Sound Off: Matthew Vaughn's 'X-Men: First Class' - Your Thoughts?

June 3, 2011

X-Men: First Class

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Its been five years since we last saw Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr on the big screen, but they're back. Bryan Singer and director Matthew Vaughn have revived the franchise in the prequel X-Men: First Class, which arrives in theaters this weekend. Taking over the lead roles this time are James McAvoy as Professor X and Michael Fassbender as Magneto, exploring the origins of their friendship in story set in the 1960s. So how is it? Where does this movie rank in the X-Men series? If you've seen it, leave a comment below and tell us what you thought of X-Men: First Class.

To fuel the fire, I thought X-Men: First Class was a good film, I enjoyed some parts of it, but thought it seemed a bit lackluster; it felt rushed and unpolished in places. And it was just an origin story that serviced the origins (everyone eventually got to their own "I'm now the X-Men you know" moment) and that's it, nothing more. I thought McAvoy and Fassbender were actually awesome as Xavier and Magneto, although sometimes pushing it a bit too far (especially Xavier), but these two carry the movie on their shoulders and do a fantastic job of it. There's some awesome action, but I wouldn't say I loved it, it didn't come close to matching X2. I know I'm going to be in the minority here, but those were just my thoughts after I seeing it.

Also, I loved the cameos, but don't spoil them for those who haven't seen it yet. The rest of the cast was just mediocre. Jennifer Lawrence didn't impress me, January Jones was only there for looks, Rose Byrne could've stayed in that lingerie that whole time, and the only really good kid was Nicholas Hoult, who Bryan Singer cast to star in Jack the Giant Killer. Kevin Bacon was fine, but it just felt all-over to me. Though I still had a blast watching all of the power battles and conversations between Magneto and Xavier.

So what did you think of X-Men: First Class? A fantastic franchise restart or just mediocre? We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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NICK S. on Jun 3, 2011


why is no one talking about how shitty beast looked he looked like a  blue Dr seuss, so un watchable, the kid was great but the blue cat was gross, that and the made for kids rating, should have been more blood or better suggestive violence i felt like i was watching a movie w sensor bars, and question does mystic not have genitals not even nipples seems stupid. that said great movie great cast good story.

Angelfigueroa81 on Jun 3, 2011


That's actually pretty funny. I haven't seen the movie yet, but when I saw the trailer the frist time Beast was the only part I thought looked bad... Dr. Seuss indeed!

ThaviusReed on Jun 3, 2011


beast looks good. if you want that x3 crap beast i feel sorry for you. i will say that his mouth couldn't move much with those teeth in, but overall good.  

jeff on Jun 3, 2011


I thought Jennifer Lawrence makeup looked bad to. At least compared to Mystique in the first three.

Ryderup on Jun 3, 2011


Yeah we had to replace his face in CG for the roar shots because he couldn't open his mouth at all in that make-up

VFX Artist on Jun 3, 2011


I agree Angelfigueroa, Beast looked pretty bad, I thought the Wolfman looked better...

jah p on Jun 3, 2011


Mystic is a teenager in this movie, why would they give her genitals and nipples. Thatschild pornography

Mylesphillips on Jun 3, 2011


then how come in the clip i just saw Mag's made out with her? lol unless she was over 18 at that point.  lol

Blueorangeny31 on Jun 4, 2011


they say in the movie that she ages slower than normal people

Jmh5615 on Jun 4, 2011


i thought i was the only one who thought this, but totally with you.  however, seems like we're in the minority.  from what ive heard ppl like this beast more.

Hlausf on Jun 6, 2011


Just got back from the showing....... AWSOME! Love the cameos!

Jvj590 on Jun 3, 2011


I really, really, really liked it.  It was so awesome....  but I'm not gonna lie, I still like X1 and X2 better.   This was RIGHT behind it, though.  I liked the whole new and completely different tone it had, because it was able to be different, but still be acceptable (unlike X3, which felt so completely different, but in a horrible way).  The cameos were sweet, particularly Jackman's.  That part alone made the movie for me, even though the rest was really good.  Fassbender and McAvoy did fantastic.     And the shot of the coin going through Shaw intercut with the matching shot of Xavier yelling was just amazing.  Such good stuff. It was really weird, though, to see how many inconsistencies there were between this and the timeline/events/etc from the other X-Men films.  It was in the same universe as those films, but there were still so many conflicting things. But yeah, overall, great movie.  I was hoping this franchise would make a comeback after two terrible movies, and it certainly has.

Chazzy on Jun 3, 2011


Did you really just do that? Come on man, at least edit it out now.

Spoiler Hater on Jun 3, 2011


"this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts."          If you didn't see the movie, stay the hell out of the place where people who HAVE seen it are discussing it.

Chazzy on Jun 3, 2011


I don't mind spoilers, but I do lurk on these Sound Off articles to get the general consensus on a movie.  I don't trust critics.  I trust you guys.

Cody on Jun 3, 2011


"Also, I loved the cameos, but don't spoil them for those who haven't seen it yet." If you were half as good at reading comprehension as you are at being an asshole....

Jake Dow on Jun 3, 2011


Doesn't matter.  This is a place for people who have seen it to come discuss it.  If you're really that douchebaggish about spoilers, what the hell are you doing in place where people have seen it are discussing it.      That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

Chazzy on Jun 3, 2011


Don't try and justify being a dick.  It's not okay. 

ChazzyTheMoron on Jun 3, 2011


Lol I'm not being a dick.  I'm discussing the movie with people who have seen it.  People looking to not get spoiled should not go and look at stories where people who have seen it are discussing it.   I didn't post this in a preview or hype story, no.  I posted it where people who HAVE seen it are talking.  I'm not justifying anything, as I did nothing wrong. So stfu.

Chazzy on Jun 3, 2011


Come on guys, no need to fight. This comment area mostly contains SPOILERS, so watch out. Maybe put a spoiler tag on your comment next time, or just ignore the comments that have spoilers, but recognize that this is an open discussion area for those who HAVE seen the film.

Alex Billington on Jun 3, 2011


DUDE!!! WHY DID YOU MENTION HUGH JACKMAN!?! Glad no one will be expecting that now.

WTF on Jun 3, 2011


Good point Chazzy, I overreacted.

WTF on Jun 3, 2011


The inconsistency between this movie and X3 make it seem that this was a reboot more than anything. Xavier was walking and bald/older in X3 when he first met Jean Grey. I guess they didn't think this through.

Logan on Jun 5, 2011


Hah I noticed this too because I watched x2 and x3 on the same day that I saw first class... I tried to think of a way to explain it but couldn't come up with anything.

