Sound Off: Warner Bros/DC's 'Green Lantern' - What Did You Think?

June 17, 2011

Green Lantern Sound Off

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? "In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might, beware my power… Green Lantern's light!" After being introduced over 70 years ago by DC Comics, Warner Bros has finally brought Green Lantern to the big screen in all its 3600 sectors of universe-spanning glory. So how is this adaptation? How does it compare to other superhero movies? How is Ryan Reynolds as Earth's new hero Hal Jordan? Was it worthy summer entertainment? If you've seen it, write a review below and tell us what your thoughts are on Green Lantern!

To fuel the fire, there's actually a lot about Green Lantern that I really enjoyed, mainly the mythology and anything involving Hal Jordan as a Green Lantern, that story and his struggle. The rest of the movie, however, is a bit messy. I didn't care for Blake Lively at all, I honestly hope they recast her in a sequel, and Hector Hammond's story was quite weak as well. The movie turned me into a Green Lantern fan and I loved the fights, the way he defeats Parallax (I mean, seriously, that was awesome!), how he used his constructs in creative ways, like the water at one point and the racetrack. It was entertaining to watch in a cartoony way, but the Earth-set story didn't have much substance at all. Interestingly, I felt the same about Marvel's Thor.

What did you think of Green Lantern? One of DC's best or worst movies? Good summer fun? We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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part of my blog I wrote just after seeing it: "I try not to spoil with what DID happen but I will say what was missing. For one thing Sinestro was spot on in most respects, although he never mentioned his resentment toward the guardians, or his pride in how well he handles his Sector. This was disappointing since we all assume coming into the movie who will end up being the main villain in the inevitable sequel right? Another thing I was disappointed with was that parallax was officially the sentient responsible for Abin Sur's fatal wounds (as seen in trailers) which leaves no opening for Atrocitus to ever show up [which was expected, but sucks]. Also the explanation for what Parallax is sort of works out the possibility of ION ever showing up [which was also expected, but also sucks]. They'll probably stretch GL over a Trilogy like most sci-fi seems to, which leaves only little room for a lot of the Epic stuff the GLC have gone through in past decades, let alone the few years Geoff Johns has been writing it. I had my doubts from first hearing Reynolds would be playing Jordan, and was with the "He shoulda been Flash" crowd. He actually pulled it off quite well, although you can still tell it's him, he manages to be serious and witty, but not goofy. A lot of people who never had faith in it will still say it was terrible most likely becuase they just hate Ryan Reynolds, or there wasn't enough story jammed in. On that note Kilowog fans will be disappointed, he shows up for a scene, looking good and just isn't relevant for the rest of the movie. However, Overall I choose to accept this as what it likely is, merely an intro film to get you familiar with the origins and prepare you for a much more epic battle in GL2. The other Corps members are likely to get a lot more screen-time in the coming sequel/s and the details about Sinestro that were missing will probably show up in the 2nd movie. Also this was NOT a cartoon for once. I believe it to be a visually stunning, albeit massively abridged, live-action version of the comic that has partially dominated my life for at least the last 10 years." As a Sinestro fan I was the only one in the theater wearing yellow, I found myself lighting my ring up in the air by the end. I can't wait for GL2!

PyroDark on Jun 17, 2011


I watched it today and I must say that it's f*****g damn great!!!congrats to Ryan Reynolds, the character fits on him. Congrats also Martin Campbell you did great job.

Ericson Penalosa on Jun 17, 2011


After all the negative reviews It's so great to hear some people kinda enjoyed it (at the least!). I've been so bummed to hear that it's a D- when I was prepared to lower my expectations to a C ...  In Australia we wait until August!

aquafruzzl on Jun 17, 2011


It was ok, some CGI was over the top. Pyro is right they are making it lead into the 2nd film. The effects w. Sinestro and Abin Sur looked amazing. Overall it was ok.

Nord on Jun 17, 2011


**SPOILERS** I thought it was fucking horrible.  Like Fantastic Four horrible.  It was so by the numbers it was sad.  EVERY. SINGLE. LINE.  felt forced and cliched."Because I'm afraid!" "Stay here! , I will"  etc etc.  The jokes fell flat.  The acting was phoned in with the exception of Strong and Sarsgard(who was a bit ridiculous honestly).  And Green Lantern apparently has the mind of a five year old.  A fucking hot wheels track, seriously?  That's where they lost me.  Not to mention all the over the top machine guns, and being pulled away from the sun by two fighter jets (giant eye roll).  Paralax looked awesome and had tons of potential, but didn't deliver at all. Just a horrible, horrible, stupid movie. 

Speaking Geek on Jun 17, 2011


You must be out of your mind, FF4 horrible.  No way close.  The movie is a 7, it was missing a few things which I won't go into.  At the end it needed more time for it flow well.  Anyway...but your response about the serious? that's the fucking point about the ability to create anything you think at the present moment with the ring.  The same shit can be said about Thor's Hammer....what a fucking hammer....wait I'll be back, going to my tool box and get my hammer...come on now, clearly see you're a marvel fan.

