Sound Off: Marvel's 'Thor' Starts the Summer - What Did You Think?

May 6, 2011

Marvel's Thor

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? It's finally time to kick off the summer of 2011! Marvel Studios is leading the way once again this year with Thor, the latest epic comic book adaptation directed by Kenneth Branagh and starring Chris Hemsworth as the God of Thunder himself and Anthony Hopkins as his father Odin. So how is it? Did Marvel deliver yet another home run with Thor or are they in trouble this time? How was Hemsworth as the God of Thunder? How were all of the epic fights across the three realms? If you've seen it, leave a comment below and let us know what you thought of Marvel's Thor!

I just saw Thor for my second time last night and I still think it's awesome. Not only was it an exhilarating way to kick off the summer, as the movie is a fantastically entertaining way to spend two hours, but I thought Branagh directed one of the best Marvel movies to date. I love every and any scene that takes place on Asgard, as it was beautifully conceived, and I loved that world and the characters and all of the dialogue, I wanted to spend more time there. I really loved how cosmic and epic the realms were as introduced in this. The issues I have are with the Earth-based scenes feeling measly/inexpensive compared to everything on Asgard/Jotunheim; and Kat Dennings - her character was pointless comic relief, not a funny one either.

Though I must make special mention of Tom Hiddleston - he was absolutely phenomenal as Loki. My favorite performance out of anyone in the entire movie and an actor I know we're going to see a lot more of in the future. Everything about his performance was nuanced yet flawless, and knowing he might be the villain in The Avengers is exciting to hear, because I know his potential is pretty much limitless. They could not have found a better actor to take on the mischievous, complex, awesome role of Loki. Him and Idris Elba as Heimdall stole the show. And did you catch that cameo in the rain? I can't wait for The Avengers!

What did you think of Thor? An awesome summer blockbuster or totally cheesy and stupid? We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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I agree Tom Hiddleston was great.

Dianayeme on May 6, 2011


I def liked his performance! Thought the whole film was awesome!

Casey Carroll on May 7, 2011


I thought it was bland and very meh and very by the rules. What a goofy superhero.

kris canon on May 6, 2011


@kris c "MEH"???? PUNCH YOURSELF.

JIGGABOO44 on May 8, 2011


I kind of agree... I'm confused as to why people thought this was so awesome. It was about as awesome as x-men, wolverine, and fantastic four... (not awesome)

Race Bannon on May 8, 2011


.... I did think hiddleston did well as loki, however.

Race Bannon on May 8, 2011


i enjoyed the movie. jutenheim fight sequence was brilliant. the earth sequences and the choice of soundtrack being used were a downer though. and i agree idris elba and tom hiddleston gave the best performances.

Anon on May 6, 2011


it was way better than i thought. I will have to see it again

dave on May 6, 2011


No! I am 'Dave' on here! now i havce to change my name, thanks allot!

dave on May 8, 2011


Agreed. I had no intentions to see the movie based on the, in my opinion, pretty shitty looking trailers. I was pleasantly surprised by how much better the actual movie was, and Hemsworth and Hiddleston did a great job as Thor and Loki respectively while Natalie Portman and Co. felt pretty meh to me. The story was obviously very predictable from the get-go, but I was still entertained until the very end. The little cameo during the night scene in the rain got me all giddy and was probably my favorite part of the movie. Some of the dialog made me wince, not necessarily because it was terrible (which it unfortunately really was in parts), but mostly because of the sometimes really bad delivery. I can't say my mind was blown, but it was definitely a good time and a nice start into this superhero summer. Now I only hope Captain America will be as amazing as the trailers have me believe so far. I think Chris Evans was the perfect choice for the role and will embody and become Cap as much as RDJ made Iron Man his own. Fingers crossed!

Anonymous on May 8, 2011


you're not going to see the movie but you spent the time to review it?? go see it... good movie, took a very complicated myth and made it watchable without it being overly cheesy, check it out

Richardokewole on May 9, 2011


THOR ROCKED HARD!!! and the way he used his hammer was done excellent! Marvel is on a roll with these movies!

Bitmap'd on May 6, 2011


Thor is Norse for BORING. I thought it was a total snorefest.

Me on May 6, 2011


Best Marvel Movie Yet Loved It

Mike3vil on May 6, 2011


Loved it!! Chris Hemsworth was fantastic as Thor. Not many could pull that off. I'm glad they went with a somewhat unknown actor. I agree that the scenes on Earth weren't as thrilling as Asgard. I think it was the boring setting. Imagine how much better the Warrior's Three scenes would have been if it were on the Vegas strip? Regardless, it's a fun movie, with amazing performances from Hemsworth, Hiddleston, Hopkins, and Elba, who was awesome as Hemdale.