Jon on Jun 6, 2011


WOW First Class was CRACK!! Def the best X-Men movie... I was skeptical abt the cast but McAvoy and Fassbender did a phenomenal job as Professor X & Magneto plus Kevin Bacon was magnificent

Rafy Contigo on Jun 3, 2011


Just got back from the midnight showing all I can say is you will not be disappointed, good editing, awesome script, and good back story connections.

Omar Cavazos-Hi on Jun 3, 2011


Angel was a slap in the face to comic book fans, after briefly appearing in X-3 before this girl took his name, and she was terribly acted, but that was the absolute only thing that hurt this utterly fantastic X-men rendition. In fact, I could have handled Magneto and Xavier as leads with just Banshee and Beast as supporting characters better. But It would be missing alot of great relationships and character builds. P.S> WHY DARWIN WHYYYYY!?

Ravek019 on Jun 3, 2011

29 Apparently you aren't a comic book fan, seeing as how she IS a character from the comics.  But ok, dude.

Chazzy on Jun 3, 2011


Dude apparently you aren't a comic fan cause the warren worthington was the first angel.  really chazzy if your going to criticize someone then make sure you know your shit. 

BeachBum850 on Jun 3, 2011


She is still a character. Don't pull the "I'm a bigger fan than you" card

WTF2 on Jun 3, 2011


There is no first or second Angel. Warren Worthington's X name is Angel. This characters ACTUAL name is Angel. They are two different characters and the movie is not trying to play her off as Warren .. quite obviously.

Kaim on Jun 3, 2011


What?  Are you serious? They are two separate characters, both named Angel. The OP thought that they just stole and slapped the other Angel's name on this character, who they thought didn't really exist.  Your post literally makes no sense.

Chazzy on Jun 3, 2011


the first class consisted of beast, cyclops, jean grey, iceman, and angel which was worthington.  That is what Ravek meant when it was a slap in the face not that they created a new character but that they just replaced him with a character that didn't belong in that era.  I loved the movie for what it was but i absolutely hate how fox has screwed up the story.

BeachBum850 on Jun 3, 2011


I'm DC so really not up to date with the whole history of Marvel but I thought what Beachbum just commented was the true first class.  Beast, Cy, Jean etc etc.  What's the story with this first class if anyone can fill me in thanks

Blueorangeny31 on Jun 4, 2011


If I got what your saying correctly then you think that the angel in that movie was the same one as in the x3 but shes not. Angel salvadore was actually a mutant with insect like abilitys, and angel in x3 was a completely different character. If thats not what you meant then sorry it just sounded like that to me.

Vulcan942012 on Jun 4, 2011


Negative.  the angel in x3 is supposed to be the angel in xorigins. that is all

BeachBum850 on Jun 5, 2011


Darwin: token black guy...

MiKa.. on Jun 3, 2011


would you rather be a slave? camera hesitates on Darwin just long enough for it to be uncomfortable... nice

Richie on Jun 3, 2011


fitting.. since it was the sixties.

Jeri on Jun 3, 2011


Lol! I thinkin the same thing.

JussHaten11 on Jun 3, 2011


haha same here... it was an awkward moment!

imtheworstfan on Jun 3, 2011


I laughed so hard at this scene....does that make me a bad person?

Chris A. on Jun 5, 2011


Agreed! Then not much later that old sci-fi adage plays out. Bye bye Darwin 😮

Ubik on Jun 6, 2011


I really could not believe they went ahead and killed the black guy FIRST

Have Hope on Jun 3, 2011


I'm sure he'll be back for a sequel. In the comics his body became energy was absorbed into the body of his killer. Same difference here.

Grichmer on Jun 3, 2011


And? Fact is, according to this film, they KILLED him and everyone thought he was dead after hardly doing anything. That's low.

Have Hope on Jun 3, 2011


I love Magneto. Also, Kevin Bacon pulled off a surprisingly good German, I seriously almost forgot it was him in the beginning. This is now my favorite of the X-Movies as of yet, I just wish it would have been a rebooted story to wash away X3. I'll never forgive that trilogy for "curing" mutants in the end.

PyroDark on Jun 3, 2011


I'll never forgive X3 for giving me a half-assed phoenix saga and killing off two of the most important X-Men characters... and nearly destroying the franchise itself (with some help from the Wolverine movie.) Thank god for Mathew Vaughn and First Class. Very, very good film and I agree that Bacon was tremendous in that first scene he was in. Fassbender was fantastic throughout and McAvoy did a good job as well.

SDotKillsALot on Jun 3, 2011


While I'm not as harsh to X-3, I agree with you on the cast of FC--they were great, especially Fassbender and McAvoy (though Jennifer Lawrence was really cute), and Bacon was perfectly evil as Shaw. Liked the film quite a bit, and especially the Cuban Missile Crisis angle....and the cameos made me laugh out loud.  Here's hoping for a sequel.

Anonymous on Jun 4, 2011


I loved it. Very well done. I think it goes well with the first 2 xmen movies and throw in a nice little cameo to include Origins.

Tyler Bannock on Jun 3, 2011


it was WUNDERBAR! Loved the cameos. Btw, Don't stay after the credits.

Mr. Foe on Jun 3, 2011


aha wasn't that so disappointing! The whole audience stayed in the showing I went to and a lot of popcorn throwing and boos occurred when nothing happened...

Maxx on Jun 3, 2011


It was! After the screen faded to black after the credits and the lights turned on, everyone was joking: "waaaait for iiiit." haha

Mr. Foe on Jun 4, 2011


It was! After the screen faded to black after the credits and the lights turned on, everyone was joking: "waaaait for iiiit." haha

Mr. Foe on Jun 4, 2011


It was! After the screen faded to black after the credits and the lights turned on, everyone was joking: "waaaait for iiiit." haha

Mr. Foe on Jun 4, 2011


there's kinda nothing to show after the credits coz after all we've already seen the 'sequel' i guess vaughn made it so just in case a sequel to first class won't be made! 

lawyerupasshole on Jun 3, 2011


I loved it. I really enjoyed the whole late 1960s look of it all. My one complaint was that they maybe should have stuck to just HEARING JFK's voice.  When you actually see him on screen looking groomed and dressed the way he is, in black and white, on a retro 1950s TV set, for that brief moment it reminds you that this is all meant to be taking place in 1962 yet the whole time you've been watching guys with big sideburns, flare jeans, and girls with victorian hairdos and short, short mini skirts. It's not a problem or a big deal or anything. I love that they didn't go for the early Kennedy era 'Mad Men' look, but when you realise that's what it WOULD have looked like at that actual time in history it just felt a bit weird for a minute or so.

George Caltsoudas on Jun 3, 2011


Hmmm....interesting point, George.  But...heck, I'm glad they did go for the 1960s era (even though I was not around back then!), and that the fashions were great--I mean, who WOULDN'T want to see a pretty girl in a short, short mini skirt? I think what really attracted me to the film was the Cuban Missile Crisis plot, especially seeing how the crisis was, well, "averted" by Xavier.