Blueorangeny31 on Jun 17, 2011


Love that the fanboy card always gets pulled.  As if having an opinion makes you biased.  For the record, I dontread many comics and those that I do are in both.  And if I had to pick a favorite it would be Batman.  Who's DC.  So there goes that argument.   As for the constructs vs.hammer debate, I know the ring can make anything you can imagine.  That's made perfectly clear.  That doesn't change that fact that the constructs come from the mind of a five year old.  And yes, I realize that's sort of who Hal Jordon is and he's new to the whole super hero things and blah blah blah.  It was stupid, cheesy, and laughable.  Thors hammer is a lot more than just a hammer from a toolbox and you know that.  Thor wasn't a great movie either, although I did like it, but Thors hammer at least made it's power believable and fun to watch.   There's cheese inherit in all super hero movies.  Spider Man shoots webs, Superman is disguised by a pair of glasses, Wonder Woman flies an invisible jet.  But in this movie it dodn't work.  And if the rest of the movie was good I could have looked passed it and enjoyed it do a much higher degree.  Unfortunately the rest of the movie was as equally bad and poorly done for the reasons I said above.  bad execution with Paralax, a horrible story, and mostly poor acting.   In the end though, it's just my opinion.  Just cause I hate it doesn't mean you or anyone else isn't allowed to enjoy it.

Speaking Geek on Jun 17, 2011


In the movie he said that was the first thing that came to mind and it shows how he is immature and wreckless but the second half of the movie shows how he becomes the hero we all now and love.   Also, I kinda figured batman was your favorite before you even said so.  Batman is a very down to earth superhero that could almost be realistic.  So when you say thor and GL weren't a good superhero movie its expected.  In my opinion Thor was the best TOLD movie so far and GL isn't great(still came out with a grin) but its no where close to f4.  

BeachBum850 on Jun 17, 2011


Thats right tell him wat he need to kno....i believe this movie was not was understandable and ok which makes it a 7 to 8 maybe

Dendaddy96 on Nov 12, 2011


I'm not going to try to change your opinion, but I will say one thing about your hot wheels track comment. I'm pretty sure we were supposed to believe Hal thought that up because earlier in the film he messes with the hot wheels track in his nephew's room so it was fresh in his mind. Aside from that I thought the constructs, though silly at times, were appropriate. It just makes sense for a pilot to make jet constructs, it's probably easier to will the creation on things you are familiar with. 

Awtan90 on Jun 18, 2011


Agreed wholeheartedly. There is so much fail in this film you would have be blind not to see it. And the final Parallax boss battle is the most anti-climatic boring fight since Iron Man fought Jeff Bridges. Wow. He punched him.  And Sinestro? What a joke. The dude was so overtly serious when saying his ridiculous lines about yellow fear. It's just sad. 

thatpj on Jun 18, 2011


GL seemed like a rush character introduction.  He's one of the main dudes, in JL, and deserves a better telling of his story.  The movie was very entertaining though, great action, descent eye candy, CGI was not cheesy, and Ryan Reynolds was great.  Score one for DC in snagging him from Marvel.  Don't expect anything epic or an intriguing story line.  Remember the movie company needs this to appeal to the masses.....7 year old kids who will buy the video game.  Take is as an intro into GL's world.  On the plus side we have one confirmed hero in the League. 

Ceazar_s on Jun 17, 2011


I frequent this sight, but this is my first posting. I've been psyched to see Green Lantern in theaters since first reading about it here last year.  Although I'm more familiar with the Superman and Batman characters and story lines, I at least knew enough to realize that this movie could be epic in a way that no other comic-based movie had touched.   Like many on here, I was so underwhelmed by the first trailer, and was afraid this would be more "Superman Returns" and less "Batman Begins".  I still anticipated with cautious optimism, and the follow-up trailers renewed my faith that this could work.  X-Men: First Class- going in with high expectations from all the reviews and build-up- felt very hollow and incomplete.  This being just 2 weeks ago and so many touting First Class above GL, I went in hoping for "good", but prepared for the worst.   Having seen it, I was very impressed.  Where First Class seemed to drone along incoherently at times (did anybody really care about any of the characters?), GL keeps the pace up through-out and builds nicely to the end.  Are there holes?  Sure.  Coming in under 2 hours, they could have added much more substance and background, but that may have turned off the casual fan.  We need to remember that, while many of us know the details going in, this is a completely new character for most.  Some parts did feel rushed, but this is the first in a series and other details, such as character development, can be addressed in the coming sequels.   The CGI, in my opinion, was fantastic.  I will say that Thor was a bit more impressive in that respect, but GL was still awesome.  As for the dialogue that some are bashing... it sounded like people talking.  I was actually glad they didn't take themselves too seriously and over-do it.  Finally, while it looked great, the final conflict with Paralax was way too short for having so much potential.  Honestly, though, what comic-based movie hasn't come up short on the "epic final battle"?   Ultimately, I left satisfied and hopeful that there is plenty to build on for a sequel and possibly JLA.  Can't wait... 

