Sound Off: J.J. Abrams' New Sci-Fi 'Super 8' - What Did You Think?

June 10, 2011

Super 8 Sound Off

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Amblin Entertainment returns to present a Bad Robot production of Super 8, directed by filmmaker J.J. Abrams ("Lost", Mission: Impossible III, Star Trek), starring a cast of young kids and talented character actors, including Kyle Chandler and Elle Fanning. For many, this is the moment they've anxiously been waiting for, as we finally get to find out what exactly Super 8 is and if all of our expectations hold true for it being a modern Amblin classic inspired by Steven Spielberg's early sci-fi. So if you've seen it, leave a comment below and tell us what you thought of Super 8!

Warning: spoilers from here on out - as this is a full-on Super 8 discussion. As I'm sure many expected, I totally loved Super 8 and I've seen it three times already and have loved it more each and every time. I think it's a vastly entertaining, original, refreshing summer blockbuster made with a kind of love for filmmaking and adventure that is rare in Hollywood today. I think it lacks some tiny spark to truly make it an E.T.-level classic, and I hate admitting that, but it's as close as it can get and I've re-watched it enough already to know that I still love it no matter how many times I see it. It's thrilling and scary at times, but emotional and exciting and unquestionably a cinematic experience that makes seeing it on the big screen totally worth it.

To get into some specifics, I totally love the way it ends, I think it's a perfection conclusion. Plus this really isn't a movie about the monster, it's about these kids and this incredible childhood experience they all have. The train crash, even seeing it for my sixth time, is still breathtaking to watch. One of the scenes that I think about all the time is when Joe finally comes face-to-face with "it" and has the "talk" with it. I think it's a good scene and I liked it, but it's lacking some extra catch to make it much more powerful as the climactic moment. That said, it isn't much of an issue, as I still think Super 8 is phenomenal film that many will love.

What did you think of Super 8? An amazing instant classic or unoriginal problematic mess? We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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INCREDIBLE. Best film of 2011 so far. JJ Abrams definitely got the performance of a lifetime out of those kids. Really impressed with Elle Fanning

N. Williams on Jun 10, 2011


Aboslute tripe. Abrams blows hot and cold, mostly cold. Star Trek was awesome, everything else he's done is terrible, including this. Surprised Spielberg had anything to do with it. It felt like a poor man's E.T.

Truth on Jul 22, 2011


Just got back from watching the midnight showing, all I can say is: Wow. I had been waiting desperately to see this movie ever since the first trailer came out on this website. It lived up to and exceeded my expectations. The young actors in Super 8 are superb, especially Joel Courtney. I'm not one to jump or be scared at movies, usually I'm sitting there fully expecting something to happen when it does. Super 8 made me jump out of my seat, and even smash the box of candy I was holding in my hand at one point! I wasn't of the E.T. generation, coming along just a bit to late to make it a childhood favorite...but this captures everything I want in a movie. 

SymphonicSerenity on Jun 10, 2011


So true! The kids were superb!! 

Lauren on Jun 10, 2011


I liked it.. But didn't. It was just a adult version of E.T. And I did not like the ending. It wasn't original. They needed a little bit more depressed ending. Not some sappy happy one like most movies I have seen.

Amurrills on Jun 10, 2011


What? 1.  How exactly was it like E.T.?  Aside from the ending, there's nothing about it that makes it remotely similar to that movie. 2. I would love for you to explain to me how making the ending grimdark would have made it better.

SkaOreo on Jun 10, 2011


Spoiler:  He wants the Alien to eat everybody....specifically the girl...and it be revenge for what happen to his  Honestly, I'm really joking and totally agree with SkaOreo. The movie is suppose to leave you with a good feeling like E.T and The Goonies even The Sandlot...Thats the likeness.. Its the adventurous...Like this could have been a bunch of kids imagining this all on their Super 8 in a back year,its the spirit of storytelling and imagination...the kids are making a movie and jj abrams is making a movie...i loved it...but grime and depressing...this ain't Pans Labyrinth...and honestly, its not an adult anything...this a movie was a great watch for all audiences but really for ages 8-16 year boys and girls...who use their imagination to constantly create art and have fun doing it..that pure passionate imagination before it becomes monetary...

Nosakhare1981 on Jun 11, 2011


exactly, I think this movie is for those with an imagination and free spirited adventure butts

Daniel Vu Tran on Jun 12, 2011


Not remotely like E.T.? Let's see ... a bunch of kids protecting an 'alien' from the military and try to help it get back home ... right, nothing like E.T. At least ET was a good movie.

Truth on Jul 22, 2011


This movie is fantastic. The kids were awesome (particularly Courtney & Fanning), the adults were well cast, it was visually stunning, & the writing was so realistic. I truly felt like I was dropped into these kids' summer adventure & got to live it with them. I hope others like this movie as much as I do. J.J. Abrams... keep at it. Thank you for continuing to make original films with imaginative stories. 

