Sound Off: Michael Bay's 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' - Thoughts?

June 29, 2011

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? It all began when Michael Bay took on a live-action version of one of the most beloved toy franchises back in 2007, kicking off the start of his trilogy. Now it all comes to an end. Hitting theaters in 3D, IMAX or just regular ole 2D this week, is Transformers: Dark of the Moon, the third (and presumably final) movie in Bay's Transformers series. So how is it? Is it as bad as the second one or possibly even as good (or better) than the first? How are the effects and action scenes? Is it entertaining at least? If you've seen it, leave a comment below with your thoughts on Transformers 3!

Autobots, roll out! I just returned from seeing Transformers: Dark of the Moon for a second time, and I will honestly say that I really, really like this movie - a lot. I think it's hands down the best Transformers movie and one of Michael Bay's better movies. He really has redeemed himself with this. Some of the visuals and effects in this are jaw-dropping/mind-blowing (the entire one-hour final showdown in Chicago), even after Avatar, and seeing that alone was worth it. As for the story, to touch upon that briefly, it was satisfying and I don't feel the need to nitpick. There's a lot going on, it's confusing at times, the comedy is way overplayed, sure it has problems in that area, but for the entertainment it delivers, nothing even comes close this year. Bay has done it, he made the unbelievably awesome Transformers movie I've been waiting to see.

What did you think of Transformers: Dark of the Moon? Awesome or terrible? Entertaining? We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the discussion civilized!

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i agree entirely. hugely enjoyable movie, somehow rosie huntington whitely turned out even hotter than megan fox despite that botoxed to fuck top lip. the story is the best out of the lot so far with the kind of takeover of civilization seen in i am legend, harry potter and soon to be rise of the apes, it has you on the edge of your seat believing it. shia was on top form and some of the slo' mo action pieces were incredible. slight negatives were that i still find at full throttle live action pace fights between transformers such as prime vs. sentinal and megatron vs. sentinal at the end are just too hard to follow, there is Too many moving parts for the 3D to work fast enough and my eyes to process it but luckily there weren't too many of these moments during the not too long but satisfying 154 minutes. i heard a few people coming out of the cinema saying 'well that was cheesy' and it just made me think well what did you expect, you've just paid to come see one of the biggest summer blockbusters going and it's the Third in the sequel. it's Going to be a hero vs. the world story. but if you take it for what it is it's hugely enjoyable.

alex moore on Jun 29, 2011


Love it. One of the best first replies we've ever had to a Sound Off. Thanks for putting some thought into your opinion! ūüôā

Alex Billington on Jun 29, 2011


get in. 7 likes and a positive comment from the gaffer. this is my first reply ever in a sound off so i might get involved a little bit more! cheers.

alex moore on Jun 29, 2011


Agreed, Alex.  Just got back from seeing it in 3D, and I gotta hand it to Bay--he REALLY pulled out all the stops.  It wasn't perfect, but for sheer  "Holy S**T!!" moments, this movie is tops.  It's a great summer blockbuster film, and if that's not enough for some people, too bad.  I certainly enjoyed it, and it is much, much better than the second film and (at least to me) better than the first. I also loved the STAR TREK Easter Egg....

Anonymous on Jun 29, 2011


You're right, fact, she mentioned on a talk show how she was teased in school for her lips.  She said that she was called "t*tslips" by her classmates because in their eyes...well, you can figure it out from there.

Anonymous on Jul 2, 2011


haha! botoxed to fuck lip.

Sebastiaan Vos on Jul 23, 2011


Sucked! If you seen the commercials you've seen alot of the good stuff. There is still stuff to be scene and it was better than ROTF but just by a little. I heard a guy walk by and say I think I'm going to puke. Sorry didn't like it, loved the simplicity of the first one. The second movie was too much, too cheesy. 3rd too much again, too little character development. I thought the Wreckers were suppose to be badass. What a disappointment.

Tomato Mater on Jun 29, 2011


SOOO you went to a Micheal Bay movie for deep characters and wasn't simple enough...dummy...

Stan on Jun 29, 2011


Well, Sam, I guess he expected Shakespeare too....but he should've gone elsewhere. And no, Tomato--to me, at least, the commercials barely hinted at all "the good stuff" that was in the film, and there was PLENTY. Just sayin'...

Anonymous on Jun 29, 2011


It sucked, Sorry my opinion. Sorry u all get butt sensitive when people have opinions.

Tomato_75 on Jun 30, 2011


The movie did kinda suck... I mean as far as story goes. I don't care who makes it. A movie should make an attempt at character development. Stop dismissing mediocrity and call if for what it is.

Cal on Dec 21, 2011


I hope this move is bad enough to kill 3D.

Green on Jun 29, 2011


there is a 2d option in every movie  incase u want to complain some more.

Adam L on Jun 29, 2011


I never thought I'd see the day where people defend a Michael Bay movie, let alone a Transformers.

Green on Jun 29, 2011


I went to see this movin in 2D, since I am not a big fan of the 3D movies.  It was still the best movie I've seen this year, even in 2D. I plan to go and see it 3D since all of my friends were raving over it in 3D. I just don't like the idea of watching a movie through sunglasses. It takes away from the vibrance of the movie.

TinkerPro on Jul 9, 2011


It's already dead

Theturtlespawn on Jul 2, 2011


Saw the 9 o clock in 3d last night.  ONE WORD Unbelieveable! The best movie in the series, the 3d was amazing, Rosie is sexy and her acting was on par with megan fox. Not to mention my hometown of Chicago gets destroyed and you cant tell whats real or fake. The skyscraper scene and the base jumper scene are, in my opinion, the best action scenes ever filmed. Highly recomend you see this in 3d, also the humour in the first half of the movie was hilarious not to mention John Malkovich's character was histerical! YOU WILL ENJOY THIS MOVIE!

Adam L on Jun 29, 2011


Saying her acting is on par with Megan Fox isn't saying much at all.

Onebadace on Jun 29, 2011


Her acting was actually far better than Fox, and she's playing a much more likable character. If only her lips weren't so weird...

Matt on Jun 29, 2011


I agree but majority of reviews are saying she is worse then her. Definitly not true.

Adam L on Jun 29, 2011


majority of reviews are people who are die hard fans of dear Megan....

Jericho on Jun 29, 2011


Neither is saying it's the best movie in the series.

Chris on Jun 29, 2011


it is

Adam L on Jun 29, 2011


It's absolutely the best movie in the series on every level.

Matt on Jun 29, 2011


 It was certainly action packed and better than the second. once again though I kept thinking "aren't there robots in this movie? Megatron sat in his trailer for the most part and then got played by a girl and went out before i could blink.  Ken Jeong was the sh*t! they should have kept him. they messed with the wrong wang *ithches!

Anonymous on Jun 29, 2011


I saw Avatar 3 times in 3d (twice Imax) and I can say Transformers 3d is definitely better. The image is way sharper and the brightness Michael Bay talked about is really there. Once your eyes adjust you dont forget you are in 3d but only in the best of ways. Barely any motion blur, etc. I was really blown away by the presentation of the movie. It does not have the impact of Avatar because it is not the first but it is the first 3d movie since that really had me floored!  In my opinion this is the best movie of the series. You can tell Michael Bay put a lot of thought into creating memorable scenes similar to the first movie. In T1 you had the awesome open scene at the military base and a few others that really stand out. In T2 .. it was sloppy and generic. All you really remember is a forest fight that gave you a headache and a lot of running around in Egypt. This Transformers movie went back to having a lot of care put into it. There are several stand out scenes such as the parachute jumpers, collapsing building, and much more! The action really was in a league of its own and all shot and edited very well. The story was also good but of course you have to expect some cheese. The parents are kept to a minimum thank god.. but glad they were not entirely removed. Has a few awkward humor moments but 80% of it is funny with a few really funny moments. Overall today I am left wanting to see it again.

Kaim on Jun 29, 2011


Way too long. It drags and you feel it until the carnage comes. This could've been a tight 120 minute action extravanganza. Once the credits rolled I was relieved to be out of there. Its not a bad movie like the last one, but its not as good as it could've been.

Alboone on Jun 29, 2011


I really liked the movie, and I salute Michael Bay for crafting such an immense and good piece of true 2011 entertainment. Yeah, it's absolutely not my kind of humor, but man does it bring on a cool show. The worst thing you can say about this film is that it won't be the last nail for 3D‚Äôs coffin ‚Äď the 3D is way too awesome. But hopefully it puts the 3D where it belongs, right besides the popcorn machine.

Felix on Jun 29, 2011


There are a couple of action scenes that just gave me shivers and made my jaw drop. I have been a big 3D advocate but not anymore besides a few 3D shots that are amazing the rest of the movie are for me ruined by it.  I would go see it again but as Transformers 3 has only 2 screens in the whole country showing it in 2D I don`t know if I can. I won`t pay for a 3D movie again and I have really been positive since Avatar but not anymore. As for options Thor was only shown in 3D it`s entire run in my country so that gives you perspective. I will probably choose to not see em in cinemas in the future.

