Sound Off: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 - Thoughts?

July 15, 2011

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? It all ends. After 10 years, 7 books, 8 movies, hundreds of characters and memories, it finally ends. You grew up with them, you love them, now it's time. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 hits theaters and it's a bittersweet and exciting end, one that we've known was coming. So how is it? Does it live up to the other movies in the series? How are Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson in their final Harry Potter roles? What about the ending? If you've seen it, leave a comment below with your thoughts on the epic finale, Deathly Hallows: Part 2!

Accio Firebolt! I'm a big fan of the Harry Potter series and I love the movies, they've been getting better and better, but I was unfortunately slightly let down by Deathly Hallows: Part 2. It seemed like it was missing 45 minutes of footage. Now, I just recently watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy in its entirety, so I feel like a 4 hour finale is necessary, especially after 8 movies, and that's my problem with Deathly Hallows: Part 2. I think the movie has pacing/structure issues and it also really lacks the emotion of a truly epic finale. There are many deaths that we don't even see, every moment is pushed along quickly, even though it's over two hours, it still felt short, it still felt like we could've seen much more. That's not to say I don't think it's a great film, it just wasn't as amazing as I truly wanted. Even the Battle for Hogwarts was just much too short.

Deathly Hallows: Part 2 unquestionably feels like a second half of Deathly Hallows: Part 1, which makes sense, but it also needed to be longer, needed to be much fuller. I wanted to really feel for every character, to get fully invested in the final battle and feel for them as they struggle to survive (or perish). It all skipped by much too quick and, sadly, it's not my favorite Harry Potter movie (that's probably still Half-Blood Prince or Goblet of Fire). I still enjoyed Part 2 a lot, there are some awesome visuals, and it's exhilarating and sad to watch, but it's not a knock out. I will still admit, though, that Snape's story definitely made me tear up.

What did you think of Deathly Hallows: Part 2? An incredible ending or big dissapointment? We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the discussion civilized!

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The movie, in the beginning, left me bored. The jump cuts lacked and the scenes werent that great...then it just got awesome about 3/8 in. so much action, great use of camera angles, and plenty of "no way!" moments. I can honestly say my life is complete now..well, for the HP series anyway. Overall: 8.5/10

Thvoicwethin on Jul 15, 2011


I thought the movie was brilliant and the reason why some may be disappointed by it could be due to high expectations. Although I agree that the battle at hogwarts should have lasted longer, I also believed that the special effects were amazin. I may be biased when I say this because I'm a diehard Harry potter fan but the movie is a MUST WATCH in my opinion. ūüôā

Crystal on Jul 15, 2011


We have to remember that, in the novel, the Hogwart's battle wasn't that long, all in all, as far as various scenes go.  They already elongated the battle in the movie as it was.  I thought the final scene (before the epilogue scene, which I don't mind the change in at all) was a bit odd, however.  Why change that?  It would have had the same impact had they left it the same as in the novel.  

Joel on Jul 19, 2011


I totally agree with you... but still I think a 4 hour long movie would have been two short for the end of the HP saga. In my opinion they did managed to have some really great moments, my favorite ones being Neville vs Nagini and "Not my daughter, you bitch!"... and even those one felt way too short. I know they cannot put the whole book in a movie, so for me the movie the movie was ok. It wasn't really about watching the end of the story, it was more about being the end of the period of my life that started the first time a held a HP book in my hands.

Marco Mo on Jul 15, 2011


second best, after prisoner of azkaban

A_A on Jul 15, 2011


You stole my thunder!¬† Couldnt agree more¬†ūüôā¬†¬†

Anonymous on Jul 18, 2011


POA was my least favorite of the movies, actually, because of all of the removals from the novel scenes.

Joel on Jul 19, 2011


Good movie but it could of been so much better... stuff was changed that didn't need to be, and that's my biggest complaint..  the 3d was absolutely horribly done, half the time you couldn't tell who was in the background because it was so blurry.  Im sure it will grow on me the way half blood prince did. oh and the dark knight rises trailer leaves alot to be desired for. Ive seen much better teasers that don't include a frame of actual footage.

Cory Lind on Jul 15, 2011


There were some incredible lines. I particularly liked the part when Professor Mcgnonnagal told Harry it's nice to see him, and then when she said that was a spell she had always wanted to cast, - it really brings out a softer side to her. The film was very touching in parts, Snapes death, and when Harry was in the pensieve particularly. It definitely could have been fleshed with a lot more details about the private lives of many characters, however I think only Harry Potter maniacs would appreciate that. For your average person I think the movie was an incredible end to the saga. a must see!

HP7 on Jul 15, 2011


I loved it! Really loved it! I definately agree that it should have been longer though, I would have been happy to watch a couple more hours. It's funny I'd never sat in a theatre dreading and anticipating the start of a film at the same time until HPDH2. Strange feeling. It's still sinking in that it's all over. My childhood is officially over D:

thateliciachick on Jul 15, 2011


I know how you feel. I feel like something was taken from me that I wasn't ready to let go.

Bassam El-azzeh on Jul 15, 2011


I am not disappointed at all, and that is coming from someone that has pretty much disowned the rest of the movies.  1-4 were okay, but 5 and 6 were terrible.  I was completely satisfied with Part 1 and after seeing Part 2, I can honestly say that it was a great ending for a very important part of my life.  I think the scenes were short, but effective.  I don't think I could have emotionally taken any more of the fighting or viewing of lost characters.  I cried from the point of Snape's death on, and was uncontrollably sobbing by the time that we got a short glimpse at Tonks and Lupin.  

The HP Life on Jul 15, 2011


why was half blood prince terrible? It was sad and pretty good, this movie was the horrible one, it skipped so much and changed so much from the worst that it was rather mediocre and pathetic

Juan B. Sigcha on Jul 16, 2011


This movie is the best in the world

Fjnvcfghjb on Aug 29, 2011


I completely agree but it's not like they can put the whole book in one movie. I read the deathly Hallows allot of times, and one time I read for 7 hours strait and I wasn't even done with half the book. also I don't think in the movie they ever said that Harry is the uncle of Tonks' and Lupin's son. 

Christina Molkov on Jul 18, 2011


It was left out of the epilogue.  However, in the 7th movie, they did have the scene, I think, where they asked Harry to be Teddy's godfather.  I'd have to verify that, however, as I've read the novel again since I saw Pt. 1 and may be juxtaposing the novel and movie scenes.

Joel on Jul 19, 2011


I thought the movie was incredible, a great ending to a great series. So many tears, though. I can honestly say it's my favorite HP movie. If you don't have tickets yet, get them now!

Conner on Jul 15, 2011


Haha, sorry about the picture. 

Conner on Jul 15, 2011


I had just seen Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. When I had read the book- any of the books, I felt the action, the tenseness, the on-the-edge, the anticipation...the braveness; when I had seen this movie...this movie is the book coming alive. Every part, every action, it's inspiring. Even though the last of the Potter movies are gone, like the series says, if you truly think something is worthy of, it's always with you- no matter what. I've been here, all ten years, I've lived and grew up with them...nothing seems more final, more absolute, than this movie. Would I change any part of it? No. I highly recommend to go see this heroic movie- it'll live up to your expectations...even though the line and seats are hard to find.

ArrianaSDumbledore'sSister on Jul 15, 2011


Sorry but i disagree, if you read the book you would know this movie wa horribly adapted, remember hagrid not crying while carrying harry potter,  it lacked emotions, it was rushed, etc.

Juan B. Sigcha on Jul 16, 2011


Shut it

Shinypants on Aug 29, 2011


I loved it! i thought the changes from the book ended up working on screen although I am the type that would have sat thru an 8 hour film to see it play out just as the book did. I got annoyed in the theater due to the massive amounts of people that claim to be massive HP fans yet have not read one book....true fan have read every book multiple times and know the stories inside and out. I'm glad people still come to see the films but I would love to have all the fans reading the books as well, that is where it all began.

Casey Carroll on Jul 15, 2011


Perfect! 100% all the way, no complaints about this wonderful movie....quite possibly the best movie ever, period.

Starnina9 on Jul 15, 2011


Did you even read the the books

Spincity90210 on Jul 15, 2011


I thought this movie did several things better than the book, like how Snape's story isn't muddled by his insulting and losing her like he did in the book, or how Harry learns about the Horcruxes through Voldemort rather than Dumbledore. In fact, if anything the flaws in this movie come from staying close to the book, like how the battle of hogwarts is only one chapter and so many characters die without you reading what happens to them. Also the destruction of the Horcruxes was WAY better than Hermione and Ron just showing up with the destroyed cup or the diadem being lost amongst the flames, and with Voldemort feeling every piece of his soul be destroyed it was just phenomenal. I totally agree with Starnina9, 100% perfect and if you still, after 7 movies, are going in hoping that the director hasn't changed things to make the story work on screen, then I just feel sorry for you.

Ravek020 on Jul 15, 2011


several times better than the book?? Are you sure you read the right book? I think the book was several times better than this movie.... there were no emotions, cheesy and the fact this director changed a lot and left a lot unexplained was rather annoying. 

Juan B. Sigcha on Jul 16, 2011


I like how I used actual examples and you neither used evidence to disprove them or used examples to support your own theory, although I assume your simply talking about pointless things like Harry explaining everything in the great hall for everyone instead of just Ron and Hermione( although I do think that people should have cared more when Voldemort died.) Or tiny holes like Sirius' mirror being half explained, but as far as the movies have gone, there was nothing left unanswered for me. Again, if you have an example, please share it.

Ravek020 on Jul 16, 2011


to Ravek020: 1) i didn't like how in Part-1 tonks and remus TRY to imply that they are having a baby but never say it to going to Part-2 in the resurrection stone scene where Remus has a son all of a sudden (yes i read the book, i know he had a son but if you're going to leave things out of the movie from the book then leave things out consistently that wasn't explained) 2) even though harry explains to ron and hermione at the end of the movie, the movie almost makes it seem like voldemort died because he cracked the elder wand when using it, not from a rebound of a curse 3) the emotion just didn't seem to be there so much to me; Part-1 was so dark: it was how the book explained their situation they were alone trying to fight this great evil and tensions rise between these great friends that had gone through so much together while Part-2 seemed to have so much more comedic relief despite it being the emotional conclusion to HP; "i always wanted to use that spell", "morning bellatrix" "good morning" (hermione forgets who she is), neville's slow-mo rise from being knocked down when he tries to use the sword and a death eater is sent flying right by his head and the battle is raging in the background

cooper on Jul 16, 2011


to Cooper: I also didn't like how no one cared that Voldemort died anyway, and I appreciate your input. I would really liked to have seen a scene in part 1 where Lupin tries to join Harry/ tells him he has a baby/ Harry tells him no, and that's a shame, but at least that scene tells you he has a son, which Lupin may have told Harry before the wedding off screen in Part 1. The fact is in the book each thing that J.K. Rowling felt was important could be told to the reader because the pacing of the book followed everything important to Harry in his day-to-day life. In the movie, the story was meant to be Harry vs. Voldemort while ending other characters stories, and quite frankly Lupin hasn't been important enough for such a huge connection to be made between he and Harry at the last minute (referring to the fact that he makes Harry the godfather of his child.) So finding out in the forest what Tonks was talking about by showing that he and Harry have a relationship off screen can't be such a horrible way to go. Also, I think the point of the movie was just to show Voldemort diminish entirely, from overuse of the elder wand, only having 1/8th of a soul left, and the pressure of the rebounding curse. But that's just my opinion. As for the humor, I actually somewhat agree, but in different places. I love that Harry reuniting with his friends at Hogwarts was laced with humor, and that everyone gets a moment to cheer for them, like how,"...always wanted to use..." line came after the excitement of Hogwarts itself preparing for battle. However, why did Voldemort have to hug Draco??? Thank you SO MUCH though, Cooper, for some valid input.

