Sound Off: Justin Lin's Latest Sequel 'Fast Five' - What Did You Think?

May 1, 2011

Fast Five

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? It all began back in 2001 with an entirely different movie, The Fast and the Furious, but after 10 years not only is this franchise still alive and kickin', it's back with a vengeance, including the entire cast and more. Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Jordana Brewster are back on the streets, this time in Brazil, along with franchise newcomer Dwayne Johnson as a badass mercenary. So how is it? Does it live up to the past few movies? Is just another guilty pleasure or is it better than that? If you've seen it already, leave a comment below and let us know what you thought of Fast Five!

To fuel the NOS this time, my first reaction watching this was: wow, director Justin Lin really grew up. His work here really proves that he's a more-than-capable director that deserves better than this franchise, which is why he's moving on to Terminator next. I haven't seen all of the movies in the series, but of what I have seen, I agree - this is the best Fast and the Furious movie to date. The characters are great, the action is badass, it was a true summer blockbuster, but I don't think it's flawless. They cut out all of the car chases and the big heist at the end is basically a messy, disorganized, poorly-conceived attempt at Ocean's 11 but without the control like Steven Soderbergh. So I guess I'll say that I thoroughly enjoyed it, but didn't love it.

What did you think of Fast Five? A badass summer action movie or typically dull and cheesy? We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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best of the yr so far for me!

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


best of the yr so far for me!

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


The Fast and The Furious was awesome, 2 Fast 2 Furious was horrible, Tokyo Drift was okay, and Fast and Furious minus the CGI cars was a return to form akin to TFaTF. Fast Five is a great follow up to TFaTF and Fast and Furious, excluding the in betweeny sequels this franchise is pretty decent. So counting only The Fast and The Furious, Fast and Furious, and Fast Five they all get a 7/10.

Xerxexx on May 1, 2011


7/10 are u mad man it should be 10/10 

vectrajim on Jun 26, 2011


Great movie! I didn't like the whole vault scene, too fake. The story line was good though. I hope another sequel is in the works in the near future considering all the money they made this weekend and how the film ended. "Do you believe in ghosts?" 😉

Guest on May 1, 2011


I aint seen the film yet but no way did they say or use the "Do you believe in ghosts?" If thats the case then maybe just maybe Justin Lin could of watched restless natives, a daft but totally fun wee scotish film with the clown and wolf man that ends with "Do you believe in ghosts?"

LV426 on May 2, 2011


Yeah when the credit rolls, the Eva Mendes and the Rock find out Letty is still alive and robbed a military convoy.

Collegeteck on May 2, 2011


I don't really have much to say, other than that I thought it was awesome. I thought some of the dialogue, particularly The Rock's, was still pretty cheesy, but I didn't care at all. This was mindless, over-the-top entertainment at it's absolute finest.

Chazzy on May 1, 2011


I thought that it was a great way to kick off the summer movie season. The action was intense, all the comedy landed (at least with the crowd I was with), and it is the overall best F&F film in the series. Of course, it's not Gone with the Wind, but damn it is absolutely fun. 9/10. (By the way, The Rock- excuse me....- Dwayne Johnson, was awesome.)

TheFutureofHollywood on May 1, 2011


We have had it over here in OZ for a while now everyone is braggin bout i havnt seen it yet personaly but after all the good things ive heard i will definately go see it.

Donza1978 on May 1, 2011


Interesting how a guy who died in the 3rd movie came back alive all of a sudden in this 5th movie.

Anonymous on May 1, 2011


What are you talking about? This movie takes place before the 3rd movie.

Drednought on May 1, 2011


Ah ha, I was going off the trailer .... that's a pretty shoddy way to place a film. Guess they don't like going forward. So the 4th movie is between the 1st and 2nd. the 5th movie is after the 4th movie but before the 2nd movie ... talking about wacko writers lol

Anonymous on May 1, 2011


The 4th movie also takes place before the 3rd movie.

Drednought on May 1, 2011


The order of the setting is The Fast and the Furious 2 Fast 2 Furious Fast and the Furious Fast Five The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift

Drednought on May 1, 2011


actually the order is The fast and the furious 2 fast 2 furious fast and the furious fast five fast and the furious 6 tokyo drift

Kelele77 on May 5, 2011


it all happens way before tokyo drift, that's why in the end, they're still deciding where to go next and head towards berlin

Piotras A on May 1, 2011


Definitely the best of the series. Some of the best action I have seen in awhile, even though it is pretty unrealistic. I am kind of torn by the fact the movies are moving towards a more heist centric franchise than the car culture franchise that made it what it is. Being a car enthusiast it is kind of a let down, but it is not to say it wasn't refreshing to see something new. Great movie. Just pure entertainment for 2 hours. 9/10

Drednought on May 1, 2011


Fat five is one of the top at the moment!!!

