Sound Off: Jonathan Liebesman's 'Battle: Los Angeles' - Thoughts?

March 11, 2011

Battle: Los Angeles

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? What if aliens suddenly landed off the coast and quickly invaded every major city? How would our military fight back? Hitting theaters this weekend is Battle: Los Angeles, the intense new sci-fi action movie from director Jonathan Liebesman, featuring an ensemble cast of Marines lead by actor Aaron Eckhart. This is one we've been anxiously waiting to see for a while, so how is it? Does it live up to the fantastic trailers we've seen? How was all the military action and fight scenes with the enemy? If you've seen it, leave a comment below and let us know what you thought of Battle: LA!

To fuel the fire, I've seen Battle: Los Angeles twice and I still think it's awesome, I really enjoyed it. I wasn't expecting anything else out of this besides a gritty, entertaining action flick and that's exactly what it was - non-stop military action, pretty much like a video game in real life, which was cool as hell to see. I love how intense and real it all felt and how relentless the storyline was, jumping from one moment to the next right away. I think my only criticism is with the script and some cheesy dialogue in it, but overall, I really enjoyed the hell out of Battle: LA and I had a great time watching it, which is what counts the most when it comes to an entertaining popcorn movie like this. Eckhart kicked ass, the VFX looked great, it is just a badass movie.

What did you think of Battle: Los Angeles? Awesome sci-fi action or just cheesy and stupid?
We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the movie once you have seen it and can talk about thoughts on it. Please keep your comments civilized!

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The most cliched stupid movie I've seen this year. It's like District 9 without the brains.

Moon on Mar 11, 2011


What more cliched than Fern Gully Avatar or the next love story? It was meant to be a sci fi aliens take on marines battle and it delivered. Critics arent getting this one at all. But hey, I'm sure they'll thumbs up the next cliched love story drama

john s on Mar 13, 2011


Much agreed this movie was fun i was entertained, and district 9 was a great film as well, overall it was a great film had some great visuals , not a fan of the cameras shaking a lot but i get what they were trying to do, although my friends and i all agreed if this were a video game it would of got some major attention

Splinter on Mar 14, 2011


Well, considering district 9 was about as stupid and brainless as your average full frontal lobotomy victim dressed up as a quantum theorist, you must have REALLY hated Battle: Los Angeles.

Ashrand on Jul 3, 2011


One of the best movies ever made.

Charlie Sheen on Mar 11, 2011


going to see it this weekend

Trey on Mar 11, 2011


Well, I have not seen it yet, but I can see and tell that, at least the film is like District 9 without the funny accents. Thats enough to have me sold for tonight.

CJ232 on Mar 11, 2011


Funny accents? It was set in South Africa...

Sparky on Mar 11, 2011


I'm sure he understands it was set in South Africa.. therefor the funny accents. Surely he didn't think it was set in America, and everyone just had huge wads of bubble gum in their mouths.

Jace on Mar 11, 2011


Hmm...I see. So funny accents is enough of a deterrent for you? Okay, then.

Leeloo Dallas Multipass on Mar 11, 2011


So basically; If you ain't Amurican, you can get the fuck out Frenchie!

Intelligence is lost on Mar 11, 2011


Funnt accents? I hope the rest of the world doesn't think that about us south africans

Josh on Mar 13, 2011


Don't sweat it there is a slew of funny American accents too.

Japetto on Mar 13, 2011



Chris on Mar 11, 2011


dont worry the movie will still be showing when you get back..

Chris on Mar 11, 2011


loll! maybe not, the Aliens probably will have invaded earth by then...

Gh on Mar 11, 2011


your sarcasm gives me a false sense of hope hahahaha

Chris on Mar 11, 2011


SPOILER ALERT: The action was great. The dialogue in the base camp scene made people laugh. I didn't know why, but when we left the theater, they kept on repeating the same line over and over: "MY LITTLE MARINE." Heck, that scene made me misty eyed.

asjldfjaklsdf on Mar 11, 2011


*sigh*, haven't seen it yet, but i had a feeling it was gonna turn out this way. great action + shitty everything else. ohwell.

lego on Mar 11, 2011


I saw it at midnight, and it was amazing. Within the first 30 seconds, I knew it was going to be so much better than Skyline. In fact, the 30 seconds was 100 times better than the entirety of Skyline. But best of all, Battle LA actually had a story and characters to care about.