Traviscox4109 on May 6, 2011


Mediocre as a motherfucker. 5/10.

M.K. Nielsen on May 6, 2011


You are so cool!!!

Geoffrey Shauger on May 7, 2011



SNUGG on May 8, 2011


Id say 7/10, I agree with pretty much every point you made actually. The earth scenes felt insignificant and just cheesy compared to the otherworldly ones. Which is funny because I thought the exact opposite when I saw the trailer. I dont know the source material so not sure how true the actors were to their characters, but Elba and Hiddleston really did steal the show. Hemsworth was badass, he played the cheesy hero at the beginning so arrogant and dumb and made the transition to the true worthy hero believable. Any scene with Elbas Heimdall was gold literally and figuratively. Not a masterpiece by any means and definitely couldve used a little more action IMO.

Cody W. on May 6, 2011


Well Cody you sold me on it, I'm gonna check it out for sure.

Xerxexx on May 6, 2011


Good, but watch out cause like I said its not a masterpiece and I know a couple people I saw it with who thought it was the cheesiest movie they'd ever seen.

Cody W. on May 7, 2011


Advice heeded.

Xerxexx on May 7, 2011


No fueling the fire...? Oh shite!

Papa Jay on May 6, 2011


Oh my god it is gone! What the hell Alex!?!? "To Fuel the Fire" is what makes this site as awesome as it is!

Xerxexx on May 6, 2011


Holy crap, are you married to Alex or what?

Don't Mess Around With Jim on May 7, 2011


Um..."To Fuel the Fire" is fucking awesome, and its what makes the Sound off worth it. What is your problem? Is it not "Hip" to like Billington's articles? Well allow me to be a total square, cause you know what? Its hip to be square. Now if you'll excuse me I have to return some video tapes.

Xerxexx on May 7, 2011


hip to be square? video tape? me thinks Xerxexx' is communicating from the past! lol.. I have to agree, I always read the "To fuel the fire" line just to get an idea of what the debate would be...

Lando on May 7, 2011


@Lando My DeLorean broke down.

Xerxexx on May 7, 2011


I love you Patrick, but could you lay off the power tools? Also, you owe me a kitten.

Anonymous on May 9, 2011


It was all that criticism I got every time I said that! ๐Ÿ™‚ Plus it just felt odd saying that in this one, I wanted to try something different.

Alex Billington on May 7, 2011


Screw the people that criticize "To Fuel the Fire" they don't get it!

Xerxexx on May 7, 2011


-----^ what he said

Chris A. on May 7, 2011


@SuicidalOptimist:disqus You're card even has a watermark! Wanna come over for a drink? perhaps listen to Huey Lewis and News?

Xerxexx on May 9, 2011


@buddha1822:disqus "to fuel the fire" was only the part I was expecting to read! ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad you like the movie.

Manuel on May 7, 2011


noooo you have let them know that they can get to you now you'll never hear the end of the losers nit picking your every word

kiran halcyon on May 8, 2011


We demand "To Fuel the Fire."

Xerxexx on May 9, 2011


I had to search "fuel" on my browser.. I couldn't believe it

MarcA on May 9, 2011


I would give it an 8 out of 10. The performances were some of the best I have seen in a comic book inspired movie, and all of the cast held their own. The Earth scenes did feel a little lackluster, but I think that was just a factor of how amazing the scenes of Asgard were. Overall, I was thoroughly impressed and I can't wait to see where they take the character and the franchise.

Redmond Rinehart on May 6, 2011


good movie

์ •์œ ์ • on May 6, 2011


Highly predictable film using the exact same story structure as Iron Man 1.

Rp1n on May 6, 2011


He built a suit after having his heart injured?????

Geoffrey Shauger on May 7, 2011


Two movies where the characters start off arrogant, and are quickly humbled. They must then go through the heros journey only to find out it was someone close to them that betray them in order to gain power. Perhaps that's why I enjoyed it so much, its a repackaged movie in shiny new armour.

Hhahha Haj on May 7, 2011


Yeah every movie has this kind of journey, I thought this one was much more believable than many.

Jordan Scott on May 7, 2011


isnt iron man always pretty arrogant though?