Ravek020 on Jul 17, 2011


Does not sound like it to me.....

Anonymous on Jul 15, 2011


Exceeded even my high expectations.

Craig on Jul 15, 2011


Saw this today and was truly amazing and epic! Luv Harry potter ūüôā huge fan. Made me cry twice - that's how brilliant it is!

Harrypotterfan4ever on Jul 15, 2011


The movie has rendered me completely speechless. It was absolutely perfect in every way. Dan's acting was INCREDIBLE! The best he has ever been. The scene of him entering Voldemort's mind just after they came out of the Room of Requirement, as well as his walk down to the forest, were so brilliant, and gut-wrenchingly emotional. I truly doubt I will ever see another film that will impact me the way this one has. I will be seeing it many more times. 

Kelly on Jul 15, 2011


I liked his acting....... but his scenes with ginny were awfull very uncomfortable to watch really really BAD!!!!

Ccameronx on Jul 17, 2011


It seemed to me that the writers arbitrarily chose some scenes to take their time with others to completely nix. For instance, the scene when Harry opens the snitch and his parents, Lupin, and Sirius appear to him before he is to go fight Voldemort was lengthy and rightly so. However, there is hardly enough time for Harry to get answers from Dumbledore at King's Cross Station at the end. THe story behind the Hufflepuff goblet was never even mentioned, and the final fight between Bellatrix and Mrs. Weasley was anticlimactic. Lastly, Ginny and Harry (the actors) are horribly awkward. I did not buy their chemistry for one moment.  BUT all that said, overall it was fantastic and stayed pretty close to the text so I'm happy!

Emily on Jul 15, 2011


Well the Hufflepuff goblet isn't explained in the book either. It is in Half Blood Prince but it's pretty much just like the movie in Deathly Hallows. But since they left that out of the sixth movie they should have expanded on it in the seventh one.

Kendra Weinhoffer on Jul 18, 2011


Epic ending loved every min of the movie!!!

Cardoso Arnold on Jul 15, 2011


so 'ther is no tdkr teaser ?..

Navid Sasono on Jul 15, 2011


Yes its there and it is awesome, but most of it is images from Batman Begins and words saying that Batman's saga is ending.

Ravek020 on Jul 15, 2011


The Dark Knight Rises is going to be AWSOME!!

Postogirl2006 on Jul 16, 2011


They left out a couple things and made some unnecessary changes, but there were only a few glaring problems in my opinion, one of which was Harry's wand: they missed the entire point about him using the elder wand to repair the phoenix feather wand. I also felt that the 6th movie left out some information which greatly affects the events of "The Deathly Hallows;" mainly some of the memories Dumbledore showed Harry and the discussions they had. Another important moment left out of the movie was when Harry gave Voldemort the chance to repent, even though Dumbledore told Harry that he could not help Voldemort. On the subject of Dumbledore, they utterly failed to explain the history there. Lastly, they really should have stressed the importance of the Hallows: the book goes so much deeper, and something this vastly important should have been given greater emphasis in the movie. With all that being said, I still loved the movie and was grateful it turned out as excellent as it did.

zero on Jul 15, 2011


You're the only one to have gotten that right. Although I really enjoyed the movie, they butchered the ending so bad it nearly ruined the entire movie. Where was harry's final monologue in front of the whole school and death eaters before voldemorts curse rebounds again? That was the best part of all the books and instead they just had them alone with no one watching.

Eschommer11 on Jul 15, 2011


MOST AGREED- that was the biggest disappointment to me. Minerva and Kinglsey fighting Voldemort; Ginny and Luna fighting Bella. Mrs. Weasley killing Bella was kept in, but not Voldemort's rage in reaction to her death. Then, the clutch scene where Harry explains to Voldemort why he is about to die, and the actual death being the rebound of the curse. It was definitely the biggest let down.... and why the boathouse and not the shrieking shack?  

Carlalsanchez on Jul 15, 2011


i agree with you the elder wand needed to repair the phoenix wand. that was my only problem with the movie. But when i really think about it, it changed my mind. (this sounds insane) maybe in the movie, not the book, harry potter does not at all want to be connected to Voldemort in anyway. the (phoenix) wand is identical to voldy's normal wand. So he left the phoenix wand broke, no longer wanted to be reminded it shares the core with voldy's wand. thats the only reason. if thats not the case then F**k Yates

Adam on Jul 16, 2011


I agree, he loved his wand and wanted it fixed, returned the elder wand secretly to dumbledore's grave, in the ending they could not hire adults to play the teenagers? Hermione looked like a teenage mother! There was no emotions! Just look at hagrid carrying harry, they mocked him and he cried like a baby for harry, in the movie he didn't show a bit of emotion, they totally ignored the dumbledore family issue, ignored the hallows, the trio was so safe to walk around and carry on their business, harry magically appearing without his cape and yelling furiously at snape (this scene proves rather idiotic in two ways, later a slytherin yells out to hand over harry to Voldemort, and even later, harry magically went from screaming to poor snape to tending to his wounds??? (In the book snape was looking for harry to tell him the truth but was unable to find him and fled). And i hated the fact voldemort made funny faces while falling down the astronomy towere while harry was grabbing his face, that made me laugh my hair off but the book wasn't supposed to be like that! The only good parts were the snape/dumbledore parts, but they again ruined the prince's tale by changing the way james met lily, and he never bullied snape, that's the reason he hated james, theymake james look like a good guy when he wasn't! Okay i'm done! lol 

Juan B. Sigcha on Jul 16, 2011


They showed James bullying Snap in the Order of the Phoenix

PoPs_737 on Jul 16, 2011


They showed him bullying snape in Order of the Phoenix, but they also showed a glimpse of it in Deathly Hallows pt 2 as well. There's a moment where little James pushes little Snape as he runs to play with little Lily. Then Snape just watches as james and Lily laugh with each other.

Ryoko_onee on Jul 17, 2011


I completely agree

Ddhngihbg on Aug 29, 2011


Unfortunately I agree with Alex. I'm glad so many have watched and loved it because this is a capper of a generation. But, alas, I didn't feel the same way. There were two scenes worthy of greatness-King's Cross and A Prince's Tale- but most of the rest could have been done better. Unlike Deathly Hallows 1, which critics lambast, people call boring etc. which I found to be immensely brilliant. I loved the changes as well as what was adapted and everything was given time to breathe. I hated on Yates for Phoenix and ate my words for Half Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows 1, but it would seem his inadequacies remain. Being the final Harry Potter, there is an overwhelming sense for me to just dismiss all and enjoy it, and that's probably the source of leniency, but there could have just been so much more done that its absence is disappointing.  I know it's "already" a 4 hour adaptation, but fact is, it has been split into half and thus there's no reason why this couldn't have stretched a good 20 minutes more at the least and flesh out and hammer home the last times we would see some of these characters. Harry, Voldemort, Neville, Snape and possibly the Malfoys were handled well, but I felt Hermione and Ron were left wanting by the little they were given here and certainly there needed to be more scenes of the rest of the beloved characters; all the Weasleys, I saw Percy but he didn't do anything, both Bill+Fleur went missing at the final battle, Lupin, Tonks, Shacklebolt, Minerva, Aberforth, Seamus, Dean, Slughorn, Bellatrix, Hagrid, Flitwick etc. and since they basically added stupid scenes like Harry/LV falling off the edge and the snake chase, there was no reason why they couldn't have added people like Krum, the house elves, Grawp, Durmstrang, Beaubaxtons, random Ministry folk seen in DH1, Charlie Weasley etc. into it. I hope there's a Rowling cut because I don't trust Yates with this evidence. Also, the entire ending where no one sees Harry kill Voldemort and everyone doesn't seem to give a crap about if it happened or not and laughing like it's school recess was retarded. Plus, the epilogue's make-up team for Draco, Ron and Hermione were utter balls, when Benjamin Button came out 3 years ago, there's no reason why that kind of skill wasn't put into the last Potter scene.

ate on Jul 15, 2011


I agree with your opinion on the ending and the final battle.  **Spoiler Warning**It seemed strange that with the climactic battle between good and evil raging outside that no one left at Hogwarts went out to watch.  Harry defeats Voldemort and just walks inside, seemingly shrugs his shoulders, and no one hardly congratulates or consoles him.  Strange.  I think they should've shown him, after defeating Voldemort, collapse to his knees out of utter exhaustion and relief.  The Dark Lord had haunted him his entire life and he seems indifferent afterwards. Kind of odd the way the whole scenario played out. 

Chutchins on Jul 15, 2011


So I saw it a second time and I could justify just about every sequence and actor up until Neville's monologue. I don't see why they couldn't follow the book's ending? If they'd just had Neville slash Nagini, then everything could have happened basically word for word except change the setting to the courtyard instead of Great Hall.  There are certain scenes which people have complained about such as Harry being able to hear Horcruxes/LV feeling weak/Elder wand cracking when LV used it but those are scenes/explanations that were needed to further/answer the story and its questions on film to make it make sense. The battle, however, is not one of those scenes. Harry's speech where he describes the protection of all those who still survive will also make sense, if that was what they were worried about. But none of it happens. It's not like we needed screentime for Harry and Voldemort morphing into each other (WTF?) and Nagini again chasing around people.  I would also think the duels all happening at the same time inside Minerva/Slughorn/Shacklebolt V LV and Ginny/Hermione/Luna V Bellatrix etc. would have fully satisfied the blockbuster/effects/3D quotient for non-readers and then some more than the aforementioned MORPH and SNAKE CHASE. And, I know I've been making long posts, but this was my childhood(!!!) so forgive me, but then even if they decided not to have it as the book had, (which they did...) at least SHOW people KNOW LV was killed. Hermione and Ron basically enter seemingly having sucked face somewhere and besides Hagrid no one even acknowledges Harry. How was this justified?  I really, really, really hope there's another cut or more footage from the film. 

ate on Jul 15, 2011


Completely agree to all of the aforementioned!

Carlalsanchez on Jul 15, 2011


totally agree!

Juan B. Sigcha on Jul 16, 2011


I totally agree with everything you said! My other big gripe with it was that in the book this whole second half was about Harry having the bravery and strength to realize he needed to do it on his own. That he was the one to finish it and he had to come to terms with all that in a specific way especially to accept his death. But by taking a lot of his inner monologue and making others say it, made him look weaker and not as smart. He was the one who realized where the diadam was and WTF was with him being able to hear the horcruxes?! Seriously stupid! And then with not having the battle in front of everyone took and not including harry's great speech i think some of the greatness of that scene were seriously lost. He is supposed to appear still alive and take the danger on himself and explain it to everyone so everyone understands. In the dumbledore scene even D mentions that harry's words are stronger and that to me references when harry is supposed to during the fight verbally freak out and shake voldemort but that didnt happen. The other thing I didn't like was the fact that Voldemort started to be affected each time a horcrux was destroyed and he isnt supposed to notice. in the last battle he is still cocky and thinks no matter what he will win but he starts to look weak before harry even begins to say anything to him, so it became obvious that harry was going to prevail for not a great reason.

freib on Jul 19, 2011


They screwed the ending up, they should've fought in the great hall. I grew up with those movies, and I was very disappointed about how they never explained a lot. They never even fixed harry's wand, and no battle in the great hall?! Everything changed since number 4. Since the new director and screen writer changed. My favorite series ruined cause they, Pardon my French, fucked it up... I'm livid.

