Sound Off: Andrew Niccol's Sci-Fi Film 'In Time' - What Did You Think?

October 28, 2011

In Time Sound Off

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? The new film from Gattaca and Lord of War director Andrew Niccol formerly known as I'm.mortal or Now, officially titled In Time, finally hits theaters this weekend. Justin Timberlake & Amanda Seyfried star in a futuristic world where all humans stop aging at 25 and will live on only depending on a clock in their arm, which has also become the system of currency in a corrupt world. But is it any good? How is the concept versus the execution? How are the performances from JT and others? If you've seen it, leave a comment with your own thoughts on Andrew Niccol's In Time!

To steal some of your minutes, I just saw In Time last night, and it was a total let down. It started okay, but by the end I was wondering "how did it get this bad?" The whole concept itself, while I like it a lot, was a bit weak in execution. More than anything it just felt like the result of the studio editing over time, tinkering with it, turning into something that didn't have any weight to it in the end, instead it was a vacuous action movie where even the performances were lackluster, from JT, Seyfried and, sadly, even Cillian Murphy. It had such potential and needed a vastly bigger budget, as it seemed like they barely could dress any set or anyone on the project at all, except the main actors. And really, all they do is run, lots and lots of running.

What did you think of Niccol's In Time? An entertaining action movie, or complete let down? We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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Frij on Oct 28, 2011


Was good.... Although the description above is pretty accurate. Could have been a heck of allot better..good to see fresh faces on screen!

Biglar21 on Oct 28, 2011


I liked it overall. I had zero expectations though. Mediocre acting and low budget, but what the hell, it was still entertaining.  I give it a 6.5. I'd rather watch it twice than have to go see Ghost Rider 2. 

Chris Maler on Oct 28, 2011


"Ghost Rider 2"? Don't knock it 'til you see it! The trailers look badass! I hate JT!

Blue Silver on Oct 29, 2011


Personally i thought it was well executed. Two thumbs up to JT

trey on Oct 28, 2011


To much like James Bond! They should have stuck with their first choice of Tom Welling from Smallville ! Justin Timberlake is a bad 2nd cholice!

Bruce Wayne10210 on Oct 28, 2011


It was amazing to see Justin Timberlake and Cillian Murphy face off. Love Amanda Seyfried and Olivia Wilde, very attractive and sexy.   

Musgrave on Oct 29, 2011



James on Oct 29, 2011


It was entertaining enough, though consistently unsurprising (right down to the Hollywood ending). The single biggest surprise is that Lee Falk didn't even get a "based on a story by" credit for his short story "Time is Money", published in the Dec 1975 issue of Playboy. The central premise seems to have been copied from it entire.

Bill K on Oct 29, 2011


umm bad knock off of Logan's Run anyone? and why every movie lately has Justin Timberlake in it? Really, guy couldn't sing and now he can't act yet he appears everywhere  🙁

Blah on Oct 29, 2011


Thank you!!! I agree with you exactly and I have always been teased for not appreciating Justin Timberlake's attempt at acting... I am just happy he was required to shave off his "pubes for hair".

No thank you on Oct 29, 2011


More like a failed attempt at a Logan's Run / Gattaca fusion. I can't believe people are praising this garbage.

God on Oct 29, 2011


It was great, I loved it. I'm a huge sci-fi movie goer and this concept was completely new and exciting. Highly recomended!

JoeyG on Oct 29, 2011


Hate Timberlake's voice, too acute for hollywood style.

TheJae on Oct 29, 2011


Made his action hero turn unbelievable as I kept expecting him to break out in song and dance. I love sci-fi films and I liked the concept (especially the counter ticking beneath the skin) but there was just way too much running, looking deeply into each others eyes, and a WTF moment went one of the antagonists just dies. At first, there was some semblance of motivation for the hero's actions then it becomes a Bonnie and Clyde joy ride with no pay-off. Poor Cillian Murphy, what a waste.