Nick on May 7, 2011


As far as i remeber, the first Iron Man ended with Robert Downey Jr. being arrogant with the press...soo, not the same

deckter on May 8, 2011


so like batman begins and avatar.I mean even Jesus was betrayed by a close friend in the bible. Stop making comparisons. Yes Avatar was like Pochantos but she was an indian and the nevei are make believe blue aliens who were literally connected to the trees. Enjoy the movies for their difference and stop complaining about their similarities.

ihatehaters on May 9, 2011


It was a fun summer movie!! ANd I agree with all of your points.

parris1980 on May 6, 2011


I liked it a lot. Fore some reason the flying effects seemed odd to me but everything else was great. Love the Avenger cameo during the raid on the Shield site!!!

Jasonmd2020 on May 6, 2011


The movie was great. Not easy bringing a comic book character like Thor to the big screen. The director did a great job. Waiting for Cap now.

grapefruit on May 6, 2011


Oh yeah, and green lantern

grapefruit on May 6, 2011


10/10 Tom Hiddleston ... He is Loki as Ledger was JOker... I want to see it on the avengers flick.. Good movie but not great..waiting for Cap... Jeremy renner awesome with the hawkeye character

sakyo on May 7, 2011


Couldn't agree more. Hiddleston is the gem of this movie. I can't imagine a more perfect Thor. This brings me to my next point. I actually think that Loki was a dark hero for the majority of the movie. Am I wrong here. He obviously is the antagonist for Thor, but I actually think he had good intentions until he saw his true nature. And even then, he still had his family in mind. I think the main point of this movie was to set up the villian of the Avengers movie. Had a great time overall though. 7.5/10.

Jax on May 8, 2011


You mother fuckers sure know how to ruin a cameo. Jesus christ. Shut your fucking mouths with the spoilers

ind3lible on May 7, 2011


Hey I didn't name him. Just said there was one...

Jasonmd2020 on May 7, 2011


This movie was awesome! It looked like it cost a fortune to make too! To me Asgard is one of the best looking worlds ever created in a movie(looks way better than Pandora!)Love the frost giant battles, Hiddleston did steal the show, I look forward to him causing more havoc in the avengers...Elba did his thing as Heimdal, everytime he spoke it shook the theater! Overall, this is definitely on pace with the first Iron Man movie, being very good! I hope everybody stayed after the credits too, if you go see this , make sure you do!

jah p on May 7, 2011


Story is not that good, but cann't stop I love it. Hemsworth is too handsome.

Ou_haiming on May 7, 2011


don't know if i'm allowed to do this, but check out my review here: I really enjoyed the movie

lane on May 7, 2011


Fast Five started the summer.

Rops on May 7, 2011


No way, it definitely did not. Thor did. Universal just tried to steal the summer spot because of the calendar, but didn't, they may have had the biggest April opening ever, but Thor is still kicking off the summer THIS weekend. The summer movie season always begins the first weekend of May, and it always will.

Alex Billington on May 7, 2011


To each his own. But I don't know what else I would call Fast Five than a Summer Blockbuster. Sure ain't oscar bait. But just so you don't think I'm trolling, I loved Thor. It was my most anticipated Summer film / comic book movie. Wished there was more with the Frost Giants, they seemed underdeveloped. But other than that, Hiddleston blew me away and I thought Branagh did a great job balancing the comedy, human drama, and epic scale of the film.

Rops on May 7, 2011


I agree Rops, Fast Five had the best action scenes I've seen in a long time! You would think it was a summer blockbuster, and I think it is, I mean what's a week later?but the experts say summer movie season officially starts in early May...but I loved Thor, and I also agree Branagh was able to balance it all and made a pretty good movie! I think he had more to balance with Thor, then Favreau had with Iron Man..which made Branagh's job much more harder...

jah p on May 7, 2011


Of course, but it was just a big marketing gimmick, that doesn't make it fact and that's my point. Thor is indisputably the summer opener because, even as jah p below says, that May spot is the opening. Fast Five was just a "summer" action blockbuster... a week earlier. But now summer has officially begun.

Alex Billington on May 7, 2011


I'm agreeing with you since Billington's being a prick about it...

Anonymous on May 7, 2011


I don't think it will have the same amount of attendees as Fast Five. So far, statistically speaking, THOR has only $3.2 million (1,800 locationss) in ticket sales for its Midnight release. Let alone how much in the increased take from IMAX or 3D screens? Whereas Fast Five had $3.8 million on only 1,132 locations no 3D screens, but I dont think it will come close to as many IMAX screens. I agree with Rops, technically you can say it always starts in May, but summer doesnt start until JUNE. And only in the past decade where summer movies pushed into MAY. It usually was in JUNE in the '90s. Fast Five began the summer movie season! That's my opinion ๐Ÿ™‚

Mike Cromley on May 7, 2011


There's not really an official start to the summer movie season. It's only been the first week of May since The Mummy and Gladitor were big movies that opened well in that slow in 1999 and 2000. Fast Five, Thor, whatever. The only thing it speaks to is a very crowded multiplex.

lane on May 7, 2011


slot* not slow

lane on May 7, 2011


If there is an "official" start to the summer movie season this is the first I've heard of it. Most people consider the summer movie season started when summer gets here and the first big popcorn flick hits theatres. Which, in this case, was Fast Five.. not Thor as AB suggests...