Spincity90210 on Jul 15, 2011


This is my biggest complain. Rowling wrote the final battle scene, circling each other in front of everyone, so beautifully in the books. I felt let down almost that I didn't get to see that happen in the movie. I also agree that some of it has to do with the directing - while I loved Order of the Phoenix and Deathly Hallows Part I, I was very disappointed with the Half-Blood Prince adaptation - and I think both of them have the same shortcomings. Aspects of the book that were MAJOR parts of the story were somewhat glossed over for more longing looks between the characters and romantic scenes (mainly in HBP). I agree with Alex, I feel like they could've easily made it a 2 1/2 hour movie, even longer than that, to really have the gravity of the situation become more clear. The battle to me, with Hogwarts as a whole, seemed very filmed over. I'm grateful that we're following the Trio as much as we are, but I would've loved to have seen more action from the supporting characters during the battle. I do have to say that I thought the acting was spectacular in this film, especially from Neville. I'm eager to see the movie again, to get away from the applause and the cheering and the "nerdiness" of the midnight showing, who knows, maybe it'll grow on me a bit more. ...I hope so...

Teacherkid on Jul 15, 2011


Not hating here, but yes, there is such a different atmosphere seeing it midnight showing as opposed to a few weeks afterwards... I don't mind the cheering, but the laughing I can't stand! I feel like they've put WAY too many "comic relief" moments in the last few films. When I'm watching alone I rarely laugh at these... one, because I don't think they"re *that* funny, and two, because I think it distracts from the emotion of the scene. At midnight premieres however, it seems like the whole crowd bursts a gut laughing at every tiny joke present in the film. It's distracting to me... we don't need comic relief... maybe in the first few films, but this is the darkest ending to the saga. It wasn't too bad in DH2 but in HBP I felt like i was watching an action comedy. It also may have something to do with the fact that I'd been awake for almost 24 hours while seeing the film...

Ben on Jul 15, 2011


In regards to the humor - I was watching a special (because I'm a Tool) on the Biography channel about all of the movies, and the director of OOtP, HBP and DH parts I&II said that he had a lot of pressure after OOtP to make HBP funny, because it didn't have many comical moments. I found it to be overpowering in HBP, then, like he was trying to compensate for it. Didn't work well with me.

Teacherkid on Jul 15, 2011


Completely agree with you. The duel in the hall in the book was my favourite scene and to change this was completely unecessary. Almost like the idiot Director just wanted to change it for the sake of it. I know lots of people can take the stance that the film can't be 4 hours long, but I think an extra 20m of certain scenes and a wee bit more explanation on some of the missing plotlines would have made this so much better. I came out subdued.

Anonymous on Jul 15, 2011


would have to agree, like going from the original Dumbledore to the next one-unfortunate but it had to be I guess.

Troy Jones on Mar 20, 2013


the best possible way to cap and incredible decade of movie making.. incredible ensemble cast and some of the most spectacular scenes that will be immortalised for ages to come. Ralph Fiennes has been incredible as Voldemort  bring the evil to life like no one else could...Harry Ron and Hermione have been incredible no complaints no bullshit for how taxing the series has been on them ( sure they made millions but 10 years is a long long time especially in teen years)  This movie is simply put incredible and makes a strong case for PART1+PART2 Screening back to back.  LOVED IT! 

Viral Vora on Jul 15, 2011


This film was not a direct, word for word adaptation of the book. I am outraged! Not really. This was a faithful adaptation that took some liberties with the details - and rightly so. Some things just wouldn't have translated well onto the big screen, and thankfully, they did not appear as such.  There is so much from the book that gives insight into what is going on, but is not necessarily integral to the plot, that it would have ground the film to a screeching halt if it were all included.  There were also a few scenes that were extended from what was already in the book, or added all together, to give JK's sometimes sloppy narrative some focus and clarity.  I feel as though this film turned out well, and did its source material justice.  A-

Dcawley on Jul 15, 2011


I've loved the story line to harry potter since I was 11 years old. The books are amazing and the films as well are great up to the point of deathy hallows part 2. The 3D was kind of bad and I would have enjoyed it in 2D way better. As a harry potter fanatic I expected more and some of the parts that were changed were really un-call for. But all in all great movie. I can finally let go a part of my childhood because the sequel has finally come to an end. Thanks a bunch J.K. Rowling for an incredible 10 years of my life that I will never regret.

Blue_eeyore08 on Jul 15, 2011


Can someone please tell me if there was a dkr teaser??

Tomysegal on Jul 15, 2011


There IS a teaser trailer, but it won't be online officially until later this weekend. For now, the only way to go see it is in theaters, but it's definitely there and will be coming soon.

Alex Billington on Jul 15, 2011


There was a teaser included, with very little footage but it was exciting none the less. 

Chutchins on Jul 15, 2011


¬†Just finished watching it. A+ Absolutley Amazing ūüėÄ This film seems to be the best out of all of them. The final moments of snape were the best part of the film for me as I liked the backstory and..I was almost in tears at how tragic it ended up. Also Harry at Kings Cross with Dumbledore was interesting..though I didnt understand what was that thing under the bench. Hahahahahaa. LOVED THE FILM.. and WILL WATCH AGAIN. Thanks J.K ROwling ūüôā

JoKe on Jul 15, 2011


your an idiot if you didnt know what the thing under the bench was...pick up a book.

hurrypotty on Jul 16, 2011


Don't care what hurrypotty says That thing is the horcrux that voldemort killed when he tried to kill Harry

Maurice693 on Jul 18, 2011



Wannawookiee on Jul 15, 2011


this film didnt interest me in the slightest. i dont get the flat nose guy, is he a villian or grumpy uncle with a wand. sorry not a fan. the tdkr teaser was good tho. actually not a teaser.  thats why i went.

Bassmonsta on Jul 15, 2011


LOL... going to see a movie you don't care about just to see a teaser preview of another one? Isn't the internet full of teasers you can watch with Flash Player? Anyway, you shouldn't post on a board intended for HP discussion if you don't have the first clue about the story.

DeathlyHallows on Jul 20, 2011


Overall, this movie was fantastic. Effects, lines, setting, music, acting was brilliant. However, it definately felt very rushed- no explanation of events and absolutely no time to stop and appreciate the  memorable moments. I have to say the last 15 minutes was a huge let down- it changed crucial moments of the book, was rather anti-climactic, and failed to tie up loose ends. The rest of the movie, though rushed, was very very well done and very exciting to watch!

Srhpirate2 on Jul 15, 2011


I Liked it, but i though the special effects were rushed...many scenes the background was horrible... the flow of the movie wasnt that bad, but i think if they took their time and realised it during Christmas as they usually did they'd have a much stronger movie. 6 more months of production on a movie like this would be enough for them to finish a lot of scenes i'm sure were left out because there was no time to finish them.

Ricardo Marques on Jul 15, 2011


Really? I though the special FX were great! The best in the series. The Dragon looked amazing and the fighting scenes at Hogwarts were breathtaking, it looked like something out of Lord of The Rings.

Anonymous on Jul 15, 2011


Yes the dragon, and the fight scenes were great... And thats that... a lot of the big scenes with green screen backgrounds were horrible. Especially towards the ending... PS: I saw it in 2d (totally forgot about the 3d version) in 3d it might not have been as noticeable due to depth...

Ricardo Marques on Jul 15, 2011


I also saw the movie in 2D, by choice ūüėõ I absolutely loved those shots with a close up in the center and the fighting and magic going on in the background, those were great. And the one with Voldemort looking at the fighting gound at Hogwarts, great cinematography.

Anonymous on Jul 16, 2011


I watched it in 3D and it's not very good The entire movie is pretty dark especially during Ravenclaw's ghost scene and it's also very blurry When the werewolves fall off the bridge I could not see a thing Going to watch it in 2D soon

Hogcmaurice on Jul 18, 2011


I agree, the movie felt a little rushed. There really was some footage that I felt was missing. I wanted to focus a bit more on certain scenes and characters, but we really just got a glossing through. It wasn't terrible, but I thought part 1 was better, and the half blood prince was the best. I despised order of the phoenix. The rest were good, POA in particular. I was a little older (15) when HP hit, so I can't say that a piece of my childhood is over, but I do feel the loss of something quite special. The visuals were amazing and there were some great lines, but I would have really loved a little more. I wanted to see more of the deaths of Fred, Tonks, and Lupin. I wanted more of Neville and Luna. I felt like some characters were just thrown in since it was the last movie, like Hagrid. I felt a bit.."tossed about" from one scene to the next. Very few smooth transitions. Again, it all felt rushed. I'm sure that I'm not alone in saying that I wish the powers that be didn't allow themselves to feel like they had to rush, but took the time to savor and relish the last of the story, we all would have gladly watched another hour. I realize that you can never fit a book into a movie, but they could have done more. Overall 8 out of 10. Thanks for a special 10 years cast and crew, and thanks for an era JK!

Kristagemini on Jul 15, 2011


Totally loved the film. It was so epic and moving. My only complaint is the final scene and the music copied straight from Sorcerer's Stone. Other than that I feel this the ending this marvelous story deserves. And of course it feels incomplete, it's the second half of a movie, and that's why I first saw Part 1 right before going to the theater for this one. ūüėÄ

Yahzee on Jul 15, 2011


Actually the music being copied from sorcerer's stone is a good thing! Brings back memories

Hogcmaurice on Jul 18, 2011


Anybody see it in 3D? I want to know if it will ruin the movie or not...the only reason I'm curious is because I heard they're giving out the round harry potter 3D glasses....yeah i'm a dork...but if it's there...i need it ūüėČ

Danimal on Jul 15, 2011


If they are giving out the glasses like HP go, but it was converted to 3D in post production not shot in 3D . Not the greatest, I will be seeing it in 2D since I hate 3D conversions.

WB Exec on Jul 15, 2011


It doesn't ruin it necessarily, but it doesn't help it either. There were parts that I literally could not differ from the 2D counterpart.

Ben on Jul 15, 2011


I watched it in 3D Nope not good Unlike transformers and avatar which is pretty bright Harry Potter is a very dark flim thus making the 3D not very noticeable And 3D makes it blurry For example when the bridge collapses and the werewolves fell Too much motion blur

Hogcmaurice on Jul 18, 2011


I wish on posts involving movies based heavily on books people would say whether or not they have read the books in their review--I think that context would help put the comments in perspective. Had I not read the books, I would have thought this movie was truly amazing. BUT, because I've read the books, and know all the content was changed or left out, I have to say it was a little disappointing. We saw it in 3D, and while it was no Avatar, I do think it enhanced the experience. But I'm not that picky on stuff like that... And anyone who tells you the TDKR teaser left a lot to be desired doesn't understand Batman or what Nolan is trying to accomplish with the franchise. I personally thought the teaser was epic and was everything that could be expected from a teaser for a movie a year away from release.

