Sound Off: Nicolas Winding Refn's Film 'Drive' - What Did You Think?

September 16, 2011

Ryan Gosling in Drive

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? It's finally hitting theaters, the final film that I saw at the Cannes Film Festival that I absolutely loved, one that I've been waiting for everyone else to finally see, as it's one of my all-time faves. In theaters everywhere this weekend is Nicolas Winding Refn's Drive, starring Ryan Gosling as a stunt/getaway driver, with a stellar supporting cast including Carey Mulligan, Bryan Cranston, Albert Brooks, Oscar Isaac, Christina Hendricks and Ron Perlman. So is this as great as everyone is saying? How is Gosling? If you've already seen it, leave a comment and tell us what you thought of Drive!

To fuel the engines for the getaway, Drive is and has been (since Cannes) my #1 favorite movie of 2011. I am not afraid to call it pretty much absolute perfection in every single frame, that's how I felt watching it, that's how I felt later on thinking back to it. Before seeing Drive I admittedly was not the biggest fan of Nicolas Winding Refn (Pusher, Bronson, Valhalla Rising), but this film brought me around, I wouldn't hesitate to call it one of his masterpieces, it's that amazing, every single shot is that incredible. Gosling gives an stunning performance that just exudes calm and cool badass, and Carey Mulligan is also fantastic. I really, really love this film and can't wait to see it again and again. I hope everyone else enjoys it as much as I did!

What did you think of Refn's Drive? One of the best movies of 2011 or boring and forgettable? We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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My only complaint was that it was a little slow. Other than that it was awesome with the right amount of chase scenes mixed with the right amount of violence. Albert Brooks had a breakout performance.

Tyler Bannock on Sep 16, 2011


It's a film's meant to be slow to get ensconced in the characters and how they behave and appreciate the "tender" moments as much as the "stronger" moments. I agree with this review. Perfection in every frame.

Conrad Williams on Sep 16, 2011


Albert Brooks was phenomenal... but breakout? He has been in movies since 1976 and television since 1969. Unless you mean standout. Sorry, not trying to be a dick, just saying that Brooks has been some outstandingly memorable movies. in the past 30-35 years.

Andrew DiDonato on Sep 16, 2011


The last movie that Albert Brooks had a performance like this was in the early 90's. You can call it a standout performance. Besides Weeds hasn't done much of anything worth watching.

Tyler Bannock on Sep 18, 2011


I loved it and agree it is HANDS DOWN the best movie I have seen all year. At first I thought Thor and Warrior were among my favorites but Drive blew them all out of the water. I couldn't take my eyes off Ryan Gosling, his performance was mesmerizing and extremely stimulating. 

Tomerzadaka on Sep 16, 2011


Did you find it rather amusing that Warrior (starring Refn's Bronson star Hardy - who is awesome) battled Refn's Drive at the box office? Here you have two of today's most exciting actors (Gosling and the aforementioned Hardy) displaying awesome acting chops. If I were a smart female, I'd be going crazy right now...

Eraserhead on Sep 25, 2011


Refn is one of the few directors that know how to use silence well. Also, nice to hear a real gunshot for once in a movie.

silver on Sep 16, 2011


The voluptuous, sexy and talented Christina Hendricks deserved to have a larger role in this. I hope she only does leading roles from now on. She shouldn't be playing second fiddle to Carey Mulligan in this and to Sarah Jessica Parker in I Don't Know How She Does It. 

Sanders on Sep 16, 2011


I couldn't agree more. I feel like she was short changed. 

Miguel Angel on Sep 17, 2011


Still trying to decide if the violence was warranted. Seemed gratuitous. Otherwise, stunning performance by Ryan Gosling. Albert Brooks and Bryan Cranston were convincingly criminal and opportunistic.

FIlmlander on Sep 16, 2011


this movie should be watched multiple times to appreciate the movie in its entirety. yes, the silence in the movie is definitely non-conventional in typical hollywood films, but this film is a breath of fresh air from its formulaic brethren of past car movies.  i think even the 'transporter' type fans will enjoy this as well. 

cheese on Sep 16, 2011


whenver im undecided about a movie i always read ur reviews alex.. whenever u give rave reviews i never end up being disappointed! ima catch this tonight then!