Anonymous on May 7, 2011


Agreed. Fast Five no doubt started the summer movie season...

Anonymous on May 7, 2011


The movie, for me, was kind of all over the place. The first half-hour, telling the story of Thor and the giants was amazing. It sucked me in. Really well told and acted and the sets were gorgeous. Then, it sort of skips to Earth and things just get bit boring and formulaic. I wasn't even all that impressed with the "storming the compound" scene; generic action at best. Scarlett did it nearly the same thing in IM2 and, again for me, she did it better or at least it was filmed better or something. It just didn't work in Thor. The it goes all "Masters of the Universe" and tries to combine the high fantasy look with the Nevada desert in broad daylight and it was so jarringly bad (the cg, the costumes, everything...) that it completely tore my connection from the movie. They should have toned down the colors while on Earth. Make them more bright in Asgard, but those ultra-brite colors against the brown of Nevada was just painful to look at. Lastly, it gets back to Asgard where it finishes up "alright." I think it might have been better than I felt it was, but I was so "meh" by that point from the previous bit that I kind of stopped caring. So by the end of the movie I was left with a "it was good/alright" feeling. My two sense and I can definitely see how others might have gotten more out of it.

RecycledSoldier on May 7, 2011


I just read that and I thoroughly apologize for the grammar. I'm using my tablet to post and I'm not quite used to it.

RecycledSoldier on May 7, 2011


It took place in new mexico just an fyi it wasn't nevada

Kdanaher13 on May 7, 2011


RS ย  i think you forgot that the movie STARTED on Earthย  and they went to Asgard to explain why Thor got tossed there . The "blandness" of the Earth scenes were planned and obviously meant to make the Asgard scenes look more impressive ( as a Kingdom should be ! ) .ย  yes it's not an Oscar winner ย  but no comic book movie will ever be one .ย  just stick to the "script" from the original mags and u satisfy us fans - the better Marvel movies replicate that comic's universe more faithfullyย  ...ย 

Andrew D on May 26, 2011


I was really dissapointed in the film, chris hemsworth was awful and the audience in my session were booing at certain sequences. I should have waited for the DVD.

Moveon on May 7, 2011


Haters gonna hate

Geoffrey Shauger on May 7, 2011


that just proves you have a poor taste in movies. enjoy twilight!

Jwb3 on May 9, 2011


C'mon, everyone knew this wasn't going to be Oscar material, so quit with the harshness. It was entertaining, Chris Hemsworh was adequate, Natalie Portman was beautiful and the story, most importantly, was good and believable. I liked it, as well as the Jeremy Reiner cameo. Not a fantastic movie, but I don't think anyone expected it would be. I enjoyed it and look forward to many repeats on FX and the like in the future. Actually, Hemsworth captured the American arrogance inherant in Thor...maybe we will recognize that and enjoy it even more....

Beaner7305 on May 7, 2011


It certainly rocked my socks off! I plan on seeing it again.

Thanos on May 7, 2011


As a summer movie and introduction story, Thor was pretty damned good. Chris Hemsworth, Idris Elba and Tim Hiddleston were great in their roles. The assistant to Natalie Portman's character was a waste. Overall, I think Kenneth Branaugh did a wonderful job juggling the storylines between Earth and the Asgardian realms.

Tilane7 on May 7, 2011


Ok Let me say this as a MARVEL fan and a FAN of the comics, this was well done. Like better than Iron Man 2 well done. There are so many Easter eggs it's not even funny. The outwordly segments were truly awe inspiring great stuff made you believe that even though we see them as gods they are just Asgardians. Loki and Heimdall are just perfect. Will give my take on it as a movie on a whole in a bit. This stays true to the source material about 90% so fans don't worry. Thor is THOR not thor lite or thoresque. Dude weilds a hammer and kicks ass.

NeoSlyfer on May 7, 2011


Liked it myself, Neo. The Easter Eggs were also great. Also liked Walt Simonson's cameo (and Stan the Man's too!!) and the "Special Thanks to" list at the end. I had a lot of fun watching the film. Here's hoping for a sequel and a great AVENGERS film.