ToKo on Jun 17, 2011


Aight, so honestly... not that bad. Sure, the plot's a little off, and you'll probably laugh a few times at its expense, but at the end of the day, the effects are solid, some of the action sequences are pretty awesome, and the writing is consistently decent, sometimes impressive. Long story short, I liked it. Much better than I expected. And, for some perspective, this is coming from a longtime fan of Green Lantern. I've read the past few years worth of comics and have always been a fan of the character mythology and the various other Earthlings who have donned the role over the years. I'm hesitant to say "well done," but it certainly isn't as  complete a failure as many seem to be making it out to be. 

Zen on Jun 17, 2011


I think that now that he's done with DC he can get RIPD over with and then we can finally get the movie that we have all really been waiting for DEADPOOL!!!!!!

Eric Wilson on Jun 17, 2011


Fox is doing Deadpool. That movie is garaunteed to fail. It may make a lot of money, but it will not be good. Thanks FOX!

Anieves75 on Jun 18, 2011


You seriously want DeadPool after this piece of shit?!?! Lets face it, Ryan Reynolds is good at comedic roles, not comicbook superhero roles!!! Theres a certain charisma you have to fill when deciding to do a comic book character and Ryan is just not the man for it. If he ever chose the role to play the Domino's Pizza Noid, that may intrigue me more than him playing any DC character. Well............except maybe Aquaman. lol..............I swear if there is ever and Aquaman movie, I will definitely lose it!!! AND i will forever send hate mail to the douchebag director for even attemting it.

why so serious?! on Jun 18, 2011


what if Nolan does aquaman? 😛

Danimal on Jun 19, 2011

19 Buried, then read Deadpool comics and re-watch his characters parts in X-men origins.

Ravek020 on Jun 19, 2011


yeah, what he said... 😀

Tdh8x2 on Jun 28, 2011


Good thing Deadpool is a Marvel character and not a DC one then eh? ;P And being that you didn't know that, I'll forgive you for actually explaining WHY he'd (Reynolds) be good for the role of Deadpool instead of not (i.e. comedic roles). Deadpool is nothing but a psychotic comedian who's VERY good with weapons, a healing factor, etc...

Tdh8x2 on Jun 28, 2011


solid B flick, didnt hate it but didnt love it at the same time.

Cesar Medina-Castellanos on Jun 17, 2011


I Still Don't Think They're Gonna Make A Sequel

Davide Coppola on Jun 17, 2011


There will definitely be a sequel!!!!!

Adam Lubicz on Jun 19, 2011


sorry alex if i dont take your opinion of lively to heart you hated jennifer lawrence in x men lol

hg on Jun 17, 2011


I don't think she's all that great, nor do I think she's all that attractive. She's just being chosen because she is on the rise in Hollywood, but I don't think she's that great, and I really believe she was a terrible, terrible choice to play Mystique. But wait - that's Marvel, we're supposed to be talking about DC!

Alex Billington on Jun 17, 2011


jen lawrence was excellent in "winters bone"........blake lively is pure awful - but, heck......bad actresses like cam diaz, jen lopez,katie holmes, and jen anniston continue to find work; so, i guess lively will too.

Anonymous on Jun 17, 2011


i'll agree for the most part.  So far Jennifer Lawrence was excellent in Winter's Bone and alright to not good in The Beaver and X Men.  But I will say I'm excited for her in Hunger Games because the character has a lot of similarities to the one in Winter's.  Ok, some similarities to an X-Men too, but I wouldn't call her a bad actress.  As for attractive, I think she's pretty damn hot, but you're not the first I've heard of that doesn't agree.  

lane on Jun 18, 2011


Her acting is better than January Jones, I wished they gotten Alice Eve to play Emma Frost.

Dim2thesum on Jun 18, 2011


From the start, I have never been a big fan of Hal Jordan, I'm more of a Kyle Rayner fan, but they have to start somewhere. I like Ryan Reynolds I think he's really a underrated actor. Loved Michael Clarke Duncan and Geoffrey Rush as Kilowog and Tomar-Re! Overall, I enjoyed the movie a lot. I think it was partly to the fact that I wasn't over-hyping it by any means haha But I was worried about the CGI and it turned out really well (minus Hal's mask). But I was really happy with the movie! I hope they do another, I think it could and will be better.

Mr Heat Mizer on Jun 17, 2011


I liked this movie. It was a corny comic book movie. Hal Jordan/Green Lantern is a corny comic book character. Ryan Reynolds portrayed that amazingly. The CGI was amazing and the rest of the characters fit nicely in the story. I grew up reading Green Lantern and this to me is what the comic book translates to as a movie.

Tyban on Jun 17, 2011


The new GL comics written by Geoff Johns are much better. The movie didn't really reflect the full potential the character has.

Logan on Jun 19, 2011


The Green Lantern is okay at best. The CGI was too distracting for me.