Henry on Sep 16, 2011


great movie. i just wish the third act ended a little stronger. still the best movie of the year so far

Anonymous on Sep 16, 2011


Gosling wasn't convincing. Story was so so. The film felt like a made for tv film. Free tv mind you. I don't want anyone accidentally mistaking this for great cable tv shows. Made me think why did I pay to see this film in the theaters? 

Keyek on Sep 16, 2011


People like you should never comment or give reviews ever again. What the hell were you watching to say Gosling wasn't convincing? #Noob

Barnaby Barrilla on Sep 17, 2011


dont be all pretenious and act like you know everything about films. im a pretty hardcore film watcher and yeah i agree with keyek.

guest on Sep 17, 2011


He's not being pretentious. People often mistake their personal opinion for criticism. If this movie wasn't your cup of tea, then that is fine, but it's not a horrible film. It was crafted with an extremely high level of detail and precision.

Chris on Sep 17, 2011


it is incredibly hard to deny the fact that gosslings character was in fact fact it broke the movie...everyone else in the movie showed anger and rage and a pulse while 90% of the scenes with gossling in it just looked like he was super high and had no clue they were filming him...they might as well of casted a guy in a coma for the main role and just prop him up in a car or a hallway when it was time for a scene...

sir winston on Jan 30, 2012


TV Movie ? are U blind and deaf ??????

Emilie PureCiné on Sep 19, 2011


Was disappointed, because it wasn't what I was expecting, like a lot of "driving"!!! and chases. Very little. It otherwise just drags along, throwing in a some violence along the way. I wish I hadn't spent the money on this and had instead seen something else.

Guest on Sep 16, 2011


Just to clarify my own comments. The movie wasn't what I thought it was going to be, based on the trailer and, you know...the TITLE! I suppose that it was otherwise a decent film in terms of the craft, though referring to it as "best of the year" seems to be saying there wasn't really anything else out there that was really good this year. I guess there wasn't. This wasn't a great movie to me, but if you go in without expectations that you're going to see a lot of action, and you like slow, very slow, romance, without a lot of substance, and some gratuitous violence thrown in, and an unsatisfying ending, then yeah, you might like this one.

Guest on Sep 16, 2011


Preconceived notions and expectations almost always result in disappointment. Try to keep an open mind and you may find more enjoyment in the theater.

Al DiPentino on Sep 18, 2011


I don't have much time to go to movie theaters, but I have a chance this weekend... which did you think is more conducive to theater experience: Drive or Warrior?

Lerryjee on Sep 16, 2011


Saw Warrior the other day, seeing Drive tonight, will update. Though I think I could have watched Warrior on a big screen tv.

Anonymous on Sep 16, 2011


Drive....FAR BETTER. Not to say Warrior was good, but not in the same class as this. Not by far....

Conrad Williams on Sep 16, 2011


Warrior. This one i think i will have to see again. What Chris said below about it weighing you down is fitting, though I would have preferred a little more melodrama. Also, what others have said about it not being what you'd expect pretty much sums it up for me.

Anonymous on Sep 16, 2011


i really enjoyed drive, but i felt it lacked that big scene, like a 20 minute chase at the end would have made a perfect film. For a movie called drive it felt like they missed an opportunity for climactic driving sequence. that's my only complaint however

Thatguy on Sep 16, 2011


I have to agree with alex that every shot in the film was perfect. Every scene weighs down on you, but it doesn't invade your comfort zone. There's hardly any melodrama at all in this film.  Just a few talking points. -One thing I loved by refn was his determination to not waste any time. For example, The scene where Mulligan tells Gosling that her husband is getting out of prison in a week. We see the pain and uncertainty on goslings face as he drives her to work, and instead of letting that emotion go and moving on in a different direction, Refn jumps to the welcoming party and juxtaposes the arrival of Oscar Isaac to Goslings solitary home life. It's powerful and brilliant. -I didn't have any concern with Goslings character. He's a reactionary character placed in a web of corrupt characters pushing for power, and he pushes back. He's the engine that keeps the movie in a constant state of motion.  -Some may feel like the violence is unwarranted or is in place merely for shock factor. I'd like to point out slow moments after it takes place, when the reality of what just happened sets into the characters. It really emanates a sense of realism -Fantastic Soundtrack placement. Sound Design is extremely underrated these days. Listening to this movie was like a breath of fresh mountain air after listening to the invasive magneto theme during the best scenes of X-Men: First Class. 