Kev on Jul 15, 2011


Speaking as someone who has grown up with the books and always preferred them to the movies: I could not have asked for a better final film. I thought every scene was pitch-perfect. I'm really quite surprised some people are expressing disappointment about minor changes - they didn't bother me in the slightest. I thought Yates et al tapped into the very heart & soul of the HP story with this film, and everything played out magnificently. Radcliffe brought it all to the table. Every important scene I was waiting for was there, and was given room to breathe because of the two-film split. I could not have been happier. There is literally nothing I would change. Best HP by a mile and one of the best films I have personally ever seen for the impact it had on me.

equustel on Jul 15, 2011


did you not read the books....'pitch perfect' i thinkis a little overkill. for starters voldy and harry were supposed to have their final battle in the great hall along with the other big characters.the battle of hogwarts was ALL wrong. you should probablly think about re reading the books if you think that was perfect.

hurrypotty on Jul 16, 2011


I stand by my choice of adjective: "pitch" refers to "tone", and it was the tone and feel and portrayal of the themes that was dead-on in this particular film. I don't need a word-for-word adaptation to be satisfied. Film is film; novels are novels.

equustel on Jul 18, 2011


The whole ending was completely screwed and WRONG! i know it cant be the same but things were cut and changed for no reason. The battle was completely off, The fighting in the Great Hall, Voldemort and Harrys duel, Freds death was atrocious, Percy didnt pitch up, THE WAND! i could go on all day.

peeves on Jul 16, 2011


100% agree my friend. missed opportunity.

Anonymous on Jul 16, 2011


why is it that no one has mentioned how they totally fucked up the the hunt for the diadem? the carrows' characters weren't even actually introduced. so much time was wasted on events that never even actually happened in the books. the battle was horribly inaccurate. and the ending?! it would have been far better if they stuck to the book. i feel like they tried too hard to please people who had actually never read the books. and lets be honest, those films would be nothing without the books and the fans who read them. i love the hp series. but this film by far was my least favorite of all.

K Elizabeth2 on Jul 16, 2011


I completely agree with K Elizabeth i was very excited to go and see this movie, i had just finished rereading the boo literally a few hours beore leaving to see it and during the movie all i could think was. thats not how it goes, this is wrong, all wrong. my friends liked it but they hadnt read the book in over a year. so many things bugged me, like voldemort never disiningrated in the boko and in themovie he dissinigrated into ashes or something, and bellatrix never exploded in the book. im re-re-reading the book again now just to get this horrible film out of my head

Jenngeorge18 on Jul 16, 2011


You guys must have had a lot of problems with the previous films, then. It's the 8th damn movie: if you haven't made your peace with the changes by now, you never will.

equustel on Jul 18, 2011


Yep the movie was perfect until the final battle I was expecting elves,centuars,giants,hippogriffts, thestrals and the 3 way fight But no all we got is Harry and Voldemort hugging each other falling down with voldemort making funny faces

Hogcmaurice on Jul 18, 2011


I thought it was fantastic. I can't wait to see both part 1 and 2 in one sitting.

Xerxexx on Jul 15, 2011


just seen it and was very disapointed.there was no epic battle and everything was shown after the event and i could feel they could of gone into so much more of the main events of the individual main characters but i suppose id be still watching it now but i must confess i fell asleep half way through for 2 mins which is poor for someone who,s loved the hp saga

ryan on Jul 15, 2011


Much of the joy and sadness derived from the emotional investments I made while reading rather than what was unfolding on screen.  More so than the other films, I found myself referencing how it felt to encounter those moments on the page, because the emotional depth in the film did not match and was not sufficient.  Obvious examples are the deaths at the Battle of Hogwarts and Harry's march into the Forbidden Forest.  They were sad, but for me, it was the pages that gave them their punch, their heartbreaking nature. My friend, who has not read the books, said he was surprised at the strength of audience reaction, and the sheer number of sniffles heard throughout the theater.  Even lighter moments-- Molly Weasley's spotlight duel, or the liplocking-- of course, we cheered.  But we've all seen classics that achieve those organic moments of true despair or joy on their own terms, and I don't believe this movie reached that feeling of epic-ness on its own.  It used some emotional shorthand from its legions of readers to free up time to focus on the action.  (Naturally, I may just be too attached to the books to see clearly.  That's why I included my friend's non-reader reaction, which was essentially "yeah, it was an alright movie".)  The focus was more on summer blockbuster action, which was great.  After the waiting games and angsty teen emotions of the first part, this one jumped right in with battle preparations.  McGonagall and the knights were beyond awesome. The break in-and-out of Gringotts was visually exciting, and I loved the quiet moment among the bank tellers before the FLOOR ERUPTS WITH A DRAGON.   The fiery Room of Requirement was exactly how I imagined it, even if Draco's storyline felt a bit tacked on.  Neville's kick-ass moments were extremely well handled.The Snape arc was extremely well done.  In a story that has so much GOOD vs EVIL, his character is wonderfully complex and layered, and Rickman knocks it out of the park.  Its too bad that in the interest of streamlining, Dumbledore/Grindelwald had to be dropped, as that was another complicated, fascinating, dark arc, that was well executed by Rawling. Ralph Fiennes delivered a top notch performance as well, showing moments of vulnerability and fear, and creating a powerful moment of gleeful laughter in stark contrast to his usual bleak and sinister vibe.  The younger actors have benefited from working with these British powerhouses.  Rupert Grint continued to blend humor with gravity, Emma Watson's fierce and intelligent Hermoine is wonderful, particularly when her face crumples and she admits she's anticipated why Harry must sacrifice himself.  And Dan Radcliffe clearly works hard at acting, and does a nice job with the intense moments of fear and resolute bravery.   So, amazing action, some great acting, but the film would have benefited from slower pacing, allowing better build ups and emotional pay offs.  The epilogue felt slightly rushed as well.  It hit the parenting note quite well, but missed the feeling of safety and victory ("his scar had not hurt in 19 years, all was well"), as well as a chance to have a more solidifying moment of friendship between the trio, to mirror the handholding camraderie of their younger selves.  I look forward to watching Part I & II together, it may alleviate some of the pacing issues.  The midnight showing I attended was packed, primarily with people my own age-- I was 11 when the books came out, so we grew up with Harry.  I cheered, I cried, felt a bit like a kid, and I am happy to have come of age with such a rich magical world that I know I will revisit time and time again, in book and film form. 

Savvypenguin on Jul 15, 2011



Cheryl Edson on Jul 15, 2011


Trying again, hopefully doesn't delete paragraph breaks again (I wasn't logged in so I can't edit/delete the earlier comment)...  Much of the joy and sadness derived from the emotional investments I made while reading rather than what was unfolding on screen.  More so than the other films, I found myself referencing how it felt to encounter those moments on the page, because the emotional depth in the film did not match and was not sufficient.  Obvious examples are the deaths at the Battle of Hogwarts and Harry's march into the Forbidden Forest.  They were sad, but for me, it was the pages that gave them their punch, their heartbreaking nature. My friend, who has not read the books, said he was surprised at the strength of audience reaction, and the sheer number of sniffles heard throughout the theater.  Even lighter moments-- Molly Weasley's spotlight duel, or the liplocking-- of course, we cheered.  But we've all seen classics that achieve those organic moments of true despair or joy on their own terms, and I don't believe this movie reached that feeling of epic-ness on its own.  It used some emotional shorthand from its legions of readers to free up time to focus on the action.   (Naturally, I may just be too attached to the books to see clearly.  That's why I included my friend's non-reader reaction, which was essentially "yeah, it was an alright movie".)   The focus was more on summer blockbuster action, which was great.  After the waiting games and angsty teen emotions of the first part, this one jumped right in with battle preparations.  McGonagall and the knights were beyond awesome. The break in-and-out of Gringotts was visually exciting, and I loved the quiet moment among the bank tellers before the FLOOR ERUPTS WITH A DRAGON.   The fiery Room of Requirement was exactly how I imagined it, even if Draco's storyline felt a bit tacked on.  Neville's kick-ass moments were extremely well handled.The Snape arc was extremely well done.  In a story that has so much GOOD vs EVIL, his character is wonderfully complex and layered, and Rickman knocks it out of the park.  Its too bad that in the interest of streamlining, Dumbledore/Grindelwald had to be dropped, as that was another complicated, fascinating, dark arc, that was well executed by Rawling. Ralph Fiennes delivered a top notch performance as well, showing moments of vulnerability and fear, and creating a powerful moment of gleeful laughter in stark contrast to his usual bleak and sinister vibe.   The younger actors have benefited from working with these British powerhouses.  Rupert Grint continued to blend humor with gravity, Emma Watson's fierce and intelligent Hermoine is wonderful, particularly when her face crumples and she admits she's anticipated why Harry must sacrifice himself.  And Dan Radcliffe clearly works hard at acting, and does a nice job with the intense moments of fear and resolute bravery.    So, amazing action, some great acting, but the film would have benefited from slower pacing, allowing better build ups and emotional pay offs.  The epilogue felt slightly rushed as well.  It hit the parenting note quite well, but missed the feeling of safety and victory ("his scar had not hurt in 19 years, all was well"), as well as a chance to have a more solidifying moment of friendship between the trio, to mirror the handholding camraderie of their younger selves.   I look forward to watching Part I & II together, it may alleviate some of the pacing issues.  The midnight showing I attended was packed, primarily with people my own age-- I was 11 when the books came out, so we grew up with Harry.  I cheered, I cried, felt a bit like a kid, and I am happy to have come of age with such a rich magical world that I know I will revisit time and time again, in book and film form.

Anonymous on Jul 15, 2011


I totally agree with you 100 percent! I was about 15 when the books came out. I think books are always better, so I did miss the emotional depth that plays out in the books, that I felt was lacking in the movie. I felt that a little too much was glossed over.

Kristagemini on Jul 16, 2011


as a reader of the books, i just have to point out that a lot of the deaths happen off the page too. There is a part after all is said and done where they talk about who was lost, and you don't really read it as it happens, so I'm not really surprised at that.

????? on Jul 15, 2011


Right, I was just saying the movie didn't grip me emotionally nearly as much as the books.  I was more moved by those deaths as they were presented in writing than on screen.

Anonymous on Jul 15, 2011


My friend also pointed out that death was sometimes treated lightly in the film.  Mostly, when Neville blows up the bridge, ending hundreds of lives, and shrugging it off with a campy line (although I enjoyed that moment).  Likewise, Hogwarts is quick to rally behind Harry when he arrives, but they could have really highlighted the gravity of the decision, that they are facing death for Harry's vague mission.  What level of despair at the tyranny of Voldemort, or what level of belief in one young boy, do you have to reach to make that kind of choice?  Again, I loved how the students and professors stepped forward to support Harry, but the filmmakers could have upped the emotional stakes by more clearly reminding us that we are talking about war and death.  That gravity came around later, after the battle, but it may have been more powerful if it were sustained throughout.  

Anonymous on Jul 15, 2011


That goes for the whole movie... None of the deaths are EVER played up. Not even (*spoiler*) Snape, he just dies quickly and quietly and they move on. That's my problem with this... there's just no emotion to it, everything just gets skipped by so quickly, no time to let the emotions sink in. These are the deaths we needed to feel for, all of them, every last one, because they were all fighting for Hogwarts.

Alex Billington on Jul 15, 2011


I agree completely! Good to know others felt the same way.

Anonymous on Jul 15, 2011


I think the thing with that is that true Potter fans don't need those extra minutes to let it all sink and feel the death of the character, they only need that one glimpse of the dead character because they know everything about his/hers past history.