Hattori Hanzo on Jun 17, 2011


I'm a huge GL fan..I wear the shirts...all my friends were surprised I wasn't there last night...I was sorely disappointed.  The story was very weak.  There was very limited creativity. I didn't like the Parrallax ending, etc (considering it is the Fear Entity, I guess fear doesn't exist now)...I didn't like the Sinestro mid-credits scene.  Considering the available material, the writers could have and should have done much better.  Marvel is still crushing DC, Batman aside.  

Tim on Jun 18, 2011


WHAT?!?! Marvel is crushing DC?!?!? You're a fucking idiot. Spiderman.....shit!! X-men 1-2-3....shit!!! Daredevil....Huge Shit!!! The Hulk.....Big Green Shit!!!! The second Hulk...not as big shit!!! First two Punishers....Diarrhea Shit!!! 3rd!! Dont even get me started on Thor.....BIG HAMMERED SHIT!!!!! I can go on and on guy.....Trust me, just because Marvel has a thousand characters with a thousand shitty-made movies, it does not mean that they're crushing DC. Watchmen and Batman alone smear shit all over anything Marvel has made. So go do your homework kid!!!!!!

why so serious?! on Jun 18, 2011


Who are you again?  Spiderman 1 & 2, X-Men, X-Men 1st Class, Both Iron Mans and Thor killed Green Lantern.  DC has turned out 3 total good Batman movies out of 7 and Superman.  That's it.  You are obviously partial to DC and find the clarity or guts it takes to be honest with yourself.  Actually, it sounds like you don't even like the comic book genre you arrogant douche!

Tim on Jun 18, 2011


I also really liked X-Men 2 and the new Hulk.

Dueceswild222 on Jun 20, 2011


Well I loved the vast majority of the Marvel releases so I am not biased one way or the other, and I have to say your clearly biased against DC based on what you have said. You make it sound as if Marvel is guilty of no such atrocities but I remember the second Fantastic Four movie's script calling for Silver Surfer yeah? Or maybe you thought Ben Affleck just nailed the Daredevil role? Were you a drop dead fan of Elektra as well? How about them Punisher flicks? or the first hulk? Even the first Spiderman flick you mentioned has a reboot coming. Point in case if your arguing who is better all your going to end up with is both have made utter shit and both have made some real winners. I for one think that if you arranged all the super hero movies in order of best to worst, most peoples lists would find more marvel at the bottom end of that list regardless of whether or not there was more Marvel or DC at the top. But that's only because there's a lot more Marvel than DC to begin with since this superhero movie trend took off. And I see your comparing almost 2 decade and older movies that will inevitably look corny compared to today's visual accomplishments. That being said if you want to compare cinematic achievements from Marvel to DC, we can turn to Wikipedia' Superhero Film page to read the following excerpt "Currently, the Batman Begins sequel The Dark Knight (2008) is not only the highest grossing superhero film of all time, it is also the most nominated superhero film in Academy Award history with 8 nominations with two wins for sound editing and best supporting actor for Heath Ledger and also one of the highest grossing films of all time."  To me, that sounds like DC crushing Marvel in quality, even when Marvel has quantity on their side.

Nicholas Olson on Jun 24, 2011

39 seems you're more towards Marvel than DC imo.  No offense...but Green Lantern wasn't a total shit and worst CBM in history.  The people that claim that are not cb fans, Marvel fans, Marval bias, and people who hate the fact that RR was Hal.  In regards to RR he did pull off an excellent Hal imo.  Look at it this way, if the movie was recd well by the reviewers people will be signing a different tune and RR would be commended.  What killed the movie imo is the poor editing and the poor choice for director to helm the flick.  We all thought he would do a good job but he didn't.  So those are the 2 things that ruined the film for most people.  Shit perhaps if there's a director's cut that would change a lot of people's opinion.  The editing, and director can easily be changed for the sequel and I foresee DC moving forward and revamping a sequel with the same actors (maybe minus Blake).  Regarding your list of movies that killed GL.  You should remove XM 2 (decent but overrated), 1st class (from what I'm told isn't even the real 1st class so Marvel fans should raise hell), IM 2 (you serious overrated), and Thor (had it's moments but also had it's bad ones).  Cap looks a lot better than Thor imo.