Chris on Sep 16, 2011


This movie really reminds me of the first 3 movies made by Robert Rodrigues. The same concenpt but different scenarios and the sequel better surprise me.

Anonymous on Sep 16, 2011


awesome. i really enjoyed it, worth adding to my collection when the bluray is out.

redguy on Sep 16, 2011



Conrad Williams on Sep 16, 2011


Enjoyed this intense and violent gem. Refn is an outstanding-oustanding director who I wish doesn't go all the way mainstream. Gosling is really really good here. Great film. My only beef is with the script, more charcterization wouldn't of hurt.

twinzin on Sep 16, 2011


I posted a full review on my blog, here's an edited segment... Drive is full of hidden emotions. They (Refn, Amini, Gosling) create a world that is inhabited so richly. Absolutely masterful film.

Andrew DiDonato on Sep 16, 2011


Just got home from seeing it. Fantastic movie. Ryan Gosling did an amazing job. When you see the commercial, one is to expect a car chasing driving movie (which I admit I was one of them). Drive doesn't just mean getting behind the wheel-it also means what envokes you, what makes you want to be better and do better. As the movie plays on, we see what really puts that drive into Gosling. Bryan Cranston--phenomenal again. 

Kepolagyrl on Sep 17, 2011


Silence then violence...... alot different than what the mainstream movie-goer would expect, and all the more rewarding for the same reason

darkobe7 on Sep 17, 2011


This movie is almost perfect. I loved it in every way. The directing was a masterpiece. I loved how they brought back that 80's style to the film. Ryan KILLED it with his performance. He didn't have to say much for you to know what he was thinking or feeling. 

Barnaby Barrilla on Sep 17, 2011


Thought it was brilliant and brutal. Longer review here:

Derek D on Sep 17, 2011


Best film I've seen in a long time!!

NW on Sep 17, 2011


It was a fantastic movie. Pretentious as it may sound, the silence actually spoke volumes. Their faces did all the talking. Ryan Gosling really handled the no-nonsense character well. Probably the best movie I've seen this year. 

Miguel Angel on Sep 17, 2011


The hero created in the movie Drive is something that the imagination longs for but the mind knows has existed for ages. And in this hero iteration found in the character of the "Driver" is the semblance of that perfect synthesis of both past and future. A hero that lives on knowing that tragedy is the stalemate that keeps any sort of hubris at bay.And the artists behind such storytelling, are truly iconoclastic artists.

Philip Chandra on Sep 17, 2011


Just got back from seeing it. Not trying to start a flame war but I was kind of disappointed because I was expecting a little more driving (probably what others will be saying about it as well). 

SF on Sep 17, 2011


It's hard to go into films with no expectations so I can understand where you are coming from.  For example, my friends didn't care for it, but I loved it. Then again, I'm familiar with Winding Refn's films and I read reviews of the film before I went to see it as opposed to my buddies who say an advertisement and figured this movie would be high-octane Fast and Furious stuff (I tried to warn them). Then again, if films went by their names, something like Water for Elephants would be boring (then again, it was...) 😀

Andrew DiDonato on Sep 17, 2011


Excellent. My son (16) and I both loved it. Soon as it hits DVD it'll be on my shelf...

Anonymous on Sep 17, 2011


There was one seen in the movie I felt was just fantastic. Happened in the hotel after the robbery, you see Ryan's character stepping back slowly into I think the bathroom before the hit men are going to come in and the shadows slowly cover him as he is slowly consumed by the darkness getting darker and darker to the point where you almost don't see him. From that point forward in the movie his character seemed to get darker as well. Even though it was somewhat slow at points I felt it was well made and appreciated the fact I had just watched a well made non-typical Hollywood film.

Foomanchew24 on Sep 17, 2011


Don't really know what to say other than that it was amazing. I loved every single second of it.

