Sound Off: Shawn Levy's New Film 'Real Steel' - What Did You Think?

October 7, 2011

Real Steel Sound Off

Now that you've seen it, what did you think? Hitting theaters everywhere this weekend is Real Steel, produced by Steven Spielberg, directed by Night at the Museum's Shawn Levy. This family action-drama stars Hugh Jackman as a former boxer who, in the future, trains giant boxing robots that fight in matches at the World Robot Boxing league. He has a son named Max, played by Dakota Goyo, and the two go on an adventure that changes their lives forever. So how is it? An entertaining sports movie or merely heartless, as Jeremy says? If you've seen it, leave a comment below and tell us your thoughts on Shawn Levy's Real Steel!

To fuel the fire, I just saw Real Steel and damnit, I quite enjoyed it. It's a very fun movie, I understood what it was going for, I had a lot of fun watching it, the world it takes place in is great, it's just a solid movie all around. To me, it really just felt like an old school Amblin sports movie, I would even maybe say it's Karate Kid of 2011, meaning it's our futuristic, modern take on that kind of story, those themes, in this day and age. It has fun elements, wacky kids elements, character moments that feel a bit setup, but overall it's so damn entertaining, and it's such a unique departure for Shawn Levy, that I enjoyed it anyway. Hugh Jackman is solid in it, Dakota Goyo as the kid Max was actually really damn good, Evangeline Lilly was also impressive.

What did you think of Real Steel? An entertaining sports movie or heartless, contrived mess? We will remove any comments that indicate you have not seen the movie, as this area is meant to discuss the film only once you have seen it and can talk about your thoughts. Please keep the comments civilized!

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Incredible movie, totally unexpected.

Laser Charge on Oct 7, 2011


Very very good.  Much better than expected, although I did think that from the first trailer it looked promising.  Also, I think it's a film you could take younger children to.  All in all a good film, I hope it does well.

Anonymous on Oct 7, 2011


thumbs down.

Noclue002 on Oct 7, 2011


i suppose i have to explain myself... erm, cheesy one-liners and predictable character interactions riddled with CGI filler in between over dramatic scenes with our troubled yet likable role model hero character. did i just describe 90% of what hollywood has been dumping our money into this year? oh, this movie had rock 'em sock 'em robots. that should kind of set it apart... well, then there was that horrible transformers squeal to the squeal. if you're a 10yr old boy or a parent who has one, go see it. if not-save your damn money and stop buying this crap! maybe THEN they'll stop making these brainless movies...

Noclue002 on Oct 7, 2011


oh. You are that guy. eh...

Really? on Oct 8, 2011


the guy who doesn't agree with you? uh... yea? i guess that's me.

Noclue002 on Oct 8, 2011


no...  I think he means the overly snarky, cyincal review-kind. ..totally respect your opinion and to each his own, but that's what you sounded like.

Anonymous on Oct 10, 2011


It was surprisingly good movie.  I can only hope it doesn't lose any kind of potential box office traction because of the kind of movie it looks like!  But indeed, it was a wonderful movie with a great feel good sort of vibe when all was said and done.  Bravo to Levy.

BruSimm on Oct 7, 2011


I just saw the movie and thought it was incredible.    I’m not a big fan of transformers (in comparison) and the trailers led me to believe this movie would be fun at best, but not particularly good (Hugh Jackman was the main reason I even decided to go). The movie completely, well and beyond exceeded my expectations! Intense action, and, most importantly, it had a real (heartfelt) story that so many action movies fail to include. There are certain aspects that may seem corny, but once I saw the movie it all worked. Father/son relationship was very well done, and the action was so magnetizing (greatly contributed with Danny Elfman’s score) people really were cheering in the theater! Fantastic, and perfect for the big screen! Loved it!

Alli on Oct 7, 2011


jesus you guys... to each his own i guess. =/ y'all should REALLY demand more from these directors and producers today. this is just "cheap" fun that costs us a solid 10+ bucks (not to mention getting raped in the concession stands shortly after a pricey ticket) and MILLIONS for them to make... such a waste of MONEY! NO ONE will be saying "ah, remember movies like Reel Steel and Fast & Furious 12? THOSE were the days!"

