Sound Off: Duncan Jones' Sci-Fi 'Source Code' - What Did You Think?

April 1, 2011

Source Code

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? In 2009, David Bowie's son Duncan Jones directed a stellar sci-fi indie called Moon, putting him on the map as a filmmaker to watch. Now he's back with his second film, Source Code, from a script by Ben Ripley starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan. So how is it? Did Duncan Jones hit the sophomore slump or does it live up to Moon? What did you think of the time-travel storyline and the way Colter Stevens interacted with both sides? What did you think of the ending? If you've seen it, leave a comment and let us know what you thought of Duncan Jones' Source Code!

To fuel the fire (spoilers may be included), I really enjoyed Source Code, I thought it was a very fascinating sci-fi with a lot of thought-provoking ideas. I was initially worried that it would be a safe second feature from Duncan Jones, and while it started out a bit tame and it moves along at a standard rate, it's actually a very fascinating film that is, obviously, very well directed. I absolutely love the time freeze/explosion scene near the end with the comedian, I almost teared up watching that. I feel like it's one of those great films that you just want to discuss because it brings up great ideas about life/mortality and the physics of our universe.

What did you think of Source Code? A fantastic, thought-provoking sci-fi or just a bland film?
We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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pretty good

Andrewcarr16 on Apr 2, 2011


going to watch it on this space!

Ron on Apr 2, 2011


I think it's the best film released so far this year!

Casey Carroll on Apr 2, 2011


I trusted the rating it got on RT instead of the horrific trailers. Boy am I glad I did. This movie was worth every penny. Its smart, entertaining and well directed. It also has an awesome old school suspense soundtrack. Loved it.

Nathandfarrell on Apr 2, 2011


I completely agree with Nathandfarrell in that I trusted the ratings on RT as well. I thought the movie moved along at a nice steady pace and it had me thinking. I like movies that engage you and cause you to use your brain a bit. The shot that you mentioned Alex, it almost had me teary eyed as well lol. I would definitely recommend seeing it.

Big R on Apr 2, 2011


Best film I've seen in months. And I personally enjoyed it a lot more than Inception. Plus the Scott Bakula cameo was greatly appreciated!

JHend on Apr 2, 2011


Oh yeah, I was in tears at the freeze frame moment! Such a sad moment seeing the train full of happy people knowing that, in reality, they were all killed.

JHend (who cries easily) on Apr 2, 2011


Ha that's a terrible way to put it... but yea, totally agree. Such a brilliant moment of joy for everyone on that train captured.

Alex Billington on Apr 2, 2011


Same here. I'm not usually a cryer, but it literally brought tears to my eyes. However, they do get to live on while in an alternate reality.

Harold Sykes on Apr 2, 2011


SPOILER ALERT! I was worried it was going to end on a sad note, but instead it has a good and bad ending

Jesse Bangerter on Apr 2, 2011


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Positive Thoughts on Apr 2, 2011


I thought it was fantastic, although I really REALLY wanted it to end right after the freeze frame "un-froze", if you know what I mean.

Taylor Lee on Apr 2, 2011


oops, double post 🙁

Taylor Lee on Apr 2, 2011


Excellent movie. A worthy second feature from Duncan Jones, with an intelligent script and a good cast. Action movies can still entertain, if the writer is worth his salt.

EJK on Apr 2, 2011


Fantastic entertainment! Thought provoking, for example: What happened to Sean Finnerty?

SilverSurfer on Apr 2, 2011


Personally, I thought it was great. It was conceptually mindboggling, it kept you in your seat wanting more, and above all the ending was not only a positive one, but a great one.

Harold Sykes on Apr 2, 2011


I've just got back from watching this film and I must say I LOVED it. It kept you guessing as each time it looped the last 8 minutes. I think Jake Gyllenhaal did an amazing job. This is definitely his type of film - drama, action and a smatttering of humour. Well done to all concerned.

cherokee on Apr 2, 2011


I really enjoyed the movie until the ending. I've really thought about it and I don't think it makes sense under the assumptions set out in the movie. Source code is within a computer (unless I'm mistaken and in this context it is not). They merely "upload" files (or brain power) into some complex program and run it over and over and over until they figure out something from one of the files they originally uploaded. All because he created a glitch in the program doesn't mean he won't be turned off with the computer.

Dan on Apr 2, 2011


i think the program was more like the program in de ja vu where it was really and time machine but they wanted to hide that aspect. The main character kind of figured out that that it really was time machine. but of course he ended up going into a parallel reality to the original reality.

Luigi on Apr 3, 2011


Duncan Jones has proven that he is one of the great new film makers who's name will be a sign of quality.

Hattori Hanzo on Apr 2, 2011


I agree with Luigi about the ending and think those who are disappointed by the ending may be missing a step. If I'm right, that is. I think that since Stevens successfully telephoned Vera Farmiga's character from WITHIN one of the re-created eight-minute realities, that told him that TWO realities were working simultaneously. That's why he placed that phone call to her Nevada air base. And that made him understand that he could not only prevent the second bombing from taking place, he could also stop the first one from happening as well. So everyone gets saved. And Stevens still, correctly, turns in the bad guy because even before the first bombing took place the bad guy had ALREADY built the big truck bomb he was going to use in the second bombing; so he was a sicko with bad intentions. Also, in the reality where Stevens successfully prevents the first bombing, that means that Christina is saved and he can happily go off with her. My only question is, does Stevens still look like Sean to Christina, but like Stevens to himself? Is he Sean now, but with Stevens' personality? I guess Christina can deal with it. *smile*

Anonymous on Apr 3, 2011


It was great! Looks like Nolan is not the only director who is willing to make an intelligent popcorn scifi film!

Antihero258 on Apr 3, 2011


really impressed with this movie, i really enjoyed it. the end seemed a bit long and weird, but overall worth every penny, GO SEE IT if you didn't, it's a mindfuck movie (literally). 9/10 from me, best movie so far in 2010.

Redguy on Apr 3, 2011


I felt like the movie ended twice...

Kmckoy on Apr 4, 2011


You pretty much nailed it there with the review

Carnage Asado on Apr 5, 2011


I enjoyed the movie, it was definitely better than expected. However, I think the ending "breaks" the logic of the film. For him to use the Source Code to enter Sean, Sean has to die. You can only enter the consciousness of the last 8 min of a person's life, right? So, he could still have saved everyone on the train and alter the past, but Sean would have still needed to die for him to do that. Which could have still made a good ending - have him sacrafice himself to save everyone, etc. I still enjoyed the ride, but the ending kept it from being a great movie.

Ecal on Apr 7, 2011


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