Clark Kentt on Jun 25, 2011


Not even Bro! Parallax is destroyed and returns soo many times in the comics, even later with the help of sinestro at some point. he is even a member of Sinestro Corps. when sinestro reveals and removes Ion from Kyle Rayner's body and let Parallax take over instead. Parallax is the initial (not ultimate) DEATH of Hal Jordan. How huge of a green lantern fan can you be to not see the infinite possibilities still available for parallax alone. The story for this movie was exactly what it had to be without being too rushed. This is a huge universe were talking about, he is the first of several human Green Lanterns and in order to build up to a Justice League movie, there is a whole lot of story that needs to happen and I for one think that this movie did a very good job captivating a vastly uninformed audience and introducing them to the universe's first human Green Lantern. As there have been multiple green lanterns on the Justice League, I wouldn't even be surprised if we saw in a later sequel that Parallax corrupted Hal Jordan during their initial battle allowing Parallax to make a (very devastating to the lantern core, if true to the comic) return through Hal Jordan's body instead of Krona (the renegade guardian who became parallax) as in this movie and lead to the introduction of Kyle Rayner or Guy Gardner or even John Stewart and probably Ion(the green entity of willpower equivalent to parallax's role as the yellow entity of fear). Go Go Wikipedia Hal Jordan &/or Parallax. There's really so many possibilities that. And you didnt like the mid credit scene? Are you kidding, Sinestro is THE Green Lantern Arch Nemesis. This move was a MUST. There was no other option, Sinestro is the main Green Lantern Contribution to the Justice Leagues, Legion of Doom. He is to Green Lantern what Lex Luthor is to Superman. Joker to Batman. And Mark Strong will undoubtedly nail the role of Sinestro as the lead villain making the sequel vastly superior to the first in many ways as this was what so many green lantern fans wanted to see the second they saw Strong dawning the signature widows peak and purple skin. But that being said, there was A LOT of story to deliver leading up to that alone, and it was delivered superbly. Not entirely true to the comics, but as an adaptation, it was really impressive. So your analysis of this movie is mind-boggling and if you truly are a huge Green Lantern fan than I am as surprised as your friends that you missed this! I for one cant wait to watch Sinestro wielding the Qwardian Ring and the power of fear against the Green Lantern Core 😀

Nicholas Olson on Jun 24, 2011


Well said Nicholas

Clark Kentt on Jun 25, 2011


Green Lantern: Bright as day, dumb as fuck!..The CGI was SO overdosed that everything just looked cheap, fake and had no semblance of reality. And oh man the script+acting, not funny, lackluster and tremendously cheesy/cliche to the point you end up thinking "why am I still sitting here". Blake Lively still mumbles and Ryan Reynolds was never right for the role. Excruciatingly the worst movie of the year so far. 1/10

Jazz on Jun 18, 2011


Stay away from Green Lantern. This film is epically bad. Not since Star Wars Episode 1 has there been a film to underwhelm you for the price of a lap dance.

Caesar on Jun 18, 2011


So terrible on so many levels. It's like a crash course in how not to waste 300M dollars. The crappy CGI with Ryan Reynolds floating head. The crappy bad guys. I mean c'mon dude with a forehead that uses his eyes as a weapon? Then he shows up in a wheelchair? Then there was Parallax and it's horrible characterization. There was a lack of chemistry between Blake and Ryan that made all their "intimate" moments laugh out loud funny. Then the countless visits to the joke of a jedi council that again highlighted the joke of CGI. There were the expository flashbacks that were pure garbage. Oh don't forget he random torture scene with the added bonus of an uncomfortably close close up of Ryan's face. TWICE! The weird blocking in the party scene and weird camera cutaways on Hector. And the list goes on but I'll stop for now and give other people a chance. 

thatpj on Jun 18, 2011


GL does fit in some good ideas from the comics, compacts its story a tad too much but i thought the fx/cgi easily beats any movie going. whats more it has great direction, mark strong, that kiwi guy plays abin sur (who was jango fett) and also geoffery rushs voice. 3.5 out of 5 why point out negatives, guess theres moaners and groaners on every site including this one.

Bassmonsta on Jun 18, 2011


i thought it was dope!! awesome ending too! it was better than thor, but capt america will be better.

mochonko on Jun 18, 2011


awesome effects, Sinestro was awesome. The rest? The story..not so great, weak developement of characters, let's face it, Ryan Reynolds as i've always said is the god damn Deadpool incarnate, as much as he tried to pull it off here, i could only see Deadpool jokes. 7/10 only for the CGI.

redguy on Jun 18, 2011


I liked it, great movie, but i thought it was a short movie. These comic book movies need to be epic. At least a minimum of 2 hours. 

Anieves75 on Jun 18, 2011


What can I say, I dug it, not the best comic turned movie, but better than most in the genre...7.5/10

Anonymous on Jun 18, 2011


Constructs were not adult enough (looked too Sat morning cartoony).  This movie was not targeted at kids so they should have beefed up the adult/reality factor of what he "saw in his mind"... that was the worst part of the movie for me. (the training scenes were better than the actual battles on earth)... BTW here's a tip - I you pull 1 sword and your opponent pulls 2 - friggin beef up to a battle axe or something, then when he upgrades, you upgrade, etc. - Now that would have made a cool training battle scene! Honestly the more I think about it the more I realize how poorly written much of this story was (unfortunately)... It's called a first draft for a reason - that means you should co back and make it better via revisions - not go straight to production as is! PS: Jet engines don't work in space (rockets yes but jets not so much) - I guess they don't teach top notch fighter pilots that though.  ROFLMAO Best line: "Watch your back"... "That's Impossible!"  It was awesome that Wade Wilson had a cameo in this movie!! Now I am hoping Reynolds realizes he prioritized the wrong movie and concentrates on what he was born to do... PLAY DEADPOOL!