HarryGleeHungerFan on Jun 10, 2011


Loved it!!! Perfect length and I loved the suspense/mystery throughout!

Mr Heat Mizer on Jun 10, 2011


Best line of the film: "Drugs are so bad!"

Nick on Jun 10, 2011


Worst line of the film: "Drugs are so bad!"

David Littlejohn on Jun 13, 2011


Thoroughly enjoyed it. A great theater experience.

Jaiyson on Jun 10, 2011


I loved this movie. One of the best movies I have seen in the last couple years. It took be back and reminded me that this is how movies are supposed to be made.

Tyban on Jun 10, 2011


Perfect movie if your a JJ Abrams fan. Funny and intense at the same time. If you do like Abrams or old school movies pay attention. A ton of omages. And the short film that the kids make during the credits. Might just be better than the real movie.

Robjhawk on Jun 10, 2011


Too me it was like a modern aged Goonies.  Kids cursing and finding adventure lol I felt like a kid again.  It was fantastic best movie so far for 2011.

BeachBum850 on Jun 10, 2011


I thought the same thing exactly! Awesome movie!

Boodlz on Jun 17, 2011


I liked it, but not as much as I thought I would. Somehow the mysteries of the film which played such a large part of the advertising campaign was based far too much around the appearance of the creature and not around other aspects of its existence or the governments role in covering it up. It seemed as if there were two movies at odds with one another rather than a combination of family drama and science fiction. Still despite some blemishes I haven't seen a movie in some time that seemed to so perfectly encompass the movie going experience. Also the twilight zone "walking distance" reference was very cool

Mike on Jun 10, 2011


wonderful film. very atmospheric. played to the time well, and the characters and pace were well thought out and impactful. over all super solid film. my only gripes were the alien design pretty much being the cloverfield monster. and the COPIOUS amounts of unmotivated anamorphic lens flairs.... 

Seth Von Oberle on Jun 10, 2011


agreed! for a minute there I was thinking could this be the prequel to Cloverfield.. haha but i loved the lens flares! really added to the atmosphere of the entire film! Way to go JJ!

m.zuck on Jun 10, 2011


The Flairs were cool AT FIRST... after a while they started to get CRAZY unmotivated and it started to distract me a bit. there was a shot that had head lens flair form the 18k light they where using to back like a shot of a dark black sky. and it snuck into the shot so to hide it they just threw the anamorphic lens flare over it. i rolled my eyes a bit there but it was still wonderful never the less.

Seth Von Oberle on Jun 11, 2011


Yeah unlike Star Trek I thought the lens flairs were really out of place here.  I just didn't think it fit with the style of the cinematography.

Jordan Scott on Jun 11, 2011


You can never have too many pieces of flare

mrtibbs on Jun 13, 2011


I honestly like lens flair, I think it looks cool. But I definitely thought it seemed a bit out of place and kind of crazy at the very start of the film, just coming at me left and right in every scene. But after the train crash I didn't mind it so much.

Buttass on Jun 15, 2011


Solid film. Abrams really helped to pull a fantastic performance out of a cast of first time child actors like Courtney. It had a real personality to it. I was a little disappointed by the end of it, almost like it lacked the climax I was hoping for. Though when they all gather together while the ship is assembling it kind of reminded me of that scene from the Goonies when they all get to the beach and the pirate ship comes floating out for everyone to see. I feel like its biggest strength though was that the story was about the kids and not necessarily about the alien or crazy affects. If it had been filmed at the same time as E.T. or the Goonies, I really feel like not much would have changed about it. To me it wasnt just that it was like an old Amblin movie, it just was an old Amblin movie, with a fresh J.J. Abrams stamp.

Nathan on Jun 10, 2011


Also great use of the pg13 single F bomb

Nathan on Jun 10, 2011

28's a toss-up between this and X-MEN: FIRST CLASS.

Anonymous on Jun 10, 2011


Agreed I laughed more at this one than the X-Men one.

Jordan Scott on Jun 11, 2011


It's not the best movie of 2011 so far, it's the best movie of 2011, period.

Moviekid on Jun 10, 2011


I liked it all the way up until the end and felt as if there could have been more to it. But great acting out of the kids!!

Bigfootwillgetyou57 on Jun 10, 2011


I loved it !  It is the most fun I've had at the movies all year, and far exceeded what I expected!

Redeemingvalue on Jun 10, 2011


very mint 

Joe on Jun 10, 2011


I know it's a bit unfair to say that but... I believe that the way moviegoers react to Super 8 does say a whole lot about the way they turned out once they became grown-ups. Someone who loves/hates it automatically shares something about themselves in the process.