Chazzy on Sep 17, 2011


Saw it at the $5 matinee this morning, awesome movie. The critics weren't lying about the soundtrack playing a role in the film. For all of the people that were surprised that there wasn't more driving, come on, really?!? More driving probably would mean less character development and more people saying that the movie is garbage. Look, just because the title is 'Drive' doesn't mean it's going to be some dude driving the whole time. And now that I think about it, 'The Kid' actually drove a lot during the movie! Lol. Regardless, just talking about 2011, I give it a 9/10. Thriller, gangster, drama, suspense, action... it's very entertaining. I'm telling all of my peoples to check it out for sure.

Markysri on Sep 17, 2011


plot points under developed and some scenes just left hanging like the climax of the opening.  Loved the first hour but 3rd act was feeble.  Gosling still amazing though

Harrisj2k on Sep 18, 2011


Drive quietly draws you in and then with out warning repeatedly stomps on your head. This is not ”The Fast and the Furious” this is straight gangsta.

JJ King on Sep 18, 2011


First of all this film is Perfect. Just saw it for the second time. It gave me more emotion this year than any other. To the people that are saying it is slow... Its because Goslings character is very isolated, I thought that was made clear.  I haven't seen anyone bring up the scorpion jacket. I like to think that it was his fathers, and his father was killed. He never gets rid of it even after there is blood stains all over it, that is quite the attachment. He puts the jacket around Benicio when he is asleep... "Like Father, Like Son"? Finally the overkill on the thug in the elevator (getting too close to those the driver loves). Just a thought, does anyone else have any ideas about the jacket?

Ry on Sep 18, 2011


The soundtrack took me back to the 80's... the jacket did too. Good point, there's got to be a meaning there somewhere.

Markysri on Sep 18, 2011


interestingly, when he calls Bernie after killing Nino, he brings up the Frog and the Scorpion parable...

JR on Sep 19, 2011


Maybe the jacket is symbolic or an insight into who the character is. First off it might be his zodiac sign bringing light to when he was born and scorpios are usually strong isolated people that leave a nasty sting to those that may try to hurt them or those they care about.  With him wearing it stained with blood is probably another symbolism that his character has been tainted or changed forever because he does become a darker person as the story progresses.

Anonymous on Sep 19, 2011

53's like he becomes darker, but his core stays pure. The man ('The Kid') says to his lady hey, I gotta go away and I don't think I can come back... he actually does it!!!

Markysri on Sep 19, 2011


Thats a good reading into it too! I didn't think about that. 

Ry on Sep 19, 2011


This film has lots of intense staring...

peloquin on Sep 18, 2011


lol so true. and for a movie called "drive" there wasn't a single impressive piece of driving to be found.

Matt on Sep 18, 2011


A perfect Gig : frames, sound, soundtrack, lights. The chases are incredibles, never saw that before. I love the editing, the fact that 'Driver' is a man of a few words. Awsome cast. The romance is also so uncommon, the elevator scene is one to remember as a romantic climax and a violence climax, BOLD! There would be so much to say, the Motel room scene, argghhh! Sorry for the writing, I'm french.

EmiliePureCiné on Sep 19, 2011


I think Ryan Gosling embodied the character perfectly. The soundtrack was the big stand out here. I honestly have no complaints. Yes it is true I have seen this done on foreign shores numerous times and better but for this to shown in American theaters is a huge step forward.

Jrjones on Sep 19, 2011


This movie reminded me of the literary books I used to (forced to) read for English class in high school. We read those books not for entertainment but to analyze the themes, style, characters, deeper meanings etc. What I'm trying say is; don't go in to watch this movie expecting to watch Ryan Gosling in a newer,better Gone-In-60-seconds-esque movie. You will be disappointed. Not too say this movie was bad but it is not your typical Hollywood, fun action movie. It has more to do with different elements, themes and styles that maybe the casual viewer won't fully comprehend or appreciate. And you most probably have to watch it a few times to get that. My final verdict: interesting movie. But definitely more than what meets the eye. Check what your expections are before you go see this movie.

Ron on Sep 19, 2011


I decided to go see this on NFL Sunday. Thought the theaters would be quite empty. This theater was packed. This movie not getting much advertising I didn't think the turn out would be so big. I loved the movie, there was so many quiet scenes and usually I hear people talking or what have you but they were all sucked in. The movie was mesmorizing. Quiet, then shotgun blast, followed by more silence. Gosling was great and is quickly turning into one of my favorite actors. This movie reminds me of "way of the gun" with Benicio Del Torro and Ryan Phillippe. If you have any doubts go see this movie, but makes sure you know what your getting into.

