Sound Off: 'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides' - Thoughts?

May 20, 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Back in 2003, Disney decide to bring a beloved theme park ride to the big screen, introducing the world to the iconic and unforgettable Captain Jack Sparrow. After two sequels, the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise continues again with a fourth installment, looping in director Rob Marshall at the helm this time. How is Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and Jack's search for the Fountain of Youth? How does it compare to the other films? Is it a worthy summer blockbuster? If you've seen it, leave a comment below and tell us what you thought of On Stranger Tides!

To fuel the fire On Stranger Tides, I actually enjoyed this sequel, but mostly because I love spending time in the Pirates world. It's adventurous and entertaining, despite containing a rather forgettable storyline that takes some odd twists and turns (e.g. the Spanish showing up at the end or Penelope Cruz's character and her intentions/connection). It's definitely not my favorite film in this franchise and I still feel like 'meh' (as cliche as that has become) is the best word to describe this. I didn't hate it, I had a pretty good time, but it's ultimately forgettable and lacked the more epic feeling of the past few Pirates flicks, I thought. What's next?

What did you think of On Stranger Tides? Another great Pirates movie or one of the worst? We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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 since its supposed to give a build up for the new trilogy...i dunno what to make of it.....

Jericho on May 21, 2011


 I just got back from seeing it and I feel the same way, meh. I am a huge Pirates of the Caribbean fan and love the trilogy. However this sequel lacked some of the feeling of adventure that I wanted. There was no real endangerment of the characters and you just knew that Jack was going to win at the end. So I am sort of disappointed from this sequel seeing as it said it contained zombies and mermaids. The zombies were lame and didn't explain how they were zombified, and the mermaids were pretty cool. However what the hell happened to that guy, where did Serena take him!?!

Bryan Dimas on May 21, 2011


I think we can stop referring to POTC as a trilogy, since we're talking about the 4th in the series. Just saying... 

Just one thing... on May 21, 2011


I agree. Meh is an excellent word to describe POTC4. I loved the first 3, and this one is by far the most forgettable, but I enjoyed it none the less. A good popcorn flick, and there's nothing wrong with having a little fluff now and then.

Will on May 21, 2011


christian morality story was not appreciated. Don't know why they through that in there. guess the new director had an agenda. 

Vold on May 21, 2011


Thanks for the warning. Now I know to keep my kids away from that filth. 

Anonymous on May 21, 2011


Whoa, whoa, whoa.  Including Christianity as a part of the Pirates mythology shouldn't be viewed as any more sinister than including voodoo, aztec gold, or whatever (i.e., not sinister).  It's all part of the show.  Let's not single out one religion as awful, inappropriate, or propagandistic just because it makes an appearance in a series of movies that include a number of supernatural traditions.

Concourse D on May 22, 2011


In the 4th Pirates movie it isn't Christianity but Catholicism that is being portrayed. Catholicism was a huge influence in the exploration of the New World 

andrew on May 22, 2011


Agree. Disturbing lead-pipe propaganda. Its as tho the filmakers were scared of the Christian Right, or part of it

Tony on May 21, 2011


 Why. I didnt love it but I didnt hate it. not arguing just wondering why you  took that out as a specific point.

Marc Arsenault on May 22, 2011


 I got dragged to go see this. Please save your time and money. The rapture is tomorrow, and you don't want to waste your last day on Earth with this trash. But feel free to let me know what you think... Poll: Is 'Pirates 4' really as bad as all the reviews say? Link:

Rev. Rob on May 21, 2011


its may 21st and the only thing they has been raptured is my 

Jericho on May 21, 2011


 Its worth the money... May be not the best in the series, but definitely worth the money.

Jay on May 21, 2011


I liked it but it was not as great as I thought it was going to be. I give it a 7.5

David Benjamin Scott on May 21, 2011


 I was let felt nothing like the original Pirates was...different. I did enjoy the Mermaid scene, the "Providence" being ripped apart was crazy awesome! and the stalagmite scene was hilarious as was Jack being unnerved by Monkey Jack . But the rest was meh...Blackbeard was lame...forgettable to say the least. 6/10 for me. It was better than At Worlds End at least...but I'm just gonna stick with the first one. 