Louis Plamondon on Jun 10, 2011


You may be right - I'm 39. I guess it wasn't made for me .... if you're 39, it sucks. trust me. Wait, don't trust anyone over 30.

Truth on Jul 22, 2011


I saw the movie and enjoyed everything about it.  I felt it was a movie for all ages and extremely great acting from a young group of kids. This is truly a winner for JJ Abrams and the entire city of Weirton, WV.  Thank you to all involved!

Bigoz on Jun 10, 2011


Loved it, and I loved the use of Mint in the movie

DUCK on Jun 10, 2011


I enjoyed Super 8, just not as much as I thought I would. The film had way to much violence for it to be considered in the same realm of E.T. and The Goonies. That being said I loved the acting from the child actors and it brought me back to when movies were more than just the next big special effect. 

Max Covill on Jun 10, 2011


"That being said I loved the acting from the child actors and it brought me back to when movies were more than just the next big special effect." Yep.  I pretty much thought that they were the heart of the film.

Anonymous on Jun 10, 2011


I'm having withdrawals already and I only saw it last night. I'm going to have to see it again this weekend, can't stop thinking about it!!

mtipp2 on Jun 10, 2011


Definitely one of the most rewarding movie experiences I have had for a very long time. I think you hit it dead on, this movie is going to be a favorite of mine forever, but it does lack some kind of little spark that E.T. and Goonies had. I can't figure out what it was... but I think it is that it did not take take the alien to a level where we really sympathize with him. It is almost there, but just not quite. Still, loved it - can't wait to see it again.

Guy on Jun 10, 2011


Just got back from seeing it.  I enjoyed it--yes, it does have its flaws, but ultimately, the movie's strength comes from the kids and the fine acting by the adults. The kids were fantastic.  The film was funny, scary, exciting...mock it for being too nostalgic, but as someone who grew up during that time, I have to say that it hit the right notes.  This is one of the best films I've seen so far this year.  If this is JJ's love letter to Speilberg, then he wrote a damned good one.

Anonymous on Jun 10, 2011


Best Movie of the summer so far!!!

Jcs012872 on Jun 10, 2011


The movie sucked! So god dam boring to watch. The only exciting part of the movie was the train wreck and then went downhill from there. So glad i didnt pay for my ticket otherwise i wouldve been pissed lol.

Donza on Jun 11, 2011


I have to say I completely agree. Ultimately the movie will probably change my mind a tad if I see it again but my expectations were way too high. I really don't believe the story worked cohesively. Terrible climax to top it all off

Alubicz9 on Jun 11, 2011


Go see Green Lantern... it's more on your level.

JJ on Jun 20, 2011


"Best movie of the..." ...Er, no, not for me. I really enjoyed it. I've heard complaints about the creature being over-exposed at the end, but I thought both its design and level of visibility were perfect. It's just a pity that such a sentimental, human-redemption-via-otherworldly-experience message was rammed home so heavy-handedly in the final scenes. And Joe's ability to end the entire drama via his own hitherto unexplained ability to make the creature realize he should leave, was also more than a little far fetched and convenient. All up a great, absorbing, vintage adventure let down a little by the usual Spielbergian humanist schmaltz. 9/10 for most of the movie. But a final score of 7.5/10, once the credits roll.

Anonymous on Jun 11, 2011


I saw it today, it was good, but not great. I got really tired of the lense flares in the beginning, and I thought the kids did a remarkable job! But it seems that whenever the creature would do something, then the next scene would involve some type of emotion that would kill the momentum. I wanted a bit more monster action too, he didn't destroy enough for me to enjoy him and when he was shown, like many of you mentioned above, it looked like Clovie's cousin!  And where the hell was the army at night whenever the monster would attack?Did anyone ever think this?They would always be present during the day it seems. This will be the last time Abrams will get my money for a monster flick, Trollhunter was way better than this!

jah p on Jun 11, 2011


Yeah, this flick is right up there. I think it would have only been better if he hadn't actually tried so hard to make it feel like those older flicks, but I can totally dig why he did it. The only bit that felt off to me was the part at the end where he stood up to the monster and talked to him. I kind of expected something like that, but it played out in a really odd, awkward sort of way. The number of jump scares was a bit over the top for me. The kids were fucking great, tho. Not sure if I'd call it the 'best' film of the year (from a technical writing/directing/shooting/audio/etc) point of view, but it'll be hard to top as the most fun to watch. As far as the ending bit that felt off, I think the best way to think about it would be that the monster would basically be tuning into his brain and thus aware of the meaning behind the words, beyond what the kid was actually saying. His mom had recently died and the monster was obviously taking revenge as well as trying to get free, so maybe the kid just convinced him to put all of his effort into leaving and "letting go" of previous painful thoughts and hatred? Anyone who saw the movie will get the quotes.