Loser on Jun 29, 2011


**  Spoiler Alert ** Don't know why I mentioned spoiler alert, if you haven't seen the movie yet, then why are you in the "Sound Off" section, but still, just covering my basis. Our Tinseltown XD screen was nearly sold out for the 8:30 showing and the midnight showing was completely sold out.  There was cheering, laughing and clapping throughout the movie...It was an an excellent ending to the franchise.  I loved the subtle hint at the beginning of the movie when the two little robots were watching the old Star Trek tv show and one of them said "I like this episode, its the one where Spock turns evil" and then later on in the movie we find out that Sentinel Prime is voiced by none other than Leonard Nimoy, who turns out to betray the Autobots and tries to destroy the earth.  I think I was the only one in the theater that caught it when Sentinel Prime said "The needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many".  It was a nice "reverse" nod to Star Trek the Wrath of Khan. I am going to miss the autobots and decepticons.

Michael McRorey on Jun 29, 2011


Yeah!  I thought the line from Sentinel Prime was great--a nice little shout-out to STAR TREK.  And it was cool to hear Nimoy return to the TF universe, since he did voice Galvatron in the 1986 animated film. But I agree--this film was unbelievable in the amount of eyeball kicks and action.  But Bay certainly made a much better film here; to me, at least, it's waaaayyyy better than the second film...I'd say it's the best in the series.

Anonymous on Jun 29, 2011


My wife and I both looked at each other when Sentinel Prime said "The needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many", since we are both fans of the Star Trek series. Like you, I think we were the only ones in the theater that caught onto that.

TinkerPro on Jul 9, 2011


As someone who hated (but wanted to love) both Transformers 1 and 2, I had a blast with Dark of the Moon. The action was top notch, and the fact that Bay shot it in 3D was best thing that could have ever happened to the movie. Even if you hate 3D, you have to appreciate how shooting 3D forced Bay to pull back, slow down the editing, and actually let us enjoy the action for once. The Trek references were classic, and the fact that Nimoy voiced Sentinel made me not even suspect that he'd turn evil. I just can't think of Spock being a bad guy. I laughed my ass off as soon as I heard "the needs of the many..." Even though, as many have said above, the movie is a bit too long, and could have definitely been tightened up, I have to give it props for being the first Transformers movie that actually made me care for the characters. I was legitimately sad when they killed off Ironhide. The whole action sequence leading up to this in particular was pretty amazing. One of the coolest chase scenes I've seen in a while. Storywise, the movie sort of fell apart at the end, I mean why does Optimus get trapped by a few wires when immediately before and after he's tearing through Decepticons like butter, but even so the action more than made up for the stupid plot, and delivered a great finale with a ridiculous amount of robot death. I only wish my theater had someone competent running the film, since the last 4-5 minutes of action was completely obscured by commercials running on a second projector, which of course was fixed just after Optimus delivers the final blow. I'll be seeing the film again tonight, and can't wait to go.

Matt on Jun 29, 2011


I agree. Optimus stuck on the wire was a total WTF moment

solider on Jun 29, 2011


Yeah, it really added nothing to the movie either because they cut away for a few and came back like 15m later and they just cut him down. It was kind of pointless but it didn't bother me beyond wondering the point for a few seconds.

Kaim on Jun 29, 2011


True. I wish they scrapped that and just added a few details on how the others got captured though.

solider on Jun 29, 2011


Yeah, that definitely would have been nice. Now that I think about it, the point where the giant ships start invading Chicago was incredibly abrupt too. Fade to black, then boom - ships are attacking the city out of nowhere.

Matt on Jun 29, 2011


I was the only one in the theater who laughed at the "needs of the many" Star Trek reference at a sold out 3d imax show. Man, I thought there were more movie buffs out there. Good to see someone else caught it and laughed, because that was the turning point of the movie when I started to let down my guard and enjoy myself. Great, but long, popcorn movie.

Nathan Farrell on Jun 29, 2011


"...and the fact that Nimoy voiced Sentinel made me not even suspect that he'd turn evil. I just can't think of Spock being a bad guy. I laughed my ass off as soon as I heard "the needs of the many..."" Yeah--I didn't see that coming (even though, well, Nimoy did voice Galvatron in the animated film).  But the line "the needs of the many..." killed. And you're not the only one who hated the first two (or the second film) yet loved this one.  I saw it with my cousin who despised the second film, but he really enjoyed this one. 

Anonymous on Jun 29, 2011


I cannot believe the amount of praise this movie is getting.  It is entirely unwarranted.  In my theater there was actual cheering at the end and I could not for the life of me understand why.  To say the movie has plot holes in an insult to plot holes.  This movie is actually a 2.5 hour long plot hole.  The acting is terrible and the special effects, expensive and flashy as they are, get irritating and bloated after the first hour or so.  The film drags and drags forever.  Pacing is probably the main reason this movie doesn't work. Things happen for no reason at all other than to show something "cool" in 3D.  I actually kinda enjoyed the first 2 movies on a superficial level but this was just too much.  I fear for the future of mankind if this is regarded as any sort of new standard for action movie making.  

Daneforst on Jun 29, 2011


"I cannot believe the amount of praise this movie is getting.  It is entirely unwarranted." No, it's not unwarranted.  It's just people having a different opinion than you, which they are certainly welcomed to.  Movies--like art--are subjective.  Accept that not everyone will have the same views about films as you and move on. "I fear for the future of mankind if this is regarded as any sort of new standard for action movie making." know, there are other things to worry about.  Bad movies have been around for years.  Deal with it and move on.

Anonymous on Jun 29, 2011


Daneforst is definitely dead!

Ding on Jun 30, 2011


If you went to this movie expecting a plot other than 'kill the bad guys in spectacular explosions' than I don't know what was wrong with you in the first place.

Fraidy-Cat on Jul 2, 2011


This must be the best of them all, I love action movie and I was really satisfied when i saw it. Too bad for the rest who think it's cheezy or bad, I guess they think they can do better than Michael Bay

djamatik on Jun 29, 2011


This is a true summer tent pole blockbuster.  3D haters are full of their own jaded angst.  If you love it, you love it ... if you hate it, why bother complaining about something you'll never enjoy at home or at the theater when there are clearly others who obviously do?  For those 3D challenged:  Next time walk out of the theater, ask for a refund and sit your butt down in a 2D showing. I enjoyed the length of the film. The fact that several minor characters, for once, get their due Hero minute was a nice touch.  This really satiates and rounds out the feel for the movie.  This is the definitive anti-Toy Story 3 storyline and proud of it.  My best short analogy of the movie is as follows ... if Someone handed Bay a bag of M20s, some 3d cameras and said go to town on Chicago and my reminiscent childhood toy battles ... this would be the result. As Paul Harvey would say ... "Now you know the rest of the Story."

Raidared on Jun 29, 2011


"...if you hate it, why bother complaining about something you'll never enjoy at home or at the theater when there are clearly others who obviously do?" Hmmm...could be that they somehow feel that by screaming loudly enough the movie will go away or fail...or whatever. You know, I don't mind if people didn't like the film (I did like it, and I disliked the second film).  But they cross the line when they start to insult anyone who did like it, or try to make it seem that films such as this are a crime against humanity.  Folks, it's just a movie--it isn't real life.  It would be nice if they took their anger and frustration and put it towards actually creating something better, but it seems that they're incapable of that. All they know how to do is moan and groan and be cynical.  Talk about living a sad life.

Anonymous on Jul 1, 2011


A vomit of top-drawer special effects on top of effects punctuated by incoherent attempts to develop a story that provides a feeble excuse for another hurricane of effects. Transformers 3 is horrid. I took off my 3D glasses every so often to find that like Avatar most of the film was not in 3D. I regret paying the higher ticket price.

Optimus on Jun 29, 2011


are you kidding me? were we watching the same movie? the 3d felt like you were in the movie!!

Adam L on Jun 29, 2011


I thought it was fantastic! It actually didnt feel too long like the 2nd movie and not overly saturated with humping humors. Its not the perfect movie with alot of things left unexplained or left out, but the entertainment factor, wow! Now im just curious as to how much the movie is going to make. For the other g1 fans out there, did anyone else notice the similarity of the story to the first season ender of the original series? I thought that was a good nod to the original!

solider on Jun 29, 2011


Hated it almost as much as Green Lantern. The film was nothing like the trailer. Quite the opposite. A loud mess of incoherent needlessly stylized shots loosely strung together with poor acting and ridiculous characterizations. The giant robots moved like humans, obviously motion captured. They should've gotten some real animators in there. Leaving the theater I couldn't help but think the film didn't need to be in 3D and it added nothing being in 3D. 3D is just a gimmick to get us to pay higher ticket prices. Nolan is right in not going with 3D.  Is T3 better than T2? Marginally which isn't saying much.

Hal on Jun 29, 2011


Weird, I can only highly recommend everyone see it in 3d. If your eyes do not pick up the pop and spatial factor your eyes might just not be very sensitive or something? The 3d was totally immersive and added a lot for me personally. I think those who say it is gimmicky maybe just have less sensitive eyes or something? 

Kaim on Jun 29, 2011


I dont get the 3d haters either?? i can understand a converted 3d movie but not ones like avatar and this movie that were shot with 3d cameras and sucks you into the movie. Something is wrong with their eyes. It was an experience like no other.