Xerxexx on May 21, 2011


Maybe you haven't seen it in the Glorious 3-D version. Ha! Gotcha. 

Manuel on May 21, 2011


It was..alright. I think I miss the original director..because this just didn't have the same feel. Rush and Depp were great, like always. But I don't know. I miss Elizabeth and Will. The minor romance plot seemed a bit meh. I felt like it just took ages and ages to get to that stupid fountain, lol. And there were too many points of view switching or something. Idk.. 

Hotsizz20 on May 21, 2011


 After all the bad movies so far this year, these mixed reviews...another pass for me. Its not if its worth my money, its my time. Studios should be careful cause I feel more and more people will quicker say pass then give it a shot, imo...

Anonymous on May 21, 2011


Yeah, I'm sure they'll put a lot of stock in your two cents after they've easily reached the $100 million mark by next weekend. ha. 

Buzzfunked on May 21, 2011


All it takes is one spark. 

Xerxexx on May 21, 2011


 Not to mention Market Re search and whatnot...

Angry Chief on May 21, 2011


How does that not make sense? Being referred to as a troll by a tool is ridiculous.  Sorry to question the great Buzzfunk. You're right, you will be leading a great revolution. Viva la Funk!

Just one thing... on May 23, 2011


The audience will say pass and then give it a shot? Or were you trying to say the audience will say pay rather than give it a shot?  

Que? on May 23, 2011



Anonymous on May 21, 2011


4,7 Million in it's first midnight screening and it will probably hit the 100 million mark over the weekend. unfortunatley the studios will win afterall. on May 21, 2011


 What I liked most about this film was that use of special effects weren't as heavy as in part 2 and 3. It seemed like they were going for the feel of the first one.

Thanos on May 21, 2011


I agree feel like captures the magic the first one.

Valvg on May 21, 2011


  It was a little flat. Felt like it was missing a main story line through the actual plot, but It was good fun. I liked the chemistry between Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz. But Black Beard.... Not as bad ass as he should have been. Davy Jones was tougher!! The mermaid love story wasn't explored enough. I'd see it again. Best best part was the scene after the credits!!

Jon W on May 21, 2011


I saw a midnight showing in 3D and wasn't disappointed. I mean, you could tell it was a different director (Rob Marshall) from the tone of it, but it had the same spirit as the Gore Verbinski trilogy. Does that make any sense? Well, as I was saying, it was different. It's the kickoff to a second trilogy, so of course storylines were left unfinished and not fully explored... But as for "is it worth my money?", totally. If you're a fan of the franchise, On Stranger Tides continues where At World's End left off and leaves it open once more. The movie was pretty funny throughout, so I'm probably going to see it again...

Francisco Ibarra on May 21, 2011


it was not bad as everyone is was ok ...differnt feel than the others.....i would have said it was good, but they put some of that jesus freak sh!t in it it gets an OK

Circusninja25 on May 21, 2011


Good not great. Story was better than the sequels, but the movie lacked the excitement of them. The mermaid was beautiful.

Rashad on May 21, 2011


It was ok, there seemed to be something missing, Rush was tame, Depp seemed to have forgotten how to be Jack, story was ok but I just cant seem to be able to put my finger on what was wrong here, its just didnt seem to work as well as the last three, real shame though as im a huge pirates fan 🙁 

Dar_el on May 21, 2011


 alex, about time u changed ur "to fuel the fire" phrase.. 😛 not as good as the previous ones.. but pirates is pirates. its a bit disappointing to see this after the trilogy, but i'd still go for the forthcoming pirate films cuz johnny depp is still awesome

abercrombie on May 21, 2011


Loved it! I love all the pirate movies and hoping for a 5th

Davidtfrog on May 21, 2011


Given the general reaction, including that review that compared it to maggots on your food, I was expecting a franchise-killing train wreck. After seeing it, I'd say it's anything but that. I didn't necessarily think it was good, but unlike Thor, I did get easily caught up in the POTC world. There's some amusing stuff in there, even if the story/script is aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall over the place (the Spanish just show up at the end, do their thing and...yup, gone). It's just not that memorable. I wouldn't be against a 5th Pirates, but I'm not exactly hoping for one either. The more POTC movies they make, the further they risk completely ruining the Jack Sparrow character, which I don't think anyone wants.