Greg on Mar 11, 2011


Haven't seen SKYLINE, but I did enjoy this one. It isn't perfect, but it's a solid popcorn flick. Remember the pleasure of watching those before people started acting like every movie should equal Shakespeare? You know, there will be people that will not like this film--they're welcome to it--but some of the comments here just seem to be hate for hate's sake. Oh well.

Marc McKenzie on Mar 11, 2011


A complete disaster without any originality. We've all seen it before, nothing new here. A very big disappointment.

Daniel Racine on Mar 11, 2011


Wow. You sound like the hard-to-please guy that filmmakers need to work harder at impressing. I'm sure they'll be saddened to hear they did not stand up to your artistic expectations. "I review, therefor I dislike most everything. Meh." And thanks for linking to your FB page because, yeah, who isn't going to want to link to you?!

Anonymous on Mar 11, 2011


jesus dude...hes just stating his opinion

will on Mar 12, 2011


you have low standards. In other words, your IQ is lowest common denominator. You don't feel ripped off when you hand off your $10 to Liebesman, who is laughing at you and your stupidity.

Tarantula232 on Mar 12, 2011


Please, please, Daniel Tarantula, tell me what I should watch!! You're the only hope for cinema! This douchebag's just looking for attention by posting on an obvious fanboy site and letting everyone know that he's just not impressed. F&*% his pathetic trolling.

Anonymous on Mar 13, 2011


Well, Tim, don't let it get to you. I mean, obviously Tarantula can make a better film than Hollywood, right? Otherwise, why would he make that statement? It's easy to spew the "lowest common denominator" line, just remember that. It's also interesting to see it stated by people who never see a movie for _what_ it is, but rather for what _they want or wish it to be_. Big difference. As Nick Meyer (STAR TREK II) once said, movies are not about what YOU want, but what the director wants to show you." In this case, it's a gritty action-packed humans vs. alien film. It wasn't perfect, but I didn't feel I was wasting my time. Even so, Tarantula is entitled to his informed opinion. If he saw the movie and didn't like it, well, you can both agree to disagree. But when he turns it into a statement mocking other people's intelligence, well...that's the actions of a coward. Just my 2-cents.

Marc McKenzie on Mar 13, 2011


watched it and it didnt really present anything new that video games haven't done already. The beginning leading up to the whole invasion was interesting but then the rest felt dull, like a fps with cliche missions and emotional scenes that arent executed well. There were a few scenes that I liked and thought could of been better but were fine for what it was(not the action scenes, the action could have been 10,000 times better). The aliens were cool but if they existed I don't think they would be so unprepared. I give it a 6.5. Skyline was like a pilot episode to a tv show, for a movie though it sucks.

Drcherd on Mar 11, 2011


This movie looks a lot like district 9.

Shawn Guse on Mar 11, 2011


I liked the movie. It wasn't anything amazing or a game changer, but it was definitely very entertaining. I agree with the first comment, but it was more like Independence Day meets District 9 and made a baby that fights the whole time. Just go without setting your expectations high and just enjoy the movie for what it is.

That Black Guy on Mar 11, 2011


Agreed. Just got back from seeing it myself. Lots of solid action, a bit of clunky dialogue...but you know what? I enjoyed the film--pretty damned gritty for a PG-13 flick, and Eckhart was great. I went in to see BATTLE: LOS ANGELES, not HAMLET: LOS ANGELES. What you see is what you get--if you go in thinking that this was a sequel to DISTRICT 9, that's your mistake.

Anonymous on Mar 11, 2011


Saw it at midnight and loved it! Great start for my anticipated movies of this year! Now let's hope Sucker Punch doesn't let me down in two weeks, and then I will really be excited for the summer!

Dustin Fuston on Mar 11, 2011


alex - i won't be seeing this till tonight - but i won't be here commenting on it.........i'm very unimpressed with the comments being made on here now - seems like there's nothing but the same old hate on these threads anymore.

Anonymous on Mar 11, 2011


Yeah I just hope FS isn't ruined by the haters. I'm seeing it too, but I severely doubt I'm gonna post on this article (Unless it clears up). Keep the trolls out!

Anonymous on Mar 11, 2011


if you define a troll as one who disagrees with your opinion, then i feel sorry for you.

reason on Mar 11, 2011


I don't, in any aspect. When I see a comment that merely says "This movie sucked!" with follow up then I conclude that person is posting negative just for the sake of posting negative.