The Douche on Sep 19, 2011


Ryan Gosling's character was hollow.  He was a dumb mechanic who falls for a married woman in his rat hole apartment and drives criminals around for kicks.  This was the most over-hyped, gruesomely violent trash I've seen in a long time.  I was very, very, disappointed.

Wes on Sep 19, 2011


You don't get much past the surface of things on your own do you?

Kaim on Sep 19, 2011


I think the movie was alright. It's not as "deep" as people are claiming it to be. It's difficult to have an interesting character carry a whole movie when does nothing but stare into oblivion and mumbles monosyllabically. Character development? Not hardly. A solid hour of the film is the Driver doing nothing but looking around. The supporting cast carried this film in my opinion and you don't really find out a whole  lot about them except for the married woman and her down syndrome child. It's a rental at best. 

Thanos on Sep 19, 2011


I loved it but you're right, its not super deep or anything. I absolutely loved it but I think it was more of an anecdote than anything. Like watching a short story. I love those kind of movies. 

Miguel Angel on Sep 19, 2011


For sure Favorite movie of the year! have to say its perfect as well, Have to see it again! Ryans Character may even be my favorite character in a movie ever!!!

Jess on Sep 19, 2011


This movie does not deserve all the hype and praise it is getting. It's a pretty cool film, but nothing really happens and the violent scenes are few and far between. With a title like "Drive" you would think there would be some awesome action drive sequences, but there really wasn't. This movie is a rental at best.

Thanos on Sep 19, 2011


It was defiantly influenced by 80's/90's gangster films and European films (loved the inside joke) but i felt there was not enough kick. Still much better than all the dumb Hollywood remakes. Gosling is turning into a great actor. And that soundtrack was amazing.

happy camper on Sep 19, 2011


i saw it because of this review, and it was a good choice i thought that this was the best movie of the year so far, shot beautifully and the soundtrack was perfect. gosling had ice water in his veins straight badass

D13ballin on Sep 19, 2011


Ryan Gosling was mesmerizing. I couldn't take my eyes off him. And it hurts me how good a director Winding Refn is. It's like he films movies from the point of view of some higher being who sees the poetry and art in everything.  

Jonathan on Sep 19, 2011


No comparisons to Walter Hill's The Driver?? Interesting...

Adam. on Sep 20, 2011


It would appear from a lot of the comments that people have forgotten how  to read peoples faces. Of course this isn't surprising, as you hardly ever have to do so when watching a hollywood movie. Gosling does a stupendous job portraying a wide range of emotions with his face in 'Drive'. If you don't realize that's what is happening then you'll most likely think that he's just staring off into space. But I implore you, watch it again, consider all the things that are happening (or have happened to Gosling's character) and think about how a person might emotionally react to those circumstances. In most films, portraying that emotional reaction would happen with either; a voice over, the character explaining their feelings to someone else, or through some giant (usually over the top) physical action. With every shot in this film, so much is said about the characters, and the things that are happening, yet, not a whole lot is actually said by any one character. The pacing is slow, but it's extremely enjoyable. Unless you have a small attention span. If you do, you shouldn't be watching this movie. And the silence is perfect.

horgin on Sep 21, 2011


I thought it was rather...lame. Sorry. Gosling didn't make it for me.

Jrp7sen on Sep 22, 2011


You cannot go from "The Notebook" to a film like this. Gosling will forever be a sissy in my book. Leave this movie genre to the actors that were meant for the part. Gosling, you can stick with skinny jeans and combing your hair you girl.

GammaJam on Sep 23, 2011


Sissy? That is almost funny. Ultimately it is a bit short-sighted though. Gosling may be sensitive but HE can kick some butt. Not comparing him toe to toe with the great Bud Brando (no one can) but stylistically, he comes across like the young Brando. From what I remember, MB kicked it up a little in his youth. Plus, notwithstanding the cult status of The Notebook by women of all ages, Cassavette's film is not badly acted either.

Tom Hardy on Sep 25, 2011


I enjoyed it, it was pretty strange, reminded me a lot of films I'd watch late night as a kid, I liked the pace, because when it was on, it was lethal! I'd watch it again.