Noclue002 on Oct 7, 2011


It's not really a waste of money considering how many THOUSANDS of people blockbusters employ. Seriously. Big movies = lots of jobs. That's why they cost millions. And I'm sorry, you can't compare this to Fast and the Furious. It's not part of a franchise and has no pre-established audience. It's much more of a risk to produce.

equustel on Oct 7, 2011


i only wish those thousands went to work on movies of more substance than fighting robots... and you don't have to apologize to me, i can in fact compare "Real Steel" to "The Fast and the Frivolous" films because in essence they are one-in-the-same, simply just the flavor of the week kind of flicks that have no real pull behind them other than big name actors, CGI and a promise of action. i love action films. i LOVE SciFi. i'm not a kid anymore, however. i need more than a pretty face, a robot and millions of bucks to keep me IN. as of right now, im checked out... that's just my opinion. you do NOT have to agree with it. i do implore you to raise your standards a bit more.

Noclue002 on Oct 7, 2011


"i need more than a pretty face, a robot and millions of bucks to keep me IN." -If you really feel that way you wouldn't be going or liking 99% of the movies out nowadays, in which case why are you going at all? "cheesy one-liners and predictable character interactions riddled with CGI filler in between over dramatic scenes with our troubled yet likable role model hero character." -Again 99% of movies....basically to all our arguments, again 99% of movies, its Hollywood that's what they do.  And don't complain about the prices if your not liking most the movies, just stop going.

Drew on Oct 7, 2011


Oh dear me, Drew... is it wrong for me to demand a little more from the 99% of absolute SHIT hollywood pumps out? i hope some day more of you do the same. have my opinions somehow offended you? if anything you've more than validated my initial point. this movie IS, at it's core, nothing more than a mere clone of so soooo many other brainless american cheese fest flicks that everyone still flocks to these days. does that... upset you? the fact that i don't agree with most comments on here so far? that makes me a bad guy, huh? too bad. i didn't care for it. if you did, well-there are plenty of more films just like it out there to keep on entertaining you as so elegantly pointed out, Drew.

Noclue002 on Oct 7, 2011


Hi Noclue002, I'm in total agreement with you. Just reading these responses you're getting is blood-boiling. I can't believe people are so damn thick and are willing to allow themselves to enjoy this shit - and it is ABSOLUTE shit. It's a generational thing... the vast majority of cinemagoers thesedays have no idea what a good film is, and clearly don't care. We're all screwed.

RealFilmPlease on Oct 8, 2011


As long as there is a market for these kinds of movies, Hollywood will make them.  It's not a generational thing, it's a money thing.  And it's fine.  There are enough different movies to go around for everyone.  Go see "Drive", you'll feel better.

Concourse D on Oct 8, 2011


the sad thing is, Concourse, that there are in fact NOT enough good movies to go around. the down right "Ugly" seem to grossly out weigh the Good and the Bad... i agree that it IS a generational issue. the CGI, cheap, fast and loud generation. we're pumping out far to few "classics" these days and films just don't seem to resonate as they used to. this is the generation of the "sequel to the sequel". 

Noclue002 on Oct 8, 2011


I guess I'm just not that cynical.  Tree of Life, Midnight in Paris, Drive, The Ides of March, Moneyball, Source Code, Hanna, Contagion, and Bridesmaids all came out this year.  None of them are sequels, only a few came from source material (surprise: many of your favorite movies came from novels, short stories, or plays), and none are CGI extravaganzas.  And we've got two and a half more months to go!  Let the crowds have their popcorn movies; some of that revenue is going towards films people like you and I are willing to spend money on.

Concourse D on Oct 8, 2011


it's not even a matter of being a cynic so much as a realist. REAListically this film, in my opinion, wasn't "amazing" or "incredible". i did not enjoy it. i felt that ultimately it was very lacking in having any substance at all. and that's a shame considering how much money and time goes into these films. "and that's all i got ta' say about that" take it or leave it... or get cheesed at me and write a mean comment like Daniel Vu Tran (?) down there. either way we're all here for the same reasons-to give our two cents. spend it wisely!