Anonymous on Mar 11, 2011


I don't believe there are any comments on this article that say, "This movie sucked". But I have read a lot of comments that stated, though briefly, a genuine distaste for this movie. That's not trolling, it's opinion, and you're complaints do more to clutter the thread than to help resolve its issues.

JL on Mar 11, 2011


well, i'm sorry i kind of drug you into this - you're one of the people who can have a discussion on this site!

Anonymous on Mar 11, 2011


JL - i don't know how you can say that a post is genuine or not. also - the BIGGEST issues over the last year on this site is the hate! i don't know what the answers to this problem are; but, i've reached a point that i'm tired of trying to discuss a movie in the "sound-off" section due to the inordinate amount of hate and poorly worded or thought-out comments pouring in (regardless of the movie). i voiced my opinion and xerxex just happens to agree. we both are entitled to OUR opinions as well. although i made it clear in my initial post of no longer commenting in this section - your response has forced me to respond to you- so, in fact, it's YOUR post that is promoting the clutter. as a matter of fact - our posts reflect a belief based on experience on the site. your post is nothing but an arguement directed at us. why not let EVERYONE have our own opinions?

Anonymous on Mar 11, 2011


i don't think he's saying that at all - and by the way; you should feel sorry for yourself since you're disagreeing with HIS opinion. as far as movies and trailers - too many people are coming on here with such negative views anymore. i saw 2 posts on Wed. that were saying "battle:LA" was going to suck - even though the movie hadn't released yet! i stop by here today to find some interesting conversation and all i see is the same tired posts. quite a few people are still comparing this movie to district9 - which makes no sense because EVERYTHING about both movies are dissimilar (except for each having aliens). it's my fault for bringing this topic up - but i do believe in what i've said. too many people are coming on here specifically to shovel out the hate. and they do so with very vague or inaccurate reasons. i enjoy this site when discussions get going - 2 days ago i exchanged ideas with a guy on the subject of del toro. we both made good points and that's what it should be about. another day, xerxex, myself and another person got onto music in film and personal favorites in classical music ..........great stuff! if you disagree with him (and by extension -me) that's ok. i think you're misreading us - i know both of us don't mind if someone doesn't like a movie and gives reasons as to why - but the haters never do -if they try it's always an afterthought and poorly worded - just like on this thread. also, i can only take so many "comparison" posts: "this movie is like district 9"........dang that gets old REAL quick. sorry for taking up so much space on a topic not related to the movie - but we can't send personal messages and i wanted to respond to the naysayers. well, i'm off to see the movie.

Anonymous on Mar 11, 2011


Beevis, Don't worry--you made a lot of good points. I'm sick of hearing the constant comparisons to DISTRICT 9 too (well, the directors of B:LA and D9 are from South Africa, so there's one useful link). I know it's easy to spew out that a movie will suck before it even opens--after all, if the film does reek, it gives the moaner some leverage (or maybe in their own mind, anyway). But I like the film; enjoyed it for what it was, not WHAT I WISHED IT COULD BE. Why people simply cannot understand this point--that watching movies is not about what you want, but what the director wants to show YOU--is beyond me. Oh well. But the short version--loved the movie, great popcorn muncher even with the flaws. Hope you like it too.

Marc McKenzie on Mar 12, 2011


I thought you said "We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the movie once you have seen it and can talk about thoughts on it. Please keep your comments civilized!" Most of the above comments fall into that category. If you're going to make a rule you really should enforce it. (I agree with this rule to).

Vold on Mar 11, 2011



HU5K3R on Mar 12, 2011


best alien invasion movie I've seen in a LONG time...has potential to be a franchise (i hope)...5/5

Key on Mar 11, 2011


@JL why the attack? I posted an opinion, your complaint about me posting an opinion (no matter how unnecessary the opinion) is adding more clutter.

Anonymous on Mar 11, 2011


Xerxexx, I'm sorry if it came off as an attack. It was not intended to be. My point was that instead of calling out the trolls and making that an issue of discussion, you could simply contribute your own on-topic opinions. The best way to fight trolls is to ignore them. If indeed has a policy about trolling and such, let them police it, or send them a private email explaining your dissatisfaction with the sound off sections. Of course you and Beevis have a point, but everyone is entitled to their opinion, and unfortunately not very many people are any good at articulating themselves and having a good discussion, so what comes out is usually a brief and reactionary comment. Now, in the spirit of staying on topic, this movie looks exactly like what you'd expect an action blockbuster to be. The trailers look good, and though I won't be spending my money to see this in the theater (I rarely do), I'll probably be looking forward to it on Netflix. It may turn out to be stupid like a Michael Bay movie, but it's probably a lot less boring. You know how you're watching one of those Transformers movies and there's so much action for so long that it gets boring and you forget what you're supposed to be looking at? I hope it's nothing like that.