Anonymous on Jul 15, 2011


While I enjoyed the film. I completely agree with your assessment. It's the fact that it seems as if the emotion was torn out of every scene. My absolute biggest problems with the film occur after the Death of Voldermort and when Harry walks to his death. (I've read the books, though I will try to assess my problems with it in terms of being a film) When Harry kills Voldermort  there is no fanfare, no celebration, no questioning if he is really dead. Harry knows he is dead for good, but no one else knows this! He came back once, to them it would be completely logical that he would do so again! His death itself was a pathetic let down to his character. This is a man who has feared death, ran from it at every opportunity, we were shown his fear threw out the film. Pay that off! Show him being afraid of death, show the fear in his eyes as he fades away! When Harry has to walk to his death in the film he encounters Ron and Hermione, in the book he walks by, so that they cannot try and stop him and make it any harder on him to do it. In the movie when they started the conversation I was hoping for something tragic, like Harry lying to them and telling him everythings going to be fine, and they play along but you can see it in there eyes that they know he's lying. But no, instead we get the world's most half-assed goodbye scene EVER. Ron says NOTHING, no "I love ya' mate." No hug, no sign of affection from his supposed best friend in the entire world who has been with him for 7 years of his life! Also Molly Weasley smirking after killing Bellatrix is horrid, she's a mother figure who would kill to protect her young, but would NEVER celebrate it. That all said, movie was worth it for the look on Voldy's face when Harry "comes back to life". Those 30 seconds of grade A emotion and Snape's character made the film.

Geoffrey C. Bassett on Jul 15, 2011


While you're perfectly entitled to your opinion, the amount of people openly bawling in the audience both times I've seen the film would probably contest your assessment of it as emotionless.

equustel on Jul 18, 2011


Really enjoyed it.  Of course, there were a lot of moments, things I wish had been carried over from the books - nerdy nitpicks and stuff - but overall, it was pretty damn good.

Ian on Jul 15, 2011


This film opened in the UK today and I saw it at 9.30am. Am a massive fan of the books and the films and from all the trailers and comments previously I was really looking forward to it. Truth is I came away disappointed, and really down to how the final duel and battle scenes were so badly handled by the Director. First of all the duel between Molly Weasley and Bellatrix. A favourite scene of mine from the book and I was pleased they left the comment from Molly in the scene. However the duel itself was practically over in a flash - it must have lasted all of 10 seconds of screen time. Just seemed to be hopelessly rushed. However this is nothing compared with the final duel between Voldy and Harry. I liked the fact that it was far more fleshed out than in the book. However the ending was an absolute travesty. Instead of taking place in the great hall in front of everyone, it takes place in the remnants of the courtyard in front of NO-ONE! I am still a bit lost where everyone went as well because at the start of the final part of the battle, Voldy still has a significant force of death eaters with him, who then seem to magically disappear completely. The good thing about the books take on this was that when the duel is over there is an eruption of celebration and merriment. Everyone is rushing to hug Harry and congratulate him - he is their champion, their saviour and hero. In the film version there is none of this at all. Harry has just rid the universe of the most deadly and hated dark wizard of all time, and no one is there to witness it or even congratulate him. Straight after the end of the duel, the next scene is Harry walking around the great hall. No-one is actually taking any notice of him, its almost ridiculous - I say again, he has just defeated the most dangerous indiviudal on the planet and no one seems to give 2 hoots. Its like Luke Skywalker blowing the Death Star up at the end of Star Wars, landing his X Wing and no one bothering to say anything to him - a total and utter shambolic take on what should be the most celebrated moment of all the books and the films! Furthermore, I think its important that in the book everyone in the great hall gets to hear from Harry, about Snapes true motives (when he takes on Voldemort). All of this is lost in the film. The other very disturbing aspect to this film is that its called The Deathly Hallows for a good reason. However the Director decides to completely remove the entire back story to Albus, Aberforth, Ariana and Grindelwald. There is no explanation about why Albus had the ring on his finger when he got cursed, what he was trying to do etc. The entire deathly hallows sub plot, being the master of death etc is completely removed. Considering this book was split into 2 films, this seems unforgiveable. Don't get me wrong, there were plenty of things that were good about this film, but these moments were absolutely key and I am afraid they have been messed up badly.

Anonymous on Jul 15, 2011


For me, the first 3 are still the best. But we have to consider that in a conversion from a book to a film, they have to make sacrifices. People who realy want the full story will read all books. I love how they crafted Deathly Hallows. The part2 was 2.10 and i found that enough to end it. It packed an epic adventure  in 2 hours. But a 4 hour could get boring. Come on people, we have got 8 movies, if this isn't enough for satisfaction! But it was a magical saga that will astonish people for decades, centuries for sure.

Crab on Jul 15, 2011


Loved it. Thought it was the best of the bunch. Some good one liners. And the little things is what made this movie. The one liners or the a couple well placed cues by Ralph Fiennes to give Voldemort more of a villian/loser feel. As for Death and how people react to it in these movies all I can really say is they don't incorporate normal human reaction and religion into their world and Death is all around them at all times so it's different and doesn't need to be fully addressed in emotion distress.

Tyban on Jul 15, 2011


The first three are the best???? Hmmm... Ok so there are changes from the book, and we dont see characters that we have gotten to know over a long time die. But does a CGI laden one hour battle really make the finale more satisfying, or does seeing the people who have perished from Harry's point of view not pack more of an emotional punch? These are the people *spoiler for the three people who havent read the book* who Voldemort declares died just for Harry, and (unless you remember each detail of the book before going in) we learn each person's fate at the same time as him. Is that not more interesting than seeing each one taken out one by one in what would have to be an overly long battle sequence? Inevitably they can't fit everything in, but as an attempt at rounding off the series with impact, whilst answering the question of what happened to virtually every character we have seen in the series the film works brilliantly. Didnt see it in 3D, there were obvious shots just there for the 3D experience, but cant see what I might have missed out on, other than blurier visuals and alot of squinting.

Tuckles on Jul 15, 2011


Totally agree with you about the dead characters from Harry's point of view. And I saw it in 3D and you didn't miss much. Can't wait to watch it in 2D, on BluRay, at home.

Moutchy on Jul 16, 2011


Ok, I just saw it with my parents (who have never read them) and was disappointed.  First, all that trouble to get Hufflepuff's cup, and they don't even explain what they are doing and what the meaning of the cup is. My parents were like: "Why are they after the cup?!" FAIL.  To add to this, where the hell was Ravenclaw? Where was the visit to the Tower, and the riddle that Luna/Minerva had to solve? The good look that Harry had at her diadem and then realized that it was in the Room of Requirement? And the Grey Lady, that was too elaborated on for the wrong reason. Albania? The Bloody Baron? No, he chases her around until she tells him it's in the Room of Requirement! FAIL.  Sidebar: Umm when did Goyle turn black?! Next, Snape summoning the students to ask if they knew anything about Harry. WTF?! I thought half the student body was hiding because they were no longer part of the school?! Was their common rooms not fitting enough anymore?! Where was the head of houses chasing Snape?  Sidebar: Did anyone else feel Bellatrix Lestrange was more of a tipsy sorority girl than an archvillian (with zilch lines)?!  Furthermore, I was so disheveled with the lack of focus on deaths. FRED WEASLEY for crying out loud. And I got most teary-eyed at the bodies of Lupin and Tonks....and THEN IT WAS OVER. Harry looked at their bodies and it was like he didn't recognize or realize who they were! Three beloved characters are dead in less than 10 seconds of screen time, but we can't even let it soak in. The only death that satisfied me was Snape's, while disturbing (I honestly had to close my eyes) it portrayed it perfectly. (But why didn't James Potter have glasses? It took me like 5 minutes to realize which one was James Potter) FAIL.  Also, the ending. I Absolutely agree with those who have posted that this ending fell flat on it's face. Where were the epic duels between various characters? Molly Weasley lasts a whole 5 seconds. The great hall, the explanation, the cheers and roars of gratitude and relief. He literally walks through the hallway, gets a smile from Cho Chang and a hug from Hagrid. Oh yeah thanks Harry for saving our lives....but I'm too tired to celebrate. And, the book uses great build up to Voldemort's demise, and then kills him so quickly you have to reread it just to make sure it happened; in the movie, there is little talking between the two (nothing about Dumbledore or Snape's actual allegiance), but the killing of Voldemort takes a while.  I must say I was pleased with the exit of the Malfoys (even if they weren't easy to pity) and the valiancy of Neville Longbottom. The best part of the movie was Ron and Hermione beating off the snake until Neville decapitated it. Although I was excited for Neville, I felt other characters were put out such as Ginny (who's kiss with Harry was so awkward to watch) and Luna (one of my fave characters literally has like one line). I even thought Ron and Hermione were a little silenced in the film, I forgot about them until the snake part, and that's the most they did really. The battle, was not so much of a battle, considering we saw little of it while the book spends about 1/3 describing it. WTF?! FAIL This movie may grow on me but for right now I am fueled by the missing pieces, adjusted scenes, and lack of emotion from this film. Hopefully it will grow in time because I can't let the series end on this note. 

Timothy_421 on Jul 15, 2011


could not agree with you more. Harry takes care of the most dangerous reviled and powerful wizard of all time and no one sees it, and no one seems to care. Why oh why did they let David Yates direct this film. If I am not mistaken, this is the same Director who did not film the funeral of Dumbledore in HBP - surely a massive scene thats fans wanted to see. Its frustrating more than anything because it feels like a missed opportunity.

Anonymous on Jul 15, 2011


Looking for the words to describe my complete and utter disappointment, and you hit the nail on the head. Couldn't agree with you more.

Lovelei86 on Jul 15, 2011


I definitely agree with you! I have to watch it multiple times so it can grow on me! Oh and Goyle is now black, because the original actor got charged with growing marijuana at home! ūüôā

Xdhaliwal on Jul 16, 2011


Goyle is not black. The character's name is Blaize.  He's seen on the train with Draco in HBP. Goyle is the one who tries to kill Hermione with the killing curse. Crabbe is the one no longer there.

Jenmoseley74 on Jul 17, 2011


Interesting that you said the best part of the movie was Ron and Hermione fighting off the snake until Neville killed it because that was the scene that bothered me the most. In the book, Neville kills the snake while everyone is outside.¬† I always thought it made him look very brave and was redemptive for him.¬† Watching the movie, I spent the entire fight scene worried they were going to take that from him and have Hermione kill the snake.¬† There were many changes from the book that¬†I understood the reasoning behind, but this one, I just don't get.¬† Why change such¬†a great scene into a slightly silly chase scene? Other than that, I completely agree with you.¬† ūüôā

Diane Yocom on Jul 16, 2011


Totally agree.... the missing pieces and plots (for people of havent read the books) make no sense. I think both Dealthy Hallows movies are to blame, I hoped Dumbledore past would be properly discussed like it is throughout the book. I also cannot believe they added 'tonks and remus had a baby' without mentioning a pregnancy in either films or the babies name or what happened to him its very poorly executed. I agree the battle scene was cut inappropriately its ment to last hours yet its over very quickly without the important harry vs voldemort dialog or the important emphasis on the deaths of main characters. (The book also has more creatures from the forbidden forest involved in the fight as well as house elves.....) Overall I think it was a little rushed and rather savagely cut.....removing all scenes that werent in the main plot.

Ccameronx on Jul 17, 2011


Such a shame the Director from the first 2 films was not used or available. He got it right both times.....

Anonymous on Jul 15, 2011


Yeah, I wished this one didn't have the same effect as the first movie - which is really disappointing, since it's supposed to tie up the series.