Anonymous on Jun 11, 2011


Agree with most here. It was good but just not what I would call 'great'. There wasn't enough buildup really. I thought they could've been more creative with the monster. And they really took the easy way out with the ending. I can deal with the spielberg schmalz but that "he talks to the monster and he gets it" just was too weak...

Buzzfunk on Jun 11, 2011


I mean he was an alien. why are we to assume he didn't understand english? he was pissed off for being tortured and being kept prisoner.

Jason McGuire on Jun 13, 2011


I LOVED this film.  I found myself thoroughly engrossed throughout the whole thing.  What made it so good for me was the fact that it wasn't just some sci-fi film about an alien crash-landed on Earth.  It was the fact that the movie was about this young boy and his friends who experience all the sci-fi events that made it great for me.  The acting was fantastic on all levels, especially for the young actors and actress.  The story was endearing, funny, and scary.  Most of all, I enjoyed the atmosphere that this film created. It had a twinge of nostalgia when it comes to cinematography.  The score was not only beautiful, it fit the spirit of the film so well. This film made me feel like I was watching a good classic movie from my days as a child...which is a very good thing for me. For this year so far, this is the only movie I plan on going to see again in the theaters.

Fsewell1981 on Jun 11, 2011


Loved the shit out of this movie, can't wait for the blu-ray.  To the punk that came out of the movie before our showing saying how over hyped it was can bite himself. 

Imthinking Tyler on Jun 11, 2011


With all the hype behind this film I'd say it was quite ordinary. Derivative of Spielberg. Imitations never come close to the original. Support original films by buying tickets for them, not by paying to see rehash and Frankenstein monsters of films of yester years. 

Amy Pascual on Jun 11, 2011


I loved it. This movie was definitely "Mint" It was more than i expected and a true homage to Steven Spielberg..

Mr.Big on Jun 11, 2011


I hated this piece of shit movie. I couldn't care less about the kids, they were annoying as hell. 

Richard Canlas on Jun 11, 2011


I think all were annoying except the main love romance What was up With that whinny kid? Sooo annoying

Adam on Jun 11, 2011


I have to agree with both of you. Sooo boring, was falling asleep. could not care less for the annoying kids. The lens flares seemed pretty out of place in the begining, I dont think you really needed them when 2 kids are just talking in the dark. Just as let down as when i saw the made for tv alien in cloverfield. Dissapointed even with free ticket.  

Thaterrible1 on Jun 27, 2011


I agree, they should've called it Sleeper 8! Nothing but a Super piece of s*#@!

Thaterrible1 on Jun 27, 2011


alright, i didn't understand how the dead mother tied into the movie at all and felt it was pointless, also the girls father was also irrelevant and seemed like it was building to something that never delivered. also didn't understand why he felt the need to let go of his mothers locket at the end as if it needed that practically wait-less object to power his spaceship along with all of the cars and bicycles..and last but not least why was this movie called super 8?

Phil on Jun 11, 2011


I agree there were a lot of story lines left unfinished or seemingly pointless. I thought the same thing about the necklace too. It was called Super 8 because that is the type of camera the kids were using to make their movie.

Jason Martin on Jun 11, 2011


My wife was saying that by him letting go of the locket at the end symbolized him letting go of the trauma of his mom dying and that he was going to be able to move on from it. I hadn't thought of it that way, but it makes sense to me.

Jason Martin on Jun 11, 2011


You hadn't thought of it that way!? Could it have been more obvious? Do you need to have the character actually say "I love you mom, but I have to let my depression about your death go now because I want to start fresh with dad and my new girlfriend." Psssst: The monster is a representation of the four main character's negative feelings for each other related directly to the mother's death. Seriously. The monster IS the death of the mother. Not literally, but in the context of the story, they both put the same sort of stresses on the relationships and brings their conflict about the mother to a head - and ultimately shows them how to get over their issues with each other. The monster HAD to take the girl. The mother's death was what caused the hatred between the fathers. The fathers' anger prevented their kids from hanging out with each other. The monster makes that a literal struggle by physically stealing away the girl. The kid wants the girl, and he has to confront both the monster AND his father's hatred of her father to get her back and keep her. I mean... Maybe all that bullshit is a bit too metaphorical and just me reading into the movie (i doubt it, seriously, watch some really highly rated films and look for that sort of stuff, it's in there... good screenwriters put stuff like that into their films), but the locket bit should have been completely obvious. I dunno...

Anonymous on Jun 13, 2011


Remember when Dr. Woodward said "I am a part of him, and he is a part of me"? In being touched by the monster, he knew what Dr. Woodward did. By letting go of the locket, he finally understood that his loving memory of her breathed life into her, not some object.