JL on Mar 12, 2011


If we regulars leave the policing on trolls to Alex and friends then the trolls will win. "You know how you're watching one of those Transformers movies and there's so much action for so long that it gets boring and you forget what you're supposed to be looking at? I hope it's nothing like that. " my sentiment's exactly.

Anonymous on Mar 12, 2011


I thought the movie was excellent. Think Independence Day and Saving Private Ryan rolled into one. Two downsides: Shaky Cam and some of the dialogue. As for action and intensity....they are both there, big time.

Michael McRorey on Mar 11, 2011


i'm getting ready to go watch the movie, right now (waiting on my GF to get ready - what else is new?) i bloody disgusting review also mentioned the shaky cam is annoying - i'll have to take my seasick pills with me! glad to hear the action and intensity is there.

Anonymous on Mar 11, 2011


I certainly won't bother. It should have been filmed in socal.

Freeascent on Mar 11, 2011


not many films are filmed where they take place.

Anonymous on Mar 11, 2011


i personally loved it. it had great non-stop action. it also took a more realistic look at what would happen in the instance of an alien invasion. definitely one of the better alien attack movies

Officefan93 on Mar 11, 2011


i heard aaron eckhart and the director talking about the realism a few days ago. i'm going to see it tonight and i'm stoked. part of this movies hook for me is the realistic look at an alien invasion. i'm stoked for tonight!

Anonymous on Mar 11, 2011


I was kind of hating my self going to go see this movie, but then it started and it was awesome so much action, the story was ok and so was the script but it's a action movie so you shouldn't really care about all that to much. The movie was only 2 hours yet it felt a lot longer to me, and at the end I wanted more

Duck on Mar 11, 2011


SPOILER ALERT I liked how it ended with the humans taking the momentum and you assume they would end up winning but they leave that story open.

James Isenhour on Mar 11, 2011


Yeah! I liked that too. It did have some closure, but it did leave an opening for a sequel.

Marc McKenzie on Mar 12, 2011


I hope they do make a sequel, and I think with alot of buzz from trailers it's gonna make alot of money and of course they're going to make a second because of how they ended it

Max s. on Mar 13, 2011


Great Stuff,i watched that 3 times.

Ed on Mar 11, 2011


I went to the midnight showing and I was not surprised at how weak the script was. I was an extra and you can see me in the first 30 seconds and between the 15 and 20 minute mark. There was about 10 to 20 minutes of dialogue cut out and turned into just individuals looking around and one liners like "Everybody shut up!" I was impressed with the CG in the movie, it helps that you usually see the aliens through the "fog of war" so they didn't have to go too crazy with it. All in all it was a good movie that I am taking the wife to go see in a few hours.

James Isenhour on Mar 11, 2011


Well I liked it. I'm not sure on how detailed of a storyline one can get when your making a movie of Aliens attacking our world! (anybody have any ideas? Rather than just saying Oh weak scripting and Unoriginal.) Especially when your trying to take a realistic approach through a military perspective. I thought it was pretty creative.

The_Phantom on Mar 11, 2011


Well, there are a few great SF novels that have nice takes on alien invasions...but this was a nice take on that theme as well. It certainly had a gritty atmosphere, and sure, the dialogue wasn't Oscar material, but Eckhart certainly brought the goods, as did the rest of the cast. And I cannot really compare it to SKYLINE, since I didn't see that film. So I won't.

Marc McKenzie on Mar 12, 2011


I liked it. Very good fast paced action movie. That's all it is. A good action movie. If you want a good story go see Red Riding Hood.

Tyban on Mar 11, 2011


I enjoyed it very much thought the story flowed very well the characters you could feel for and of course the action was solid and worth a watch. I see that most of the ppl on here did mix feelings about the movie I can see where it failed some what but i'd give it a 4/5 it is a movie that would hold you over till thor transformers and captain america.

