Sound Off: Joost/Schulman's 'Paranormal Activity 3' - Your Thoughts?

October 21, 2011

Paranormal Activity 3 Sound Off

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Its back - the ghost of Katie! For the third year in a row, Paramount is releasing the latest entry in the ongoing Paranormal Activity low budget creepy ghost horror series. This time, Paranormal Activity 3 is set in the era of VHS, focusing on two young girls, and is directed by up-and-coming Catfish co-directors Henry Joost & Ariel Schulman. So how is this newest creepy sequel/prequel in the hottest October horror franchise? How does it compare to the first two movies? Is it scary? If you've seen it, write your own comment and tell us your thoughts on Paranormal Activity 3!

Note: I have not seen Paranormal Activity 3 myself yet, but based on all the good buzz, including Jeremy's review and the 74% it currently has on Rotten Tomatoes, I thought this deserved a Sound Off discussion anyway. Of course, since this is a horror movie - spoilers from now on out for an all out discussion in the comments below. Please be aware of this! This is a place to discuss it for this who have seen the movie.

What did you think of Paranormal Activity 3? The best in the franchise or one of the worst? We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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Great entry in the franchise. PA4 will be an all out assault for scares, but I don't expect the franchise to continue after the next film... it wouldn't make any real sense to do so.

Los on Oct 21, 2011


Wasnt impressed. Predictable and not scary. I preferred PA2.

Harlie on Oct 21, 2011


SPOILER: No questions answered and the trailer is false advertising. This was the only one I looked forward to and was disappointed. I laughed more too...this is definitely the next SAW leaving more questions than answers getting people to come back for more. Unfortunately, the wife is addicted to these so I'll be seeing 4 in theaters. ugh...

Nate Carroll on Oct 21, 2011


The Trailer was false advertising on purpose. I dont know if you are saying it with bad connotation, but I loved how the trailer was.... It threw me off big time.... Its like the guys who made the trailer said "Lets make this trailer so everyone thinks we give away all the scary parts of the movie, and then when they watch the movie they are in for a big surprise." Personally I loved the advertising just because of that fact. It made the movie so much better in my opinion.

Antonio on Oct 22, 2011


It wasn't about the scary parts, it was the whole plot. So you'd like the fact that a trailer advertises a movie as being one thing and then being something entirely different with no scenes from the trailer. Seriously? You just said you don't mind false advertising. A car with 35mpg but it actually gets 29 but...wait, there is no but.

Nate Carroll on Oct 22, 2011


Who goes to these movies for the plot? Its all about the scares...

Philip J. Fry on Oct 22, 2011


There was no scare. Ya need a plot of some sort for a scare or to mess with your head. Shit jumping out at you is lacking and if that passes for horror, no wonder there hasn't been a decent horror film in decades.

Nate Carroll on Oct 22, 2011


There were multiple scenes that were in the trailers, and not in the film.  I also thought the scares were not that great, and no tension was built.  The ending was something I didn't expect, but left me wanting resolution and I didn't get that. 5/10

djchristensen on Oct 21, 2011


I agree with djchristensen. I saw the movie last night in Chicago. The trailers were scary, and these scenes were missing in the Movie. What's going on. I felt those scenes would have made the story line stronger. This would have given the movie-audiance a better understand of what was really going on!!!!!!

Ministerkm on Oct 21, 2011


Literally just left the theatre, best out of the three.

Dan on Oct 21, 2011


Best in the series, its a must see in a packed theater. The more people the better, nothing like watching a horror movie with people screaming and being able to feel the tension in a whole theater. If you didn't like it then you don't like paranormal activity, so why did you see this one?

Quick_movies on Oct 21, 2011


I would have to disagree with you on the packed theatre part. Just came back from it and was totally let down. People would not stop talking so about half the movie was ruined for me. I guess I get distracted easily? Either way I did enjoy watching it (even though it was ruined duo to such a young and obnoxios croud). 5/5, the same with the rest of the franchise. Can't wait till PA4 comes out.

Luckythepirate on Oct 21, 2011


Just saw the film and it was a good film but not the best one of the trilogy. Has a pretty cool twist on how "Toby" got to be apart of the family. Kristie was great she made the movie work great.

Dramponi19 on Oct 21, 2011


I had no expectations going in and was plesantly surprised. I think it was the best of the 3. I don't care that they didn't explain anything.

Tyler Bannock on Oct 21, 2011


I don't even know what to say. The movie was such a let down. I was so excited and ready to see PA3. I was so mad. It wasn't anything as they showed in the trailers. I was just disappointed. 