Anonymous on Jun 4, 2011


I'm with Alex here, for once, it seems. XMFC is a good movie taken on its own, but added into the XM universe as well as the company of its superhero film brethern and it no longer seems impressive in any way. The highlights were Fassbender and McAvoy and it's always lovely to see Miss Byrne. I would say the best of the youth cast was "Darwin" but pity that they pulled the generic card on him. As usual, the buff white guy and pretty girls cannot act and Lawrence gave a completely forgettable performance. Kevin Bacon did well, but his villain was not menacing enough, it felt like stock too much of the time. I know fans in general like Bryan Singer but to me, he is the weakest link. X1 and X2 don't hold up compared to other movies and TUS is very, very overrated despite Spacey's performance. His leaden scriptwork is exposed once again here, and true to form, too much happens without anything really happening, relationships are undercooked and underdeveloped, the action is quite generic, the dialogue is cheesier than anything in Thor, etc. I would attribute part of this to being a prequel and thus we all know what happens, yet, it felt incredibly unnecessary. The only point to this, if any, was to show how each character reached his/her stage, which basically means, nothing at all happens of note. It has no urgency or tension and gets borderline boring. I have not seen "Hangover 2" but many have accused it of being a reboot and not a sequel. I could say the same about X-Men: First Class, it does nothing to establish itself considering we've been given hints all along. There is no deeper meaning affecting in any relationship or monologue since this ground has been covered 4 times before. XM/Singer hardcore fans might love it, but it certainly feels totally expendable and doesn't get you excited to see any more from the franchise as the only feelings it evokes are those of repetition making all 4 or at least 3 before seem like the same movie despite who plays whichever character.

ate on Jun 3, 2011


I may be wrong here, but I was under the impression that Singer only had a contributing role to the story and not the script.

Phillip Gockel on Jun 3, 2011


You are correct in some respect. He did write a treatment and read one early version of a script off of his treatment. I'm not sure how it ended, but there seemed to be plenty of writer credits for that film. 

Quanah on Jun 4, 2011


I really liked it. its not perfect, but its a far cry from the mess the last two were (I'm guessing about wolverine, after x3 i couldn't bring myself to watch it) So yeah, excited about x-men once again and hope Vaughn comes back because he will clean up when he's brought in on the ground floor. Just one thing though; Why did Fassbender have an Irish accent on the beach at the end? I know he's part Irish 'n all, but he did Magneto's accent quite well until then and...? His reputation from inglorious basterds came back to haunt him

Richie on Jun 3, 2011


I noticed that accent, too. haha I think he's Irish in real life? I Forget.

Mr. Foe on Jun 3, 2011


I think he's irish/german, but thats not the point. Why is it only that scene?! he must've thought to himself "ah here, lets have a bit of craic 'n see if the lads notice me irish lark.... didaldee dee potatoes"

Richie on Jun 3, 2011


Well that was offensive. But I still laughed 😀 

Oh hello. on Jun 5, 2011


Great that other people noticed this! - and hilariously commented! Strangely- I thought he mixed american and english accents throughout and then became irish for the beach scene.. obviously knowing the character in chronologically later films would be played by Ian McKellan (being English) should have made this accent choice relatively simple!

AndyS on Jun 20, 2011


my husband who is from ireland totally picked up on it...i missed it...your comment is in the spirit of what he thought about it 😉

Norcalrookie on Sep 18, 2011


It was the best one no - doubt.  I'm really picky and this was superb.  James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender are perfect. Matthew Vaughn is a genius. Well done. The only thing I hated was the fairy mutant. She's literally stupid.

Boye Fajinmi on Jun 3, 2011


xmen first class was definitely the best xmen movie so far... the downside is:-it  loses momentum at some spots .. michael as erik was just amazing...but i liked him without that helmet.. all the scenes which featured magneto/erik was brilliant,the emotional scenes was just too good...the scenes with erik and his mom nearly brought me to tears..the cameos esp with _ was rightly placed... all the xmen were good,except angel...the climax was also good... i agree with mathew vaughn on how he said this was just the beginning(like batman begins) where he needs to explain&introduce to us the idea of mutants..but the sequel wont drag on them again but will go straight ahead to the action parts(like dark knight)..

Rojagegeo on Jun 3, 2011


lol the last line was from wikipedia isn't it?

m.zuck on Jun 3, 2011


Going to hopefully see tomorrow. Anything post credits like the other Marvel movies (don't want to know what it is, just if present)?

Andy King on Jun 3, 2011


nope. don't stick around

yup on Jun 3, 2011


im gonna be an ass and mention how you "loved Battle L.A." again. 

Anon on Jun 3, 2011


XMFC is not prefect but it is the best x-men movie so makes the previous franchise look so bad. Matthew Vaughn did a good job for this one. I'm hoping there will be a sequel to this franchise.

xmfc rocks on Jun 3, 2011


I agree with you--it isn't perfect (no film ever is) but this was still a damned good film, with action, adventure, humor, and a great cast. It is an X-Men film, works well as a '60s spy thriller where the characters just happen to have superpowers.

Anonymous on Jun 4, 2011


Hated it. Those kids were damn annoying and the film was as drab as the whole damn Singer franchise. And can someone please get Jackman away from the Wolverine character? He does not own it.

Have Hope on Jun 3, 2011


So you would rather they find another "annoying kid" to play him because that is what would thankful that someone who can actually act plays the character in any capacity.

Maxx on Jun 3, 2011


can we put you in a cage

Jmh5615 on Jun 3, 2011


'twas fantastic. minus the stupid helmet at the end.

Phillip Gockel on Jun 3, 2011


you mean the way his helmet is actually supposed to look?

T_lynn4 on Jun 5, 2011


His character as Magneto is supposed to wear a stupid helmet. Like it or not!

denny on Jun 21, 2011


Best Xmen movie to date.  Professor X and Magneto matched their comic counterparts in the movie.  As far as anyone mentioning the helmet.  Do your homework, its Magneto's helmet.  Magneto in original movies was not close or never looked liked magneto.  Here is link if you need to know what helmet and Magneto armor looks like in comics. 

Joey1013 on Jun 3, 2011


Point to you, Joey...that is how Mag's helmet looks, but I liked the twist involving it. 

Anonymous on Jun 4, 2011


Nike Hoult was very good! Glad to see someone mentioning that. He's got a great career ahead of him. He's grown up so quick.