Spiffyman on Mar 12, 2011


The movie was entertaining for me. If you are snobby then go watch Black Swan for the 5th time. This is a popcorn summer flick in March. This is Black Hawk Down meets District 9 mixed in with Independence Day. Just take in the cheesy lines and the fact that they go in a sewer at night and 15 seconds later it is sunlight! ahahhaha loved it! Eckhart saved the movie from being very cheesy! But guess what, besides its flaws the movie delivers with a ton of action.

Dee on Mar 12, 2011


haha you noticed that to

Duck on Mar 12, 2011


Wasn't expecting much, but ended up enjoying it a lot. Biggest problem for me is it feels like a giant commercial recruiting us all to join the Marines. Still, worth checking out.

Sam on Mar 12, 2011


Just saw it this afternoon. Great movie. Exactly what I wanted to see.

Vold on Mar 12, 2011


I really loved this movie it was almost exactly what I expected it to be. Some of the acting is lackluster, but Eckhart's and Rodriguez's performances more than make up for the less talented actors. I also enjoyed the fact that they didn't give to many details away about the aliens, that they didn't feel the need to end the movie with the overused feel good 'we killed all of the aliens on our planet' ending that most invasion movies stoop to, and that for once Rodriguez didn't get killed off during the movie. That being said I agree with a comment made by JL that "not very many people are any good at articulating themselves and having a good discussion, so what comes out is usually a brief and reactionary comment" that may come off as "trolling" or "hate". I also feel like there are a lot of people that frequent this site who tend to apply a double standard. Where if someone else has a negative and brief comment about a movie they enjoy or that they are excited for it's immediately classified as "trolling", but they themselves have made similar styled comments about movies, Avatar for example, in the past and presumably found no fault with it. Anyways just an observation I've had over the past couple years I've frequented this site. I definitely don't feel that this site needs any sort of "policing" that's just ridiculous. This is the internet, you can't expect everyone to make comments that meet a standard, if you can't deal with it start your own blog and don't allow people to post comments, or contact people you feel make meaningful conversation on this board and talk with them directly.

Awtan90 on Mar 12, 2011


l thought it was frickin awesome. All these critics being negative about the dialoge. Its a frickin Sci Fi Alien Invasion movie. Its not suppose to be Kings Speech. For an Alien invasion movie its probably one of the best yet. Sure some of the dialogue was corny but hey, the same sure as hell can be said about Transformers or many other Sci Fi flicks. If you want to see a kick ass Saving Private Ryan takes on aliens movie with amazing battle sequences and action see this movie. If you want to watch Kings Speech again go ahead.

john s on Mar 12, 2011


I like it...and it's nothing like District 9, it's more like Independence Day meets Starship Troopers. It was well done and entertaining.

Mikeg1961 on Mar 12, 2011


I really enjoyed this movie, It was a great popcorn flick for Me and my 3 friends to see, fun and cannot wait for the sequel

Max s. on Mar 13, 2011


Honestly, to those that thought the Aliens in this movie were crappy, I disagree. I thought the aliens were an awesome concept. Slightly deformed humanoids that surgically attach their armor, and use water as a resource. Also the fact that their drones follow radio waves and signals. I thought it was great.

Hangingintheweb on Mar 13, 2011


@Alex - - Glad to see another critic liked it besides me. I thought I was flying solo out here, man. I'm growing tired of this new trend of criticism that damns a film for being either A) too loud, or B) a blend of elements. And yet, all the boot lickers come out in droves to praise Quentin Tarantino who's films are essentially just that; loud pastiche with little else but a flair for dialog and music selection to show for themselves. Also, what's with everyone praising amateur Half Life and Mortal Combat shorts that appear online and offer nothing but FX and action, but then hating on feature films that offer that as a full meal deal? It's just weird. It's almost like the internet breeds this kind of movie making and then the people who inadvertantly demanded it lash out when they see what they've created. Frankenstein anyone? But, perhaps the biggest issue I have with criticsms against the film is that people are hating on it for being "a PSA for the marines." First of all, the film is ABOUT marines. Their dedication to their country and the fight is ingrained in their very culture. It's the code they live by. Do I understand it? No. I'm a total lefty, baby. But it would have seemed entirely inauthentic if the marines acted any other way than they do in the film. People need to learn how to separate their issues with war and the marines that fight in them. These guys are trained to fight and it's governments and private business that trick them into fighting for the wrong reasons. Marines themselves aren't villains, our culture is. As an action scifi film it totally delivered the goods and I can't wait to see it again. To the critics I say keep waiting for the next deadpan Wes Anderson film or Pixar crap and leave the awesome to the experts. Agent Orange

Agent Orange on Mar 13, 2011


I completely agree with everything you said.

