Sound Off: Ruben Fleischer's '30 Minutes or Less' - Your Thoughts?

August 13, 2011

30 Minutes or Less Sound Off

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? "We'll deliver anywhere in 30 minutes or less or it's free!" Hitting theaters this weekend is 30 Minutes or Less, the latest wild comedic creation from director Ruben Fleischer (of Zombieland), starring Jesse Eisenberg and Aziz Ansari as the "good" guys, and Danny McBride and Nick Swardson as the bad guys, who strap a bomb to Eisenberg and force him to rob a bank. So is it actually good? Is it as funny as the trailers make it out to be? How are the jokes and who steals the show? If you've seen it, post a comment below and tell us what you thought of 30 Minutes or Less.

To fuel the flamethrower, I liked 30 Minutes or Less after seeing it at first, but the more I think back to it, the less I actually enjoyed it. Especially compared to Zombieland, which is unquestionably a fantastic debut for Ruben Fleischer, 30 Minutes is missing everything that made that great. There's barely any action in it at all, it felt like they tried to be as cheap as possible and cut back on anything that would make it stand out. Let the jokes sell the show, but all those were shown in the trailers! So what we're really left with is a movie where I chuckled a few times, but otherwise wasn't that entertained. Though I must say, Michael Peña as Chango steals the whole show, he was awesome. Aziz Ansari had some great lines, too. A few good laughs!

What did you think of 30 Minutes or Less? Best comedy of the summer or quickly forgettable? We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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Guess no one saw this ......going to watch FD5

SHANEDAV on Aug 12, 2011


Ha, it just took a little while... The Final Dest. 5 Sound Off is up as well:

Alex Billington on Aug 13, 2011


here's what i thought in the form of a blog post.

Jake L on Aug 12, 2011


it was funny jesse is a nerd he cant play the lets get drunk and smoke cigs role. this movies would of been 10 times better if they had anyone else 6/10

Resultsmayvary20 on Aug 12, 2011


Definitely agree with Chango stealing the show. He had one hilarious one liner that had me laughing for a good time. Aziz was solid had some good jokes. Eisenberg also showed why is a great actor, whether its drama or comedy. The one thing is that I am really tired of Danny McBride, he plays the same character in every movie. He's like Ken Jeong in movies. McBride just plays crude and redneck character, its not funny anymore.

Fiendish Observational Comic on Aug 13, 2011


I agree with you 100% on all of this!

Alex Billington on Aug 13, 2011


I've had a distaste for Danny McBride ever since I saw 'All the Real Girls', back when he was still an unknown. I'm glad more people are starting to catch up to me.  That said, I do find him tolerable in small doses. He was pretty funny in Tropic Thunder and Pineapple Express. But I could never bring myself to watch Eastbound & Down, no matter how many good things I heard about it. I do love Ken Jeong, though...

Craig on Aug 14, 2011


Very frenetic, loose, highly vulgar and improvised. It's definitely entertaining, kinda stupid. Aziz does his usual crusty bit. I will add my voice to the "enough of Danny McBride" chorus. It takes a while to shake Eisenberg from his association with Mark Zuckerberg, but eventually you buy it. Think about it -- this is Eisenberg's first role since the acclaimed "Social Network" -- from the world's youngest billionaire to a stoner pizza delivery guy. Frankly, I was hoping for something more ambitious from Ruben Fleischer after the very imaginative and enjoyable "Zombieland."

Drew Kerr on Aug 13, 2011


I really enjoyed it, thought it wasn't as good as Zombieland, but really worth the ticket price.

CGarnsay on Aug 13, 2011


how did it end? it was so boring i fell asleep. 

dave on Aug 13, 2011


I liked the Facebook joke that was thrown in there. On the whole, didn't really care for it. Micheal Pena, in my opinion, is a very underrated actor.

Mitcherd on Aug 13, 2011


great movie, classic....stop comparing it to zombieland retards

phil on Aug 13, 2011


It was an ok comedy with a great cast of talented comedic improvisers. Personally I enjoyed Eisenberg in this movie, and thought he pulled off his role rather well.  I always enjoy Ansari, but this movie made me realize he'll probably never be able to carry a comedy on his own.  He's a great secondary character, and even though he's funny I don't think he's a good enough actor (yet) to be funny when he's not just being himself saying funny lines.  He's amusing like a kazoo.  He sounds funny, and his comedy tickles you enough to be amusing for awhile, but I'd imagine that if he overdoes it he would get annoying real quick.  McBride and Swardson were their usual character's, an arrogant moron, and a clueless moron.  I do applaud whoever put this cast together, because each actor brought their own style to the table and it blended together perfectly.  The surprise of the film was Pena.  I'm used to seeing him in drama's, but he may have the been the most amusing character in the film.  His hispanic stereotype hitman was funny on it's own, but Pena was the only one in the film who seemed to "play" their character and that was half of the humor. It's nothing special, but it's a solid and amusing comedy.  One that will be enjoyable on Saturday afternoons for years when it's stuck in perpetual rerun hell on Comedy Central.

ImaginaryVisionary on Aug 14, 2011


I thought that it was a little over hyped because of some early reviews I heard about movie. And I am a major Ruben Fliescher fan. This movie was 'good'. No more, no less. Aziz Ansari for me stole the show, the rest of the movie was average. But nonetheless, Fleishcer's style is great. I love it. I think Gangster Squad will be amazing with a cast with his style. I agree with previous posts that McBride plays the same redneck character. He only ever plays that. Completely understood. Honestly, I think its a great character (obviously mostly for Kenny Powers) but it does get repeated a little much. Either way, McBridge is funny as hell. But as a movie as a whole, it was only okay. 

Alex Williams on Aug 14, 2011


I thought it was hilarious. 

Race Bannon on Aug 14, 2011


I hated this movie.  Talking dirty and dropping f-bombs for 80 minutes doesn't make it funny.  You can't just say something dirty and mistake it for low-brow comedy.  They just poorly implemented everything. Like seriously, everytime they said something dirty or said the f word, they paused... as if they were telling you to laugh.  Nope. My whole packed audience was silent, and everyone, including myself, walked out disappointed. I really wanted to see this movie because it was shot in Grand Rapids, my hometown.  I was kinda disappointed that they shot it in the grossest parts of town and made it look like a craphole, but whatever.   There were several jokes throughout the movie though that DID make me laugh, because they were basically inside jokes to the people of Grand Rapids.  When he talked about quitting his job as a teacher: "F*** you, Grand Rapids school kids!!"  Hahaha, Grand Rapids is known for its horrible schooling system. (Luckily I went to school outside of GR). But yeah.  I really only laughed at those GR comments, and a few other things (Pena, and the Sandra scene at the bank),  but really, this was the worst movie I've seen in theaters in a LONG time.

Chazzy on Aug 15, 2011


Funniest movie since Hot Rod! 

Jerry on Aug 15, 2011

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