Quanah on Jun 13, 2011


You hit all the right plot holes

Alubicz9 on Jun 11, 2011


explain plot holes for me. i'd love to here it

Jason McGuire on Jun 13, 2011


Well I dont know why you question my knowledge of that, but its a gap or something that goes against  in the plot of the story, one of the more glaring examples of this in the movie is when you see the military all over during the day trying to find this thing, and at night its absolutly silent and the military is no where close to any of the incidences. lame 

Adam L on Jun 17, 2011


agree with everything said! much plot flaw and confusion.

Bryan on Jun 12, 2011


I think the unfinished subplots were a little contrived but also that it was to signify how tightly knit the two families were through the tragedy of the mother's/wife's death making the younglings romance all the more intriguing and even fantastical. I liked the movie a lot on every level. In real life kids are annoying, so I loved the cast and the portrayal of that likeness with real life kids.

Keitj T. Alin on Jun 12, 2011


oh and can he stray a little farther from the cloverfield monster??

Phil on Jun 11, 2011


Despite the never ending, always present, seal of authenticity, that is the lens flare in every JJ movie, this movie did a great job of pulling on your heart strings then squeezing them to make you jump in that order. I believe the homage to movies of days gone by, E.T., Jaws, and in my opinion a whole lot of goonies, was put together because you felt the love. I could have used a little more alien and a little less lens flare, but the movie keep me, a comic book, classic movie junkie, and my wife, a stay at home mom with no interest in action heros or sci-fy flicks, both happy we chose this piece of Digital Light Projection medium for our viewing pleasure. 

VAL Tech Productions on Jun 11, 2011


It certainly did pull the heart strings--and it certainly pumped the adrenal glands when it had to. A homage?  Yeah, but it was a great one (plus Spielberg was producing, so....). One other reason why the film resonated with me was because, like Joe, I had also lost my own mother.  Not at a young age, but...

Anonymous on Jun 12, 2011


this movie sucked major hairy balls. kids that age will be pissing their pants in those circumstances. the movie had potential but those kids ruined it. it seems to me like jj abrams tried to splice signs and ET and add "summer FX". dont waste your money on this.

Eddii on Jun 11, 2011


A quick break down for Super 8. We'll start with the Cons. Cons: - Development of the kids individually, and their "unique" personalities, was poor - Weak storyline between the feuding fathers - The second half of the movie turns into Cloverfield 2. Literally - Neville Page creates the same kind of monsters/creatures - No train would be derailed by a pickup truck like that - Puking kid gets old fast - Cloverfield 2.....enough said Pros: - The relationship between Joe and Alice was very well done - Elle Fanning (Alice) is a budding starlet and was excellent in this film - Although this turns into Cloverfield 2, it was the most original film in awhile - Brought back fond memories of being a kid again - The movie is just fun. Plain and simple. Take it for what its meant to be I enjoyed this film. It falls flat in the second half by becoming Cloverfield 2 (have I mentioned that already?) and the relationships between the kids gets tossed aside for action set-pieces that makes the ending feeled rushed and convenient. Overall, although Super 8 won't rise to The Goonies', or Sandlot' fame, it is an entertaining ride filled with adventure, laughs, thrills, and scares. It reminded me of a better time and age when kids could be kids.  A fun summer film. And thats all it needs to be.

Quazzimotto on Jun 11, 2011


how does it turn into cloverfield two? i mean seriously. the movie needed a third act with a climax. there was already a military presence  since the first act. Are they not supposed to act when the monster goes apeshit? of course there's going to be similarities but calling it clover field 2 is both a stretch and kind of foolish given what the movie is about.

Jason McGuire on Jun 13, 2011


I really enjoyed it. I think JJ really pulled off the feel of early Spielberg and honestly would have thought it was a SS film if there hadnt been lens flare. Unlike most of you guys I really enjoyed the kids and thought they were all hilarious. I was quite surprised that the alien looked right out of cloverfield but whatever, it did not take away from the movie for me.

Anonymous on Jun 12, 2011


ok so it was not an irradiated russian dog....i saw this today and totally thought it was somehow tying into Cloverfield until close to the end where it paid its own homage to Close Encounters of the Third kind...

Jericho on Jun 12, 2011


Definitely a great film! So much fun to watch. The characters were terrific. Everything you need in a summer blockbuster. Did not feel as cheesy as it could have. Didn't really like the ending (or like last 15 minutes or so) of the film. I just felt slightly let down. But overall it was a lot of fun and definitely worth watching. Up there with Spielberg's classic family fun action blockbusters, which is what this is. 

jC on Jun 12, 2011


p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica} J.J. Abrams'  SUPER 8 is a nostalgic, cinematic love letter to early Spielberg.