Dominic on Jun 3, 2011


I'm not going to see the movie. A movie that's called X-men First class and only has one of the original X-men in it? Dumb just dumb. The whole thing seems like it was written by a jock who over heard some tid bits about the X-men from the nerd table and decided to make a movie. oh also the "First class has a lot of angst in it, Twilight girls like movies with angst in them" comment he made was just sicking

Deadpool-003 on Jun 3, 2011


The can't have all the original X-Men in a movie that takes place so long ago when those same XMen where in the first 3 XMen movies that take place in modern day. Comics have the advantage of not worrying about aging the characters but in movies it would not work. I was mad at first too until I realized this. It would have been nice if they totally ignored the first 3 movies but it would confuse the crap out of the casual audience which I imagine is the majority.

Kaim on Jun 3, 2011


Well, your loss, because the film is not some Twilight-esque POS.  It's a pretty solid film, and if you can just get over a couple of quirks in the film, it's quite enjoyable.  But if you don't want to see it, your call.  But you won't have an informed opinion about it.

Anonymous on Jun 4, 2011


Yeah, I'm not paying good money to see a bastardization of my favorite childhood comic. The first three movies weren't bad, the second being the best, but First Class looks like a piece of crap. Maybe it's well made and pretty to look at but near as I can tell it's not true enough to the books for me to watch it. Maybe when it hits Showtime, HBO, Cinemax, or STARZ I'll watch it. I already pay for those channels and won't be losing anything but a couple hours of my existance...

Anonymous on Jun 6, 2011


1 Question: How was Jason Flemyng as Azazel?

Xerxexx on Jun 3, 2011


 honestly he looks awesome and does a great nightcrawler impression - but I can only remember one or two lines from the movie and like all of shaws associates (including emma frost) is extremely underutilized. 

HARM on Jun 3, 2011


That's what I feared...Azazel being underused...Flemyng was/is the reason I'm seeing it.

Xerxexx on Jun 3, 2011


He doesn't say much, Xerxexx, but he does have a couple of badass (at least to me) scenes.  I guess it's just the fact that the film has a lot of characters that some might not get to do (or say) much, but he does get in on the action. Oh, and Flemyng looks GREAT as Azazel.

Anonymous on Jun 4, 2011


Would you want a spin off with the character? Could be like Hellboy.

Xerxexx on Jun 4, 2011


LMAO alex thinks Thor was awesome but this is just good LOLOLOL WOW

hg on Jun 3, 2011


Well in the end, opinions are like assholes. We all have one. Alex just happens to own this site so besides that, his doesn't differ then yours or mine. I thought Thor was extreme shit. There wasn't one thing I liked about it.  I did like Kickass tho, so I do have a lot of faith in this director. 

Anonymous on Jun 3, 2011


The movie was pure Butter and by that, I mean it was smooth.  I do not know what the big deal was.  Matthew Vaughn proved himself as a director with Kick Ass and he does a much better job here.  To me, this was XMEN, moreso than the other films.  I actually gave a care about the characters.  I was particularly impressed to see Charles actually training his students rather than just playing the benefactor.  Now, I am still snickering over my favorite line in the movie.  It's where Xavier tells Oliver Platt to get in the car and he says "Good idea."  Hilarious.  Some of the critics who saw the movie said there was no humor to it, but I and my audience laughed out loud several times.  Certainly the themes were dark at times.  For example, Kevin Bacon was downright sadistic as Sebastian Shaw.  His killing of Erik's mother and later Darwin showcased his ability to play yet another ruthless villain.   I saw this movie at the first showing this morning and I plan to see it again in a few hours with my sons.  Loved it loved it loved it!

Tim Ellerbe on Jun 3, 2011


"Some of the critics who saw the movie said there was no humor to it..." I dunno...maybe they didn't see this film, because there was quite a bit of humor in it, and there were parts where I cracked up.  And you right--the film does have some dark scenes.

Anonymous on Jun 4, 2011


McAvoy/Platt: see what happens when you cast actual good actors?  This has been the strength of the new super hero genre.

Tim on Jun 5, 2011


This movie was amazing. From the beginning till the end I was at the edge of my seat hoping the movie wouldn't end. Then again these type of movies are the movies you want to be long since there's so much story to be told. I think everything was executed to perfection with a few flaws here and there. Angel? She was an annoying human dragonfly, seemed utterly pointless throughout the movie. Lol beast looked ridiculous when he was beast. He looked like a fuzzy blue teddy bear on steroids. Fassbender and McAvoy did an amazing job, I don't even know how to describe it. Overall good movie considering the last 2 xmen movies were shit.

Newb on Jun 3, 2011


Great to see an Origin Story that was done correctly. I thought both McAvoy and Fassbender gave wonderful gravity to the roles of Proff X and Magneto. A side note, which probably nobody else cares about- Women in the 60's actually had Bodies. I almost had to stifle my laughter of all the skinny stick girls walking around in the Vegas scene. Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie

Matt on Jun 3, 2011


"A side note, which probably nobody else cares about- Women in the 60's actually had Bodies." Yep.  And Jennifer Lawrence sure had a fine one.

Anonymous on Jun 4, 2011


absolutely GREAT-SOME!

Lucas Rios on Jun 3, 2011


The movie was great! It's finally good to see an X-MEN movie done right. On a side note,  I don't know why everyone is complaining about Beast's look in this movie. He actually looks more like a "beast" in this than he did in X3. He looked more ferocious and not so clean-cut.

Icefilm on Jun 3, 2011


Good Movie! I am always a fan of the bad guys and they held it down. Kevin Bacon was on point! Magneto was a beast! Emma Frost was hot and manipulative. The only thing I really didn't like was that tokeN Darwin?! WTF! When is Hollywood gonna stop that bullshit. Its as predictable as a RomCom. Richie was right about the slave comment. I was like damn. We know he's black and we know his time is running out. As soon as KB showed up I knew it was a wrap for Darwin. His powers were boring also. They should've just cut him out the movie.

JussHaten11 on Jun 3, 2011


I know, if they wanted a token why didn't they just cast Storm...