Jbaker475 on May 21, 2011


 I enjoyed it, I thought the ending was a little lackluster, and they didn't really go into Black Beard's story which i was interested in

Duck on May 21, 2011


 IT was some what fun but POTC may have jumped the shark!

Professor_Bedlam on May 21, 2011


A bit disappointed with the crazy all over the place plot, so I left before the credits ended. What happened in that very last scene after the credits?

Ruvalcaba5 on May 21, 2011


It's a scene of Angelica, Penelope Cruz's character, standing on the island where Jack left her. Then the voodoo doll of Jack washes up on shore and she picks it up.

Andreas Climent on May 21, 2011


Just came home after seeing it. I thought it was very enjoyable. Not as good as the previous three directed by Verbinski, but still a fun movie. Ian McShane was great as Blackbeard and I liked the mermaids. The story could have been tighter. Like Alex mentioned, there were moments that felt out of place, like the Spaniards showing up at the end. I also really missed the sense of fun and adventure that Verbinski managed to create in the previous movies. Bringing back some comic sidekicks like the two pirates from the old movies might have been a good idea. Anyway, it was fun and about what I expected it to be. Gave it a 7.5/10

Andreas Climent on May 21, 2011


 I've seen it on thursday and was O.K. I think it could be a movie of 90 minutes instead of 120, but, was enjoyable see Jack Sparrow again, and the monkey. Mr. Cotton's parrot, we miss you.

Manuel on May 21, 2011


 Hey, people, "to fuel the fire" is back!!!

Manuel on May 21, 2011


 I did like the movie, is not the best, but for example, I feel is more about Jack than the other 3, I love the idea of Sparrow in England, and what to say about the Black Pearl and it's crew, with Jack the monkey and hopefully the rest, in the next movie. I'm going for seconds right now. And have you hear about Pirates on 4D, with light, smoke and movement? They are showing it in some movie theaters.

Alexander Gramlich on May 21, 2011


Judi dench

Valvg on May 21, 2011


 He's a pirate... they steal...

Joeho on May 23, 2011


Saw it on Friday in 2D and today on an IMAX screen. I liked it a lot more the second time, I guess because it wasn't such a shock to have so many of the old characters missing. As others have said, it is different from the other ones, more serious in my opinion. And more Jack and less Will and Elizabeth is a good thing. I did miss Pintel and Ragetti and hope at least one of them is back for the next movie (I understand that one of the actors did not want to do more POTC films). I would also rate it as 7.5/10. Really a good film and great characters.  

Anonymous on May 22, 2011


Okay, i just came back home from seeing Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides in IMAX 3D, and i have to honestly say that, Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides blows the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies got blown out of the water by Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides 100% percent. I maked the first three movies look like a bunch of non-sense, and yes that's right i said even the first movie surpass Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides by any means. I give Pirates of the Caribbean On stranger Tides a 10/10 rating, or in other words an A+ .

Sean on May 22, 2011


 Whoops,  sorry i ment, to say in the middle of my comment above, that I "THINK" the first three movies look like a bunch of non-sense, and yes that's right i said even the first movie "DOESN'T" surpass Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides by any means. I give Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides a 10/10 rating, or in other words an A+.

Anonymous on May 22, 2011


you were high as a Sparrow during the movie..weren't you? 😛

Redguy on May 22, 2011


No, actually i wasn't at all :p .

Sean on May 22, 2011


well, that was..unexpected. actually, didn't like the 3rd movie either, why did i had high expectations of the 4th? see it on dvd or something, that way you can forward to the good parts and save you some time.