Rick Chung on Jun 12, 2011


i was really dissapointed..i love jj and expected a lot more than a 2 hour homage to was like ET meets stand by me meets close encounters of a 3rd kind(granted the 2nd wasnt steven but still..) i expected more from a man who brought us a totally different view of galaxies unknown in star trek than just an another, un-orriginal monster movies. the kids were really te only saving grace

Bcopes11 on Jun 12, 2011


wow. Do you even know movies first of all kids absolutly draged it down. Also the scenes were great not no dam et meets stand by me serious?!?!?!? theres so much more action here my i guess gorey seriously i mean they could have made it a little more for adults with like some wierd sex scenes like butwhole licking or bondage but i think they implemented enough action n story line to be orignal and unique

Dave kneel on Jun 12, 2011


Do you know how to use punctuation? Holy shit.

T_lynn4 on Jun 12, 2011


i liked it up till the end.  the end was anti climatic and unmoving.  and i didn't think it was anything like ET.  the alien monster looked like the alien monster in cloverfield (which i didn't like) and Star Trek (which i loved).

Dabaki on Jun 12, 2011


it was greyish color like the cloverfield monster designed by the same guy! it was very different actually. i mean for fucks sake, artists have styles you know. damn lol

Jason McGuire on Jun 13, 2011


I found Super 8 entertaining, but had a lot of problems with it. The general consensus (I'm assuming based on comments made by Abrams himself) is that Abrams set out to make a film--in the vein of Spielberg--that he would have loved growing up.  Instead, Super 8 is more of an homage to Spielberg and will most likely fail to have the staying power of the films it salutes. The characters never really move beyond their respective types: there's the mopey one, the fat auteurish one, the goofy one, the wimpy one, and the girl. At one point, the fat one gets mad at the mopey one for liking the girl because he liked her first, but it doesn't matter.  There's not really much depth to any of the character relationships like there was in say, "Stand By Me" or "E.T."  The inclusion of a dead mother or a neglectful father may attempt to add depth to the character relations, but these elements aren't explored enough to purport anything other than the way we stereotype the characters.   On the other end of the spectrum, there's an alien about town tearing things up and killing people.  We're told it's a sentient being with complex emotions, but we never see this occur, save the final moments of the film when the alien departs in light of a 'stay-positive' speech by a twelve-year-old.  This being could easily have been a character, in the same way that E.T. was. But the biggest problem for me, is that these kids have no instinct of self-preservation.  They see a giant monster killing people and destroying things, and they decide they should go into its lair.  They should be frightened, but they certainly don't seem to be.  This blend of hard-nosed violence and childhood invincibility just didn't work for me.  Those kids should have been slaughtered without a second thought.  It's as if the Goonies are in Jurassic Park, fending off dinosaurs with sparklers and happy thoughts. I also found there to be a lot of illogical or unexplained events, but that is largely just nitpicking.  ----------

Matt Larner on Jun 12, 2011


I feel they explored the dead mother/wife thing plenty. I do feel though they didn't wrap it up though. Hugging their respected fathers didn't do it for me. However, the movie was great in every which way. And as far as the kids going into the lair, it's a film. A blockbuster and a homage to to Spielbergian 70's/80's era movies. He dug the chick and they clearly set it up by breaking into the school to research the creature. Which to me was a bigger stretch then going into the lair. However I enjoyed all of that magical goodness.

Keitj T. Alin on Jun 12, 2011


AMAZING! The kids really did a good job on their characters.

Daniel Jenkins on Jun 12, 2011


My brother and I were long depressed at the quality of movies until this. Super 8 was awesome! I don't have a single thing against it. T he short film in the credits was also hilarious.

Angry Chief on Jun 12, 2011


just watched the movie "super 8" at theater. This movie is so bad that it made me cry when it was over for wasting my time(?). Just because i hated it doesn't mean you would too, specially if you are 6 years old. I just can't believe that Hollywood or the academy allowed this director (JJ Abrams) to direct a movie franchise like "Star trek".

M7floyd on Jun 12, 2011


the movie is seriously flawed, there is no way kids would behave like that under those circumstances....they looked like they were 30 yr old detectives....couldnt take this movie seriously at all...maybe it was meant just for kid audiences...?

Bran on Jun 13, 2011


Regurgitated Speilberg. 

Towaway on Jun 13, 2011


Super 8 made me realize just how dated and sappy Spielberg films really were. What were people thinking back then? What was I thinking? Blade Runner came out the same time as E.T. and the ticket buyers got behind E.T. But it's Blade Runner that stands the test of time. Making an homage to Spielberg films... meh. I should've exercised self control and played a video game instead. Wait for an original film to support. 