Tim on Jun 5, 2011



John Doe on Jun 13, 2011


This movie was fun.  The first X-Men movie to provide that.  I've heard it described as the Fassenbender show and thats an apt description.  Been a fan of his for a long time and here he gets his due.  It is a great summer popcorn flick with emotion that actually rings true - the scenes with Magneto touching his past etc. is quite moving.  Gallivanting around the world on a mission of vengeance was awesome.  Especially in the bar.  Was great.  McAvoy is boyish and charming here.  You can readily see which character Vaughn sympathizes with and Xavier is, while a leader, the less impacting of the two.  I enjoyed the build up with Mystique - but the ending between the two left me a little cold.  I will note on Mystique, the gal who played her is a young curvy tasty treat and I couldn't get enough of her.  All of the other gals are classic modern hollywood sticks.  She's got curves.  Thank god.  I'd much prefer this be recognized as a reboot, unintentional as it may be.  There are certain changes from the comics but I'm ok with most of them.  The one that bugged me was Alex Summers needing a satellite dish on his chest. I really enjoyed Beast in this - but they wrote him as such a dick to Mystique.  It bugged me.  It REALLY bugged me when he gets his blue on and becomes even MORE stiff.  Beast has always been one of my favorite characters from the comics and he still hasn't been created well on screen.  Acted well yes.  FX wise - no.  Think THING from the atrocious Fantastic Four movies.   Although he does have a pretty cool fight with Azaezal.  I really enjoyed Banshee in this.  Except they got an American kid rather than an Irish one.  WTF?!  I loved the Irish.  damn them. Kevin Bacon rocked the reckless sinister behavior of Shaw.  Complete disregard and abandon.  Loved it.  Before Professor X becomes Professor X he literally disregards him, as opposed to the Singer series where it seems like everyone quakes thinking of the great Prof.  Especially the beginning in German its a great scene.  Not sure why he'd choose to harrass and torment a kd who plays with metal next to a room full of knives & saws n stuff but damn.  Was still really well done. 

Harm on Jun 3, 2011


Forgive me if I'm mistaken, but Havok's uniform has always had that disk on it to concentrate his attacks.

Tim on Jun 5, 2011


Sorry im too lazy to look thru all these comments haha butt uhh was there any clip at the end of the credits? i didnt get too stay cuz i was late for work.... butt overall i felt like it was kind of too Hyped. i liked it tho i seen a lot of people talking about how badass Azazel was butt ehh. i dont see a big difference between him n Night Crawler who happens too be one of my Favorite characters. SIDE NOTE haha i wanna see a lot more Colossus his part in X2 pumped me up.

Javila11 on Jun 3, 2011


Isn't that Nightcrawlers daddy? and Colossus wouldn't come around till much later. So good luck on that part.

Shawn on Jun 4, 2011


Yes, Azazel and Mystique are Nightcrawler's parents.  Nice set up for future installments.

Tim on Jun 5, 2011


Hell most of these characters wouldn't come around til later, Havok wouldn't even be born yet. Beast would be well into his 60s in the current movies, making him easily 30 yrs older than any of his Original Xavier Five of ANGEL(Warren), CYCLOPS,JEAN and ICEMAN.

PimpSlapStick on Jun 6, 2011


I loved. Great Fassbender and McAvoy. Lovely the FBI agent. And just a note, Im from Argentina, and living in Mar del Plata, about 100 miles from Villa Gessel (150 miles from Buenos Aires, in the Pampa region) and this city is by the sea and full of sand dunes, they sure misspelled from VILLA LA ANGOSTURA, which is in the patagonia. Thx.

Igitino on Jun 4, 2011


I wished this was done instead of X3. In X3 I felt like they kept running out of money. The flight/fight scenes were better than the previous film. Kevin Bacon and Fassbender totally sold the movie for me. A naked Mystique is even more creepy in this movie. Why cant she wear clothes. I think it would be more believable if she can change her body but not clothes. Certain things should be to complicated to duplicate for a novice (think Odo from Star Trek DS9). For example when she met Charles she should only be able to copy something of similar age and/or size not a grown women. The other issue was when Havoc plate fell off his chest, I kept thinking what was holding it on in the first place. ignoring the fact that Havoc cant be older than is brother and the revised 1st class line up. I have to recommend this movie.

mike on Jun 4, 2011


So whats everyone's thoughts about Darwin? He's a very interesting character that I think deserved a little more screen time due to his unique ability. Also, does anyone think he might still be alive....or will come back for a sequal?

Kherria Brown on Jun 4, 2011


In the comics he evolved to pure energy and came back so lets hope so.

Mooreworthyfitness on Jun 4, 2011


Hope he returns. He was just the token black guy in this movie, despite the really interesting power. And like was said before, he does come back the comics.

Hey Wowza on Jun 4, 2011


I wouldn't bet a pack of M&M's on it.

John Doe on Jun 13, 2011


I loved it initially, but it has become pretty forgettable,  overall a pretty shallow movie, but a fun ride.  Fassbender was fantastic and stole the show.

Jordan Scott on Jun 4, 2011



John Doe on Jun 13, 2011


Last 45 mins were great, rest just about average! Overall, just an average movie.

Maxy on Jun 4, 2011


My sentiments exactly.

John Doe on Jun 13, 2011


"January Jones was only there for looks" I didn't mind. I didn't mind at all! 😀

Davide Coppola on Jun 4, 2011


I didn't mind either.  If that makes me shallow, be it!!

Anonymous on Jun 4, 2011


Jones is smoking hot in this movie. And I'm not mad about it. At all.

Quazzimotto on Jun 5, 2011


I have to admit I had my doubts, but First Class was absolutely fantastic. It had a few minor problems (some continuity) but was overall probably the best X-men film to date, on the same level if not higher than X2. The cameos were great, the action was astonishing, and the actors were good too. My only issues were: 1. They killed off the black guy...seriously, he was the first one to go. Really? 2. Something about Jennifer Lawrence in Mystique make-up was just off. 3. Emma Frost is supposed to be British, but January Jones did a great job otherwise. To be honest I was too distracted by cleaveage to care.

Lamar on Jun 4, 2011


Re: Darwin....Didn't want to mention that in lieu of spoilers.... but I literally looked at my boy when that happened and said "what year is this?"  Let's not also forget that the black girl (or Latina, as her surname was Salvador) was a stripper AND a turncoat.  Nice.

Duane on Jun 4, 2011


Yeah, agreed on the black dude. I personally, didn't care for any of the other actors really. The whole scene were their compound was attacked, was poorly done. Seriously, they were scared? With all their powers? I just couldn't take them seriously after that.... besides, the movie was about Magneto anyways...

Buzzfunk on Jun 5, 2011


for a few seconds i thought the same about them being scared, then i remembered they were just kids with no idea how to fight. And barley knew how to use their powers effectively. As with everything, even with talent, you still need training. 

Synoptimus on Jun 5, 2011


1. hahaha 2. I think it's because her cheeks looked huge when she was in blue makeup. 3. Me too..... hahaha

Chris A. on Jun 5, 2011


I absolutely loved the movie overall.  There were a couple cheesy parts, but I was extremely pleased walking out of the theater.

Garrett on Jun 4, 2011


Nearly unwatchable. Sad to see that it wasn't a reboot. Shackled down by the ball and chain of Singer's weak interpretation of the X-Men from the first 3 films.

Rp1n on Jun 4, 2011



Have Hope on Jun 4, 2011


Did anyone else notice that 1, Banshee wasn't Irish. 2, Moira MacTaggart wasn't Scottish and 3, at the end of the film on the beach Magneto suddenly got an Irish accent?