Adam L on Jun 29, 2011


Hey, my eyesight isn't the best, but I still liked this in 3D--and thankfully it wasn't the cheapjack "s**t flying at you all the time" but more along the lines of AVATAR's "illusion of depth". But Adam, hey...don't sweat it.  Some people just gotta hate, no matter what.  If they really didn't like the film, that's fine, but some of the negative reviews make me really wonder 1) what film they were watching and 2) why they've got such a long broomstick stuck up their @$$. Just sayin'...

Anonymous on Jun 29, 2011


No Kaim, Hal is suffering with long-sightedness.

Ding on Jun 30, 2011


Seriously dude you were appalled at the animation of the robots moving like humans. I thought these were living breathing mechanical organisms from another world far more advanced than ours!!! So If they seem to move very human like that would just mean they overcame the robotic Neanderthal ways of old cybertron

Derek da Sundayticket on Jul 20, 2011


I loved the first Transformers as much as anyone can love a film with sexy women and no substance largely due to Peter Cullen voicing Optimus. Transformers 2 was a racist steaming pile of dung. Transformers 3 in 3D was Michael Bay lying to us yet again. I regret seeing the film. I should've gone to the bub instead with my hard earned money. 

Inception on Jun 29, 2011


How was Bay "lying to us again"?  Please explain. And a filmmaker lying to us is nowhere near as bad as a politician lying to us. 

Anonymous on Jun 29, 2011


Also, why are haters of Transformers going as soon as possible on Tuesday night? Just to complain on the internet? Lol

Kaim on Jun 29, 2011



solider on Jun 29, 2011


i know what losers

Adam L on Jun 29, 2011


I didn't like it all that much. :/ The first scene greets you with a butt. WTF?

Jrp77sen on Jun 29, 2011


Hey, it was a nice butt though....and it wasn't the first scene (unless you mean after the opening credits).

Anonymous on Jun 29, 2011


Definitely the best story line of all three. Certain plot twists I never saw coming (especially when Sam and Hot Blond Chick run out of Patrick Dempsey's house and get in the car).  However, the movie was so slow, I was begging for it to be over by the end. Would've been much better if it were cut down to 1:37 instead of 2:37

Pricegtag92 on Jun 29, 2011


Why would anyone go to the movies, especially when the ticket price can be upwards of 15 bucks a ticket...and the complain about the length of the film they are paying for? Really!!! Please spare us and stop your petty complaints.

Marqwest on Jun 29, 2011


Besides the fac that this is a Sound-Off forum and the man has the right to his complaint, the length of a movie can easily make or break a movie, so it is a valid complaint

Tester on Jun 29, 2011


Hmmm....Tester, I do agree with you about the film length being a valid complaint--but up to a point. Some of the best films that have been made are close to or over three hours--say, SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, UNFORGIVEN, THE GODFATHER, ALIENS (the Director's Cut)...but they certainly didn't feel like it.  And then there are those movies that have a short running time but are still worth watching. I guess it comes down to whether or not you feel that the movie takes too long to end and you're always checking your watch.

Anonymous on Jul 1, 2011


SPOILER ALERT and QUESTIONS... So I just returned from the showing here in Europe and i must say I liked the movie. I loved the first movie, I felt that I could actually follow the action while in the second one all the fight scenes were a big blur and way too much comical elements with no character development. Enough said I liked the 3rd one. I believe I will turn back once more to see it in IMAX as well. So here are some Cons and Pros PROS: - first time since Avatar I enjoyed a 3D movie. Although still dark... - loved the way the movie was cut in three episodes: landing on the moon/in between/battle of Chicago - 3D action really clear and the whole movie very followable no blur of metal parts - some of the scenes like the building collapsing (almost Inception like:)) the gliders, the car chase on the highway those were all mighty wow moments - Malkovich....:)) - Megatron with the small builder robots on his head - the Star Trek references - despite the length the mighty action scenes me me want more, but there was really no need for being this long. CONS: - that chick with the blown up lip... She was bad. Also high heels when running?? (although in some scenes she had high heels then low then high heels again...) - movie a bit long and STILL leaving some unanswered things hanging: a) how did Malkovich find out about Bumblebee? Why was he sniffing him? b) Megatron suddenly left from sitting on the Lincoln Monument and ending up on a trash dump? c) how did the Autobots end up being caught? all surrounded? d) here did the parents go? e) Prime O being caught in wires... no need for that scene. - I know it is an action movie but still the storyline was jumpy and undeveloped at some points. -the humor was sometimes way to silly. - some silly moments: Blown up lip girl searching up and finding Megatron and messing with his mind... All decepticons blowing up when the portal got closed?? - no matter how many Decepticons were killed and one ship even destroyed, weren¬īt there supposed to been 200 something that got trough? and how the hell did they all end up on the moon buried? Why didn¬īt the come for us in the first two movies?? All on all the best action movie this year by far. Good summer blockbuster. /t

Tiberius Soltész on Jun 29, 2011


also why was the girl dressed in all white stay so clean?? but I had the same exact questions...

Stan on Jun 29, 2011


That wasnt malkovich that was ken joeng

Adam L on Jun 29, 2011


With all the possible story choices available or even possible I don't understand why this one won out, it stunk. I wanted epic, and it was not. Some of the action was OK "pretty cool" building scene, BB and Sam going over the wreck on the freeway. It lacked any kind of punch I was hoping for. The characters were awful, its like they shoot a scene with a wheel that tells them this on is going to be a funny scene and this one is going to be serious scene. Disappointing.

Pennsyltucky on Jun 29, 2011


"I wanted epic, and it was not." was this not "epic"?  Massive action, major city destruction, Earth threatened....and it wasn't epic enough? But to be honest, this storyline seemed to be more based on a two-parter in the original G1 cartoon series ("The Ultimate Doom").

Anonymous on Jun 29, 2011


You didn't get the point. I believe his "Epic" has to do something with dust mites.

Ding on Jun 30, 2011


What I was trying to get across was to get me into a movie to really like it I need to feel for the characters, hell in this case the Earth and worry about some inpending doom. This just didn't happen. I wanted a more mature, intellegent themed and structured story. For example even in the ROCK we know the day was going to be saved but he pushed our feelings and our passions in such a way that we were rooting for the characters even though we knew they would be fine. Guess I wanted the massive astion, major city destruction and earth threatened with and edge of my seat Die Hard Panic throughout. And by the way Godzilla movies have the action, destruction and earth threat...that doesn't make them epic.

Pennsyltucky on Jul 5, 2011


I live and Work downtown Chicago and I would see some of the damage and stuff when they were shooting, and I'm happy the movie was as entertaining as it was!! Bay knows how to bring that summertime Fun!!! If your looking for a Oscar Worthy Performance just Kill yourself, becaue nobody really likes you...

Stan on Jun 29, 2011



Adam L on Jun 29, 2011


to "fuel the fire" and cut it short i was really drunk when i saw this movie, but i remember that i liked it more than the first 2 put together. I liked it as a popcorn flick (that's what it is in the end). a popcorn + beer movie. point is, i felt good. ūüôā

redguy on Jun 29, 2011


Ya i was blazed!!!

Adam L on Jun 29, 2011


I dont get the 3d haters either?? i can understand a converted 3d movie but not ones like avatar and this movie that were shot with 3d cameras and sucks you into the movie. Something is wrong with their eyes. It was an experience like no other.

Adam L on Jun 29, 2011


Adam L, It's your brain that is wrong. God damn you are so childish.

Peelous on Jun 30, 2011


It was cheap. Pretty much like an advertisement. The amount of Victoria's Secret references littered throughout the movie was disgusting; the use of Spock's classic line from Trek by Leonard Nimoy was an utter embarrassment (and I feel as if it was degrading to Trek itself). I couldn't stand any scene in which Rosie (the Victoria's Secret model) was the main focus. Numerous characters were so very annoying that I pretty much wanted to leave. There were way too many little details that were incongruent from the first movie. Also, the story was incredibly weak; I think they added the plethora of unneeded dirty jokes to try to conceal that fact (and thereby add some sort of "comedy") but ultimately just made it worse.  I will say this: the action scenes were pretty much epic and I really loved that part of the movie. Plus there were a few good lines about the right to freedom in there.  Good things about this movie: Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ironhide, Megatron, Ratchet, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese, and getting to hear some Russian accents.

JL on Jun 29, 2011


Yes, the jokes and stuff were stupid, but they were also lame in the first two movies as well, but we (Transformers fans) still watched the movie with amazement and pleasure because Michael Bay and Steven Speilberg have finally brought most of our favorite Transformers to life with cutting technology. Plus this movie was WAY more concentrated on the character and their feelings, (like Optimus' when----happened).

RobotProphet on Jun 29, 2011


Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of Transformers. Watched it as a kid. I liked the fact that Dark of the Moon went more into Optimus and such, but seriously it other than that it was skanky and lame. How about some good story writing for once?

JL on Jun 29, 2011


I agree with Alex. This was the best Transformers movie ever. I was concerned like everyone else about how true Michael Bay would stay to the characters' personalities, but was COMPLETELY satisfied as each chapter of the movie finished.     I'm the kind of person who buys the novellazations to the movies I like and then compare them to the movie. Now I'm not going to say anything because it just came out last night, but the novella was very different in some places because it followed the original script for the movie before Michael Bay made his final decision on how the film was going to end. Let me just say that I was very upset about how the novella ended with a certain situation concerning Megatron, but was absolutely thrilled when they changed it in the film.     Go see Transformers: Dark of the Moon. It will change your life.