Replicant on Jun 13, 2011


The difference, tho, is that ET was and is a great movie - it's not the masterpiece some make it out to be, but it's a solid flick, especially a kid's flick - and Blade Runner was not a good movie. Blade Runner was painful to watch when it first came out. The flick was hacked to bits. They cut whole scenes out of it, and then added this dull, dry narration so people didn't get confused when they skipped parts or left a scene early. Back in '82 if you had the choice of seeing one or the other, you'd have gone with ET. If given the choice today between the recent, fully restored cut of Blade Runner and the Special Edition of ET with the crappy CGI inserts and the various other little 'fixes' that have been made to it, I'd definitely choose Blade Runner over ET.

Anonymous on Jul 1, 2011


Loved it. Knew pretty much what was going to happen, but loved all the in-between character building and story telling. Great stuff.

l.21 on Jun 13, 2011


Am i the only one that really was dissapointed in it?  Here are my gripes: Plot: been done to death.  The old "omg the alien is being mistreated by people on earth" reeks of District 9, ET, etc.  The plotline about the father not being able to connnect or raise his son due to the mothers passing, again, boring and overdone. I saw nothing great about his film.  It was very mediocre at best.  Child acting was great the kids did a tremendous job but that doesnt make it a great film.  The ending seemed rushed, the military characters were underdeveloped and so was the back story on the alien.  It just seemed slow, drawn out, and nothing terribly amazing

Vteckidd on Jun 13, 2011


I thought it was refreshing. Yes, it was definitely an homage to Spielberg, but I don't care about that. I've become warn out by the repeated sequels, super hero films, and remakes. I found it strange some people hated the train wreck scene and called it "unrealistic". Well, there's also an alien in the film. So, let's accept it for what it is: a Sci-Fi thriller. Our known universe does not apply in their known universe. The rules of physics don't apply. The kids were great. It reminded me of some of the dorks I ran around with when I was young. Does every kid group have a pyromaniac? Mine did. I find that ironic and funny. A film like this always gets loved or hated. There aren't too many in betweens, but that's a risk a filmmaker takes when trying something less like everything else that's out right now. The tender moments were good, and I felt the character development was not appropriately long, but just right for a summer film. The ending felt a little short and I didn't have too much time to feel sympathy for the beast, but I think the beast was the backstory to the kids. It had plot holes, but most summer films do. My job is to try and enjoy, which I did with my wife, my Subway sandwhich I snuck in the theater, and my perfect positioning in the exact middle of the theater.

Quanah on Jun 13, 2011


Dark of the Moon is gonna blow this one away

Spooge Mcgee on Jun 13, 2011


Your comparing a fully imagined and executed film to a three-peat CGI cartoon? Do you write this Michael Bay?

ET on Jun 20, 2011


I Dug it.  Had elements of Goonies, ET, close enounters, even jaws (with the 'less is more' ailen screen time).  so needless to see you can see the influence.  Definately captured the setting from what I remembered as a kid both in and out of the theatre.   

Anonymous on Jun 13, 2011


to much hype. it got an extra star because of abrams name. battle los angeles was better alien movie, this was like, stand by me, with an alien as a side story. the focus was the kids little love story.

josh on Jun 13, 2011


You've got to be kidding me! Battle:Sleep was the dumbest alien movie ever! Stinking X-Box generation! Got the attention span of a housefly!

Old fart on Jun 14, 2011


lol have to agree with Josh Old Fart, Sleeper 8 was nothing but a boring kids story w a tv alien side story. Not 1 interesting thing in this made for tv movie.

Stupid8 on Jun 27, 2011


I saw it again last night and i must say i really enjoy the film it hits in all the right places yet falls short of expectation and certain plotlines were to easily given away too early in the fil (atleast for me i had 2/3 of the movie figured out within the first 40 minutes *the cubes being able to all liknk together was my first thought when i saw them and when it vibrated the first time i was sure that it was going to be called to reform something? *iron giantish?* along with many other realizations well before they were due in the film i attribute this to the last trailers leading up to release revealed too much and allowed one to gather enough beforehand information to draw conclusions well before they were enacted in the film) this was minor because i still enjoyed the movie the pacing was spot on and the acting from the "joe" character and elle fanning was phenomenal the kid with braces kept me laughing the whole movie  BUT ... i feel (imo) that this was a missed oppurtunity for jj the whole first 1/2 or so of the movie was so ominous and mysterious that i couldnt help but think that this might be a cloverfield prequel which would have been amazing it had all the right elements to be a younger cloverfield monster that escapes .. when they reveal he is subterranean i started to lose hope and it appeared he had too many arms fairly early on but i still feel after watching it a second time that  the movie could have and should have gone in that direction instead of making it a standalone lore with its own govt conspiracy and backstory i feel that if they would have just implemented the existing narrative of a creature (alien??) that was capt by the govt it escapes tries to flee to its home only to fail once again and it would recede into the sea and wait(grow) for another strike on humanity and escape i.e. CLOVERFIELD this all would have fit perfectly into the story of the crazy events that happen in a small town to a bunch of children of course it would have ended on a more somber note (which would have been welcomed by me in the context that it set up the story for the monster to rise out of the sea and destroy new york in cloverfield) the movie could have even hinted near the very end just to reassure by mentioning the loss or failure of project "cloverfield" just before the credits roll ... i thought if i saw it a second time i would change my mind and except the movie for what is and i do and its great but i still cant help but think it would have been such a more epic grand experience if it really added to the lore of cloverfield in spielbergish 1970s E.T. goonies classic science fiction style by marring such classic scenes and narrative with the modern genius and originality that was the first cloverfield  *the monster despite the extra arms and only 2 (strangely human looking)eyes still even in the close shots at the end make it look very very similar to the cloverfield monster?? maybe it had a baby and left it here??? ahaha my imagination wants what it can not have .... 