Scott Dickson on Jun 4, 2011


Well Fassbender is from Cork, so he's Irish. And he said in an interview that the director wanted him to keep that accent because it gave off an edge that people liked. Like Sean Connery did in James Bond, when he kept his scottish accent 🙂

Sinead on Jun 6, 2011


Loved it, it was like watching one of the original Bond Films... that is, y'know, if Bond had superpowers. Stylish and awesome. Fassbender's accent was dodgy, and some of the CGI was a little flawed, but in no way a deal breaker. Superb all around.

Aonghus Mitchell on Jun 4, 2011


"Loved it, it was like watching one of the original Bond Films... that is, y'know, if Bond had superpowers." Thought the same thing after seeing it.  It was a solid film, and the cast was excellent.  I enjoyed watching it.  Hope it spawns a sequel.

Anonymous on Jun 7, 2011


First Class is the Empire Strikes Back of X-Men movies. Killer movie, dark ending, badass all around. I loved it.

Gill on Jun 4, 2011


Nah... I'd still say that was X2.

John Doe on Jun 13, 2011


So at the end of the day, his x-men are all skinny white kids and a blue Guy. Way to represent the diversity Prof x. In cerebro search you pick a fairy over storm...nice. still liked the movie though for what it was.

Mooreworthyfitness on Jun 4, 2011


Well, considering that the Fairy was in a strip club, and Ororo was all the way over there in Africa... I guess the choice was simple.

Anonymous on Jun 6, 2011


besides the discrepancies with the film such as who actually built cerebro, the film was amazing. I absolutely loved it.

SquaredTee on Jun 4, 2011


it was good,but it should of been a reboot & feature the original first class which was cyclops,marvel girl,iceman,beast & angel. if they kept to the source material it would of been great. 3/5  

HARDCORE X-MEN FAN. on Jun 4, 2011



John Doe on Jun 13, 2011


p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica} X-Men: First Class is a sexy, swinging '60s superhero thriller.

Rick Chung on Jun 4, 2011


Fassbender and mcavoy were brilliant and perfectly cast... Pretty much everyone else sucked... Plus the movie felt more like a montage than anything else... Clips of a narrative rather than an actual narrative...

Josh on Jun 4, 2011


Kevin Bacon is a NAZI 😀

Anonymous on Jun 4, 2011


Professor X. And Magneato are the same age in this movie professor X he looks younger maybe on the next x-men movie magneato hookup with frost and have kids that how and I hope they bring. Sinistar and apocalypse wolverine they should just reboot x men 1,2,3.

Polancodanny on Jun 4, 2011


Awesome flick! Major props to McAvoy, Fassbender, and Bacon(inspired casting and great to see him back on the big screen)! The story was fascinating amidst the backdrop of actual events and the Kennedy addresses. Director Mathew Vaughn knocked this one out of the park! Yes, the make-up effects on Mystique and Beast were a bit heavy handed but not flick-shattering!  January Jones was a bit wooden and miscast but looked great! ....The biggest surprise for me is that Fox Studios seemed to have stayed out of the butchering process as this flick strayed out of the usual formula and let the characters and situations connect to each other! I enjoyed it! I'm sure this flick will have it's share of critics, but I'll stick to my POV.  I look forward to the sequel!...... Note: There is NO Easter egg scene after the end credits!!!!

Spider on Jun 4, 2011


-James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Kevin Bacon = Great Job -Nicholas Hoult = I already had a bias toward him since his roles in About A Boy and Skins, his acting was solid but whoever the hell did the Beast makeup.....shame, shame. -Darwin and Angel just felt like token minorities. I suppose they will return if there is a sequel considering Darwin's powers, but still. -The Beast and Mystique crush was just WAY too easy. Overall it was a solid B movie - entertaining, but nothing above average. I did enjoy the little cameos and the general cheesy-ness of it all, though.

Hey Wowza on Jun 4, 2011


OK saw it. I liked it but didn't love it. But I thought the script and acting was top. The only two things that really, really bothered me were: - Emma Frost. Jones is just not a good actress. She looks pretty but every movie ive seen her shes the same. Bland and boring. - the final Beast makeup. I mean, nice job of completely taking everyone out of the movie. EVERYONE in the theater laughed. Everyone. And it was not intentional. He really did look like Jim Carry out of the Gringe. Really, terrible makeup, imo. Some may not care but I did take me out of the movie. I think the intro was the best. Bacon did a great job, too bad towards the end the movie falls into your typical bad guys cliches. I loved the more serious intro tho. Seeing your mother die I guess we all can/could relate... Magneto was the best about the movie. Overall a solid 7/10 in my book.

Buzzfunk on Jun 4, 2011


Great movie. Magneto makes a really good argument... sorry professor:(

JJ King on Jun 5, 2011


I had some beef with "First Class". Pros: -Solid performances. Fassbender and Mcavoy are brilliant -Great story with feeling and depth. Solid look at how the X-Men came to be -Stellar Cameos -January Jones looks rockin' in go-go boots Cons: -The original X-Men were not used -Some of the dumbest characters were chosen for this film -Azazel' action sequences couldn't hold a light to Nightcrawler' in X2 -The action overall felt held back and the film lacked any "real" edge -The ending was too predictable and too conveniently wrapped up Impressions: Matthew Vaughn is an incredible director and Brian Singer has done solid work with this material. The story was good, Fassbender and Mcavoy are great, and they give this film immediate respectability. I disliked the fact they didn't use the original (true) X-Men, and I felt they tried to fit too much into one movie. Some of the worst mutant characters were chosen and little to no information was given about them, they were just there. Vaughn has shown he can direct. He has proven he is more than adept at making visually stunning action sequences (Kick-Ass). However, I felt he held back in this film and it is not his best effort.  Overall this was a solid movie, one of the best Marvel has put out in awhile. But it falls short of being great. It is not better than X2 (IMO), and should not be compared to a movie like the Dark Knight because its not even close. Marvel's going to have to nut-up and start delving into mature audiences if they want to compete with Noland' Batman.

Quazzimotto on Jun 5, 2011


You are CORRECT, sir!

John Doe on Jun 13, 2011


I know jackman had a cameo but who were the others in the film.. i totally missed them... if there were any others?

Boob on Jun 5, 2011


Rebecca Romijn was the older Mystique in bed. Those were the only two I noticed. Jackman's appearance caught me off guard but was great. Liked the nod to the former films.

Quazzimotto on Jun 5, 2011


Liked them both myself--I actually laughed out loud at Jackman's cameo and thought Romijn's own was great as well.

Anonymous on Jun 7, 2011



RhythmDave on Jun 5, 2011


Didn't love everything about it, but I still thought it was awesome. It helps that Fassbender and McAvoy are two of my favorite actors, and they both did a fantastic job, Fassbender especially. More please!