Brandi on Jul 15, 2011


Ugh, no! Chris Colombus style was very much ok for the first two films, and yes he got them right, but I'm really glad they got different directors for subsequent movies, as they got darker and more serious. You have to remember as well that the books just got bigger and bigger, therefore they were more difficult to translate into movies.

Moutchy on Jul 16, 2011


Fine but then get a Director thats worthy of the franchise and not going to totally mess the ending up

Anonymous on Jul 16, 2011


I've never read the books, so my knowledge of Potter stems directly from the films. Just so you know where I'm coming from. I thought the movie was pretty good. I actually kinda liked the last couple of movies better. This one felt short to me, like there could have been a bit more ebb and flow to the pacing earlier on. Overall, tho, I think it caps off the film series pretty well. I liked that the giant battle at the end of the flick wasn't a half hour of watching effects guys jerk off onto the movie. The effects were great and all, but after a few minutes any action sequence is going to start wearing me down. People complain that the final battles weren't giant huge over the top epic set-pieces, but they didn't really need to be. Action sequences don't really matter to a movie at all. It's sometimes spectacular to see them, but unless they're completely integrated into the plot of the film in some way, they're often quite pointless and don't achieve much. Seeing the last few battles play out so quickly helped, I think, to keep their impact. Dragging them on and on would weaken them. I would have liked to have seen more of a pause between the destruction of the tiara and the final battle. A bit of a breather where the characters could reconnect with each other, prepare for the final confrontation and deal with the realization that they may all die. Plot-wise, it's not really necessary, but character-arc-wise I think it would have helped to really pay off the entire series by having a scene where you can see how all of these characters ended up in their darkest hour, etc, etc. You probably would have had to further alter the books to do that, tho, and thus probably would have made all the book fans nerd-rage over the changes, but I feel like it would have benefited the movie to shift gears for a while before shifting back into high speed. Bit of contrast. Pretty good flick, tho. This could possibly be the most successful film series I've ever seen. Not financially - though that's possible...  how much have these films made all together? - but in the sense that the series got continually better as it went on, something that's extremely rare in film, and something that has never happened in a series that's lasted this long.

Anonymous on Jul 15, 2011


Very disappointed.  It was the FINAL film, based on the FINAL book and I just think they dropped the ball.  They left a lot out and there was no need.  It should have been a longer move.  Not to say it wasn't good--but it could have been great.

Shellbelle525 on Jul 15, 2011


I love how everyone thinks they are a movie critic lol. I loved the movie, I am a huge fan of the books and have seen all of the movies and this one was my favorite. I don't think that it lacked anything emotional, it was quite the opposite of that for me. There were several scenes in the movie that I was worried they would cut out from the book for time, so was very pleased that they didn't.¬†It was done brilliantly in my opinion, although the 3D effects weren't very spectacular but I always think that lol. ūüôā¬†

Kristen Hendrix on Jul 15, 2011


You know what's the part that I was most worried about? The final battle and yes it was cut

Hogcmaurice on Jul 18, 2011


I agree with Shellbelle.  They had an opportunity to finish a masterpiece of a franchise and simply trimmed it down (shortest movie of the HP series) to barest necessities.  I'm assuming this was to decrease run time and therefore allow for more showings in a day, and thereby allow it to break more records.  My only hope at this point is that when they do release the entire series on in disc form they include a "book ending", and include many more of the details left out of the movie.   They could've painted the Mona Lisa, but instead decided to draw a stick figure and move on.

Jason on Jul 15, 2011


there was a dkr teaser trailer. wasn't much. a minute long. old footage. i really liked this movie. it was a tad quiet though. had to really listen especially as the hogwarts battle commenced.

PixarPerfect on Jul 15, 2011


I saw this at midnight last night and (for the most part) loved it! I really only had a few complaints like how it made it seem like Dumbledore never cared about Harry in the movies. In the books I think they made that a little clearer. Also it did feel sort of rushed when it really did not need to be... all the other movies seemed a lot longer than this one. I also didn't like that they mentioned things such as Dumbledore's sister and never actually explained anything. My friends that haven't read the books claimed they were confused on a lot of it. Also I think it definitely could have been better... but I'm satisfied enough with how it turned out and the visual effects were just amazing! Oh but the bloody fetus-looking piece of Voldemort in the King's Cross scene was really gross. I think I could have gone my life without seeing that.

Star28 on Jul 15, 2011


I was very disappointed in this movie. I went in hoping for an epic and touching climax to an awesome series, but that's not what I found. None of the life-death moments were emotionally stirring, the scenes switched too quickly towards the end, and Harry's fight with Voldemort took up way too much time. None of the deaths felt real or stunning at all. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but this film is my least favorite in the series. The filmmakers could have done a much better job.

Brandi on Jul 15, 2011


I thought it was an awful end , everything was rushed! I just didn't get the same feeling of magic as I did watching the other films! And the ending scene was so laughable how is it possible that after 19 years none of them have changed? Oh and the 3d was so poor half the time most scenes were in 2d....

Colni on Jul 15, 2011


fuck 3d watch it on acid ūüėÄ

Anonymous on Jul 16, 2011


I was massively disappointed, it just didnt work for me...

Ishan on Jul 16, 2011


The only 2 scenes I thoroughly enjoyed were Harry's goodbye to Ron and Hermione before going to the forbidden forest and Narcissa confirming Harry's death even though she knew he was not.

Ishan on Jul 16, 2011



hurrypotty on Jul 16, 2011


Seriously? I still can't believe that 10 years on, after 8 adaptations, people still don't get the meaning of the word 'adaptation' and harp on about "but this wasn't in the book." - yes we know, the books are still on my shelf it changes nothing of my vision. I adore Rowling's books. I've read each dozens of times. I was very happy. I loved Deathly Hallows Part 2 and I think everyone involved achieved rounding off the movie series to a satisfying end. A few niggles (once again Ron says nothing! His best friend is going to kill himself for him and he doesn't even hug him? C'mon! That's not the Ron we know) but for the most part I was satisfied and left the cinema sobbing my heart out. Hats off to Rickman, incredible job. Also I was so glad they used John Williams end music of Philosopher's Stone. It meant alot to me 10 years and it was both heartbreaking and wonderful to hear it at the very end

KiwiMcI on Jul 16, 2011


I think people do get the meaning of the adaption angle - lets face it so many movies over the years are nothing like their literary counterparts, so I suppose its to be expected. I think however that sometimes there are absolute key scenes in a book that just have to be left alone, and in this case this has not happened. For me the Molly Bellatrix duel was horribly rushed and the aftermath of the Harry Voldy duel was completely subdued. Still you never know - maybe some sort of mega dvd/br box set will come out in the future with a load of cut scenes put back in - that way that keeps everyone happy (and makes a ton more dough to boot!)

Anonymous on Jul 16, 2011


Here are my thoughts. I read the series and if I didn't, maybe I would have loved this movie. I reread this book, but I still enjoyed part one more than part two. I believe this movie didn't create the depth that I imagined it would. I liked the beginning with the goblin + dragon scene. I was upset when they arrived to Hogsmede and didn't go into depth with Aberforth's explanation about Dumbledore. That, to me, was crucial throughout the book. Harry wanted to know the truth! He respected Dumbledore, but he wanted to know the truth of him. They hardly mentioned anything about his sister Arianna and the duel that resulted in her death. I also thought it was strange how ridiculously rapid everything was within the movie, I felt that there was no focal point. Suddenly, Snape died! I was amazed at how fast that happened in the movie. Then, what really got to me, was the portrayal of his memory. I felt that his memory didn't do him justice in the movie. Snape loved Lily. This was not a great interpretation of it. I wanted to see him arguing with James! I wanted to see the fight where Snape calls her a Mudblood and apologizes over and over again to Lily. I wanted more to Snape. I also wanted Harry to give his long, well-put speech to Voldemort right before Voldemort dies. I wanted the same excitement that I felt within the book. I loved how Harry referred to Voldemort as Tom Riddle and goes into depth with the explanation of the Elder Wand...but in the movie - it was treated so lightly. I was upset with this movie, but I loved it because it is in fact Harry Potter.

Xdhaliwal on Jul 16, 2011


This movie was really good and like the book but they left a lot out or messed things up like Goyle died it was in the book Crabbe. And they left out when snap called Lilly a mudblood. But over all the movie was great I give the movie an A.

Jackmooney5 on Jul 16, 2011


i heard the actor for crabbe got arrested for some illegal drugs or something like that

Adam on Jul 16, 2011


When I finished reading the final book in the Harry potter series I felt a sense of loss. When I finished watching the final Potter film I was like ......that's it? I  enjoyed the film don't get me wrong but there were things that I chalked up to creative licence and there were things that just made me say what was that. My biggest moment for my "what was that" moment was when Harry snapped the elder wand in two and tossed it over the side of the bridge. In the book Harry uses that wand to repair his own which is what I actually am bothered by more than the snapping of the elder wand. Go ahead snap it burn it but atleast let the audience know that Harry fixes his own wand with it first.Maybe  I am just fixating on this particular sceane ,but overall I just didn't have that same sense of loss that I was really hoping to feel when I left the theater.

Nightshadecomics on Jul 16, 2011


Anyone want to see this, bane of my life

tir na nog on Jul 16, 2011


it was the best movie i have seen yet......i m a very big fan of harry potter movies..everyone is saying it should have been longer as a whole..its true.....but they are not talking about its finness.the graphics used .the character played.for me its a well directed cinematographed.well acted well presented and wonderfully emoticated  i had really got emotional after seeing the movie was really a heart moving movie if u r a harry potter fan.please dont listen to others comments go and watch the final battle ,an epic....

Pranjaljain on Jul 16, 2011


have you read the books as well or just a fan of the films?

Anonymous on Jul 16, 2011


This movie was pretty bad, the first parts were so boring and rushed that i wanted to fall asleep, me being a potter fan wanting to go to sleep in the finale, that's pretty bad, this movie had too much "hollywood" in it, harry just walks around without a cape anywhere, confronts snape in the great hall disguised as a student, it's like saying president obama goes to a meeting in an office "disguised" and isn't discovered. The film was devoid of any emotions, the relationships between the dumbledore family, snape lily and james potter amongst other are left unexplained, hagrid does not cry when carrying the corpse of harry potter and the adding of cheesy, idiotic scenes like the random un-romantic kisses or the "funny" parts which were never in the book annoyed me, I want my 2 hours back! That's all i have to say!

Juan B. Sigcha on Jul 16, 2011


Loved it! My only disappointment was the battle between Mrs. Weasley and Belatrix, I was hoping it would be a little longer with a bit more drama.  Otherwise I was thoroughly pleased! 

Tim on Jul 16, 2011


Great spectacle, but nothing that we had'nt seen before... And, sorry to say this -cause I like the HP stories- but I'm sick of plot holes and inconsitencies or super convenient solutions...

Pablo on Jul 16, 2011


I loved it and cried at a few key parts. However it could have used a little more like more about Remus and Tonks and their son.

Rhiannonlcarrillo on Jul 16, 2011


The fact that matters is that there's possibly no way to make a perfect finale... Leave it and Let it be. 