Awtan90 on Mar 13, 2011


"First of all, the film is ABOUT marines." EXACTLY!! Why the hell is this point so difficult to get across to some people?

Marc McKenzie on Mar 13, 2011


Great flick! In my opinion, this is what, "Independence Day" should have been! The action, the cast, the story, was good enough for the kind of flick, "Battle: Los Angeles" set out be. The dialogue was passable, not nearly as cheesy or cringe-worthy as many have been claiming! Hell, even the aliens were pretty credible and seemed every bit as threatening and hard-to-kill as the flick portrayed them. The concept of the drones and their triangulation of radio frequencies to pinpoint their enemies was pretty awesome. I'd definitely check this flick out again, as I sure enjoyed it way more than, "Skyline".

Spider on Mar 13, 2011


Good military action movie. Solid 8.5

BBQ BOB on Mar 13, 2011


i wanted to see this movie on the opening show itself,but i cancelled my plans,when i heard the movie got negative reviews..all reviews were mixed or negative....but after i read alex's review i decided to give it a chance....and i must admit it was money well was this is kind of a war movie..the action scenes were awesome...and the final attack was great....the ending of the movie was perfect.. thanx alex

Rojagegeo on Mar 13, 2011


Good points, Rojagegeo. I figure that this is going to end up as one of those films where the majority of the audience like it very much, but the critics will savage it, while insulting those who like it by claiming that they're not as smart. Expect to see comments about "appealing to the least common denominator" or "Why wasn't this like DISTRICT 9?" or some other nonsense. I liked this film a lot--it wasn't perfect, but it had enough to keep me watching and it is what it is--a war movie with soldiers going up against an enemy unlike anything they've ever encountered. It focused primarily on them, but you were aware of a much larger conflict going on around them (sort of like Speilberg's WAR OF THE WORLDS). And Eckhart pretty much anchored the film and delivered the goods. If people didn't like it, well, that's all right. I didn't expect this to be universally praised. What I wonder is if they took the movie on its own terms...or they were unable to.

Marc McKenzie on Mar 13, 2011


nice not bad 😀

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


nice not bad 😀

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


ITS GOOD. not great. i don't think i'll ever watch it again. not because I hated it or anything like it, I'd just be tired.

Lucas Rios on Mar 13, 2011


Could have been much much better. Reminded me of War of the Worlds. Perfect waste of an amazing star cast and a brilliant plot.

Dhiram on Mar 14, 2011


It was a completely shitty movie, so bad i left it before it ended and went for a crap! The aliens were not threatening at all, there was never a sense of dread, the asshole never even show the aliens properly or why we should fear them so much. If they were so powerful that they wiped out the entire military base how come our so called G.I joe heroes beat them? jeesus, there were no massive weapons or WMDs the aliens administered on humans. Just some skirmishes here and there. Come on Skyline was so much better, even War of the Worlds or Independence day takes the cake any day compared to this massive steaming pile of crap. I want my money back! The director deserves a kick on his rear side for stealing our money. Cannot believe a talented actor like Aaron Eckhert was wasted in this pile of shit!

Wargoth2003 on Mar 14, 2011


It really was pants. Aside from the shakey cam, which is so intrusive, pretentious and totally unneccesary, the actual story and execution of it is woeful. There's no tension, no forward narrative, more cliches than a Roland Emmerich film, no proper establishing of scenes or the geometry of said scene so you can work out where everyone is and what needs doing and some piss poor acting. It could have been better with a little thought and even a smidgen of talent but it reveals itself to be just a mess of loud bangs, bullets zinging around and smoke. It was so bad, it made Skyline seem watchable. It really is the epitome of style (made even worse if you don't like that style) over substance.

Payne by name on Mar 14, 2011


No tension? What movie were you watching ... Paul? First I found the action amazing, I attached to the characters, though not all of them. The tension alone in the first contact phase was unbelievable. The movie had some flaws but no movie is perfect and personally I am getting tired of all these self indulgant cookie cutter movie critics coming in here and spouting off like they could do a better job. Payne I appreciate your opinion but you not saying "This is what I think" your saying "this is what they movie is". Like somehow your gods gift to crtiics. I took the movie at face value and loved it. I am speaking as a combat veteran myself and can tell you that for me it was a very sobering "invasion" film that I could sink my teeth into. I actually felt a little anxious watching the urban combat scenes as they were very well done and intense. I think your compaints about lack of geometry and scene structure is more a testimonial that you probably spent more time talking during the movie about the movie rather than paying attention to what was going on. I say this as the story was a consistant follow through following the same group that was very directional and only an idiot could lose track of what was happening. My personaly opinion is I think you simply did not see it or watched a very bad TS copy of it online and are trying to make yourself look smart on here. My wife seen it, hates Sci Fi and action films and was in tears at some parts and walked out saying how much she enjoyed it. GO SEE IT PEOPLE!!!