Anonymous on Oct 30, 2011


I was interested at one point but the reception for it really make me skeptic so I won't be checking this out in the cinema. It's too similar to Logan's Run anyway and I'd rather wait for the remake of that one, I mean Refn & Gosling.

Crockett on Oct 29, 2011


It was alright. I agree with you completely that it had way more potential. Timberlake was good in parts where he just need to run and not do much acting so a good part for him, but the few moments where he needed to bring some real feelings he utterly failed. I left the theater with 2 thoughts:  1) too much focus on the relationship and running away and not enough on the themes about the time 2) Seyfried looked like a total star next to Timberlake. I wanted to laugh out loud a couple of times at the delivery by JT.

JC on Oct 29, 2011


Not a bad movie,but it felt like a Sci-Fi Bonnie and Clyde movie to me. It started off with a social commentary like occupy wall street, then went to bank robbery. However instead of cash it is time.

Michael Johnson on Oct 29, 2011


indeed. still i was a bit .. just a bit dissapointed. enjoyed the trailer and was hoping for more, not a bonnie and clyde thingy.

Techbot606 on Oct 30, 2011


The premise is interesting, but the film nearly unwatchable! Terrible script, mediocre performances, and nauseatingly cliché. Almost as bad as Real Steel. If half of the other comments here aren't a joke, humanity is undoubtedly doomed.

God on Oct 29, 2011


Keep hearing this every where and now I am not to sure I want to waste money going to see it.

Janet Johnson on Oct 29, 2011


Acting is the easiest fucking job in the world , we do it every day but we raise up dildos like this on our shoulders like they have some god given talent .. bullshit they got their singing acting jobs just like we get our jobs ... connections, saw dawg , his snl skits for a singer his voice sounds lame for an actor.Like he hasn't hit puberty, ya i'm male too ..bias no. just not impressed. 🙂 delete if u must.

Horseflesh on Oct 29, 2011


I'm a fan of Andrew Niccol's work ("Gattaca" is in my top 5 of all time) and I wasn't disappointed with this outing. I know many people go to the theater to mindlessly watch images flicker on the screen before them, but I love how Andrew's films make you think.

Sliderb on Oct 30, 2011


Didn't completely long as you forget that it's all social commentary; just substitute time for cash.  While watching it, it seemed alright...but the farther away from it I get, the more I regret paying full weekend night-showing price.

Anonymous on Oct 30, 2011


It was good. But, not amazing. 

A Villa88 on Oct 30, 2011


Loved the premise, not sold on the execution. I think I was expecting something LOGAN'S RUN-influenced but executed with the finesse Niccol showed with GATTACA, and it just... never delivered. It certainly looks good, and the supporting cast is quite uniformly excellent I thought, but something was off. Timberlake and Seyfried were kind of like a black hole of chemistry, and that was a bit painful to watch. I'm trying to figure out just how the story fell so flat, and I think it comes back to the strong concept not making up for a very weak script. Just curious: why did you feel Cillian Murphy was lacklustre, Alex? I thought his character was the most compellingly conceived in the entire cast, and would not have minded so much if he had been the actual protagonist instead of this hackneyed Bonnie & Clyde yarn.

Cinephile on Oct 30, 2011


After sleeping on it, I have concluded that Justin Timberlake needs to stick to acting.  He is the male equivalent of Madonna...

Anonymous on Oct 30, 2011


Horrible acting by Timberlake. With all the good struggling hardworking actors out there beating the pavement, waiting tables, going through film schools and acting schools and they(the hollywood studios) are giving acting jobs to people who make there money doing song and dance....really lame, Let's get those unknowns who are busting there hump working to land a part in a film. Stop giving parts to people who have no acting chops!!

Duluth31 on Oct 30, 2011


No expectations going in. Loved it. Something newish. Sort of like combining a new age Robin Hood with Bonnie and Clyde. Not for everyone.