RobotProphet on Jun 29, 2011


A good number of people are citing this for the lack of, well, everything. Sure there were problems and plot holes. Sure there were more unnecessary characters and forced comic relief but it was a fun astoundingly insane visual experience. I liked it a lot and not defending its faults, this is not Inception, it's Michael Bay movie. Further one about a line of toy robots...did anyone else not expect that going in I wonder? I too agree with Alex, I went for the action and got what I expected and more. Going to be a reference quality Blu Ray release for sure. Can't wait to see it again!

Anonymous on Jun 29, 2011


Good points, Ridge...I mean, c'mon...if people wanted Shakespeare or Nolan, they should've gone elsewhere.  You know what Bay does, and you should expect that.  And as you's based on a series of robot toys, not on a novel by Herman Melville.  I will say, though, that the story seemed to be based on the original G1 episode "The Ultimate Doom", but hell, I had a blast and loved it.  Bay and company certainly made up for ROTF, which I did not like.

Anonymous on Jun 29, 2011


If youre talking about the season ender in the original series then yes i too noticed the reference! Thought it was awesome!

solider on Jun 29, 2011


You're dead on, Soldier...that's the one!

Anonymous on Jun 30, 2011


I hate 3D so I skipped the 3D showing for the trusted 2D. I loved this movie. It was better than 1 and 2 but it also took what it needed from them and ran with it. The comic relief was a little over the top but it ended up helping the movie out a bit. The action was amazing and it had a bit of a story that was overall decent. I truly think Micheal Bay learned from his mistakes on 1 and 2 and it helped create a better over all movie. If thought the ending was awesome and it helped end the series if this is indeed the end of it but it also left a little window for some more. I know there are gonna be all the haters picking apart every little detail but really this is just a good ole summer blockbuster to take you away from reality. So don't go in with any expectations and just go have fun watching it.

Tyban on Jun 29, 2011


well im not saying it was the best movie of the least not till the end of the year.. but it definitely was better than the other two and i bashed those up and down. the story was still like you had to be a fan to enjoy it *luckily i had two fat guys behind me rambling about who the important characters are* but the action saved it all....

Jericho on Jun 29, 2011


Like many a child of the 80's I grew up with saturday morning cartoons such as M.A.S.K., G.I. Joe and ofcourse Transformers. In the age of CGI and the succes of movies like X-men and Spiderman the movie industry discovered they were sitting on a goldmine of readymade storylines and fanbases that support expensive and ellaborate franchises. Now here comes the but.. What moviestudios and filmmakers such as Bay refuse to see is that tapping into the readymade characters of these franchises demands respecting their origin. This is not absolut. Think of bumblee not being a beetle and soundwave not holding cassettes. Times change and characters have to evolve accordingly. The reference to the beetle in the first movie is enough for the fan to accept that the original was taken in consideration and see how time and character had changed. For the most part the role of bumblbee was still the same. Others characters are not dealt with so kindly as I will now critique. DSOTM was overall an ok movie and a great CGI action orgy. Main drawback was the way in which this movie could have easily been so much better by making some minor changes and here they are - the girl was not needed at all, if sam needed a job he shoudve gotten it with Dempsey as he needed a spy and Sam needed a job. Dempsey then couldve given Sam the car (soundwave) seeing that bumblebee was on a mission and sam needed a car. Laserbeak in this shouldve been the cd/mp3/cassetteplayer of the car depending on what Bay was pushing to sell. This would in turn be a nice reference to the old. - only in the first of the 3 is Starscreams sneakyness and betrayel towards megatron referenced while DSOTM offers such an easy in of showing this. Just think of the role Starscream could have played in setting up Sentinel and Megatron against eachother in order to try and take leadership himself. Again why the girl? Megatron taking advice from an insect? - Third remark: Shockwave could have been so much more then what it was. I think this needs no explanation. Even though announced big he was used as nothing more then a side character. In this it would have been better if some sort of earlier beef betwwen shockwave and autobots was shown or at least one scene of shockwave with either sentinel or megatron to show their connection. These changes wouldve made the movie half an hour shorter and made the movie more about what it should, the transformers! Now that i've taken the time for this comment I would like to make a plea to bring HASBROS failed cult franchise Inhumanoids to the big screen. Does anyone remember? Erick 

Decompose on Jun 29, 2011


Yup, I remember INHUMANOIDS (nice tag, by the way--he was the one character that gave me the freakin' creeps!)...and you could do it today with the tools at hand. And it did have one of the best taglines: "The evil that lies within!"

Anonymous on Jun 29, 2011


I liked everything you typed except for bringing back InHumanoids...dude that show sucked. Now if you said Tigersharks or SilverHawks, C.O.P.S then I'm with you

Derek da Sundayticket on Jul 20, 2011


I thought the first half consisted with too much human stuff. Sam and Carly (Dragged too long), Sams parents (they should've been canned after the first one), government against autobots (Didn't we get enough of this the first time)  I was a bit worried until the final act. When it finally ended, everybody in the theater was like, "is that it?" Not even one clap. First half 4/10Second Half 10/10. A must in 3D. Action was off the hook.7/10*last but not least, I thought the movie was 30-40mins too long. If only allot of the fluff was editted out, it would've gave it a better pace.   

Rich Hill on Jun 29, 2011


I came into the film with a certain "checklist" of things that I expected from a popcorn blockbuster like Transformers... explosions, great set-pieces, great battle sequences, amazing cgi and 3D, and of course beautiful women, and was hugely satisfied with the film. It definitely had a slightly darker tone compared to the other 2, considering the death toll etc in it. The acting isn't as bad as everyone is making it out to be, for an action film focusing on robots vs robots carnage, it's pretty decent, and the film had it's comedic moments without overdoing it like they did in RoTF. Also, the villains had a much more prominent role in the film than The Fallen did in RoTF. Definitely a great start to the summer and one film I shall be definitely be picking up on blu-ray, just make sure you aren't expecting anything mind-challenging, thought-provoking etc from it, it's a Michael Bay film, what are you expecting?! ūüėõ Btw, I suggest people watch it in IMAX for the best effect, it was seriously breathtaking watching some of the battle sequences.¬† Man Shockwave looked mean as f**k!¬†

shed on Jun 30, 2011


I didn't feel any sense of closure, they should have at least showed slide show pictures of reconstruction. I didn't get the "effect" that the world was being taken over by Decepticons, so I couldn't feel "relieved" when the autobots won. I'm not even gonna comment on how the new girl came and how Makela left. Hey the rest of it was AWESOME!

Underglow06 on Jun 30, 2011


I thought that the Dinobots from the "Transformers Universe" were supposed to be in Transformers: Dark of the Moon ?. What happened ?, were they saving the Dinbots for Transformers 4 or something ?. Also, before they gave Transformers 3, the title "Transformers: Dark of the Moon, it had the title Transformers: Rise of the Dinobots", why couldn't they have the Dinobots in Transformers 3 ?.

Sean on Jun 30, 2011


.....dinobots....really? say that out loud to someone in question format and post how it turned out....

Jericho on Jun 30, 2011


No, Seriously ! I clearly remember reading on movie websites a long while back ago, about there being the Dinobots in Transformers 3, and it was going to be called Transformers: Rise of the Dinobots. Unless they decided to save that for Transformers 4 ? .

Sean on Jun 30, 2011


Nah, I know what you're talking about. That was a rumor on some sites. But Kurtzman and Orci said they really couldn't find a reason to have giant, robotic lizards in modern times (in G1 though, they were made for their strength in battle, not blending in), so I can see why they wouldn't use them. But I definitely wouldn't have mind seeing Grimlock tear up some Decepticon fenders.

FriendlyFire on Jun 30, 2011


I was incredibly disappointed with the mis-use of Shockwave (who barely did anything of importance or epicness), especially after advertising him as the big new bad guy of the film when in fact it turned out to be Sentinel (which i actually did like).  Speaking of which, i feel like Ironhide should have been allowed a shot or two at Sentinel instead of getting cheap shot a bunch of times by Sentinel's gun.  Also, John Malkovich's character should have been over with before the scene where he got to see Bumblebee (which was obnoxious, ridiculous, and completely unnecessary).  Rosie was bangin'! and an excellent breath of fresh air from Megan Fox.  In the end, Transformers 3 was AMAZING (especially in IMAX 3D), but i must see it again before i can compare it with 100% confidence to the first of the series which holds a special spot in my heart and really was a good film. 

Nick on Jun 30, 2011


Looking forward to see this! But not Rosie Huntington's overly injected collagen lips. Gross! I'm sure these hetero dudes fantasize getting their little peckers serviced with her wet and slimy lips.

Jedibilly on Jun 30, 2011


This was great movie...I have to put it up there with Dark Night and Avatar...Bay did his thing and for those who didn't like, so what...I loved it

Bigrod392000 on Jun 30, 2011


You're mad unless you're saying Dark Knight and Avatar were both steaming piles of shite. 