Noclue002 on Oct 8, 2011


Wow you're trying way too hard to sound cynical. And your points are highly illogical.  "i love action films. i LOVE SciFi. i'm not a kid anymore, however." Especially this one. Yeah, you're not a kid anymore. That doesn't mean everyone isn't either. This movie wasn't meant to be directed as one of the best adult films of 2011. In fact, the trailer showed exactly what it was, lol. So if you couldn't make that out from the trailer, nor the story, then well, you're not nearly as smart as you're trying to make yourself out to be lol. You might as well complain about Transformers for not having an in-depth story, and Lord of the Rings for not having enough Romance.

Daniel Vu Tran on Oct 7, 2011


what gives you the impression that i've tried to make myself "sound smart" by not liking the movie and therefore not agreeing with your OPINION? really, Daniel... read the title of this article again to yourself (out loud if you have to) and i suggest you focus on the "What Did You Think" headline. that's EXACTLY what i've done. let you internet folk know what i thought of the film. well, somewhere along those lines i've managed to... hurt your feelings? to be honest im not really sure what your issue is with my OPINION other than the fact that you don't agree with it. so please, elaborate:

Noclue002 on Oct 8, 2011


trying too hard bro, lol

Daniel Vu Tran on Oct 8, 2011


again. nothing constructive to say beyond lol'ing at yourself... please for the love of god put a thought provoking sentence together. i don't feel i am "trying" too hard at anything so much as succeeding at voicing my opinion. albeit not very humbly but it's there. Dan.

Noclue002 on Oct 8, 2011


Alot of people like movies that are fun, myself included...

Anonymous on Oct 7, 2011


you+me both buddy. however there's "fun" and then there is THESE films. Pixar makes really "fun" films for instance that even manage to have a lot of heart a soul in 'em. as for live action flicks, the super hero films have been a hoot this year (X-Men, Thor and Cap A), Limitless was solid for what it was, Super 8 was badass and even Cowboys and Aliens was passable as "fun" but this movie Real Steel did not fit the bill. for me. just sayin'. i feel like a fool for feeling like i have to presciently defend my OPINION on an article that ASKED FOR IT... =/

Noclue002 on Oct 8, 2011


*are THESE films.

Noclue002 on Oct 8, 2011


People here are just outrageous.  If you dislike a movie, they will rape you for it. It makes little sense, especially since this is THE place to leave comments on what you thought about the movie.    It just blows my mind how idiotic some people are.   It's not like you're going onto a fan forum for the film and bashing it.    The page is called "what did you think."  Apparently, according to these people, everyone must think it was awesome, even if it was terrible.

Chazzy on Oct 9, 2011


looks like it's you against the world but don't worry i am on your side and i haven't even seen the movie yet but the trailer looks like shit 

sebastiaan on Oct 8, 2011


Very fun and exciting movie. I saw it twice. It's like Rocky 1 and Robot Jox mixed together with any random disney movie. I loved it. Everyone will enjoy it.

Tyler Bannock on Oct 7, 2011


After Lost began, I thought the gorgeous and talented Evangeline Lilly had a promising career ahead of her and would become a bigger star but she has done so little in the last seven years. I hope she’ll do more mainstream movies from now on and have a career renaissance with Real Steel and The Hobbit films. It’s an exceptional performance by her in Real Steel, just wonderful.

Maguire on Oct 7, 2011


oh yes, exactly my thought. And about the movie, CGI was good, plot was good, i enjoyed it. Fan of Hugh since Swordfish, i hoped there was more to it than the trailer, and i got my kicks for my money 🙂

Red on Oct 7, 2011


Thought it was fun. The underdog boxing story has been done before, but Real Steel does it well. Hope it does well this weekend!