2cE on Jun 13, 2011


I think i may be the only one on here who did not like it.  All of the relationships (or lack there of) along with the struggles throughout the movie for all involved, just wrapped up too neatly and too timely for me.  It seemed to drag and i got tired of wondering when I would get a good shot of the big secret. The military seemed very unrealistic as did the towns people reactions. I am not saying this was a bad film at all, just that now that I know the storyline, i probably wont watch it again.  Just like Cloverfield.  No offense. 

Roy McAvoy on Jun 14, 2011


How come no police showed up after the explosion?  The kids walked around for 5 minutes afterwards.  Nobody would have seeen that?  Were they in the middle of nowhere?  Only some Air Force dudes with flashlights show up? What?

Brian Ricci on Jun 14, 2011


loved it - not an instant classic as Alex pointed out in his blog - however very enjoyable. JJ needs to take it down a few notches with the lense flaring - it fit in Star Trek... not so much in this film - I felt it detracted from the film. Also not sure if my eyes deceived me but pretty darn sure I caught a glimpse of the monsters face in the puddle by the gas station when the police chief gets abducted - not 100% about that though... can anyone verify?

Lars on Jun 14, 2011


I didn't mind the movie, but I found it to be a violent version of ET.  Super 8 "I understand, you are scared and you are hungry, just go". ET  "ET phone home".  An hour later he's picked up and going home.

Ezza72 on Jun 14, 2011


So the next question for JJ Abrams is who was the childs face in the camera lens in the trailer?

Jason on Jun 18, 2011


This movie was one of the best movies of the summer. It had action,suspense and some emotional moments. But J.J did leave some things blank in the movie but over all I give the movie an A-.

Nancymooney5 on Jun 24, 2011


Just saw it with my family and we loved it!!My kids really loved it despite the late 70's Spielberg feel to it.I mean that in a good way in that most movies are so fast paced and skip through story/character build up I thought they might actually be bored till the action started but they dug everything. The films scare tactics were awesome.I havent jumped in my seat so much in years.The film was totally a Spielberg homage right down to the fact that the films kids were making their own movies as Spielberg did as a kid.(myself included)Loved the kids film during the final credits! The whole movie was like a lost Spielberg film they found in a time capsul some where.Great job J.J.!!

Maxalnutt on Jun 25, 2011


How did the children get from the aliens underground lair to ground level? Jumped that bit!

Kimbelee100 on Aug 6, 2011


Definately my film of the year so far. It took me back to being a kid again in the late seventies/early eighties and watching ET, Close Encounters & the Goonies. It had the look and feel just right. I thought it was a kids film for adults of a certain generation. I had to stop myself from clapping at the end. If you're not a Spielberg fan then this film will be wasted on you. Well done JJ, someone to be the new torch bearer.

spangle on Aug 8, 2011


I have to say I really didn't expect much from Super 8. The trailers seems over ambiguous, the pretence of the film a very recycled concept. That was my state of mind going into the film. I was damn right wrong. Although the concept isn't original, the film still has copious amounts of originality, although moments got me thinking about 'The Iron Giant'. In many ways it feels like a modern retelling of E.T. but with less of a focus on the relationship between Alien and Child. In fact there was no relationship between anyone and the alien. Furthermore, the acting was phenomenal, some of the best child acting I've ever seen, very representative of how male friendship groups operate. I have to agree with the poster of this article when he/she says " I think it's a vastly entertaining, original, refreshing summer blockbuster made with a kind of love for filmmaking and adventure that is rare in Hollywood today."  Very, very true. An instant classic in my eyes. 

FlyingFan on Aug 12, 2011


Amazing write-up! This could aid plenty of people find out more about this particular issue. Are you keen to integrate video clips coupled with these? It would absolutely help out. Your conclusion was spot on and thanks to you; I probably won’t have to describe everything to my pals. I can simply direct them here!

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