Ticketmaster on Jun 30, 2011


@Ticketmaster...there was nothing bad about this movie...stop hating on Bay and enjoy the film

Bigrod392000 on Jun 30, 2011


You know what for the first hour and half I would have agreed with you. All I was thinking was that this film is a big pile of shit. The cheesy acting, stupid jokes and way too mant things going on. But then the war began in Chicago and I then forgot about that first hour and a half. Seriously I wish the movie had just started from the war in chicago. The action scenes with the 3D are the best I have ever seen on screen. Michael Bay has outdone himself here in every which way possible. This film would have only recieved 1 star from me up until the last part of the film. 5 stars out of 5 for me.

Last Son on Jul 4, 2011


The only thing I ever wanted out of the Transformers series was giant alien robots beating the scrap metal out of each other, and can I just say that I LOVED how much of that was in this film? So much awesomeness contained in that last hour of the was epic. The pros about the film: - Megan Fox was taken out of the picture: I'm the kind of dork who would much prefer giant alien robot action scenes in a giant alien robot movie over seeing Megan Fox's cleavage...she's not as hot as everyone says, and if I cared, I'd watch "Jennifer's Body" or some crap like that... - the Twins were taken out of the picture: THANK GOD. Not only did I hate Bay for killing off the only black Transformer in the first one (R.I.P. Jazz), but he decided to bring in two of the most racist, stereotyped piles of junk to try and be main characters? - epic plot twists: Bay put Shyamalan to shame with his plot twists. They were EVERYWHERE, and they were EPIC! - amazing action scenes: Something about Optimus slamming an axe into Megatron's face and then shooting Sentinel in the head with a giant shotgun - mind you, he did both of these with ONLY ONE ARM - just REALLY got my adrenaline pumping all through this film. And yeah, that was the last fight scene, but the rest are equally as awesome. - the Decepticons: watching the original show, I never would've take their villainy seriously, but Bay has truly made them into some of the most badass aliens in Hollywood history...Soundwave was always my favorite, so I liked seeing him in the movie, even if it was just for a little bit. - Optimus Prime: killed them both with ONLY ONE ARM! - Leonard Nimoy: enough said The cons about the film: - Michael Bay's obnoxious humor: I enjoy it at times, but John Malkovich's nutcase of a character? A companion of equal silliness to the humping robot from the second film (though I admit, their death was epic)? Ah, well...couldn't be Michael Bay without it, I guess... - Shockwave's luster-lacking performance: I REALLY wanted to see him be an even greater villain than Megatron (favorite Megatron moment, first movie - lands next to the human, sees him, and thumps him out of the way: "Disgusting."). But instead, he had this amazingly terrifying and monstrously epic ginormous mechanical worm devour everything, while he just stood there and looked scary. And then Optimus was like, "Die!" and Optimus killed him. Meh... - Megatron's epiphany: as leader of the Decepticons, he MUST have seen Sentinel's intentions on kicking him out of power, right? Nope. Instead, a human female puts the idea in his head. I wanted him to knock her away and keep loathing his lack of head, but instead, a lowly creature from a race he hates is granted the permission to speak and convince him of this...yeah, sure. - Optimus hanging around in crane wires: wtf? - Ironhide's suckerpunch death: bad as it sounds, I was wanting Ironhide to die...but only if it were in some sort of amazingly epic battle with a Decepticon, because he's a beast. Instead, Sentinel is like, "Live long and prosper, allies." while proceeding to shoot Ironhide in the back...I almost cried. I think that's all my major points. AWESOME MOVIE! The pros DEFINITELY outweighed the cons. I'm gonna go see it again 3D though, because I actually believe it MIGHT be a great one. Oh, and uh...sorry for the ridiculously long post, guys. Autobots, roll out!

FriendlyFire on Jun 30, 2011


Oh, and a neutral comment about the film: that new girl? Her lips were freakin' weird.

FriendlyFire on Jun 30, 2011


Hey, I thought they were gorgeous...and so was she. (Then again, she's waaaayyyyy better looking than me, so....8-)) And a great list of pros and cons for the film. And I agree--Ironhide's death came out of nowhere, but it was a punch in the gut. Oh, and do see it in 3D.

Anonymous on Jul 1, 2011


Thanks for the feedback, man. I've been catching up on this post, and you've been all over the place. Haha. Yes, she's gorgeous. And they're nice, just...weird. It's like Kiera Knightley, kinda, ya know? DUDE! Ironhide, man...I just couldn't believe it. Spock betrayed them all! NO! And alright, man, will do. I've just heard nothing but good about it. I'm one of those people who just prefer 2D and happen to not really like 3D, but I've been convinced by the feedback that it's worth it.

FriendlyFire on Jul 1, 2011


Malkovich was the only good thing about that movie.

Nrgree2 on Jun 30, 2011


As much as I would just LOVE to criticize your opinion and how much it sucks, to each his own.

FriendlyFire on Jun 30, 2011


Lame. first half of the movie was good. second half was a big mess.

jaron kacy on Jun 30, 2011


I think the transformers should kill Bay take twelve bucks from his wallet and deliver them to my doorstep.

Nrgree2 on Jun 30, 2011


HAHAHAHAHA! YES! Now that I'd pay to see. I won't be fooled to see by Bay and Spielberg to see this film no matter how much I love Transformers. 

TDK on Jun 30, 2011


My biggest problem through the movie was that the transformers appeared started som action and dissapeared big chunks of the time, where the hell did they go. It often felt like they just skipped alot of Transformers in favor of humans and that big chunks of the movie was missing. Bumbelbee appeared dissapeared all the time and lots of things just felt missing in those departments but man o man some of the action made my balls contract, my neck hair raise my jaw drop and massive uncontrollable shivers. I may have contracted  braindamage from the 3D though.

Loser on Jun 30, 2011


Bay did it again, he screw up Transformer again. It was messy, headless chicken storyline for all the characters and robots. Alot of scene is really not necessary and I belive they could have use the time more on the robots. Is just boring to see new robots and they just dont show it more. All i see is Optimus and Bumble.. sigh

Sammickey on Jun 30, 2011


 I concur. Michael Bay is such a hack. I should've listened to my gut instinct and not fallen for his apology and promise that this film would be better than the previous. 

Legion on Jun 30, 2011


Saw it last night and I thought it was the best of the 3 films. If there was 1 negative maybe it was a little to long but it was awesome in 3D

Ginger_man28 on Jun 30, 2011


One of the best Summer Blockbuster movies I have see , decent enough story too. The best 3D movie by far. The Action was really good. My only gripe is how did the autobots get captured? Bad editing but nothing to spoil it for anyone. Surprisingly, I actually felt some sort of emotional tug when I thought Bumblebee was going to die and Sam was helpless. I must give Michael Thanks for finally getting it right. For making this 20 odd year old TF veteran happy.

NeoSlyfer on Jun 30, 2011


Visual was the bomb must give him(Bay) that. But overall it's a 4/10 for me  I hope that in the future someone will reboot this one and focus on the Cybertronian, that will be a real Transformers.

TTumMM on Jun 30, 2011


I thought it was pretty entertaining for a Summer Action Flick, A lot of Action! But there wasn't much story behind it, and some of the humor felt forced. I didn't like how Sam always seems like he's on drugs or something cause he's always Spazzing out, he needs to check his Blood Pressure cause seems like he's going to burst anytime. The CGI was some of the best i've seen yet and the 3D was pretty good too. Over all I thought it was better than Revenge of the Fallen, but I still like the first one the best.

Nate on Jun 30, 2011


Oh, and how the heck did Bumble Bee not get his voice back by the third movie already??? They're an advanced Robot Alien race, but they can't fix his voice box after 4 yrs now?

Nate on Jun 30, 2011


amazing.....ratchet should be ashamed and fired

Havehope on Jun 30, 2011


Anyone else notice that the freeway chase scene recycled two shots from Bay's "The Island"?

john on Jun 30, 2011


I saw this 2 times yesterday...In 3D and 2D and let me just say,It's better in 3D,the movie is bad ass,Good acting,good story,GREAT bad ass fightin scenes,IT WAS AWESOME,definetly the best transformers movie.

LMFAO on Jun 30, 2011


I LOVED THIS MOVIE!, i was startin to feel really bad for bumblebee at that one part, i was getting to feel real nervous ūüôĀ and for ironhide, i did not expect that to happen to the toughest auto bot, but once again i loved this movie, my friends going to see it on pay day and im going again for a second time XD i walked in the movie theater sayin pika pika pikachuuuu.....idky so dont ask lol just had to throw that in this comment, I WAS TOO HAPPY! DONT JUDGE ME!! haha

Anonymous on Jun 30, 2011


The wait is over! Check out David Guetta's new video "Where Them Girls At" feat. Nicki Minaj & Flo-Rida!

fanboy on Jun 30, 2011


Michael Bays failure is complete!!!

Jcs012872 on Jun 30, 2011


id advise seeing it in IMAX 3D to anyone who hasn't it made it 5x more enjoyable the 3d was awesome compared to most 3d movies  i don't get people who hate it what were they expecting the kings speech? and y go see it the first day if you don't like 2.5 hour action movies? 

john on Jun 30, 2011


I do like 2.5 hour action movies. Good ones... That's what I was expecting; a good 2.5 hour action movie in 3D with lots of explosions. Not a 2.5 hour SuperBowl commercial.