Anonymous on May 10, 2011


saw it in the morning to avoid the rush, im not a big comic book movie fan but i got to say this movie was good, added it had more laughs than Iron Man *in a good way* and i like the dude with the bow and arrow motif...i want to see that guy again......

Jericho on May 7, 2011


That's Hawkeye bub

NeoSlyfer on May 7, 2011


I Know this movie was a great set up for The Avengers !

McWilly on May 7, 2011


who and what?

Jericho on May 7, 2011


wait Hawkeye is that the guy from M*A*S*H?

Jericho on May 7, 2011


Time for some Marvel history....

Jasonmd2020 on May 7, 2011



Jericho on May 7, 2011


it was awesome! adding hawkeye was awesome. jeremy renner's going to do a great job as him. totally got me pumped for the avengers

Nick on May 7, 2011


did anyone else think that that big black guy that fought thor while he was trying to get his hammer back from shield was luke cage?

FeaRLesS on May 7, 2011


Fearless, that's what I wanted to know?They fought for a good minute! Strengh to Strength! I hope it is, cause Luke Cage has to be huge!

jah p on May 7, 2011


There's been a lot of speculation about it, but it's, well, just speculation. Still though...dug the references to Bruce Banner, and the "Dr. Donald Blake" name. I liked the movie a lot.

Anonymous on May 10, 2011


I was very pleased with THOR. One thing that bugged me was the fact that THOR didn't have his helmet on for most of the film. But aside from some minor complaints I was extremely taken back by how well directed it was. Donald Blake, Hawkeye, and the cosmic cube references were awesome and got me really excited for The Avengers!

IceFilm on May 7, 2011


that helmet looked so dorky though...and whats a cosmic cube?

Jericho on May 7, 2011



IceFilm on May 7, 2011


I was thinking about that too, it was a good idea not to wear the helmet the entire movie but im glad they did show that he had it at the beginning for the Thor and marvel fans.

FeaRLesS on May 7, 2011


My wife and I loved it. Loved the Jeremy Renner cameo, Stan Lee driving the truck, etc. I bet the haters don't even know why Renner was in the movie. With or without him it was Fantastic! Like the ending said if you stuck around through the credits. Thor will return with the Avengers. Avengers Assemble!

Thor American Iron on May 7, 2011


Loved it. Definitely better than I expected. Not sure how close it is to the comics, since I've never really read them, but as a movie it rocked.

Anonymous on May 7, 2011


Okay, so i have been waiting for this movie for forever(as Thor is my favorite comic book character) and was really hoping it wouldnt be suckish like some other adaptations. I watched it tonight and i must say....BEST MOVIE EVER! It was so epic! The acting, directing, sound mixing, graphics, writing, set design, etc. It deserves a huge thumbs up. It had a bit of everything (action, scifi, comedy, bit of romance, mystery, and great emotion) I was not at all disappointed and i really didnt want it to end! Go see it now!

lost815316 on May 7, 2011


I LOVED it. It did a fantastic job at setting up the Avengers. Though I have to admit, I LOST MY SHIT when Jeremy Renner came on screen. I mean, I knew he was going to be in it because I saw a clip of the movie with his cameo floating around... but I pushed it into the back of my mind. It was really good.

fem!anon on May 7, 2011


I know man, and i think that big guy that thor was fighting was luke cage

FeaRLesS on May 7, 2011


Renner was an aewsome cameo to set up his character as Hawekeye for the Avengers, So we have the obvious; Iron Man, Thor, Cap, Hulk, Black Widow and Nick Fury

Captain Thor American Iron on May 7, 2011


Not only did his cameo rock but when he chose the bow over all of those high powered rifles, then I saw his face, I was like aw yeah but at the same time, oh hell. They played that out perfectly. Especially him saying he was rooting for him. Can't wait to see them all together. Avengers Assemble!!!

Thor American Iron on May 7, 2011


I still dont get the rave reviews. The film was a 7 at best. and yeah @buddha1822:disqus keep using the "to fuel the fire" line. This article was missing something without it ๐Ÿ™‚

Bltzie on May 7, 2011

104 was bought by WB. That's how. That's their trick. Have only the good ratings to get it insanely high prior to release so that people will pay to see it opening weekend then let the real ratings come out. By then they already tricked us out of our hard earned money. I won't be making that same mistake with Green Lantern and Transformers 3.