Hayden on Jun 18, 2011


Green Lantern is the Superman Returns of 2011. WB just keeps throwing away their valuable comic book properties by entrusting it to filmmakers that have no idea on what makes these characters tick. Ryan Reynolds just played himself as usual. No surprise there.  The CGI was poorly designed and executed. Very distracting. At no time believable. It was the worst part of the film. They should have hired a better visual effects house.  If they want to make a Justice League film to compete with Marvel's Avengers, they're going to have to reboot Green Lantern and pretend this $300 million film never happened. With so many movies just around the corner, I suggest passing on Green Lantern and wait to rent it on dvd. 

Raji on Jun 18, 2011



Max C. on Jun 18, 2011


it saddens me to read all these reviews about how the CGI wasn't realistic enough.. their in outer fukin space in other planets. how will anyone know how it truly looks?? Yea a bit cartoony, but very cool too watch. Avatar looked very similar but many ppl weren't sooo critical then! Plot was meh, but def watchable! cmon guys, watchin live action GL is kinda cool.

mochonko on Jun 18, 2011


I went on ahead and paid the $16 for the 3D show. Gheese, I really wanted to be blown away, but I wasn't. Maybe I drank to much 'hype' juice; the fact that the concept of the story was too big for the bigscreen until now, I've been really pumped to see this for a long time. It ended up being a good movie, but not the smash hit I'd thought it'd be. In my humble opinion the 3D wasn't great, it was good. The script wasn't great, it was good. The acting was...good. I felt like this movie just 'skimmed the surface' of a great idea. I do think the concept and this particular comic super hero is extremely interesting though and I would pay money to see a re-do.

Mark Sri on Jun 19, 2011


Because I went in with extremely low expectations i was at least entertained. I was stoned as hell so the visuals were amazing, the action and fights were cool as well. I will definitely agree the potential was there for the earth and space stories to have more substance but  overall lets just say i hope martin cambell corrects his mistakes if he is taking on a 2nd movie

Adam Lubicz on Jun 19, 2011


i was going in with doubts and came out happy. the film made me smile for the last 10 minutes which means i was shocked by how good it was. it was more of a marvel film than dc but it needed to be. comedy in it was fine and the action did it's self justice. only character they portrayed badly was sinestro.

Dash on Jun 19, 2011


This is a Great Movie, If your a Green Lantern fan then you'll enjoy it. NO Super hero movie can be as good as the comics, we've come to see that with all the super hero movies that have been made. However, this movie was damn good and well worth the money I spent. Yes, its no comparison to The Dark Knight but no movie is. Sure this movie could have had alot more stuff in it and It should have been longer cause everything did seem Rushed but the overall feel was definitely Green Lantern.  Reynolds did Great, and the movie with the fact that it was a little rushed was Great to. The effects and CGI and not to mention all the other Green Lanterns were just awesome! I'm sure that when the Second one Comes out it will be a lot better. In my opinion it's not as bad as everyone's saying it is. I loved the Creativeness with the Ring and I loved the Characters.  Once again the only Negative about this movie was it being Short and Rushed that's it. Everything else was definitely a solid B+.  Anyone who says this movie is as bad as Wolverine, X-men 3, Daredevil or those God awful Fantastic 4 movies obviously has no since who the Green Lantern is also doesn't know how to enjoy a movie.  This is another score for DC. 

Rooneyman on Jun 19, 2011


this comment is spot on

Awtan90 on Jun 22, 2011


I think this film proves that too many superhero films are being produced. It'd be best to stop, at least for awhile, due to the lack of familiarity in mainstream audiences with the comic book IP. Everyone knows Batman and Superman among some others but this trend won't last much longer. However, I do hope WB keeps the DC Animated Universe series of DVDs coming.

Wolf on Jun 19, 2011


I personally liked the movie. Fun summer popcorn flick. Saying that, not on par with comic films like Thor and X-Men: First Class. I'd rate Green Lantern two or three notches below.

Anonymous on Jun 19, 2011


Despite all the negative reviews coming from critics and mixed reviews from audiences, I enjoyed the film. It was a fast paced film to introduce Green Lantern and it basically answered all the basic questions to the comic book character and the gl corps. 

Dim2thesum on Jun 19, 2011


In my own personal opinion, it was in that 2nd tier of superhero movies. Hal was borderline annoying, to the point where it was hard to take him seriously when he let go of his fear and the earth-based stuff slowed the movie down. That said, I do believe the sequel will be much better rec'd. I will admit that I was expecting more given the 70+ yr history of the character, but I do understand that u can't please every fan boy. In all, my personal top tier of super hero movies is TDK, iron man, blade ii, spiderman ii, X2 and GL is nowwhere near those, but it has potential to be a derby franchise.

