ego!

Crkni on Dec 9, 2011


I really wanted to see a new director, new studio and new designs for the robots..

jah p on Dec 8, 2011


I enjoyed the first and third but the second was stupid. What they need to do is make a two part movie based on unicron and make optimus actually win a fight.

Joshgonyer on Dec 8, 2011


TF4 and TF5 will kick some ass.. It will kick off new ideas and direction. Can't tell you any more.. It will be awesome..

Lucas on Dec 14, 2011


Really!   Really!  I did enjoy the first and third movies, but the last one was so engrossed in robots my head almost hurt. Some might think more is better, sometimes less is better. The ending was a good conclusion to a great trilogy. My son and me both walked out and agreed it should be the LAST of the movies. Bad guy is dead and where can we go from here. I think into stupidville. Another way to make more money and have no good story. Have fun with that.

James on Feb 15, 2012

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