HalJordan on May 9, 2011


Uh, THOR was released by Paramount. Nothing to do with WB. I mean....ditch the tinfoil hat, willya?

Anonymous on May 10, 2011


"Thor" was stellar!! Truly enjoyed it. I loved the cosmic atmosphere given to the realms and traveling through space "as a civilian of Asgard". Thrilling stuff and I thought the chemistry between Portman and Helmsworth was "there". highly recommend it! p.s. solid 8/10 A flying hammer never looked so effing bad ass!

Conrad Williams on May 7, 2011


boring, boring, boring, very ordinary, who do i speak to get my money back? Chris hemsworth looked like a drag queen

Happy Happy on May 7, 2011


I thought it was very cute and had lots of charm. A fun time at the Cinema.

Loser on May 7, 2011


Might be cool to have a poll to easily rate the movie. Hard to tell by reading a 100 comments.

Michael P. Shipley on May 7, 2011


We're working on adding that to future Sound Off posts, it's coming soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

Alex Billington on May 7, 2011


Please, call it "To Fuel The Fire" Poll

Manuel on May 7, 2011


Seriously Alex To fuel the fire poll, o man thats priceless.

Cody W. on May 7, 2011


I always wondered how people found their "fetish" and now I know. Note to self.... next boyfriend must wear Thor costume. ๐Ÿ™‚

Alisha on May 7, 2011


Your next boyfriend could be this one...

Manuel on May 7, 2011


... or this one, much better...

Manuel on May 7, 2011


Boys your ruining the fantasy at an astounding rate! ๐Ÿ™‚

Alisha on May 8, 2011


BOOOOORING! Was more like a bad comedy than an action movie

Peter Kudsk Petersen on May 7, 2011


... Are you sure you saw the same movie as we did ? :/ Because i remembre bad ass action scenes and hammer threw in big fat monster face.

Martin Jones on May 7, 2011


Hey @buddha1822:disqus , while you were busy deleting my comments cause I cursed... Everyone continued with the spoilers. Come on dude, get real. A LOT of us come to this website JUST to read what people thought of movies so we know whether or not to watch them. Spoiling cameos is just bs and im disappointed that you care more about language then people spoiling things for those of us who havent seen it.

ind3lible on May 7, 2011


I really enjoyed this movie as much as I did Iron Man... There were a few moments that were boring but imo it was just part of prepping for something bigger... I can't wait for the next one ๐Ÿ˜€

The Original Lori Monster on May 7, 2011


For an introductory movie and a comic book adaptation, it was fucking GREAT! Loved it and they got tons right, acting and directing was great with an awesome cast...and it was fun and interesting and a popcorn cruncher which is exactly what it set out to be... 8/10

Nightshade on May 7, 2011


I wanted to strangle Kat Dennings every time she opened her mouth. -.-

Anonymous on May 7, 2011


A fun film, my only complaint is the constant showing of how they go from their world to ours, after a couple of times it's like "OK, we get it. Move on". Chris (Thor) was my favorite in the film, just a funny/charming/badass/thinking action hero. 3D was totally useless BTW. Rating 7.5/10

David Perretta on May 7, 2011


I think fast 5 started the summer but thor was a good movie.

Anieves75 on May 7, 2011


It was'nt the masterpiece everyones acting like it is, but it was pretty damn good.. 8/10

dave on May 7, 2011


I refuse to see Thor... Just because you didn't fuel the fire Alex! Great... I will miss out on a great movie because of you, you jerk.

Abc on May 7, 2011


It was more than OK, I enjoyed it, but I can't say I was a fan before and not really more a fan of Thor now. But, 10mins into the film, I realized something was was fake 3D. I had not done my research, shame on me. The fake 3D actually made the movie less enjoyable, as I often wondered if the projectionist was drunk, the picture often seemed out of focus...

David Banner on May 7, 2011


PS Forgot to mention the 'hidden' scene, after the end credits. Let me add *SPOILER* incase(not sure if it is a spoiler really), this item they show, is it linked to the Krull maybe?

David Banner on May 7, 2011


I thought it was good. Not the best adaptation to date, but good. More fight scenes would have been better.

Anonymous on May 7, 2011


I don't like it how people say that they don't like the comedic relief of the film (Kat Dennings) when they dont realize that even Shakespeare had comedic relief.

BlakFIlmAker on May 8, 2011


I went to the midnight premiere (on a school night, as many awesome movie premieres are), and it was definitely worth falling asleep in every class for. Haha. I LOVED this movie. Definitely one of the best superhero films Holleywood has produced. Hemsworth and Hiddleston both did great, and the action was epic! I never even liked the Thor comics, but this movie was just awesome. Loved it! 9/10

FriendlyFire on May 8, 2011


i thought the shakespeare influences were great. and how every scene just nudged the story a bit more without overdoing anything. a careful masterly crafted film by a true genius in kenneth branagh.