Anonymous on Jun 30, 2011


I'm glad everyone enjoyed it. I, personally, walked out after 1.5 hours... that could very well be the worst movie I have ever seen in a theater (though I do remember this one Conan rip-off I saw when I was like eleven years old, though I don't recall its name... it may have been worse) The story was ridiculous, the CG was confusing (CGI Kennedy was hilarious), the acting was awful, the editing was a mess. Good GOD that was horrible. You could break that movie into five or six pieces, rearrange them, and show it in a theater and it would make no difference to the plot. Horrible movie. That was like a Victoria's Secret commercial colliding with a Ford commercial in slow motion set to the soundtrack of Gray's Anatomy.

Anonymous on Jun 30, 2011


Best quote describing the movie I have seen so far. " It is loud and dumb and bright and nasty, but everything that a summer popcorn film ought to be."

Tyban on Jun 30, 2011


Hey, no harm, no foul.  Sorry that you didn't like it, at least tried to watch the film and it didn't do it for you, so you left.  At least you're giving an informed opinion.  (though I do remember this one Conan rip-off I saw when I was like eleven years old, though I don't recall its name... it may have been worse)

Anonymous on Jul 1, 2011


ATOR! That may have been it! Did he fight a giant spider at the end (that they never showed?)

Anonymous on Jul 1, 2011


That's the one, Pendy--as much as I wanted to forget that film, I still remember the giant spider at the end.... ...Methinks I remember too bloody much from my childhood!!

Anonymous on Jul 2, 2011


Yep.  It wasn't delivering anything else but robots, action, and lots of explosions.  If I wanted to watch Shakespeare I would go elsewhere. Bay delivered the goods--at least, that's just my view. 

Anonymous on Jul 1, 2011


I had a great time seeing this, the comedy wasnt as painful to watch this time around, and any cheesy plot elements were more than made up for by the last hour of jaw dropping action. I am usually just as critical as Bay as the next guy but by the end I found myself actually giving a bit of a shit about the characters. All around exactly what I was hoping since the first TF....did not disappoint. PS, I saw it in 3d, Sam and bumblebee flying over the freeway had me and the entire theaters jaw dropped, it was just fucking awesome.

Cody W. on Jul 1, 2011


Just paid 17.50 to see it in IMAX 3D and I want 15 of it back. Within the first ten minutes you see Sams girlfriends ass in her underwear with the camera pratically shuved up inside of it before you even see Sam. I knew from there on it was the same as the previous films. Out of the 100 of Bays attempts at humor I literally laughed at one (the bar scene when the german guys kicks ass.) I was so jaded by the awful attempts at humor I found it hard to enjoy the action. Now the action wasn't bad. It was the same as the previous films, just lots more of it. If I wasn't with family members I would have walked out half way through. I was told Bay did away with the stupid humor in this one but he didn't. I was in the front row with a bunch of children and their parents. And the stupid immature perverted jokes were out of place for a sci fi movie. I'll never pay for a M Bay movie ever again.

Chrislawton01 on Jul 1, 2011


I just saw it last night and, IT WAS AWWWSOME! Sorry had 2 do that, really well done, action was off the charts, pace was good, some of the jokes fell flat but didn really hurt an action movie, 4 1/2 outta 5, 9.5 outta 10, 2 thumbs up, however u say it TRUE SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER, 'nuff said!

BigMike23 on Jul 1, 2011


I really wish Bay would have brought the Dinobots to life in this movie.  Overall, the movie was ok, it could definitely have been better with the fan favorite Dinobots.  Hopefully if the Transformers were to come back to theaters again (maybe with a different's hoping to that) they will stick to the original characters of the 80's and NOT CHANGE ANYTHING WITH ANY OF THE ROBOTS!!!

Cmike516 on Jul 1, 2011


I really agree, Bay is a descent director.....but I don't understand why he could not bring the DINOBOTS in this movie.  The DINOBOTS would have ruled, especially with the way tech. is today.  Oh well, like you said.....I hope he won't be directing the next movie, if there is a next one.

Doug on Jul 1, 2011


The Movie had pretty good action, but the dinobots would have been soooooooooooo awesome.  A few of my friends actuallly refused to see the movie because of that.  I thought they were kidding, but they were serious.

Cal on Jul 1, 2011


I refuse to see this movie, the first one was ok, but the second one was so Terrible.  Bay destroyed my classic cartoon of the 80s by bringing his own reimagining of the transformers to life.  Why couldn't he just have brought the transformers to life the way they were in the great 80s cartoon instead of changing practically everything with them.  It is so stupid the way the transformers came to earth in the first one.  Why could he have not had their spaceship crash in the mountain, it is also stupid that Bumble Bee can't talk, chaning Megatron to a spaceship instead of the gun, where is Iron Hide, etc.   He just made to many unnecessary moves.  Transformers the Movie (the animated 80s movie) was so much better then any of Bay's movies.

Jake on Jul 1, 2011


Bay destroyed my childhood 80s favorite!!!

Paul on Jul 1, 2011


Come on people, sure the director (who shall remain nameless) went his own direction in the movies and seemingly didn't care anything about incorperating the FAN FAVORITE Dinobots in the movie, sure the look of the transformers from the 80s to now has gone from great to terrible, sure there is wayyyyy too much uncalled for humour in the movie, but look at the bright side,  well now that i think about it...there really isn't one.

Bkr on Jul 1, 2011


I can't believe people hate this movie and saying all kinds of crap about how Bay destroyed their childhood. Was I entertained? yes. Was I happy with the way it turn out ? yes. Did I have any gripes ? yes, but did it spoil it for me? No. Is this the best summer popcorn blockbuster I have seen in years ? Yes . IS this not a summer blockbuster movie and not a "Citizen Kane" ? yes. Seriously people enjoy the movie for what it is. This was done for the fans and for people who love great action movies. Bay's best work to date and one of my favourite movies. I think people are really nitpicking too much with this movie. Personally I think some people are afraid to enjoy it because they did. LOL See you at the cinemas boys and girls I am going to see this bad boy (no pun intended) again.

NeoSlyfer on Jul 1, 2011


As a fan of the 1980s cartoon series and toys, I have to say that I was extremely excited for the Transformers to come to the big screen. After the first movie, I was extremely excited for this film franchise. However, Michael Bay has ruined this storied franchise. And I am shocked at the positive reviews for this movie, were we watching the same film? I understand that it is a summer blockbuster and that plot plays second fiddle to CGI, but I at least expected some kind of a plot. Instead, I feel the movie was shot first and written second. I ask you this, why can we not have a movie that has awesome special effects along with a good storyline, is this too much to ask? And why should it be, ticket prices keep rising so we should expect more from the movies we go to watch. I can only hope this franchise gets rebooted in 4-6 years with a director that understands these movies are about Transformers and humans are the supporting acts. That it will get a director that also cares about the story and not just how many buildings/cars/etc. can be blown up. Here are the issues I had with this movie:Once again where is the character development for the Transformers. I went to watch a movie called Transformers, yet the movie centers around Sam and his life. I went to a movie about Transformers yet there were Transformers that had 1-2 lines the entire movie. Yet Sam's parents are back again, why? I don't think Sideswipe said more that three words. Although a trilogy, each movie had their own plot, each of which could have been a self-standing, yet horribly written, story. I will say the first movie did have promise, but Bay and his douche bag egotistical ways killed all hope of continuing this with ROTF. Transformers are highly intelligent Alien robots, yet a mail-room employee and a crazy former Section-8 employee solves the mystery of the Decepticons plan. Seriously? I saw Eagle Eye already, if I wanted to see Shia in a mystery action adventure I would have Netflix'd it. Shockwave, was he in this movie? How many lines did he have and did he even Transform? I thought he was the main villain in this movie, again poor, poor character development. Also, Soundwave was under utilized in this film and ROTF. I understand that Bay wanted fewer Autobots vs. Decepticons to show they use teamwork to win battles, actually kind of like this thinking. However, 10 Autobots against 200 Decepticons.....come on Bay not realistic. Here are a few (a lot actually) Autobots that should have been included in the films: BlueStreak, Hound, Mirage, Prowl, Wheeljack, Brawn, Cliffjumper, Hot Rod, Blurr, Ultra Magnus, Silverbolt and most importantly THE DINOBOTS! Instead Bay just made up his own absurd Transformers. The moon.....where did all the Decepticons come from and how did they get there? Also, how long have they been there? All these things were important to the story, yet left out by Bay. I get the space bridge transports Transformers instantly from one location to the other. But, if there are 200+ Decepticons on the Moon would it matter if they had an instant surprise attack? It would have made more sense to have a space bridge transport the Decepticons from Cybertron. ALL of the ridiculous human characters.....Sam's boss (Malkovich), Agent Simmons (Turturro), Dutch (Tudyk), Sam's parents (Dunn & White) and finally Jerry Wang (Jeong). If I wanted to see a comedy, I would have went to Hang Over 2. This was the end of the trilogy, but I left the theater with so many unanswered questions. Where did all the other Decepticons go after Cybertron was sucked back to its own galaxy, there were 200+ on earth? Also, where the Decepticons sucked back into the portal with Cybertron? If so, why only the Decepticons and not the Autobots? I could literally go on for hours with the issues I have with this movie, these were just the major issues I had with the movie. And trust me, I so wanted to like this movie especially after the train wreck that was ROTF. I will say the special effects were amazing! If I were only a 10-year-old boy, I would and not cared that the story have a plot, I would have loved this movie.