HU5K3R on Mar 15, 2011


I thought it had a more accurate depiction of how Marines would act given the situation as opposed to a movie like the Hurt Locker (Army EOD IIRC). The situation was fantastical but it seemed more believable compared to the way the EOD guy acted in the Hurt Locker. After spending time with both the Marines and EOD I find the Battle: LA to be a solid fast paced action film. I liked the nice touch they added with the “retreat hell” quote in the movie. Which was referring to what Capt. Loyd Williams said at the battle of Belleau Wood. Anyone who has spent time with the Marines would know about their constant references they make back to their own history.

Sean on Mar 14, 2011


Sean/HU5K3R have it right. It seems any movie showing American military in positive light can not be "good" to some critics!

Judo37 on Mar 15, 2011


I really enjoyed this movie. It was cool since I work so close to Camp Pendleton, I recognized the entrance. But I went in thinking it would be just a popcorn flick and it was, even better I thought. Agree it was gritty, dialogue got cheesy at times but everyone complains about the shaky camera, I liked it. It gave it more of a real feel. I would recommend this movie and thought Eckhart did a great job. Probably will go see it again.

the douche on Mar 15, 2011


awsome film, totally agree about the haters on this and films like this

Gixer986 on Mar 15, 2011


Is this how the 'skinnies' saw it when the 'Mobile Infantry' hit them in "Starship Troopers'

Judo37 on Mar 16, 2011


Skinnies is racist dude!

HU5K3R on Mar 16, 2011


xenoist maybe, not racist.

Judo37 on Mar 18, 2011


I would rate this film 5/10. The visuals are great and the way the film moves along is really good. However these were really cheesy marines that reminded me of the Marines from Aliens. If only they could have been portrayed with a little more realism. Heck, in Green Zone even Matt Damon comes across as a realistic Marine! There was also no need for the stupid back story for them either! This could have been a really great film had the characters been more believable. This would have stopped me noticing that the Aliens looked like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when we get the first glimpse! A really good film for young teens but unfortunately seriously wide of the mark to make this a truly great movie, which it could so easily have been! Shame!

Phillcouch on Mar 31, 2011


People just expect way too much...especially from a movie with this title. I got everything I expected, it was awesome.

Cody W. on Apr 2, 2011


This is one of my favorite movies of 2011.

Cherryboy92 on Sep 18, 2011


Amazing write-up! This could aid plenty of people find out more about this particular issue. Are you keen to integrate video clips coupled with these? It would absolutely help out. Your conclusion was spot on and thanks to you; I probably won’t have to describe everything to my pals. I can simply direct them here!

cheap bras on Jan 19, 2012


The director Jonathan Liebesman is one of those lousy directors that tells his cameraman to keep shaking the camera back and forth up and down and in and out! That ruins the enjoyment of the movie for everybody who's over 45 years old! Why do those directors keep doing that crap? The reason it's never been done before they did it is because it's a lousy idea and is too disruptive for viewers trying to stay focused and enjoy the movie scenes. And how come it's always the directors with this screwball names like Berg..., Stein...., Gold....,Beck...., and Why do these groups of people always do that crap which is asinine and even repulsive for the average citizen to endure? And have you noticed how cheap and distorted the resolution is in his movie "battle: Los Angeles"? He had recorded that movie using digital camera equipment with a slow speed resolution deliberately set to simply save money. That digital distortion occurred every time the camera moved or something in front of the camera. And of course, because the director Liebesman kept telling the cameraman to shake the camera all over the place throughout the entire movie, those digital distortions kept appearing during the most action-packed scenes. ()()() Jonathan Liebesman you are one of those crappy movie producers/directors that have ruined the once enjoyed movie experience for me and others because you think you're God's gift to Greenacres and you think any changes you make are good changes. Wrong! 

Not Selfish on Mar 2, 2012

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