Redguy on May 22, 2011


 The movie is nowhere near as bad as people make it out to be. If you're a fan of the series, you'll love it, or at least like it. I LOVED the part with the mermaids. 8/10

Lamar on May 22, 2011


 It was enjoyable.  I went in with low expectations because I truly dislike Penelope Cruz but I must say, she didn't bug me in this movie.  It wasn't as epic as the rest of the films, and that may be due to the fact that they steered clear of long scenes on ships and ship v. ship fighting.  I don't know.  I enjoyed it.  The twist at the end was an interesting move and I liked it.  Good for them. 6 or 7 out of 10. I'm intrigued on where they'll go with this next.

Eric on May 22, 2011


I just got back from the movie yesterday and I thought that it was really good.  I'd give it an 8 out of 10 although they weren't too clear about the zombie part. 

anonymous on May 22, 2011


"riding a dead horse" was my first thought. Uninvolving and confusing storyline (Why the heck did they brought up the wickerman/mermaid romance?), and Depp who feels way too comfy in his reprising role. Ian McShane is the only highlight (actingwise) as Captain Teach.... What a petty, was hoping for a reboot of a fun franchise...

Anonymous on May 22, 2011


I thought this was good start to a new series of adventures. I was tired of the Elizabeth/Will sappiness. The last movie really didn't make much sense to me and I think Gore Verbinski was hitting the bong one too many times making that one. Hopefully there will be villians as good as Blackbeard soon. Overall I enjoyed it. 

Kaos_51 on May 22, 2011


 Just watched the movie last night. I first would like to say that through my eyes that when i watch the POTC movies i feel like there is nothing else that exists during that time. I don't know what it is but personally i feel like i belong there in those movies. And Johnny Depp has opened my eyes and made me realize that "I" can do almost anything and to not back down or stop doing something i enjoy. He is my BIGGEST idol of all time. Anyway about the movie! I agree with many of you that this movie didnt really put any of the characters in that position of " oh wow". And the first thing i thought after the movie was, What the heck did serena do with that guy?. And another thing is i thought there was at times to much going on at once. Oh and plus i would have liked to see the whole black pearl getting taken over and Barbossa loosing his leg thing.

guest on May 22, 2011


I loved all three previous movies. Yeah, they got more and more convoluted and confusing, but all it takes to pull me in is seeing Johnny Depp and how much fun he has playing this character.  I don't care that the movies are silly and all over the place sometimes. One can just feel how much everyone involved enjoys delving into every child's dream of being a pirate and just go nuts.  These movies aren't flawless, but they are a fun ride and a really good time for the whole family, imo.  If they decided to make another 10 pirates movies, more power to them! They'll have my family's money for sure. 

Anonymous on May 22, 2011


 I loved it Johnny Depp was in it....

maggie on May 23, 2011


I have always been a POTC fan and was really excited especially to see the mermaids in the 4th movie.i watched it today and when it was over i thought,what??!!???where are those interesting pirates fights,there were only a couple.where was pintel and rigetti,i love those guys and that migit and cotton?but i loved the comedy an always been in love wit jack sparrow.overall i think the movie is more talking then those swashbuckling pirates throwin swords at each other.I really lkked the mermaids and i wish we got to see more of their world,hopefully they will make a 5 th one where some characters can come bak and show where syrena and the clergymen go,mayb to the mermaid world idk but hopefully johnny agrees to make another one because i hav thought of so many ideas of characters coming bak and continue to what they left.i hope you guys going bcuz they let me forget reality and remind me to imagine 🙂

rain on May 23, 2011


 Man, I miss the days when Grammar was taught in schools. I always loved to see people spelling things correctly, using punctuation and most importantly forming complete and coherent sentences. 

Joeho on May 23, 2011


 seriously! seriously! 2/10 horrible! RUBBISH! Almost as disappointing as X-men 3.

cuddlemeugly on May 23, 2011


The mermaid and the Preacher Story line... trying to be like Keira/ Olando from the first 3 movies.. No point to that... It seem to be rushed the whole film.. the story was all over the place fragmented one way and the other.. Ian Mcshanes Blackbeard No evil enough... I also miss the original Crew of the Black Pearl there was only Gibbs/JS/ Barbosa Ei the fellow with the Wooden eye... and is mate playing off em... the dog..even though you saw the Monkey in the Bottle that was the gag for JS. There wasn't enough of the Monkey. 

