Sound Off: Craig Brewer's 'Footloose' Remake - What Did You Think?

October 14, 2011

Craig Brewer's Footloose - Sound Off

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Everybody cut Footloose! Kevin Bacon, 1984, the Angry Dance, the yellow Beetle, everyone remebers Footloose. Now it's time for the new updated 2011 version of Footloose, presented specially by Craig Brewer, director of Hustle & Flow and Black Snake Moan prior. Starring as Ren MacCormack is newcomer Kenny Wormald, and Julianne Hough plays Ariel Moore, but how is this remake? Is it as great as some, myself included, are saying? How is Wormald in the "Kevin Bacon role"? Once you've seen it, leave a comment below and tell us your thoughts on the new Footloose!

To light the tires and fuel the fires, I really enjoyed this new Footloose, quite a bit actually. I think it's a very impressive, very entertaining, match-up to the original, using a lot of the same story and structure as the original, sometimes even the same dialogue, but without losing an energy and excitement that I think comes specifically from Brewer's refreshingly funky filmmaking. I will truly admit that seeing this made me a fan of Kenny Wormald, I had no idea who he was but was extremely impressed by his charisma and talent, giving his all just like Kevin Bacon did, too. It's amusing and yea it plays a bit to a high school age, but that's expected, and not much of a detraction. If you can kick back and enjoy it, there's a great movie to be found.

What did you think of the 2011 Footloose? An fun, worthy remake, or simple waste of time? We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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meh i never saw the original so i cant say anything to compare it, even with it being another predictable teen rebellion movie, it was better than i thought......

Jericho on Oct 14, 2011


I absolutely loved it!!!!!! I was so excited to get off work and go to see it......i think the only part that could have been better for Rens part to b more like kevin bacon would have been if he was a little more rebel like.....and i dont like how him and his family didnt move it was just him bc his mom died......other than that i LOVED the movie!!!!!!!

tina on Oct 14, 2011


My husband and I saw it today. Thought it was good, surprisingly my husband liked it too. Think it is as good as the original. Thought the kid who played Willard was great!

Melanie on Oct 14, 2011


The actor that played Willard was just as good as Chris Penn in the orginial!!!  I think every character was played well by all the stars in the movie. You rarely see that in a remake!!!

Krbro4407 on Apr 16, 2012


Absolutely LOVED it! Was a bit skeptical about a remake of one of my favorite movies but I was awesome! The Willard character stole the show !!

Brasherbobbie on Oct 14, 2011


Totally agree about was a really great new depiction of a great classic!

Toddamstar on Oct 14, 2011


my 63 year old mom couldn't wait to go see it, but i was sure that i wouldn't like it  becouse i am verry attached to the first with kevin and lorie but my mom can't wait to see it again and to me well i think that it could have had a different title becouse while it is a remake that has simmaler theam that is about where it begins ad ends as far as story goes. i relly liked it to and  by the end of the movie i there relly was no cmparason thay each stand alone.

E4jbhatdrj on Oct 14, 2011


Just saw Footloose. Enjoyed it! Glad they kept some things from the original movie. Thought Willard character was portrayed perfectly. Lots of laughs with him. Of course, the original movie is better.

Belstar0821 on Oct 14, 2011


Every bit as good as the original.....better dancing and acting for sure

Toddamstar on Oct 14, 2011


Never saw the original. But this remake was great! I was skeptical about watching it but I have to say it was really good. Willard was hilarious. It was adorable how he learned to dance. LOVED IT!!! Im gonna go see it again with my mom! XD

Nicolette A. Pagan on Oct 14, 2011


I saw Footloose today and thought Craig Brewer captured everything for today's audience - it was absolutely fantastic and thought it was better than the original movie... could not stop tapping my foot... a must see movie...

Finosmom on Oct 14, 2011


For some reason I thought Zac Efron was gonna be the lead in this... (?)

Davide Coppola on Oct 15, 2011


No offense to Zac Efron. He's really a great looking guy but he'd too pretty to play the part of Ren.  Kenny was perfect I think.

Krbro4407 on Apr 16, 2012


I'm a big fan of this website. And I have to say that reading these comments (which usually can get pretty snarky) has made me very happy. I'm very pleased everyone seems to be responding to our movie. First off, thanks for giving it a chance. We understand that going to see any movie on opening weekend takes effort and some hard earned cash (tickets are expensive these days), so your attendance was greatly appreciated. But most of all, thanks for posting positive remarks. I usually read a bunch of hate down in the comments section. It can be funny sometimes (apparently I'm killing people's childhood) but sometimes and get to be soul draining. Thanks, and I'll keep trying to make better films. Again, thanks for the support. Craig Brewer

Memphis10 on Oct 15, 2011


Great casting, Craig!

coast14 on Oct 15, 2011


Julianne Hough is really gorgeous and very talented. It's an incredible performance, just wonderful.

Brandt on Oct 15, 2011


What a hunk of shit

tugsalot on Oct 15, 2011


I thought this was an admirable remake.  It kept with the pace of the original, but introduced some new marterial as well.  I thought it was great and really wanted to dance in the aisle of the theater!  It was extremely entertaining to my mother, sister, and me.

Duckie11288 on Oct 15, 2011


I personally thought it was a fun and great movie overall, The music was great and the storyline was up there. It was definitely a movie that i think was worthwhile seeing

Cobaught9 on Oct 16, 2011


I thought it was a good modernized remake of the original.

Tyler Bannock on Oct 16, 2011


I am obsessed with the new Footloose! I saw the original and absolutely think that the remake is way better! Kenny Wormald did an awesome job and I hope to continue to see him in many more films. Julianne Hough was also great. She's definitely a girl's girl. Great casting overall in regards to the main characters. Loved Willard, but my fav is Kenny as Ren. He reminded me of Johnny Depp at the beginning of his career. Great job!

Nellyladolcevita on Oct 23, 2011


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