Jonnyb on May 8, 2011


Thor was awesome!!! The special effects with the cosmos, stars, and space was spectacular (might have to go see it in 3D next time), the scene where he grabs his hammer in the sky and gains back all his armor was sick, and the fight sequences were amazing/when he wheeled his hammer around. I very curious as to what that light source was at the end of the credits and what "power" it possesses?

Jwb3 on May 8, 2011


over rated .. good but not great, just a transitional film for The Avengers.. Capt America will be better..

mochonko on May 8, 2011


I feel terribly negative everytime I post on this site.... but seriously. This wasn't a great movie. Not even a good movie. Loki was good, and Hawkeye's cameo was sweet.... but there was nothing else. The action was incredibly lame. The 3D was incredibly pointless. The dialogue was INCREDIBLY cheesy. Every time someone opened their mouth, I cringed at being struck with another dumb joke. It was just unreal. And then Kat Dennings... ugh. But Thor's relationship with Jane was so incredibly fake. They knew each other for a couple days, and there was no development given whatsoever. And probably the worst part of all was the stupid angles of the shots. Do we really need the camera to be tilted at all times? Is gravity shifted to the side a bit on Asgard? Is this gravity shift brought to Earth when Thor comes?

Chazzy on May 8, 2011


Just saw it! Better than I expected! Reminded me of Iron Man as far as intro to character . Epic move with a cool after credit ending!

Judasbarronx1 on May 8, 2011


It was awesome!

Lamar on May 8, 2011


+1000 go see Thor and give it a chance!

Boon on May 8, 2011


I've got to admit.. I was skeptical during the early stages of development.. costumes and it being in 3D and all... but wow, was I ever wrong! Great film.. Branagh stomped the shortcomings with the source material and delivered a home run!

Boon on May 8, 2011


7/10, acting was good, action was...well, not that much as i was expecting, but it was there. I could count at least 2 "extremely cheesy" scenes, but let's forget them shall we ๐Ÿ˜› Overall it was a good action superhero flick, it made my friday night.

R3dGuy on May 8, 2011


liked the movie. Hiddleston was great....its not a performance like Ledger's where you were absolutely captivated by his physicality, but he brought a lot of depth to the character and you sympathized for him at times...there were a lot of sad moments with him. Like when he shouts "Tell me" at Hopkin's "Odin" and Hopkins contrast it with a gentle helplessness.

Talli on May 8, 2011


Fast Five started off the summer thank you.

Johnny john johnson on May 8, 2011


I thought this film was a hit for marvel, had a fun action film feel, didn't go the overly serious route. Some great lines and scenes, just a great summer blockbuster, sit back and enjoy 7.5/10 to me. (i think any action film fan SHOULD watch this though). Sound was underwhelming though.

Matthew Sam Russell on May 8, 2011


Looks like Thor "DID NOT" start the summer movie season. Finally saw the movie, it was sub-par and a little slow at times. Next biggest movie is a toss-up between Pirates and Hangover II. FAST FIVE all the way....really revved up the summer movie season, pun intended ๐Ÿ˜›

Mike Cromley on May 8, 2011


Reviewed: The Magic of THOR. p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica}

Rick Chung on May 8, 2011


Go see the is worth it! Yes the earth scenes were in subpar settings, but characters made up for it. Hemsworth was great as Thor, but Elba and Hiddleston just about robbed scenes. The female assistant I didn't quite get...

Sheresejames on May 8, 2011


Even worse than Iron Man 2. It was boring and the story completely forgettable. I had no idea that the main bad guy was Snow Miser. I'll never watch it again. I'm hoping Captain America or Green Lantern deliver this summer but not holding my breath. Could it be that the long run of "comic book" movies is coming to an end as they run out of first-rate heroes and good stories to tell?

darthwhitey on May 8, 2011


Not seen it yet, but with solid reviews, 66 mil opening weekend is very much a disappointment for this big budget flick, not sure it can make back it's production budget in domestic grosses...I was expecting at least 80 mil, looks like fast five could limp to 200 mil by July with it's huge first two weeks...can you say FAST 6?