Excel on May 23, 2011


Actually, i saw it two times in 3D, the reason i want it to see it again,  because the MERMAIDS. Is the Best part of the Movie and also I Fell in love with Syrena(mermaid) character. Thats my only reason. my rating: 7/10

EfrainR on May 23, 2011


Decent. Solid story with some fun twist. Not as AMAZING as the first two, but I'm still enjoying the franchise.  

Luis B. Pagan on May 23, 2011


it was good, not great.  I walked away thinking it set the course for another movie or two.  I dont think people would have liked this if it was a stand alone movie.    *spoiler alert* I wish they would have explained B-Beard's powers a little better and the movie seemed to slow down when it hit the jungle.  <-- was hoping to have a pirate battle or two. Barbosa was still a badass and jack was still a scene-stealer.  B- for me, want just a liiiiiiittle bit more our of the movie.   

Anonymous on May 23, 2011


As usual Johnny Depp was SUPERB! I will watch them all only to see him. However, I was very disappointed with the story. The first three movies were great and the plot followed from one to the next smoothly (although I will admit I've had to watch them multiple times to completely understand them, oh darn ;)- I felt the story was poorly written an under-developed. Blackbeard could've been key in this and the next movie(s) such as Davy Jones was but instead was killed off without even showing what the "most feared pirate" could really do. The voodoo doll was unnecessary because Captain Jack would still have done what they wanted just for the adventure. Penelope Cruz was unnecessary as well, I prefer she not be in any future films since her character was lame and without Blackbeard in the picture why is she needed anyhow? I did love the mermaids since they are in seafaring folklore and the fact that they are vicious was great. I hope the next one brings back some of the old crew like Rigetti & Pintel who along with Barbossa, Captain Jack & Gibbs try to get the Black Pearl out of the bottle and in the course of finding how to get all the ships out possibly need the assistance of the 'new' Davy Jones (Will Turner). I also would love to see more Caribbean considering it is Pirates of the Caribbean and more action between the opposing sides instead of everyone following one another. I still look forward to the next film (only if Johnny Depp resumes his role of course) in hopes that the writer(s) make sense of the disaster they created in this or just start 'fresh' with the ending of POTC 4, without Penelope Cruz and the voodoo doll!

JDisPOTC on May 23, 2011


I went in knowing about the mixed reviews, and was pleasantly surprised.  I did not really miss Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley, at least while watching the film.  In fact I think it's a significant improvement over "At World's End".  Unlike some of the posters here, I appreciated that the missionary character was portrayed positively.  But then, I'm a Catholic....

Anonymous on May 24, 2011


guys, you do know that this could be  a setup for the next two movies, which, by the way, are set to be made back to back, and depp's already got the script for the fifth one. and remember this, all of our favorite movies have many sequels, but they can never replicate the first one, if you want the first movie, get blu ray and stop whining, but there will NEVER, EVER, be another movie like the first potc movie, so start to enjoy the mamory of it as i am, all great things must fade and end.

Yetigirl on May 26, 2011


Jack didn't act like the normal Jack, Blackbeard wasn't scary enough, the old nemesis Captain Watever was like on the team, and Penelope Cruz just isn't the other chick and no Orlando Bloom and love. The story was kind of boring, and Jack didn't have any real threat to surviving as before. Plus Disney played it safe mostly to entertain little kids. They'll make even more money. The mermaids were cool.

Robtee on Jun 7, 2011



Max C. on Jun 18, 2011


Pirate? I thought the film was alright though I felt the mermaid/more handsome Will turner guy was rushed. Liked the plot, it had zombies so I was happy and Penelope Cruz. I thought it could've done with a few more "witty jack" innuendos but over all not bad. One question: isn't it a tragic state of affairs that including zombies/voodoo is accepted but a bit of Christianity isnt?! Have a bit of respect for heavens sake. And for the ignoramus, we saw Catholicism and Christianity in it's truest form in this film. Ones a religion and one is faith.

Rushton Simon on Nov 17, 2011


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