KayceeP on Jul 1, 2011


Saw it today and tbh, I'm disappointed. I thought it would redeem the franchise but it didn't. Sure it was better than the second movie but that doesn't mean anything. I like how they toned down some of the humor. But the pacing was just off and it was kind of predictable, the main twists and some small things like the car being a Decepticon. Some things took me by surprise though, the death of Ironhide and the rediculously short ending of both Megatron and Sentinel. The visuals were great but I could just put up the first Transformers on repeat for that, even just the opening scene. I'm glad I saw Dark of the Moon but unfortunately the first movie is the only one I like of this trilogy.

Neuromancer on Jul 1, 2011


You have not been around for long then.

SomeGuy on Jul 1, 2011


Yeah! Ask his age, because every 30 ish year old nows how ace transformers was back then. Shame about ironhide though! He was pretty cool.

Www Scooby94 on Aug 3, 2011


*SPOILER ALERT* It was beyond dump. Even I who loves dump movies thought it was DUMP. I don't know about you but did anyone else spend the last 40 mins saying why doesn't one of the autobots shoot the tower I mean come the fuck on. Are you kidding me?? It could only be shot with a human rocket which surprisingly they only brought one of??? OH man this movie had the worst continuity. One minute Bumblebee saves Sam and the next he is Did everyone get caught up in all the pretty effects and completely forget about how horrible the movie actually was. C'mon *SPOILER ALERT**SPOILER ALERT* so Megatron saves Optimus and asks for a truce and gets killed WHAT THE FUCKKK!!! This movie should have been called cars that change into stuff because it's definitely not Transformers and Optimus Prime's character from the first 2 would not have killed that way because he was written to be honorable and merciful.  As for Rosie...she got more screen time then Sam and the autobots. I thought that Bay was actually making love to her using the camera. I ain't complaining but it felt like I was watching a Victoria Secret ad rather then a transformers movie and her hair was always perfect and her face never got dirty after all of that... I'm a Transformers fan but that movie pretty much shat all over the IP. Sorry Firstshowing but did Paramount pay you guys off or something. You can't honestly rate this movie anywhere higher then a two.  Oh yeah why does Bay get a rating system on his own. As far as I'm concerned it should have been rated on the same values as you rate your other Sci-fi/action films. If that was the case it was definitely heading closer to 0 rather then 10.

TK on Jul 1, 2011


Dude, Michael Bay has silenced the haters...FOREVER! The movie was sick (in a good way), a great summer blockbuster. The best part was the scene with the skyscraper which I gotta say is probably one the best action scenes ever filmed, but may favorite part was definitely everyone that had Ken Jeong. "You messed with the wrong Wang!" I love that guy. Also 3D, incredible, not like the converted mess that was Green Lantern. And Rosie Whiteley was much better than I expected. The first scene she was in I was like "Megan who?"

Lamar on Jul 2, 2011


what a waste of money and I'm a huge fan of Transformers being of the old crowd who grew up with them. But i just can't get over how OVER done it was...

Liam Waite on Jul 2, 2011


I loved the movie, it's way better than Revenge Of The Fallen. I didn't even miss Megan Fox ūüėÄ

Davide Coppola on Jul 2, 2011


I can honestly say I loved Dark Of The Moon. It was a huge step up from Revenge of The Fallen in many ways, to me. Mainly that it didn't drag on for too long and didn't waste most of its runtime doing nothing. The fact that DOTM didn't overdose on annoyingly lowbrow humor (Devastator's wrecking ball scrotum and the irritating antics of Mrs. Witwicky, for instance) is a major bonus. Also, I'm quite happy Megan Fox was replaced, considering that she was barely anything more than eye-candy and the major character arc she was given revolved almost entirely around trying to get Sam to say that he loves her. Yes, Mikaela and Sam were dating for 2 years at that point, but I wish she'd been able to do more than that. In comparison, Rosie Huntington's Carly felt like a more natural character. That there are no real scenes that scream "LOOK AT HER! SHE'S SO FUCKING HOT!" led me to enjoy her relationship with Sam. Generally, a solid effort and everything I would want from a Transformers movie (especially that last hour). If this turns out to be the last movie, I have no problems with the series ending here.

Soul_Reaver265 on Jul 2, 2011


There are not many movies where the third part is better than original so for this Michael Bay deserves his credit. 

whatafy on Jul 2, 2011


THIS IS THE WORST MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE. I got raped in my eyes. People dont watch this film. No history, awful actors, movie is WAYYYY to long.  And that ending was a piece of crap.

Frank D. Gutierrez on Jul 2, 2011


Waste. Of. Money. People are promised the "best film of the series" everywhere, and what did they get? A terrible movie with crappy acting, a terrible plot, and a mish/mash of stuff that seemed to be tossed together just in time to release for a long weekend. I am sorry people. Wanted to like it. Loved the first one. This one? Much like the 2nd. A steaming pile of crap to get the cash. One would think these megarich production icons like Bay and Spielberg would at least have enough pride to say "no way is that crap going in".......but.........nope. And that new girl? Go back to modelling and fix your face honey. Gawd aweful. At least Megan Fox was hot with crappy acting. This girl? Just terrible. Now cue Sam Witwicky to scream like a little girl again!! Ah yessiree, this'll make billions.

Cougar on Jul 3, 2011


I loved this film, best one of the Trilogy. And even though I wasn't born in the 80s I still grew up watching the original cartoon and the newer ones (Energon, Armada, Animated) I still love the first film and DOTM. I do have complaints- Rosie's first scene (the butt shot) is tottaly pointless, most of the shots of her are pointless and as a matter of fact the entire character was made pointless. And Shockwave should've been used more and the Transformers in general shouldve been used more, I could go on and on. But I still loved it and it was EPIC! And the 3D was AWESOME!

Galvatron on Jul 3, 2011


'Overall id certainly say it passed, since it was about whati was expecting, just a top-notch summer popcorn flick with some sweet action, and that it was for the most part!! my biggest complaint however was about megatrons story arc SPOILERS Hes like the biggest bad guy in the series, even if sentinel prime was more in the forefront in this movie overall i felt like megatron is the big bad guy for the series, and if this truly was the last movie in the frnachise, i thought it wask inda sad to see his story end this anticlimactically. he just sat around most of the movie and was taken out in the lat 10 minutes literally without a fight. i wouldve loved a big epic final battle between him and optimus (although the last hour was RREEEALLYL that might have pushed it too much) instead of a wimy little thing. he even had a sweet shotgun-like gun that he hardly got to use once! that wouldve been badass!!

Jack on Jul 4, 2011


This film is certainly an outstanding visual spectacle that boasts some of the most impressive, fluid and stunning cgi sequences I've ever seen. The photography is fantastic and the 3d technology is used effectively to create stunning, visually amazing scenes. However, that is the only aspect of the film that I believe deserves merit at all.

whatafy on Jul 4, 2011


I got to see this on saturday here in Norway, and I had the anticipations of a decent ending to this franchise, and though I wasn't disappointed, I didn't get the feeling I was hoping for...I wasn't mindblown to put it like that, but worth watching...I also noticed the brighter effect Bay wanted, the 3D was more comfortable to look with this film. Cool additions: the use of Star Trek and Malkovich. *Some spoilers ahead!* However, I have key issue I want to point out...I would be interested to know about Nasa's feelings on this as they "actually" blew up the shuttle Discovery. Did they go along with this at first or were they convinced somehow?, I am giving this a thought due to we all know the history of the two early shuttles who tragically got lost. Final thoughts: can there be a fourth installation since Cybertron imploded?

Robert on Jul 4, 2011


Too long. Incredibly silly at times and totally schizophrenic but enjoyable after all. 

Gianni Persello on Jul 4, 2011


absolutely loved it--the action scenes were remarkable--must see again!

Dave Schock on Jul 5, 2011


****MAJOR SPOILER ALERT**** Piece of garbage.  Worse than its predecessors.  It was a amalgamation of Transformers 1 and 2.  It should have been titled Shia: Sitting on the Dick of the Bay.  The only good thing about the movie was Sentinel Prime.  Cut out all the garbage and you've got a great 5 minute movie...Sentinel Prime kills Ironhide...Sentinel Prime puts Megatron in his place...Cybertron is partially transported adjacent to Earth...Sentinel Prime kicks Optimus' ass, Optimus kills Megatron, Optimus kills Sentinel Prime.  Below are my problems with the movie.  1) Why the need for human characters all the time?  The story of the Transformers revolved  around humans 5% or less of the time.  2) Why the need for a love story every effing time?  3) You barely saw Optimus or Megatron the entire movie. 4) The Wreck-Gars...stop effing up the's the Junkions...Wreck-Gar was their leader.  Way to go Bay!!  5) The flying squirrels...who give a pluck! 6)  C'mon...did we really need to see another battle in metropolis?  Shia jumping, ducking, dodging, and rolling across the streets of Chicago.  Give me a break.  7)  Energon????  Why mention it now and so vaguely?  8)  Why the need for the moronic Brains and Wheelie? 9)  WTF...Optimus just got his ass handed to him by Sentinel Prime but is able to finish off Megatron with one arm?!!! 10)  WTF...Shia takes down Starscream by snatching his eyeball.  This scene lasted too long and was effing ridiculous.  11)  Shockwave/Soundwave was weak.  He was nothing without the large snake-like, burrowing Decepticon.  Oh, yeah...another ludicrous eyeball moment.  12)  Witwicky's parents added nothing to the movie.  13)  Patrick Dempsey's character was weak and unnecessary. 14)  Frances McDormand...unnecessary. 15)  John Malkovich...unnecessary.  16)  Why would the Autobots suddenly need humans to check their weapons or even repair them?  They were quite self-sufficient before landing on Earth.  Michael Bay made a crap load of money this weekend but it's only because expectations were high.  I doubt the same will be said if Bay attaches his name to another Transformers sequel.   