Anonymous on May 9, 2011


Take the movie Thor for what it is and try not to think to much about the plot, character development or narrative. The comic book story of Thor is long and convoluted and probably created under the influence of LSD. What you need to take away from this movie was well stated. Chris Hemsworth is great as Thor the god of Thunder from a mystical realm far far away and I love Natalie Portman, lots of stuff gets blowed up and Asgard looks cool.

JJ on May 9, 2011


Pretty good flick! ....just saw it today! Kenneth Branagh was a great choice to direct this flick. The performances were pretty good: Hemsworth was perfectly cast; Hiddleston was a menacing revelation; Skarsgard provided excellent gravitas throughout; and everyone else did a great job. Major props to the production designer Bo Welch, whose dreamy landscapes accented his slick, futuristic architecture with various accented hues that brought Asgard to life! ....The little key plot point after the end credits roll was a cliffhanger (though minor) on it's own!

Spider on May 9, 2011


Meh. The action sequences started out big and promising then got smaller and smaller with each sequence until it was basically too guys in a room fighting. Hardly epic. Hardly worth my 18 dollars. I won't be making the same mistake paying to see Green Lantern.

Raji on May 9, 2011


5 out of 10 at best.

Rp1n on May 9, 2011


I saw Thor on Saturday. I thought it was sweet! Did anyone stay after the credits to see the secret ending? Does anyone know what that was? @buddha1822:disqus How about you?

Timnimbus on May 9, 2011


@buddha1822:disqus DId you stay after for the secret ending after the credits? Do you know what that was about? does anyone? Oh I loved the movie also.

Timnimbus on May 9, 2011



Anonymous on May 9, 2011


Great movie! Id watch it again. I do like the Frost Giant fight scenes.

Anonymous on May 9, 2011


Given the recent rash of terrible marvel movies, i will definately say it was MUCH better than I thought it was going to be. It had a good mix of humor & action and that said, my only real gripe was the twirlly-hammer attack. Everything else was really cool. Loki actually had morals, the guardian was badass and everything seemed to click together. On par with Hellboy in my mind.

Anonymous on May 9, 2011



Skeletonbaby56 on May 10, 2011


All of the references to the Avengers were spot on. Really enjoyed it but the direction was very well done. Really want to see the director's cut on BR. And everyone who left before the credit were done....shame shame.

Skeletonbaby56 on May 10, 2011


I've wondered that too...maybe they watched it with their eyes closed? Or the film didn't equal the mental checklist they always seem to have in their heads? Look, if they didn't like the film, no problem. But boring? I dunno.... Hey J

Anonymous on May 10, 2011


Hmmm...I actually wanted to ask her out.... In all seriousness, though, her character is a bit of tough doughnut to swallow. I didn't have a problem with her, but others might, so....

Anonymous on May 10, 2011


Well, Kamish, it's earned quite a bit overseas, and movies are no longer judged by just domestic grosses. Granted, FAST FIVE earned a lot--that was unexpected--but THOR's opening take was BETTER than what Marvel had predicted. They had expected $55 million, and the film took in more than that.

Anonymous on May 10, 2011


ย I took my 13 year old for something to do not expecting much from Thor, but was pleasantly surprised. A very entertaining film.

Dave Thrush on May 17, 2011


i love marvel i hated thor the movie xmen the movie i hated them all marvel makes superhero comics not movies

Staticdb1 on May 19, 2011


marvel movies are jokes listen they make the best superheros, yet do they hold the title for best superhero movie and marvel is so much more ย ,thanks marvel

Staticdb1 on Jun 8, 2011


Well from the beginning I knew this would be bad. When I walked in the theater saw it I knew this is going to be nominated for worst picture. Over all I rate this movie a D+.

Nancymooney5 on Jun 24, 2011


I have seen this movie. The Thor movie is extremely full of the best action sequences. And this one has really the fabulous special effects. And the story line of this one is truly amazing. This one is one of the best movie of 2011. And I am really the great fan of this type of fantasy. Thanks for sharing some fabulous information about this movie. ย 

Anonymous on Jul 15, 2011


I was very unsure going into this movie, i wanted to like it but was worried about how they would portray the element of gods entering the world of man and wether or not it would be believable. I think they pulled it off, i was very interested in thors character and how with his powers stripped of him he was pretty much just another man (however large and badass he was). With that being said i thought his journey to realizing his arrogant ways was a bit short. I also thought that most of the characters in the movie were kind of boring. I love all these actors but i just couldnt find any substance to these characters that made me care for them.

batsupe on Aug 2, 2011


It was a good movie, but there were some very predictable and typical elements in there :/ like Thor getting his hammer back after becoming a selfless being. I thought that was very meh, predictable.

christina on Jun 3, 2012

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