Nishit Mohan Singh on Jul 16, 2011


not perfect no but the point is it could have been so much better

Anonymous on Jul 17, 2011


Meh, I really liked part 1, but this just felt unfinished. It may have been because I went back and reread the book from the ending of part 1, and wish they would have stuck more closely to it, felt as though it was more of a guideline where as most of the movies stuck fairly close to the books.

harrison on Jul 16, 2011


To me, it would have been so much better, if drako would have been the one to cut the snakes head off, instead of neville, sort of his way of saying thanks to harry for saving his ass a while earlier.

Rgrap25 on Jul 17, 2011


Harry's final speech to Tom Riddle is the point at which Harry is more powerful. There are som many powerful points made, that to leave them out of the movie is unforgivable. There are many other parts I'm the movie that I wish had been different, including the snake chase scene, Harry not getting under the cloak printing Haggred to say"where's Harry" and Neville killing the snake. I can forgive all of that. But the final speech from Harry should not have been cut. Period.

Gordon_Oliver_Dentch on Jul 17, 2011


Just following on from my earlier posts on this. Have been a fan of both the books and the films and to be honest up until the last film I have been very happy. There have been a few bits that I would have liked to have seen in the films that were cut (Dumbledore's funeral in HBP being the main one) but overall had to accept that no film is a direct copy of a book. That was until I saw Deathly Hallows 2. Even up until the last 10 minutes I was happy. The action sequences were breathtaking, the visuals awesome - all looked well until the final duel sequences - what a pathetic anticlimax. Molly vs Bellatrix - over in about 10 seconds of screen time?!!? Harry does Voldemort - no one notices or seems to care less - thanks Harry for ridding us of the most powerful dark wizard of all time - for that you get a half smile from cho chang and a cuddle from Hagrid. What was the Director thinking of? No celebration scene or fist pumping moment - no lets make it as depressing as possible. The battle scenes were incredible - but what struck me the most was that there was no involvement of magical creatures on the good guys side. In the books there are elves, centaurs and Grawp getting involved - in the film none of these make any appearance - weird. I did love Snapes scenes even though they contained a huge plot error. His flashback sequence included a scene of Harry's mother talking to harry in his cot just before she dies. How would snape have a memory of this if he was not there at the time - he only turns up when her and James are already dead. Did anyone actually care to look at this film and check this before it was released? Shame on you David Yates. I just think that whilst accepting that movie 'adaptations' are always going to be different from a book, that certain scenes should never be touched or messed around with, and the scenes I have mentioned above should have been left well alone. I know comments have been made about the film leaving out pretty much the whole Dumbledore back story about Aberforth, Ariana and Grindelwald. Ok fine but if you are going to leave it out completely, then why does DH1 hint so much about it? For example in the wedding scene in DH1 one of the old woman wizards mentions to Harry about Dumbledores family moving to Godrics Hollow after 3 muggles were killed. Then nothing - this is never revisited. So if you have never read the books and just watched the films would this not feel like a pretty pointless thread? I just feel that with just a bit more screen time (only needed an extra 15 to 20 minutes that this film could have been so much better. After all this is supposed to be the grand finale - the showstopper - the big one - and it just felt rushed to me. I am just praying that Warner Brothers put some extra scenes back in for the dvd/BR release.I know that all other films have previously been released with deleted scenes on an extra disc. However I just hope that they listen to the hardcore fans and have extended versions released with extra scenes actually put back into the films. Would love to see the Dudley goodbye scene back in the film not as a deleted scene in DH1. In closing, Richard Harris you are much missed. Michael Gambon could not tie your laces.

Anonymous on Jul 17, 2011


i've read the books and have seen all the movies. didn't like the books (but once i start reading something i have to finish it... just the way i am), and i didn't like the movies. this was the best one. but, honestly, all this movie did was make me want to see a good fantasy adventure when The Hobbit comes out. Severus Snape is the only character in the books or movies i cared anything about. his character was brilliantly written in the books and brilliantly executed in the movies. that is all. this was David Yates' finest direction job of the ones he did, for sure, and the music has never been better (yes, even than when John Williams was scoring it). I compare that to Howard Score composing for Twilight. It was like listening to the leftover scraps and thrown out pieces from two brilliant composers... but i digress. series as a whole = "meh"

Josh on Jul 17, 2011


After a second viewing, I must say there never was a dull moment in the film. I thought Fiennes performance was outstanding, as well as Radcliffe's. Wouldn't consider it a masterpiece, but it is a terrific fantasy epic. Could easily be viewed with part 1 as a single 4.5 hour epic.

Marcus on Jul 17, 2011


I loved the movie it was great!!! But there was sooo much changed or removed that was in the book!! very important plots involved in the whole Dealthy hallows were completely missing???? or half put in then ignored??? whats the point??  I also think they underused Hagrid. They totaly forgot to mention the tonks was even pregnant then they dont even mention him in the 'future'.....just really awful plot gaps they couldv avoided if they had stuck closer to the book.

Ccameronx on Jul 17, 2011


Timothy_421. The fiendfyre scene has Malfoy with Goyle and Zabini, instead of Crabbe and Goyle. This is probably because Jamie Waylett, who played Crabbe, was arrested. I had no problem with that change, although what was terrifying in the book was played too much for comedy effect as Goyle couldn't stop the spell (no explanation of Fiendfyre, by the way). Like others here, I felt let down by the climax, with the battle between Molly and Bellatrix looking like it had been added as an afterthought rather than in the centre of all the fighting, Harry and Voldemort fighting in front of no-one instead of confronting each other in front of all the survivors, Harry breaking the Elder Wand when they couldn't break Horcruxes by conventional magic (COME ON), no house elves or Grawp in the battle, and no sense of relief in the aftermath of the confrontation with Voldemort. I understand that things have to be cut from a book for a film, but I felt very disappointed that my own imagination was not realised.

phrasmotic on Jul 17, 2011


What I am about to say applies not just to Harry Potter, but to other book to film adaptions, such as Lord of the Rings. Over the years watching lots of films based on books, I have learned to look at any adaption in and of itself, and how well it is done as A MOVIE. I firmly believe that it is completely unfair to judge a movie based on closely it follows a novel. The fact is movies and books are two different art forms. David Yates may have deviated with Deathly Hallows Part 2 and taken certain liberties with this part of the story, but the over gestalt was still in pace! We still saw the overall story, and that is what ultimately matters for any adaption. Leaving lots in or taking lots out does not necessarily make a film from a book any better or worse. Sometimes taking something out/altering it will make the movie itself stronger, or leaving something in will make it weaker. The story obviously has to be told differently onscreen. I remember how much was left out from the Lord of the Rings novels, yet they still were AMAZING FILMS. There is a reason they always say "Based on the novel by *insert author's name*". Because the director cannot simply make the book onscreen. He must take liberties in order for the movie to work. I thought the changes in this final Potter film were for the better. True, I would have like to see Harry mend his wand. That could've taken up no more then 30 more seconds of movie time. But I thought him snapping the wand was good, because now some other evil wizard cannot go searching for the wand in the future. While it read well on the page, I thought Voldemort's death was more climatic as a translation on film than simply having his solid dead body fall over. Plus with all the other stuff that was being done in the film, it was almost a requirement to make Voldemort die this way. What they did with the whole fight between Harry and Voldemort also played better onscreen I thought. Dragging out Neville's killing of Nagini added more tension/excitement. There are many more things I could discuss, but the last thing I will mention here is that it was good that they changed the destruction of the diadem. Again it read well on paper. There was the whole bit of the fire produced by Crabbe and Goyle's wands being of the ilk that could destroy a Horcrux, and it got caught in the flames, and they watched it get destroyed. But if they had done it the sane way in the films, it would have been been awkward. They would have dropped the diadem, and then there may have been some incredibly sounding line about the reasoning/explanation of the fire being able to destroy a Horcrux. I thought this film was the best in the series, it was very satisfying, the acting was top notch. I agreed with just about every choice David Yates made, because the results are a spectacular movie. The overall spirit of the novel was still intact. There is some Oscar worthy material here including but not limited to Special effects, Alexandre Desplat's score, and Alan Rickman/Ralph Fiennes as Snape and Voldemort. I rate this movie 9/10. Trust me when I say this: I have seen plenty of movies that are extremely faithful to great books, but they are CRAP FILMS! So my obvious point is that everyone should LEARN TO JUDGE THE MOVIE IN AND OF ITSELF!

Thords909 on Jul 17, 2011


I think that this movie was great.  There are plenty of areas where it could have been better but it was great none the less.  I have to say that my favorite elements of the film were the music.  Alexandre Desplat did an amazing job with this score.  Plus, they seemed to give a nod to all of the previous composers.  Great film!

AndyM on Jul 17, 2011


They could have added an extra 10-15 minutes to the film to flesh out a few more moments (Fred's death, Snape's memories, all the creatures fighting in the Battle of Hogwarts and Hagrid crying as he carried out Harry's body) and it would have added to the film.  For those of us who have read the series, let's hope they are added in the DVD version.   For those who have NOT read the series, this movie stands well on it's own.  Kind of like how "The Shining" book and movie are two separate but good stories.

weezy1 on Jul 17, 2011


 Although it was very good and I enjoyed it enormously, I was left dissapointed with the way they handled the deaths. I was expecting to be distraught like I was when I read the books but they were very fleeting and only left me thinking "ah well, nevermind".

Jade on Jul 18, 2011


Jo states that the most important aspect of these stories is to show how confronting death loss  makes one stronger AND never resort to killing.  The ending makes it look like a Western killing movie. Harry does NOT kill Voldemort.  Harry confronts his own death thus endowing that protection on all those at Hogwarts.  Yet Ron and Hermonie say nothing to him as he leaves and no one cries out at his apparent death nor when he creates a situation where Voldemorts evil destroys himself.  These aspects of the books are the Most ESSENTIAL of all!  Yet the movie botches them completely.    SHAME

Berne Shaw on Jul 18, 2011


I really liked it and sad to say I'm one of the few who held out on reading the book until AFTER i saw the movie (it was a jurassic park 'thing').¬† Cant wait to read the book to fill in the blanks.¬† ūüôā

Anonymous on Jul 18, 2011



Alex on Jul 18, 2011


I was very impressed with the movie as a whole. The gringotts part was great, as was the scene with Aberforth. I really liked the room of hidden things part, and the fiendfyre was outstanding. Snape's memories were just fantastic, my favourite part of the movie by far. It really was amazing, that is until they brought Harry out of the forest. It was just downhill from there. I don't see why Neville couldn't have killed the snake immediately after he gets the sword. What's the point in having Nagini chase Ron and Hermione around the castle, when that time could have been used for something else that had been left out, like Percy's reunion with the Weasleys, or actually showing Fred's death (as he's my favourite character). Then there was the whole Voldemort/Harry duel through Hogwarts, followed by Harry pulling Voldy off the ledge and them flying around. Those scenes were just painful to watch. I fought hard to keep my eyes of screen as i kept thinking how bad it was. One of my favourite parts of the book is when Voldemort and Harry circle each other discussing the elder wand, snape etc. The intensity in that moment is just amazing, especially with everyone waiting with anticipation for someone to make the first move. I know they changed it for the sake of more action, but it just seemed utterly stupid. Another part that they really firetrucked up was when Harry decided not to keep the elder wand. Are we supposed to believe that the elder wand, the most powerful wand in the world, the unbeatable wand, can just be snapped in half? And why did they have to do that scene outside, why couldn't it have been in the headmasters office? They didn't even have Harry fix his holly wand. That would have taken mere seconds.  All in all I enjoyed the movie, clearly the best of the whole series. However if I had a say, the last 30 minutes or so would have been severely changed.