Kevlar on Jul 5, 2011


I'm guessing that the people who loved this movie fall into one or more of the following A) Under 17 B) Have ADHD C) Dropped out of high school D) Were high when they saw it and /or wrote their opinion E) Is on death row  F) Saw it with a date they got lucky with G) Was part of the cast/crew H) Has challenging psychological issues I) Suffered irreparable brain damage watching the second one J) Is homeless and snuck into the theatre for warmth/air conditioning K) Has a life utterly void of sincere human qualities and balanced emotional response mechanisms L)  Watched a Pirated version. M) Owns A cinema N) Is a part of an alien psy-ops plan to weaken human consciousness and self esteem pre-invasion. O) Lives off junk food, computer screens and masturbation P) Is a dis information netbot designed by Paramount pictures Q) Is a sarcastic genius R) Is very tall and keeps hitting their head on door frames S) Just woke up from a 20 year coma  T) Has a logic phobia U) Can relate strongly with the main characters via the many metal plates holding their skull together V) Has since committed suicide W) Is a serial killer preying on the weak and vulnerable by fishing  for a Facebook invite from fellow fans X) Is a Pharmaceutical trial volunteer  Y) Has no friends Z) Is Michael Bay

Bryan Duke on Jul 5, 2011


I liked it. Had me locked in from the opening scene. Chicago was awesome (flying squirrel suits were epic!) and it was kinda cool seeing Terry Tate, office linebacker do work. ...which leads me to my only real gripe. There wasn't a lot of participation by Megatron and I had to think back to how much of a bad ass he was. An epilogue in the closing credits or more of an ending would have been nice. Not asking for a 'Return of the King' style one, but it'd have been better to see a little aftermath with a little closing. That's something the first two movies did way better. *Fingers are crossed for an extended addition. ūüėČ

Anonymous on Jul 5, 2011


It was satisfying and entertaining. Thankfully, it wasn't the confusing mess that was "The Fallen", but it was not as good as the first movie. However, since all the major Decepticon characters were killed off in this latest movie, there cannot be a 4th movie, unless a new Decepticon leader is introduced. I am sure the money-making, coneheads at Paramount will figure a way to create 4th movie.

vadertime on Jul 5, 2011


I disagree I happen to think it was just as messy just more wow factor so you don't really notice. To me some of the shots just didn't make any sense and the continuity was horrible.

TK on Jul 6, 2011


Ok took the whole family to see this and it was not our first 3D movie, we saw Christmas Carol and the 3D was a joke. I did not see Avatar in 3D but from what I have read here, it did not hold a candle to this movie!! I am not usually one who comments, so the whole Bay thing, 3D issues, are not something I usually keep up with. My favorite scene...Bumblebee flicking 3D objects across the room!!!

Anonymous on Jul 6, 2011


Are you kidding me? You should totally check out Avatar in 3D then you will be like "Transformers what!!". Avatar has it all over this movie in VFX and 3D.

TK on Jul 6, 2011


The movie was good because of one thing...the 3D effects. Here it is in a nutshell: Plot: If you can find a real one in it goodluck Editing: Horrible. At least 45minutes could have been cut out. Acting: Even the Transformers had bad performances. The rest was just sad. This is the time to rest your eyes until more action scenes come.  Ending: Ok what the hell. Bay has the balls to kill off Megatron, StarScream and then destroy Cybertron...with Optimus being ok with that for humanities sake. Sad, pathetic joke. This is HollyWood at its worst yet again. Riding on the coattails of a solid storyline with real fans and turning it all into a make rich quick scheme. It tops the boxoffice because what else is playing...more crap. Bay: Horrible Director that rides his "talent" on utilizing 3D effects in movies. Transformers and Tron have been raped...whats next.

Truthstar9 on Jul 6, 2011


i feel that this movie was the best movie ever and that there should be a 4th one where shia and rosie or sam and carly get married. this woulkd be nice and trabsformers 3 was amazing and the best of the series. i think this was one of the best movies created and is up there with some of the top grossing films

Marktorlowski on Jul 7, 2011


3 Star Trek references 1: clip of TV Series 2: Bumblebee with Spock's voice: "You will always be my friend" 3: The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the fews.   Only trek nerds get this.

Hisheart2yours on Jul 9, 2011



Justabeast11 on Jul 10, 2011


Several glaring continuity errors marred what was otherwise a great film; - All the transformers have a 'proto' form, then they scan a vehicle, then they transform and when transform back, you can clearly bits of the vehicles in the design of the robot form. Sentinel Prime looked EXACTLY the same all the way throughout. Do we assume he scanned a modern fire engine before crash landing on the moon? - One minute Bumblebee is saving Sam and someone else by the dive-and-catch we see in the trailer, the next moment Bumblebee is a prisoner of Shockwave - wtf?! How did Sam and Bee separate? How did Bee get captured? - Optimus' trailer - we never saw him getting it back, why not? - And on the subject of Optimus, why is it that whenever he turns into 'Super Prime', whether absorbing that other transformer in TF-ROTF, or getting kitted up from his trailer in this film, he lasts about 5 seconds before it all falls off? We never really see this extra kit make a sustained difference. - Again, and this applies to all the autobots, how come they're all filthy and scratched up in robot mode but as soon as they transform, they're all pristine and clean? Sorry to sound like a moaner - I enjoyed the film and thought the 3D was excellent.

Turtle on Jul 10, 2011


nice notes...i caught these too (even w/o 3D), plus wasn't first moon walk actually 7/20 not 7/16 (as shown on subtitle in that scene)?

leilani on Jul 21, 2011


I feel like epic is an understatement of how good this movie was. I give it a 12 out of 10. It had the right amount of comedy and the right amount of seriousness. Loved the twists and turns of the film.  

BlackFantasyFilmmaker on Jul 14, 2011


Transformers 3 was nothing but 4 old Transformers G1 episodes into this movie

Anonymous on Jul 17, 2011


I thought the inspiration of Michael Bay was dry out when I have watched transformor3 .

Gzwillho on Jul 19, 2011


very spasmic many characters (human and bot alike) and cameos it was hard to focus on any one in particular...but SHOCKWAVE was AWESOME as a super cool super destructive villain...better than some human villains in recent films...central plot was a little rushed by sporadic summary narration...dempsy seems to have just stumbled into being the bad guy but didnt own the first, i really missed megan fox but by the end it really wasnt necessary to care who played the love interest cause it was basically the same role (same forced not quite genuine romance?) just a different name in the credits...but i've loved the transformers since way back when so...overall, it was an entertaining summer action flick -- no more, no less 

leilani on Jul 21, 2011


I loved the movie and intending on seeing it again soon.

AHox on Jul 22, 2011


I really liked the movie.  But did you notice that the girl never got dirty?   Her white top and white sweater was perfect!  Falling out of buildings, sliding on glass, leaning against dirty vehicles and the only dirt on her was on her sleeve at the end.

Jan0642 on Jul 25, 2011


I thought Transformers: Dark of the Moon was great from top to bottom, every thing went out great until Michael Bay decided to take out one of the most important Autobots of the movie...Ironhide I hope this comment is not a spoiler about the movie for people who haven't seen it yet so I am very sorry and I am not going to tell you people how Ironhide died1

Jeremiah Head Crusher Mendez on Sep 16, 2011


I really liked Transformers Dark of the Moon. It was full of action and excitement throughout the movie. I watched it on DVD, so I only could imagine how much better it would have been if I had actually seen it at a movie theater with surround sound and 3D. I see this is supposed to be the final Transformer movie, I hope not. If there is another, keep the action and energy going and this one should be a hit.

Mgcoolgould1959 on Oct 13, 2011


Amazing write-up! This could aid plenty of people find out more about this particular issue. Are you keen to integrate video clips coupled with these? It would absolutely help out. Your conclusion was spot on and thanks to you; I probably won’t have to describe everything to my pals. I can simply direct them here!

cheap bras on Jan 19, 2012


I loved the film until Ironhide got killed quickly and abrutly without a single mention afterwards, from what was supposed to be his best friend??? I was too mad through the remainder of the film to take it in and right at the end when Sentinal was killed I thought say it say that's revenge for my friend and again nothing so WTF, my fav character wiped out and with no chance of revival My opinion is that obviously Michael Bay was a GoBots fan and wanted to make his buck and take away the characters we loved

rlbaines on Apr 9, 2012

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