Crapola on Sep 25, 2011


Drive is the best neo-noir since the Michael Mann 80's and comes across as art-house Mann crossed with Paul Schrader's American Gigolo - loner betrayed (with a little Purple Rain and John Hughes for verisimilitude). I prefer Refn's Bronson slightly over Drive but that's almost like saying I like David Lynch's Blue Velvet over Mullholland Drive - they both rock almighty. Gosling is always great and Brooks always had it in him to be a killer (in every definition) as anyone who's loved his work should know. And let's not forget the music! Hats off to Cliff Matinez's awesome synth soundtrack and choice songs! It all comes down to Refn in the end though. This man speaks to my cinematic psyche more than any other young(ish) director. He is my director brother from a different mother...

Eraserhead on Sep 25, 2011


*spoilers* Yeah, it was good. Not worth masturbating over like a lot of people seem to think. The plot was pretty predictable. I guess I was looking for more suspense but it was pretty paint by numbers. I thought the performance were all excellent except Ron Perlman took me out of the movie because I kept thinking, oh there's Hellboy everytime he was on screen. He has such an iconic voice I know it's not his fault. I did like how his death was not on screen. The elevator kiss that went on forever was just retarded. I understand intellectually why they did it for contrast with what followed but emotionally it did not work for me. Excellent lighting and set design throughout. Music was too pop for my tastes. I felt like I was watching a dark John Hughes moive at times. Ultimately it was not the movie that was sold to us and I think that is where a lot of people's dissapointment comes from. People at my screening were actually laughing at some scenes (not in a good way) and walking out.

Bishopkingblack on Sep 26, 2011


This film was incredible. DO NOT read the book. It's awful. Barely a resemblance. This is an unquantifiable amount better than that rubbish. Whoever did the adaptation should receive an Oscar. I'm not joking. 

DRIVER on Sep 26, 2011


u know what would of been better a hollywood bodybuilder wearing tights and flying around.. and what no animation movie was amazing on my top ten for best movie of all time and theres wasnt even much. how did they trick me like that it was magic

Guest on Sep 27, 2011


Initial reaction, I didn't like it. It looked great as far as the location, wardrobe and cinematography go but the pacing was awfully slow. I know it's noir but and I love noir but it didn't feel right to me. I don't think there was enough tension. I never once felt like Gosling's back was against the wall, I never once really believed Mulligan was really in danger. In fact , I kinda didn't care if she was in danger. In fact, I can't fathom why Gosling and Mulligan's character had any relationship when they seemed so platonic. I felt no chemistry there. There was nothing really compelling about any of the characters that made me care if they lived or died to be honest. There were things I liked. Hendricks was great(also think her and Gosling had more chemistry)  Mulligans husband, also very good. Loved the music, and I love the story. The whole thing was a great concept, I just don't think it came together enough for my taste.

Mkerr on Oct 14, 2011


People are freaking about this movie like they’ve been fingerbanged by Jesus, and I can only assume they are excited by the stylised tone to the point that they are willing to ignore its obvious superficiality and cynicism. But I can only say what I truly feel, and that is, this movie is a con. The best things about it are: Ryan’s awesome scorpion jacket. Kavinsky’s ‘Nightcall.’ The opening action scene. The heist sequence. A few moments of violent, well-shot action give the movie a brief pulse. And that’s pretty much it. There are so many interminable long moments where the two comatose leads stare at each other as if something meaningful is going on beneath the surface. But there is no subtext here. The writing, direction and acting are all underplayed to the point of tedium. It has a promising premise – what a great idea, a plot involving a driving stuntman – there is much that you could do with it. But this film never really gets going, and I suspect this is a very shallow work that critics are fawning over because it won something at Cannes and isn’t Transformers. Overall, Drive is so insistently cool, it chilled me to the marrow. Even more disappointingly, it’s not even that stylish – some nice shots of LA at night and 80s italic pink credits do not equal an artistic statement or anything that can be called an original style. I like noir, I like LA, I like action, I like arthouse, I like character development, I like subtlety in filmmaking. But I’m not a sucker who mistakes portentous, affected filmmaking for great art. I go into movies open-minded and I want filmmakers to succeed in telling great stories that make us think and feel. But this left me cold and I didn’t feel anything. Other people clearly enjoyed it though – so I am not saying my opinion is right – just adding my thoughts to the mix.  