Liyan on Jun 5, 2011


The set ups, story arcs, and pay offs ranged from weak to below average. The trailers and tv spots made it seem much more interesting that it actually ended up being. Such is the power of marketing. I should've waited for dvd to satisfy my morbid curiosity.

Raj on Jun 5, 2011


Just saw it today. I really enjoyed this movie. I wouldn't go so far as to say that it gives The Dark Knight a run for it's money but it makes me a believer that we should starting handing over comic book movies over to british directors. Personally I didn't mind the inconsistencies because I prefer to wipe X3 from my mind....

Chris A. on Jun 5, 2011


I just keep wondering why Bryan Singer and Lauren Schuler Donner keep bothering. All they do is fuck up Marvel's favorite mutants, and butcher things a little more each time. Good work Matthew Vaughan, and I say that in all snide sarcasm. You did such a bang up job on First Class. Go back to making Brit gangster flicks.

xim_ on Jun 5, 2011


LOL. Pretty harsh don't you think?

John Doe on Jun 13, 2011


thanks god that this movie wasn't like trash movie "X-Men Wolverine".because "wolverine" was a very very bad "B movie".poor visual effects and very bad directing.Xmen first class is on over the top...for every thing.

Ttboy on Jun 5, 2011


X-Men Wolverine was a BAD B MOVIE.fuck it's director's dumb ass.

Enrico on Jun 5, 2011


I really enjoyed this film.  I was very impressed with the time and care that was taken with Magneto and Professor X.  Michael Fassbender is officially on the map and deservedly so.  Great cameos, great action scenes, and a really impressive cast.  My only complaint is that Beast looked more like a critter than a Beast, but that's a small complaint when looking at the entire work.  Matthew Vaughn proves himself worthy of a super hero franchise once again, and I can't wait to see the next chapter in his X-Men universe.

Tripleb2477 on Jun 5, 2011


best xmen movie

stfugtfo on Jun 5, 2011


As an X-Men fan I was happy to see all of the characters.  Its nice to see them all on the screen, rather than the stock Storm, Cyclops, Jean Grey et al.  I was a little annoyed by Moira and Banshee both being American, but I actually like the way they showed the old and contemporary Beast and kept his story in line with the books.  The Wolverine cameo was priceless.  Overall I liked what they were trying to do, despite not using the real original X-Men.  The relationship between Xavier and Eric was well done and the story line could potentially lead to sequels, which would introduce even more characters.  Overall I was very happy with the presentation and the story line.  I would love to see a movie including Scott Summers, Jean Grey and Cable/Nathan Summers/X-Man.   I also think now is the time to introduce other villans like Apocolypse and/or Mr. Sinister.

Tim on Jun 5, 2011


"X-men origins Wolverine" was a tragedy,a very very bad B movie with poor visual effects.but first class is an amazing work.not like former stupid xmen movie.

Enrico on Jun 5, 2011


brilliant movie..has its little snags but no film is perfect, definately on a par with the first 2 xmen movies

Steve Speers on Jun 5, 2011


Enjoyed the movie quite a bit. I have some issues with the age appropiateness of some of the characters (Is Havok now the older MUCH older brother to Cyclops?) Banshee = Awesome Magneto = Awesome Xavier = awesome Hank McCoy = Cool (Beast just OK) Mystique (Correct way of spelling her name by the way) = Meh Angel = Ok Shaw = Awesome They always kill the black guy, but I hold out hope his mutation will allow him to make a return. Overall Better than expected!

PimpSlapStick on Jun 6, 2011


Ok, this is really annoying.. haha..  1. Fassbender is Irish, and Matthew Vaughn asked him to keep on his accent. That's why he kept the accent on. 2. Banshee is not only supposed to be Irish, but he's supposed to be a decade older than the rest of the XMen. 3. Are we forgetting that Proffessor X and Mystique met as children, so how would it be bad if Mystique kiised Magneto since him and Prof X are the same age?! 4. Just because Darwin was killed off, doesn't mean it was because he was black. He dies in the comic too doesn't he?.. Why do ye try to make an issue out of nothing?  5. There are plenty of mutants they haven't included because it's not their time to emerge in the story yet!  6. The Beast make up was mediocre, i agree, but wasn't he a great charachter? Yes, well then stop complaining 😛 7. Those complaining that they didn't use the original X-Men, you hardly expect them to put Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen(Gandalf), back in a time machine to let them star in their roles again do ya?  I find it odd that people seem to find a complaint over everything good 😛

Sinead on Jun 6, 2011


I guess they meant using the original X-Men _characters_  from the first X-Men comic: Cyclops, Iceman, Angel, Beast and Marvel Girl.

Anonymous on Jun 6, 2011


That's is exactly what they mean. Its supposed to be a movie about the "First Class" meaning the Original X-Men. Pretty sure those characters weren't.  Angel was not written well (especially since the original was a guy with angelic feathered wings who was a founding member of the X-Men), and the underlying facet of the story only holding true in certain areas was enough for me to feel this movie could've been better.  Solid summer movie, not something that blew my mind.

Quazzimotto on Jun 6, 2011


This movie was only "Good". All XMen movies should be treated as "one shots" because there is no continuity between any of the films. The acting was pretty good and the story was good. I wouldn't hang my hat on this film or even expect to see a direct sequel. Many things about this film left me uneasy, but that's not to say I wouldn't see it again. With a better budget and more time this movie could've been a classic.

.............. on Jun 6, 2011


Of all the Summer films so far (Thor, Pirates, Hangover 2) I have enjoyed this the most.  What I love about the X-men is how it doesn't rub off as fantasy even with their powers.  This allows you to connect with the film.  It is visceral with the camera moving through scenes (ie. the zoom when mystique and Beast both say "normal" at the same time).  Most of the dialogue doesn't come off cheesy although there are some parts I couldn't take seriously and made me erk with the delivery and choice of words.  The pacing is wonderful with the backstory of Eric and Charles and then the middle of the movie when they start finding other mutants gives the film a fresh vibe with the split screens.  As a child growing up arguing with my older brother about who the strongest mutant is, I especially love the subtle reference to how powerful the characters are. 

MarcA on Jun 6, 2011


Huge disappointment for me. The trailers and tv spots showed the entire film, only they put it together far better than the actual film. Let this franchise die. Reboot this without Bryan Singer involved. Do it right. Give the property back to Marvel. 