Rod Celaya on Oct 21, 2011


Disappointed that there were some parts from the trailer missing, but overall it had some good scares, although the movie didn't feel 'complete' to me. Like it was scrambled. Oh well. lol.

Daniel Vu Tran on Oct 22, 2011



MJ Fans of San Diego on Oct 22, 2011


it was cool, i guess, i had more fun watching people jump off their seats. 🙂 and yeah it was pretty predictable as well. still i recommend it. its great fun to watch with friends and here's a suggestion, take a girl for sure. 

MJ Fans of San Diego on Oct 22, 2011


Just got back from the theater, I loved it. 

Armeetapus16 on Oct 22, 2011


I really liked it but it just confused me more. If the make a PA4, whats going to happen? 

Enzo on Oct 22, 2011


Had a chance to mull over the movie as I keep seeing reviews on CNNHLN and others, they keep showing the scenes (investigator or priest coming to home, house fire, toby getting water splashed on him, the wife being thrown into the bedroom) just to name a few, and there were more. Since these were left out, I couldn't tap the fear of the Original film, as these I felt would help the story along in regards to why Toby was there, and give extra tension.  The last 15 minutes were supposed to be terrifying, but without back story, i was left with a WTF it just ended???  I am super stoked though for The Devil Inside, which looks spectacular and another found film movie Chronicle.

djchristensen on Oct 22, 2011


Chronicle reactions in the theater was fucking amazing. LOL.

Daniel Vu Tran on Oct 22, 2011


It was a lot scarier than the second one because it actually showed the demon a few times which I liked alot

Fineybernsen on Oct 22, 2011


To each his/her own. Thought it made up for PA2

ur_babys_daddy on Oct 22, 2011


The movie was fabulous,funny,also freaken scary ass hell.Injoy one n two but three was sic,the illest movie so far ass craze and impossible that this shit xsisted,i mean really happened.two thumps up u ask me,i really loved it,my kids was hella scared,i jump a few n I love horror,wow great film.Directors are awesome wit it...♥

Divaliscious6 on Oct 22, 2011


What the hell does any of this mean.

Carl on Oct 22, 2011


Are you possessed?

MHoges on Oct 22, 2011


Saw it tonight. Didn't enjoy it as much as the first two. *SPOILERS* The "let's put the camera on the fan" idea was total genius - that's why I hated it. Also - this entire time I've always thought Katie was the youngest sister. Nothing beats the first one in my opinion. That one had all the subtlety that a film like Paranormal Activity needs. As for the "false advertising" comments... Yeah, I have to agree - there were some scenes in the preview that seemed quite important. Maybe the makers have already shot the 4th movie? *NO MORE SPOILERS*

Delvis Crasho on Oct 22, 2011


I enjoyed the movie somewhat, I found it very predictable, so much that I could call each event before it even occurred, I agree with everyone's statements about the trailers, the scenes were completely left out, but I was glad that the whole thing didn't turn out to be "Bloody Mary". Leaving out those scenes was a mistake as the movie didn't really provide very much back story to how the haunting/possession started, the biggest mystery to me was "how the tapes were being viewed" the last 2 movies were presented in a "found tape/footage" style, the first footage found by the cops, the second found by whoever investigated the murder/disappearance by looking at the surveillance camera footage presented in the second instalment. So how was this footage made available for viewing. Another aspect of the movie that came up in discussion with friends was *Spoiler* Toby's description, the youngest girl described him as being "as tall as daddy" and "as old as grandma" however the appearance and size of the ghost under the sheet in the babysitter scene presented the ghost as being no taller then the back of a kitchen chair *End Spoiler*, anyone else got any views? or theories to answer my queries?, overall the movie had more scares then the previous instalments, more furniture throwing and none of that creepy "sound" that played any time something bad was about to happen, I'd give it a 4/5, deducting 1 for the lack of back story and leaving me in a WTF state for the last few scenes.

ZeroBarry on Oct 23, 2011


i could not stop laughing at all the stupid people who actually believed this was real hahahhaa...  ah  ignorance is bliss 🙂

Anonymous on Oct 23, 2011


its scary that people talk a big game on how bad the economy is and their struggling for money, yet they go see garbage like this and think their not getting robbed.

happy camper on Oct 23, 2011


I don't think any of us are going to save the world with $6.75.

Brian Ricci on Oct 23, 2011


Not to mention the amount of people that have jobs during movie production. Way to not be smart "happy camper" lol.

Daniel Vu Tran on Oct 23, 2011


you missed my point but its ok.

happy camper on Oct 23, 2011


pretty sure I got it, people that talk about the bad economy -> ironic that they buy / *waste money* on tickets to see 'bad' movies -> they end up getting robbed -> therein their own economy gets screwed lol, it's a fair point, but past the initial layer it loses its credibility :p. although I'm sure you were just noting how shitty the movie was lol. it was just a really bad attempt at an intelligent insult towards the movie ;p.