Crimewave on Oct 30, 2011


Although it was great how it ended, I want more. Albert Brooks told Ryan Gosling he wouldn't live a normal life from that point on, so I thought maybe the family that Ron Perlman's character talks about, I figured they were gonna continue were DRIVE left off, I would like to see a continuation but, if there isn't this movie is awesome as it is.

Torettoxxx2002 on Nov 6, 2011


That was the best movie I have seen in a long long time. It was beautiful, powerful, intense. Just amazing.

Derrick Shanks on Nov 10, 2011


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cheap bras on Jan 19, 2012


"A movie so lifeless and boring they didnt even bother to name the main character "   -Patrick Taylor- (me....) ...the plot line twists had no feasible transitions to it. long moments of just "driver" staring at something with this on acid, thinks he's seeing shit cheese eating grin on him. and please save the "you probably thought transformers 3 was a masterpiece!. transformers 3 was good for what it was, which was a simple plot with stuff blowing up and turning into other stuff. no award winner by far, bout how can you honestly say this was a well directed movie with a strong plot. it really felt, in parts, like the actors didn't even know they were supposed o be doing anything  while the film was rolling. like the director saw them talking on set between breaks or just standing there, added some epiphany inducing soft rock or compositions that are supposed to make you think, hmm i wonder what he's thinking? watch the movie again with a approach of come what may, like you didn't know the director. didn't know who the actors are, never even heard of the movie and tell me that in about 30 minutes you wouldn't just walk out or pass out. and just to be unbiased im going to watch the movie again, trying my own logic which is how i approach all movies and come back and sum up, hell i may be enlightened by this movie on the different ways to portray a plot and charecters but i doubt it.

sir winston on Jan 29, 2012


so i watched it all the way thru, was right on every point...the violence was seemingly added to keep people in their seats...and had the most anti-climactic ending ive ever seen...dont hope theres going to be a twist or anything at the end...its jus the driver sitting in the car so long i thought it was on pause...and any life that was in the movie was negated by that corny as hell theme music...real human/ hero...grr....i really hope this isnt the direction movies start to take.. 

sir winston on Jan 30, 2012


and no, there were no emotions portrayed in Gosslings face....that was the problem...he just pasted on this fuck it face...oh your husbands getting out of jail so i cant be with you...meh, doesnt bother me, so your saying i got a million dollars of mob money in my trunk and they are coming for it?....couldnt care less.....holy crap i just saw this chic get her head blown off then i stabbed that guy and shot another...pssh, this is boring..yawn....

sir winston on Jan 30, 2012


Rented this at Redbox and was horribly, horribly disappointed. The soundtrack was really disjointed - what's up with cramming 80's fonts and songs into a movie that otherwise tries too hard to be modern? It would have made more sense if Nino's was an ice cream shop or something...but there seems to be no connection to the 80's theme, which appears only at the titles and the credits. It's retarded and out of place. The violence took too long in coming and it was very gratuitous. So was the nudity. Absolutely nothing was added to the story from these visuals. It's as if Refn knew that the story and the characters were going to bomb, so he put in visual shocks to help people remember it. The cars (except for the short-lived Mustang GT500) are lackluster, and the acting is bland. Continuity is terrible: two head-on collisions have no effect on his car's headlights and grill area? The "setup" is never fully explained, even after a restaurant scene that feebly attempts to spell it out. Worse than all this is the slow deliberation of EVERYTHING. All I could think of every time the driver and Irene stared at each other was: which one is going to show some personality first? Between the two characters they totaled five expressions. The only saving grace to this slogging photography is that it blends perfectly with the three or four slow-motion scenes. Albert Brooks is a PERFECT mobster, and Jeff Wolfe makes for a young, scary Robert DeNiero for the awfully short screen time he has. The recipe for DRIVE: Begin with a completely in-car prologue obviously inspired by the classic "Bullitt", take Michael Mann's night driving scenes and drag them out for a collective hour, add some needless Scorsese bloodletting, and round it all off with a country music video without the music (aka a LOT of people staring into space). Voila - DRIVE.

Blurb on Feb 2, 2012

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