Anonymous on Jun 19, 2011


As a big fan of the Green Lantern comics; I must say I was a tad bit disappointed. They had so much potential which they squandered. The screenplay was terrible. I can't believe an awesome comic-book writer like Geoff Johns was involved in this. Especially when he wrote the awesome Blackest Night series. They didn't set up any of the characters properly especially some of the main ones. I think the Green Lantern DVD movie First Flight did an overall better job (why couldn't they just use elements from that movie?). Funny thing is; the things I had the doubts with the most (Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan and the costume design) ended up being the only things I really liked about the movie. Mark Strong as Sinestro, Kilowog and Tomar-Re were also good but under-utilized. Their big attempt to make Oa a giant Star Wars-esque universe, kinda fell flat. I watched it in 2D and I felt some of the CG effects were too dark and needed to be a little brighter in color. Parallax ended up looking like a ginormous cloud of diarrhea falling from the sky! Overall I would give the movie a solid C+.     

Ron on Jun 19, 2011


I was thoroughly appalled by how incredibly absolutely BAD Green Lantern was. I could not in my wildest imagination imagine a worse film. And I tend to like everything. Sorely disappointed.

Gregore on Jun 19, 2011


It sucked.

Moviekid on Jun 19, 2011


saw Green Lantern last night, thoroughly enjoyed all the Green Lantern parts, but as with all of the comic book movies, in order to appeal to a wider audience alot of the story has to be left out to provide an intro as not a lot of people worldwide would be entriely familiar with the green lantern in this case. Hope they make a sequel and it will be more than likely kickass, overall I enjoyed the movie.

Rayhaan on Jun 20, 2011


i loved it.i went to see it,expecting a superhero movie and that exactly what i got.yes it was a bit cheesy at times.but what would you expect.if your a fan of superhero movies you'll love it 🙂

Mark_baker80 on Jun 20, 2011


This movie was plain terrible, yes the effects might be decent but not enough to save it, the over all story, directing and script was bad. The scenes that were meant to be touching and make you connect to the characters, did not deliver and it was plain laughable. Example the flashback of how his dad died, people in the theater laughed, I crinched of how bad it was and that pretty much continued through out the film. Even the over all design was not very good, a floating smoking head, c'mon. This is a super hero movie so you have to compare it to other super hero movies, dont make excuses for it and say that it wasn't, it falls short of the good ones, like batman, spider man and xmen, except part 3. save your money and net flix this one, not worth it in the theater.

Mynameismine on Jun 20, 2011


What a shame this could of been a star wars for our generation, i tried to like it i really did but mark strong was not in it near enough but was fecking amazing in the scenes he was in, the cg was not the worst but not the best either, parallax looked like a floating bowl of shite and died pretty easy, hector hammond might work in a comic but was very very poor in the movie,i wish it was better, it wasnt the worst film i ever seen by any stretch yet it was certanly no classic either, warner need to chuck the director off hes too by the numbers for this sort of thing maybe give blokamp a shot at it or an other hungry director, take a chance and this could go somewhere, this should have been the nuts, it just wasnt.

hume on Jun 20, 2011


It's a shame really... every bit of me wanted GL to be great, and while there were bits and pieces of the movie that genuinely was good, it never lived up to my expectations.

Brandon Carey on Jun 20, 2011


so very true, I am glad I wasn't the only one that caught the bad editing.

Mynameismine on Jun 20, 2011


I agree, can't even compare this with Thor or X-men.

Anonymous on Jun 20, 2011


Personally, I think Reynolds should've just stuck with Deadpool, but he didn't do as bad as I thought he would. There are quite a few issues I had with the movie, but it was overall pretty entertaining. I hope they do more that will be better because this movie didn't give epicness that the Green Lantern character can deliver. The movie felt too earth-bound and Reynolds was a little too goofy at times. Like Abin-Sur's death for example, that scene should have been so much more powerful and emotional, but I almost wanted to laugh. RR came really came through as Hal in the climax of the movie, that was actually pretty cool. I'd also like to comment on all the people hating on Blake Lively, I don't see what the big deal is. Her acting wasn't that bad at all. None of the scenes she was is made me groan or roll my eyes and I must admit...she is pretty hot. You can tell their aren't going to be many other human Green Lantern's because they stole Kyle Rayner's storyline...I'm just sayin'. And I'll leave it at that. 6.5/10

Lamar on Jun 21, 2011


I read through most of the comments and didn't see a single post mentioning having seen Captain America's shield in the movie. Did that many people really miss it or do they just not care? My group (at least those who caught it) laughed their asses off.  As for the rest of the movie, I didn't like the majority of the Earth scenes due to Lively's acting. I think she was a horrible choice for this role. Everything else was fine to me, not nearly as terrible as everyone has made it out to be. As for the contructs being childish, I know they had writers for this but could you really form something so serious in such an environment? There is what is on your mind that you can make happen as soon as possible. I agree with what someone said earlier about the racetrack in his nephew's room. I think it was hilarious and so unexpected. I would have hated it if he had all these super serious constructs because that's not Hal, he was immature and irresponsible and what he thought up fit his character.

