Sony and Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes Making 'Zombies vs. Robots'

February 22, 2011
Source: Deadline

Zombies vs. Robots

Apparently Hollywood just wants to take all the most popular elements of genre films, throw them into a hat and spit out some semblance of a story that pits them against each other. That seems to be the driving force behind Sony Pictures picking up the Chris Ryall's comic book Zombies vs. Robots for a co-production with Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes production banner. Deadline says writer J.T. Petty used the comic as the basis for a spec script which he as titled Inherit the Earth. The story follows a young girl who is the last survivor on Earth, protected by a group of robots as a pack of zombies that are intelligent and evolved aim to kill her.

Sure the film is based on an existing property, but with all the robot fighting and zombie infused stories coming out, you'd think Hollywood might find something else to do. But if the cash cow is still pumping out milk, I guess you don't chop it up for beef. Or something like that. Of course, it Cowboys & Aliens turns out to be a success, you can bet there will be plenty more of these sorts of films heading into development. Hopefully we won't get to the point where audiences are clamoring to see Vacuums vs. Coat Racks, but with Hollywood anything is possible. Thoughts?

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Moar aliens, less zombies.

xamel on Feb 22, 2011


I feel like you just can't go wrong with Zombies. Add a dash of robots? Sure why not.

Jace on Feb 22, 2011


If they do it in the style of the comic.. with Ashley Wood (artist behind WWR & Zombies vs Robots) involved then it could be amazing, he is a great artist and designer. Or it could ruin everything I love about the series.

Hamster on Feb 22, 2011


Next they'll be filming that ages-old rivalry, Apples versus Oranges.

Anonymous on Feb 23, 2011


Bays horror movies absolutely 100% suck.The Guy ruined mordern takes on Chainsaw massacre , Friday and freddy , they shoulda gave those to Eli Roth , or at least 1 anyway.

ChrisC5g on Feb 23, 2011


..............I hate hollywood

ChrisG on Feb 23, 2011


no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no a thousand times no!

lachie on Feb 23, 2011


Zombies are agood thing. Bring on World War Z!

Mrjzn on Feb 23, 2011


Very weird, which makes it interesting. Zombies craving metal 😀

Anonymous on Feb 23, 2011


Hmmmm... A pack of zombies that are intelligent and evolved? Zombies by definition are mindless humans lost somewhere between life and death, traditionally linked to Haitian and Brazilian voodoo. Hollywood’s zombies are undead, mindless creatures that crave flesh, especially human flesh! Intelligent zombies are an oxymoron. If they’re intelligent can they really be called zombies as in zombified? Also, who built the robots that are protecting the little girl but failed to protect the rest of the human race? I mean logically speaking, if the technology existed to build robots that could protect a little girl, then that same technology could have been used to build robots that would protect the rest of humanity. But then skynet would later take over and decide to terminate the inferior humans in a war between the humans and the machines. “Come with me if you want to live!” Questions, questions, I got a million of `em! Most of them are stupid questions though. Oh well.

Anonymous on Feb 23, 2011


The zombies evolve to the point that they can think. They then ask the question: What the fuck are we eating people for? We can't digest food anyway...were dead, fer fucksake. I mean, if we could eat, we'd need to crap too, right? And now that I think about it, my friggin body is infested with worms and starting to fall apart. I think I'm gonna evolve my ass up to some glacier where I wont rot as fast...but then, what am I gonna do to entertain myself for the next, oh, 500 years or so as a frozen corpse. Hmmm...Oh, thats right! My brain just reminded me all the glaciers are melting due to global warming and we are all gonna be shark bait anyway. Might as well chase live people around till my legs fall off. (Sigh!!)

uberman on Feb 23, 2011


Zombies Vs Robots has been out for a few years now though? Ashley Wood is one of my favourite artists. I heard that his other creation Automatic Kafka had been picked up too, but that may have been a rumour. Just to see those robots moving around would be great, the colour palette and mood of his work should be made in film for sure. Didn't the book he does with his wife called Lore also get picked up? That would be pretty spectacular too. Troll Hunter on steroids.

Crapola on Feb 23, 2011


I'm not a fan of zombies, but hey, maybe it's gonna be fun! Me loves Michael Bay btw <3

David Perretta on Feb 23, 2011

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