Gred and Forge on Jul 19, 2011


i loved it,wished they had added a few more scenes from the book and made it a little longer by mking a few of the fights(the one between belatrix and mrs weasley)longer,however it was still a great movie.

Lynda Carol Webster on Jul 20, 2011


This movie was VERY BAD! There is no reason for the changes, the finale was bland. Its like they tried so hard to make the ending different from the book, that they completely lost the essence of it. If I was JK and thid was my baby, my work, Warner Bros. would not be happy to see me right now. I just watched a special on Pirates of the Carribean, and the director said that after everyone sat back and watched the end of the 2nd movie, they agreed they overdid it, and fixed it. David Yates, and the entire creative team, did not do this. And if anyone says they viewed this final porduct and liked it means that Warner Bros./Yates are surrounded by "Yes Men". This really makes me wonder how much insight JK has on these movies. The Twilight directors at least ask Stephanie Meyers what she thinks on some things. DHP2 just seems like they decided to switch it up as they saw fit in efforts to make it their own rather than stick to the tone and storyline that the author created. Bottom line: If this was the final product for the Sorcerers Stone, there would not have been movies for the remaining books.

Donnell Sharp II on Jul 20, 2011


I've been a die hard Harry Potter fan for most of my life and I have been looking forward to this movie for months.  However, it was a bad adaptation, a bad overall movie, and left no sense of closure whatsoever.  Instead of the epic finale where everything from the first seven movies finally begins to make sense, we got a splintered, confusing mess that left us wondering what just happened.   The best example of this disorder was, of course, the scene in King's Cross Station.  While in the book it's a touching, heartfelt conversation that explains why Harry was always able to defeat Voldemort, most of the questions that we had about Dumbledore's past (which were never even brought up in the film; I mean, Grindlewald who?), and how Harry was able to come back to finally kill Voldemort, in the movie it seemed as though it was just another example for Dumbledore to hint at how much he had known from the beginning without actually letting us in on the secret.  If I hadn't just reread the book, I would have had no clue as to why Harry didn't die.  (It was because when Voldemort remade himself in the fourth movie, he took some of Harry's blood.  By doing so, he kept Lily's protection alive within himself.  As long as he was alive, her protection kept Harry alive.) As far as the final battle between Harry and Voldemort goes, it could not have been less epic.  Instead of Harry's wonderful speech about how remorse was the only thing that could save Tom Riddle, we witnessed a totally unnecessary and unrealistic duel.  Unfortunately, we, the audience, were the only ones who witnessed it.  This was one of the many unnecessary changes that only hurt the movie. All in all, I was terribly disappointed with this poor adaptation.  After the seventh movie had remained so faithful to the book, I had simply expected more.

Dj651 on Jul 21, 2011


I totally agree, but let us not forget the terrible snub of one of the trivial parts in the series. When Harry uses the Elder wand to fix his, and places it back inside of Dumbledore's grave. Had I not read the books I would've thought Harry to be wand-less for the rest of his life. Either way, a very good movie until the end, and very emotional for those that grew up with the series.

ThatPedroGuy on Jul 22, 2011


I found the movie terrible having read all of the books. I only recognized a few parts as actually being in the book. About three quarters in was where they totally changed everything from the book and ruined a great series. Why the heck did they not have everyone watching Harry fight Voldemort at the end? And then everybody is totally upset and not glad at all that Voldemort was defeated. The movies ended on a sour note.

Ugh on Jul 23, 2011


Gringots & the Room of Requirement were perfect. Even thought they kept the results of the other events, the context was changed drastically, and it hurt the movie. Biggest complaint was how Harry-centric the action was. Any fighting done by the other students and the order was almost entirely tossed out. The final battle with Voldemort was totally unnecessary; the point (I took) from the book is Voldemort was already beaten, and the story ended how it began. Voldemort, only focused on his own power, totally under estimated one little boy, and was outsmarted by "weaker" wizards.

Anonymous on Jul 23, 2011


stop bashing on this film ppl books and movies are two diffrent things you cant expect the movie to be exactly like the movie.

Davidluo20101 on Aug 13, 2011


Am I the only one who noticed that the actual Deathly Hallows never came to be? Harry had all of them at different times but never together to form the Deathly Hallows!! And Snape being undercover the whole time never ended up helping! He was never really able to give Harry any important information and Dumbledor's death ended up being useless!!! And Harry ends up killing Voldemort with "Expeliamus!" Are you freakin kidding me?! For all we know he could have just dissipated and still be alive! I think J.K. was rushed by studios & executives to finish the books in a hurry, and it had a huge effect on her writing. 'Tis a shame, 'tis a shame. But they were still pretty enjoyable I guess..

carroll on Aug 14, 2011


hey i got a question: how come when the lord of the rings changes something you guys are ok with it and when harry potter makes some minor changes you guys have a fit or something.

Davidluo20101 on Aug 14, 2011


I guess because (i.m.h.o.) they didnt ruin the storyline (in the extended versions at least) in L.O.T.R. They left out so many key parts in DH2 that the movie became a flat emotionless piece of sh*t.

Mazuu on Aug 19, 2011


I loved the movie and I was my favorite bye far but it was missing something important I was looking for. It was when Harry fixed his regular wand with the elder wand and also I thought that the gringotts scene could have been longer

Bubbycool99 on Aug 29, 2011


Compare this with Return of the King ... and it has no shot of standing up.  Both follow as close as they can to the book but RotK is much much easier to follow and understand.  Also, the final scene of RotK is, undeniably, the best and leaves no doubt what just happened and the impact it had on the entire world.  The Harry/Tom showdown was written so well in the book and carried out so so so poorly on the screen.  Just leave it alone!  I'm not a "book thumper" that complains about everything that was left out from books turned to film but some scenes don't need any help.  That was one.  The Molly/Bellatrix was one as well.  Should have been much longer. One problem with turning this book to movie was all the internal struggle that simply can't be portrayed well to film.  This movie was going to have "holes" that only readers of the book could fill in ... but certain things could have done better than they were.  I would say that 7/8th of the movie was really good for me.  But the 1/8th that they screwed up was the most important 1/8th of the entire series.  Not sure how they can do that.

Cavillac on Dec 13, 2011


I was stupendously SHOCKED to see the overwhelming positive reviews of d film... wn I watched it, only 1 thing came to mind: WHAT A MESS!! I do not take away anything from visual and sound effects, overall look etc. but 2 things COMPLETELY disappointed me: 1, PLOT-CRASHING CHANGES 2, STUPID REACTIONS OF SM MAJOR CHARACTERS @ CRUCIAL TIMES!  Let me vent the pent up feelings by outlining what I mean!! --- 1) VOLDEMORT'S WEIRD LAUGH AND HUGGING DRACO -- GIME A BREAK! When does Voldemort ever hug or show affection?? He even scorns bellatrix, and he's huggin draco?? In d book, he's full of cruelty & scorn 4 d Malfoys ... and here is the freakin' uber-major-worst-villain of all times hugging a kid! What absolute character tarnish! The laugh is in d 'Harry is dead' scene. Smthn btwn cow's mowing to a kid's crying... not HE-WHO-MUST-NOT-BE-NAMED's chilling cold laugh! 2) GINNY: What absolute failed potrayal..complete bollywood style ("Neville, who is in Hagrid's arms??")...just hanging around Fred's body.. not one genuine smile, no fear, no movement of eyes, nothing fiery and spirited!  3) NAGINI'S KILLING: I cudnt blv it... the scariest villain is standing in front of you, and instead of shaking in fear bt showing courage and shouting out a NO, we hear an emotional speech by Neville (harry is in our heaaaaarts).. eww!! Voldemort we know would b disgusted at this open display of weakness and punish Neville as in d book (head on fire with d Sorting Hat). And why change this perrfect way of killing Nagini?! Whats the point&benefit?! just made it more stupid and less heroic! 3) WHERE'S THE CLOAK HARRY?! - Harry Potter, the boy who pretended, is running like an action hero in front of Voldemort's eyes, and all he does is gape. This is d bad-guy who cracks d sky when angry, and here he is seeing the boy-who-lived, live AGAIN and all he does is half-hearted curses? Why on earth isn't harry asin the book rolling off wearing a cloak, deflecting voldemort's curses off his friends, protecting others? 4)FLYIN WITH TOM RIDDLE - again, WHAT ON EARTH?! Why is Harry Potter flying all over Hogwarts with Voldemort without even being cursed? Seriously, I was ROFL at the absolute stupidity of this scene.. They r boxing & pinching each other's faces like B-grade gangsters!  5) WHERE'S D AUDIENCE?! -- The Last Battle between V and H is an absolute disappointment. Whrs the entire Hogwarts, students and teachers, bated breath, watching d epic battle btwn d most evil wizard of all times and the Chosen One?? Oh no, thot Harry, why bother , let's just do it in a quiet corner of Hogwarts! Sheer nonsense! 6) HERMIONE & RON -- Oh Man..this actually hurt. Their best friend, constant companion in tryin' 2kill d worst criminal in history is going to hand himself in..and u... cry and look sorry. Thrs no way Hermione would evn let him go & Ron wud jus frown away..!! She tuk the Cruciatus Curse and he retrieved the Gryffindor Sword...n yet, "oh well.. it was good while it lasted... good riddance Harry... we were too busy kissing anyway"! 7) WHRS THE JUBILATION?!! - Seriously. Voldemort, He Who Must Not be Named, the killer, the villain, the most feared wizard, the cruelest, the freakiest guy in the world is DEAD .. and all they show is... people looking like there was an earthquake and now they must clear up the mess. Show some emotion!! And whats the last hug wit Hagrid all about? There was more warmth in Hagrid's and Harry's hug at the end of the 1st movie when he sent him off than now! Lots more bt honestly, I was so disappointed.  Forgive the typos! Here's hoping for a remake!

Disappointed. on Jan 6, 2012


Boom. You just hit it out of the park. Hit the nail on the head. Dropped a bomb. Smoked it. Etc, etc. Perfect review, IMO. They fucked this movie horribly

Dart1285 on Mar 10, 2012


Amazing write-up! This could aid plenty of people find out more about this particular issue. Are you keen to integrate video clips coupled with these? It would absolutely help out. Your conclusion was spot on and thanks to you; I probably won’t have to describe everything to my pals. I can simply direct them here!

cheap bras on Jan 19, 2012


Should have kept the Battle Of Hogwarts the same as the book. In the book the endig was triumphant, but in the movie it was more of a relief.

JimJamAATG on Feb 2, 2012


Also, why attribute the Dragon escape to Hermione in the movie, when it was Harry's idea in the book ?

JimJamAATG on Feb 2, 2012


First of all- I loved the books- more and more with an I can't get enough of how well this woman (JK Rowling) is spinning this tale. I read all the books and the story of the 3 brothers is saved for the last book- AMAZING to me that this story has such a gratifying ending with depth/emotion and validation! And this Movie takes for granted why this series of books are so wildly popular with young and old alike. Graphic novels have no problem staying with the story bc to insure success - you just have to stay true to the book. This movie made me hate this directors vision because emotional connection took a back seat to $$$.

Drmanhattan on Jul 28, 2012


I liked Deathly Hallows, but the end, after 19 years was really bad, everyone looked totally whipped, like they all had to go back to their day jobs afterwards. Harmonie with Ron? Scary... they aren't equals, divorced after 6 years. They should have left it at Tom Riddle's death. Just my opinion.

Troy Jones on Mar 20, 2013

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