Erika Payne on Jun 21, 2011


I liked it... a lot. That's all I'm saying and if anyone doesn't agree with me, they can go fuck themselves. Hi mom!

denny on Jun 21, 2011


it was alrite

RhythmDave on Jun 22, 2011


I like the film. It wasn't mind blowing, and I'd go as far as to say that Green Lantern: First Flight (The recent animated origin) was a far superior adaptation of the green lantern origin story, but it was good.  It lost a lot of steam by going back to earth, and highlighted the comedy in a way so it didn't seem natural, breaking the epic or more serious mood of a couple cool scenes (I think they were going for the Iron Man humor on that level.)  The biggest problem with this and other comic book movies is that none of them seem to be aware of the basic concept about classic storytelling, mythology, or the hero's journey.  This basic understanding of how the average person defines a hero and the the of event that make that character a hero is what connects the story to an audience.

Craigdablack on Jun 22, 2011


fell asleep twice. woke up for the action sequences which were cool. Van Wilder was okay.  

karl on Jun 23, 2011


ps. Jon Stewart or Guy Gardener would have been more interesting

karl on Jun 23, 2011


Just saw it. It was fun. I did not expect a Oscar winner, I would have liked a blockbuster, but what I got was entertaining, fun, and compelling (enough) that I liked it just fine. I get why critics don't like this, but I hope they get why we don't listen to them.

l.21 on Jun 24, 2011


With the exception of Dark Knight and the original Batman movie from the 80's, this is my favorite live-action DC movie yet. I thought they stuck completely to the Hal Jordan storyline, even though I didn't care for her as his girlfriend, Carol Ferris, I think that Blake Lively will make an awesome Star Sapphire in the next movie, I like Parallax as the main villain, and I especially love that they are doing Easter eggs after the credits now like Marvel. Referring back to the first post on here...I think Sinestro's proud nature and dislike of the Guardians is portrayed very well by Sinestro in his scenes about Parallax and, if you had seen the Easter egg at the end, would have gotten what you wanted from Sinestro's decent into darkness. I saw the 2D version just because I am over 3Drama and thought it was visually stunning, but I have heard people say the CGI was bad. I didn't think so at all...maybe a diff here between 2D and 3D? I instantly knew who most of the main aliens were in the Lantern Corps and loved Kilowag. Hector Hammond's part could have been so much better because Peter Saarsgaard can do crazy really well given the right script, so that was my one disappointment. The way Hal/Green Lantern saves the world was just freaking awesome...especially with the team finally showing him they accept him as their equal. Overall, I would say it could have been slightly better but still the best in the franchise of Justice League side charaters...but actually even better than Superman Returns or Batman Begins.

DCFANBOY on Jun 28, 2011


The cgi was awesome, but i will take substance in character and story over visual effects any day!!

Batsupe on Jul 10, 2011


Not ready for this one. No disrespect to the leading actor, he's more of a flash in my opinion. Plus, I see him as Deadpool now.(that movie was about as close to horrible as it gets by the way). Honestly, as Deadpool, if theyd stuck a little more to the base of the character who is himself a modernized creation it would be more than understandable. To the point at hand though, the movie MAY be okay, but the actor already presents it with a strike.

Amumra on Jul 14, 2011


Just watched it today. After hearing so many people say it would be disappointing I have to say that I thought it was a really good movie. As a long time Green Lantern reader (since the early 60's - I still have the origin issue from Showcase) I was glad that the origin was relatively quite similar to the way it went down in the comics. I'm glad they replaced Pieface with a more PC sidekick for Hal, and that Carol Ferris was lovely. I think it would have been nice to leave open the possibility for a GL/Star Sapphire movie (notice Carol's 'Sapphire' name on her helmet) which would have meant her not knowing that Hal is GL in this movie. I thought the leading actor looked very much like the classic Gil Kane version of Hal Jordan from the Silver Age comic book series. The costume, ring, and lantern were great, as was the way the Lanterns flew and used their rings. Personally I think it was a plus that all the relationship and daily life stuff was there just like it was such an integral part of the comics in the 60s. Sinestro was very well done and you can see that it's set up for him becoming his evil self in the next movie and being the main villain. The only things I would have liked to have seen done differently was Hector Hammond, but that's a minor. The other is that Hal should not be a player - he's supposed to be a one-woman man, very much dedicated to Carol, which he became as the movie progressed I suppose. But that opening kind of caste him in a different light that is not true to the character. I think this was a very decent movie and mostly very true to the concept of the comic book original. I would give it 4.5 to 5 stars and hope that it gains in popularity over time so that the second one does really big.

KB on Jul 24, 2011


Well... thanks Warner Bros. finally I saw Green Lantern in Argentina. The film is a perfect example of what Sony Imageworks can screw the script of a movie. The CGI was not bad, was a massacre. A living horror. EVERY SINGLE bit of CGI was a monstruosity. I think that was the main drama for the filmakers. Not even Martin Campbell was able to handle the movie. Thanks Sony Imageworks for literally screw the entire movie. Go f***k yourselves.

Manuel on Aug 15, 2011

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