Konichiwatunechi on May 1, 2011


best one of the series but still has some corny dialogue and bad acting. Overall a great way to kick off summer movies. Stick around after the credits too.

Dim2thesum on May 2, 2011


Just got back from seeing Fast Five... Oh my GOD, I was not disappointed! Fast paced, and it you need to stay in your seat and wait for the credits to finished.... And ask yourself the question... Do I believe in ghosts! Good Movie!!!

denise on May 2, 2011


I don't know why you keep hating on fast and furious as a franchise. The first two weren't great but obviously it's been hugely successful. I honestly think at this point it is one of the more compelling action franchises out there. The movies are always action packed and fun and always live up to expectations. This is not great cinema but it does the summer franchise formula better than most (like the terrible transformer 2 and pirates 3). It's pretty awesome the've made it this entertaining for this long...

Llcooljake on May 2, 2011


I enjoined Vin and Dwayne going manno a manno.

Bryan "bytehead" Price on May 2, 2011


its ok, but a forgettable movie.. ending was meh..

mochonko on May 2, 2011


Its pretty funny how some people dont know the order of these movies or havent seen the whole series. If you are going to watch one of the four sequels in this series try watching every single one and try knowing everything about these films before saying negative things about them. This was the best one of the series along with the first and fourth. 2 Fast 2 Furious was just a poor continuation, but was still successful enough to carry on the series. Tokyo drift was a good movie in with its own style and should be respected because it was too a pretty successful continuation. With the early success of this film and with a ending to leave people thinking, Im pretty sure there will be one final film in the works in the next couple years. I give this film 9/10 because there was alot they left out and should've left in.

Bcoppetti on May 2, 2011


Call it a different name and it's a good watch ..but Fast and furious with no real racing !!! Bs ..

Don_esco on May 2, 2011


LOVED the movie fast five the ending is shocking tO me I couldn't believe it well I hope there's another one soon Do u believe in ghosts :)!

Miri0697 on May 2, 2011


there is definitely going to be a 6th one. it was confirmed that it was a new trilogy starting with the 4th one. Vin Diesel has confirmed that part of the next one will take place on the german autobahn!!!!!! the producer of the franchise also stated that there's a potential 7th one in the making also. it would be cool if the 7th one was a continuation of Tokyo Drift with Diesel and walker potentially in it! i loved fast five by the way! (for the franchise that is). and to all the people being negative saying there was no racing in the movie and that they are torn because it's more heist wise that car culture wise, the whole franchise has always partially been about heists. The fast and the furious was about jacking merchandise from trucks. 2f2f was about a drug lord. tokyo drift was about money laundering and the fricking yakuza. FaF was about drug smuggling and F5 was about bank robbing and a drug lord. they all were heist movies in a way technically with a high influence on car culture and cops (cops partially, only for the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th [discounting walker in the 5th])! I'm not being negative, I'm just saying.

jmack23 on May 2, 2011


That and car culture has changed a lot since the first film. The tuner scene has pretty much died. I'm glad to see the franchise growing up with the times...

Bk_nava on May 2, 2011


There are not races races anymore because they are not settled down, in Fast 4 they are on the run, in L.A., but they are on the run, in Fast 5, they are pretty much on the run in Brazil, and they even hint a race, but it's just clearly they don't need to show the race, because it;s not the main point. I believe its grown to be a good franchise with a cool plot and story line in all the movies (I even like 2 Fast 2 Furious a bit), and the characters have developed since the first one. For those of you who don't know, the chronological order is: The Fast and The Furious (2001) 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003) Fast & Furious (2009) Fast Five (2011) The and The Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006). I hope that by 2013 or 2014 they release Fast 6 as a sequel to Fast Five and prequel to Tokyo Drift. And that by 2015 or 2016 they release the 7th and final one as a sequel to Tokyo Drift, with Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster, and let's hope that by the 7th one they bring back Lucas Black, cause it would be where Tokyo Drift left off. Fast Five was awesome! Stay after the credits guys!