Daniel Vu Tran on Oct 23, 2011


BLAH it had 3 really awesome scary moments..but the fact that NOTHING from the trailer was in the movie pissed me off.   And the TOTALLY UNREALISTIC reactions of the characters.  As if 2 little girls would just go back to bed after being attacked by a ghost a few hours earlier Really? some basic realistic reactions would have made it great Plus..why the stupid "jump out and say boo" moments? really? totally un needed..the scare was there without those 2. The 3 parts the rocked were the kitchen levitation, the ghost sheet, and when the girl gets attacked and hair pulled after running into the invisible force Mis Fire big time..skip this

sam on Oct 23, 2011


True, my thoughts exactly lol. Except the ghost sheet wasn't that scary. The other two though....... ggggggggggggggggggggggggg

Daniel Vu Tran on Oct 23, 2011


I feel the exact same way!

Sparklenshine34 on Oct 26, 2011


I was certainly entertained and terrified through most of it. I'm a sucker for the "home video" horror flicks, and I absolutely loved PA1 & 2. But I was really disappointed by the ending-- and more importantly, confused. Like a lot of other people have said, a very different film than the trailer. My friend and I were speculating as to why they changed it so much. Why film so much, only to omit it from the theater version? And why choose a version that makes no sense in respect to the first two movies and doesn't answer any questions?? Also, it started with scenes from the 2nd movie... as if to imply that the ending might jump back to that one and the first movie (you know, like the PA2 ending did?). Ugh. Just makes me wonder if they ran out of money, or got lazy, or there was a serious disagreement over creative control- or all of the above. 

anne mi on Oct 23, 2011


I've read that the directors took certain parts out because they didn't think they were scary anymore.  I think that's stupid.  Some of those scenes seemed crucial to the backstory.  They showed a fire in the trailer.  That seems important.  The throwing water scene was half there.  Just when it was going to get scary it got cut.  I think it's the directors.  The trailer for Catfish scared the hell out of me.  I walked out of the theater disappointed and pissed though.  They're great at trailers.  Good at movies.

Brian Ricci on Oct 24, 2011


The scares were there but the story is so incoherent it made it hard to like

Adam L on Oct 24, 2011


I thought it was a fun movie for the halloween season. I wasn't really expecting much in terms of plot, and I was right. But who goes to see this for the plot? There were a few times when i was truly scared and it made the experience that much better. I wasn't sure what the whole ending scene was. SPOILER- I mean I know that the Grandma turned out being the cause of it all because of her cult or whatever it was, but is that it? If so, what are they gonna do for the next installment?

Mguz22 on Oct 24, 2011


If you ask me I think they'll follow Hunter (The baby from the last PA(2) lol)

Daniel Vu Tran on Oct 24, 2011


People are paying money to watch this?  

Anonymous on Oct 24, 2011


I saw it yesterday and that's the scariest movie ever.... Seriously, the tension of the last 15 minutes in the grandma's house is just insane!!! Loved it: great ideas, great direction... But fucking scary!!!

Christophe on Oct 24, 2011


yeah it was much scarier this time! I just saw it yesterday. More activity in this one.

Sparklenshine34 on Oct 26, 2011


The movie topped the last two a bit but was disappointed that the commercials from the first and second trailer wasn't in it. It would have made the movie a better movie and have get higher ratings. The good part was that each one was left a mystery.

Sparklenshine34 on Oct 26, 2011


Alot of people went to see the movie because of those commercials in the trailer with all the activity in it and its disappointing to not have them in the movie. It would have made it a better movie and scary. per the article that I had read that they had to delete scenes coz it was quite a stretch. I understand. Maybe they should do paranormal activity 3 with deleted scenes. This way it takes turns to see everything. Take out some scenes in the current one.

Sparklenshine34 on Oct 26, 2011


Paying to see the movie is only worth it if you think it is.  The movie is rated higher by those who were well affected by it.  Those who weren't I have noticed, seem to be disappointed and negative.  Don't express negativity guys.  It spreads like germs.  I enjoyed the suspense of the pan-camera, and the silence that was followed by a startling surprise.  But I know a lot of us found the ending confusing, disappointing, and misleading.  Mythology ruins the realism of the movie.  And the end confused me a bit.  I think they should have left more of a '.....' effect at the end.  Oh well, with the profit they've made, I hope they make an even better "Paranormal Activity 4". Thanks guys, --Savannah (age 11)

Savannah Hyde on Feb 9, 2012

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