Rpin on Jun 6, 2011


A solid 7, maybe a 7.5. Moments of triumph where ruined by wooden acting from several cast members and vague character motivations. Still a far cry better than X-2 or X-3.

radam on Jun 6, 2011


Not enough time to read through all these comments, so I might be repeating what's already been said. Over all I thought it was a good movie but not great. First movie in the series that didn't have an over exposure of Wolverine, so this one to me felt more like an X-Men movie and not a Wolverine and the X-Men. Over all good addition to the series. One major gripe that I have with the movie is that it had major character, timeline, and continuity problems with the rest of the X films. I wonder if the writers even bother to watch the other movies before they wrote this one. My nitpick is that it doesn't have to follow exactly what's in the comics but at least make all the films more cohesive. A couple examples, Mystique and Professor X share a really close relationship in First Class but in the other films, they seemed like they didn't even know each other. The only relationship that seems to carry over to the other films is between Prof. X and Magneto. SPOILER! Also, in First class Charles loses the use of his legs at the end of the movie, but in X3 you see him being older and bald and was still able to walk when they went to visit a young Jean, also Magneto and him were still friends at this point. Another one, is the character Moire McTaggert played by Rose Byrne appears briefly later in the X3 film, but she still looks around the same age. One of the things that I really liked was the Magneto Costume at the end. It was the first time that I really felt they got the character's looks right. That a lone made me excited to see if they're going to make another part to this prequel.

Nate on Jun 6, 2011


Layer Cake, Kick Ass, First's official, Vaughn is a certified hit maker...oh and did anyone just geek out at the new Bad Hat Harry logo at the start of the film??

Anonymous on Jun 6, 2011


I thought that for all the era's it was meant to be set in they kindo looked they were from the future most of the time. Apart from that I'd put it up there as one of the better X movies. Better than X3 I think. I dunno thossosidodisoido.

Crapola on Jun 6, 2011


Was not impressed at all, found the whole thing poorly cut together and disliked the pacing. Some good scenes amongst it all and plenty of teen angst but over all the fairly haphazard pacing and editing really bought the experience down for me not to mention certain fx and art direction choices that didn't work like Beast and Erik's final costume, it could have all been adapted far better for the screen. Also Banshee flying with Havok dangling off his leg was awful.

Sam on Jun 7, 2011


Thought it was awesome.  I felt like I was watching a Tribute to all those classic '60s Comic Books.  Both in feel and look, X-men IS a product of the '60s, after all.   Most exciting is watching the mutants discover each others' existence in an arms race metaphor that parallels the counter-culture rising at the time. I really, really liked the whole Spy-Movie feel to this.  It felt like that's what the X-men were, originally: Super Hero Spies.  This movie feels like a Jack Kirby comic's imagination with a Jim Steranko vibe thrown in for kicks. And their explanation of the Cuban Missile Crisis almost makes more sense than what we read about in history books.  Wrap your head around THAT one! But really, this is worth seeing for Fassbender, Mcavoy, and even Bacon's performances alone.  They carry the film, and let loose w/ their characters such that you just can't wait to see more of 'em.  I for one liked Jennifer Lawrence, too.  

Django9000 on Jun 7, 2011


wow its amazing the responses u get in how how they all divert from the question the movie sucked i could of throw that up in half an hour too ok movie but lacked lol evolution

Staticdb1 on Jun 8, 2011


ok who ever says this was the best x men movie so far must be a girl xmen1= 3/10 xmen2=8/10 xmen3=6/10 xmenfc=7/10 wait three months and look it up urself

Staticdb1 on Jun 8, 2011


marvel comics has become dc comics bit*& marvel has what 10 movies this year dc with one  captain america better be amazing oh wait its not captain america in 2012 wtf

Staticdb1 on Jun 8, 2011


It was awesome, exactly what I expected. This solidifies Fassbender as an A list actor.

Cody W. on Jun 11, 2011


 List of reasons why this movie FAILED:   Kevin Bacon CANNOT be a bad guy. As soon as i saw him with the german mustache i started busting out laughing thinking it was a cameo... then he just kept coming back... and with literally NO background german accent.   Beast looked like he was wearing dentures   Beast is a DICK. the whole movie. Beast was this kind soft spoken fur ball with a literally beast trapped inside.   The whole time with this beautiful girl who slowly ages, and Charles NEVER looked twice at her?   Little Eric Kills the gaurds that are just standing there but cant throw one desk or pen and the man who just shot his mother?   Darwin died, just... gone. After five minutes.   The first X-men movie described Eric has having assisted with Cerebral's creation, where here he wanted nothing to do with it.   In the first X-men Charles said he had no idea how Eric was blocking his thoughts.   The unknown Jet from X2 turns out to be built by the CIA   Kevin Bacon COULDN'T keep his arm from shaking like a branch in the wind (which looks weird after the amazing Museum freeze in X2)   Kevin Bacon dies, after 20 minutes of build up and flashes of some horrible demonic character waiting to be unleashed, a coin kills him.   Eric can fire a gun from a distance without touching it, but he cant stop one from going off; instead he deflects bullets instead of just STOPPING THEM??   Mystique hasn't a bad bone in her body, is basically a sister to Charles, and leaves him dying on the beach to leave with the man who hurt him?   Doesn't Charles lose his legs after Eric runs a steel bar through his back?   DOESNT CHARLES NEED TO BALD AND WALK TO MEET JEAN GREY?   The ending felt so rushed and hurried along. Postponing the descent of Magneto till another film, wouldve solved alot of the moves problems Always the timeline has always been messed up. Supposedly in x2 Wolverine hasnt seen Striker in 15 years, meaning 1988, yet in his orgins he loses his memory at Three Mile Island which occurs 1979 (kinda a problem). But even still during the early "60's Wolverine wouldve still been working with Striker, thus apart of the government, and in no place to be "found". And during the '79 (or '88) scene in wolverine, Charles could still walk! All that being said... Watching Eric with a knife is amazing.Watching Eric turn a Sattelite was beautiful.

Edward on Jun 15, 2011


i really like the movie and the story over all but in my opinion the movie didn't have enough action. 😛

butters on Jun 18, 2011



Max C. on Jun 18, 2011


The movie was fun to watch, but the writing was HORRIBLE.  Shaw and team take out everyone at the CIA easily, so why doesn't Shaw rescue his diamond girlfriend?  It was really annoying when twice, twice, the CIA just happens to be in the same place as the action:  first when they showed up when Magneto first attacked shaw's boat, the second when they showed up at the russian military guy's house just when diamond was there?  Talk about coincidence.  How stupid.  Also, Azazel could have used his powers over and over to easily change the tide, but he was under deck?  In the end sequence, he could have zapped beast from the pilot seat and crashed the plane, but he was nowhere.  He also could have zapped magneto to outer space several times when he was going for Shaw.  The movie had no appreciation for people with know, the proud geeks that like this genre.  Too sappy lame, too much identity politics.  The 'goodie-2-shoes-good-of-the-many' win over the better fighters and more cunning (shaw's group).  Very forced, and lame.

guest on Oct 12, 2011


no it didnt come close to mathcing X2 two in that X2 was unwatchable and this was borderline ok

Dregj on Jan 1, 2012


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