Mac306 on May 2, 2011


A really fun and big summer action movie. Aside from a few miss fires the movie is a blast from start to finish. Lin is sort of harping on Inception, Ensemble cast, plan an elaborate heist, last twenty minutes or so is the execution of said heist, and throw in a few more action set pieces in between. None the less, its one of the best action movies of recent memory and Dwayne Johnson is AWESOME. The action scenes are competently choreographed and have quite an "edge" to them for a PG13 movie. Vin Diesel, sadly, doesn't have alot to do in this movie but to act tough and other than Dwayne Johnson the acting is pretty mediocre. The only really negative thing about Fast Five is how skinny the girls are in this movie, it's distracting to say the least. I'm not one to usualy complain about something as trivial as this in a film but it's pretty bad. Take for example, the Israeli girl taking her towel off at the pool, a scene that was supposed to ooze sexuality instead just made me feel woried about the actres's health. It's a stupid complaint, but all I know is I'd take Michelle Rodriguez any day over the near anorexic,supposedly, eye candy in "Fast Five".

Zac917 on May 2, 2011


By the way, anyone see it in IMAX? Is it worth checking out? I only saw it in a standard movie theatre.

Zac917 on May 2, 2011


diesel and the rock going at it? check. crazy cgi: check. insane chase at the end with lotsa destruction? double check. mindless and impossible action: guilty check (but a guilty pleasure). and not to mention almost all the cast from previous F&F...was a good movie, i enjoyed it. BUT...i was ready to walk out of cinema when that last scene came with "her" beeing alive. That kinda ruined it for me. Dead is dead... Diesel got some nice brazilian ass...why complicate.

Redguy on May 2, 2011


see, couldn't you have just eluded to it like the rest of the people who posted it, After reading all the comments I was getting really excited to watch this movie for the ending, which you have so blatantly and thoughtlessly ruined. Thank you very effin much.

Mayhem on May 2, 2011


mr the title "Now that you've seen it what do you think?" and "We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!" should come back here, only and ONLY after you've seen it Mayhem. Shoo!

Redguy on May 2, 2011


I, like many others come to the Sound Offs to get different opinions on the movie to see if it is something to watch or not. This is the first time I have posted on it, and only in response to you giving away what is meant to be a surprise to viewers. Others eluded to it with out giving it away, which is all I am saying you could have done.

Mayhem on May 3, 2011


Redguy should use some restraint. Don't post spoilers here...please. Love this franchise. Have the previous 4 as a colection. I caught this 5th instalment and was overly pleased. One shouldn't be too picky on Hollywood summer blockbusters. It delivered what it should have. Drooling for the 6th.

Wheels on May 2, 2011


i can tell the whole synopsis if i want. This post is made for those who seen it, nobody reads what Bilington terms were?

Redguy on May 3, 2011


It was passable. Barely. The Miami and PR sets were kind of obvious, but I could have done without having the Jesus statue as every single transitioning scene. I just hope they find out and fix whatever glandular problem the Rock was suffering from before they make another one...

Chad Moulder on May 2, 2011


Diesel getting the best of the Rock in that fight scene? Please. Rock owns Vin.

Meow on May 2, 2011


Awesome, really liked the first 2, the 3 and 4th were meh, but the fifth was great. Glad I was dragged to see it and I wasn't even considering it a worth watching movie at first. As a guy put it "I love the Rock's one liners", while I loved the Rock's wet beard look. You know a movie is good when you don't notice it passes the usual 1.5 hour mark. Music was awesome as well

Barbara Ruiz on May 2, 2011


love how much action and destroying of cars it had!

Casey Carroll on May 3, 2011


Knowing what they are, I liked em all... (always kinda wondered what is would be like to see Tyrese & Vin in the same FF movie) That said this one was by far my fav. A lot of badasses in the same movie.

Anonymous on May 3, 2011


dis movie iz fukin awesome. da best movie in da world.

Liam Gilbride on May 4, 2011


LOVED IT! 'Nuff said.

Ousoonerbabe03 on May 29, 2011


Honestly, the series has be been great so far. But Fast 5, just was not what the franchise is about. The first two were great, storyline was perfect, Lots of racing! fast five, had overall probably one race that only lasted what 30 seconds? Thats not even what the franchise is suppose to be about. High expectations that were not reached! 

terminator546 on Oct 4, 2011


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