Tyler Bannock on Oct 30, 2011


Immortal for what without parents ?

Mybabyhate on Oct 30, 2011


I liked it was pretty low budget but it wasn't far from a homemade syfy channel movie. Seemed they got away with everything a little easy. It never quite gelled together but it was alrighty poops in the end.

Crapola on Oct 31, 2011


it was ok. watch it though

MJ Fans of San Diego on Oct 31, 2011


Maybe it was my incredibly low expectations but I thought it wasn't bad. Quite watchable.  The thing that bugged me? The biggest plot hole is there's no freakn security at the banks. wtf? They can just walk in and steal heaps of time. Criminals would be doing that all the time. At the end the 2 of them are just gonna walk into that big bank and steal some? Didn't make sense to me.

Darthstu on Oct 31, 2011


Exactly! Imagine if you knew you were going to run out of time and die? There would be chaos in the streets!

Crapola on Oct 31, 2011


There's a LOT of it that doesn't make sense... at all... How does the time-transfer thing with arms even work, there's no explanation, it's all just a setup with the numbers on their arm "in the skin". And beyond that, why is Cillian Murphy even chasing them at all? They eventually have no time, there's no point, the whole movie is just a bland action mess.

Alex Billington on Oct 31, 2011


It was very strange indeed, I suppose with the living day to day thing that Timbers was doing he could keep surviving so Cillian would be after them then, but yep it was like a throwaway Ray Bradbury tale or maybe not even that good. But I did stick it out to the end. It raised a few good questions about living forever I thought. Our short lives make us try and cram everything in, because we know one day we will be no more, but living forever would create really boring individuals. One of my favourite painters Egon Schiele died aged 28, but he created a lifetime of work and influenced so many folk, if he'd lived forever he might have got like the Rolling Stones.

Crapola on Nov 1, 2011


I couldn't disagree more, yes it was low budget but the story was interesting and more original then alot of stuff recently. It asked you at the beginning to suspend belief when jt says he doesn't even know how the arm thing works. i just accepted the "time plot" and enjoyed the interesting premise. The same way they dont really explain how to get in the mind for inception in inception. The point was to take down the upper class's  time/stock market system by redistributing the time, easy to follow i thought.

Quick_Movies on Nov 3, 2011


I liked Gattaca and Lord of War so I hope it will be good too.

Tommy Turner on Oct 31, 2011


It was refreshing to see European actors and nnot a lot of the token-dark faced people that are common in Hollywood movies.

mr big on Nov 5, 2011


Maybe this movie will teach people a litlle about economics and money. Yes, I saw Logan's run, but this one is much better and makes you think about real people in our present economy.

Lawrenceofarcadia on Nov 5, 2011


Actually I thought the movie would be bad, but I enjoyed it after the entire thing. JT actually holds his own, and the entire cast was acceptable. To each their own, I just thought it was pretty friggin' good especially after I thought it would be a sucky movie to begin with. I was pleasantly surprised. Good times!

Ninjanick on Dec 4, 2011


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cheap bras on Jan 19, 2012


A non-believable descriptive linear concept. A lack of goal. A remiss of origin. Why or how was implied without controls. The bank, the premise, and the commodity of time as currency for the film is undefined.  Who is trying to be the Robin Hood, and is there a central explanation to the encoding of how time runs out. Why the physical biological death occurs is never explained.I smell an idiotic episodic TV series in the works with glam filled "American Idol" cast  filling a  TV Scipio that doesn't make sense as usual. I get the capitulation aspect of people conforming, but the concept that people would simply die without resorting to the "gun" is obtuse and unrealistic in the future setting proffered. The goal of the genera should have been a heroic couple deifying the odds to find out the source of the maker. The evil cloning corporate entity witch devised the time implant in the first place. Their journey and destruction of the "Bank" should have been the goal of the protagonists. The acting was consistent with a weak script and the lack direction and  continuity of a real story.  

Shawsteam on Feb 4, 2012

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