Anonymous on Oct 7, 2011


Wow here is a movie that a family will enjoy. Yes it's PG 13 but there is no reason a child under 13 can't see it. You are amazed at Dakota's performance. A young man who's talent will is way beyond his years. As the movie carry's on you get lost in their banter and you want more. Let's face it, movies are not real but you leave this one with a happy heart and wanting more. How often do you say that about a movie. Shawn Levy did a wonderful job directing  a scifi picture. Those of you who think you can do better to late Shawn beet you to it. For goodness sakes it's a movie that make you feel good. Enjoy it for what it is. A fun film weather you are five or three hundred and five. Worth every penny we paid. Go see it, it will make your movie year. Oscar is right around the corner and it WILL have many many Oscar nods. Don't be left behind, see it know.

Mamalarue on Oct 7, 2011


I'm appalled by most of the responses here thus far. This movie was so terrible that I wanted to walk out halfway in, but decided to give it a chance.. "maybe the kid will become less annoying" [nope] "maybe this won't be the same played out underdog story we've seen a million times" [nope] "maybe something unexpected will happen" [nope] This is why we get movies like I Am Number Four in IMAX theatres. You all eat it up, poop it out, then eat it up again like it's something new, over and over eternally. Seriously though: If you really think this was a great movie, watch it back to back with one of your other favorites and it won't look so good (if said-favorite isn't also a steaming wreck of clichés).

God on Oct 8, 2011


Dude your just creeping me out, take some meds. Anti depressants, something. People were cheering and my husband was sniffling, trying to hide his tears in this film. Seriously, if you don t like it, shut up because many people will LOVE it. It may not be Oscar material, well maybe for Dakota, he's brilliant but this movie leaves you happy for a change.

Bobwanderson on Oct 8, 2011


don't tell him to "shut up". that's ignorant as %$#&, lady. he had a different opinion than you. if you "don't like it" then THIS thread right here is THE place to say it. read the damn title of the article or allow me to spell it out for you-it reads: "W H A T  D I D  Y O U  T H I N K" did he not tell you what he thought? is that not what the article asked for? his view of the movie was different than yours so you tell him to shut up? how stupid of you is that? take your own advise, please & thank you.

Noclue002 on Oct 8, 2011


trying too hard bro lol, you tell people its just opinion and yet you bring them down for their opinion as well

Daniel Vu Tran on Oct 8, 2011


her "opinion" was to have that guy ^ shut up. where and how did i scrutinize her view of the film? Daniel, no sense is being made by you. i think you're still butthurt that i didn't like your robot movie...

Noclue002 on Oct 8, 2011


No I meant from earlier, you put down someone else's opinion lol. I never said I liked the movie either :p  goes to show your logic doesn't it 

Daniel Vu Tran on Oct 9, 2011


You are commenting on every single post, trying to prove your point that it wasn't a good movie.  We get it, you didn't like it.  I didn't say anything on any earlier post, but you just keep typing away.  I respect that you didn't enjoy the movie, and your opinion is of course welcome, but you seem trollish.  Just sayin. 

Anonymous on Oct 10, 2011


your daddy didn't buy you robots when you were a kid huh? daww

Poor_thing on Oct 12, 2011


So because you hated the movie, that means everyone else must hate the movie as well? It looks like your negative review of the movie is in the minority. So I guess (using your reasoning) that you should be the one to like the movie instead of all of us hating it.

WhatFunIsThere on Oct 9, 2011


Reminds me of a toy I had as a child.  Rock-em Sock-em Robots.  Surprised Mattel or Hasbro or whoever doesn't sue...

dwacon on Oct 8, 2011


Great kids movie, a lot of fun and a good message.

Vern on Oct 8, 2011


It was alot of fun. Was completely expecting Crap only to find a truly entertaining movie.

Monster133 on Oct 8, 2011


i got a bootleg, and im glad i did, that kid ruined the film for me, but all in all it wasnt so bad.

happy camper on Oct 8, 2011


Yeah I can't stand adult-children. Kids in real life don't act like that, so why does every child in movies nowadays seem to be smarter than the adults.

JT on Oct 10, 2011


Good film. I didn't go into it expecting a break out academy performance. It was a feel good story, with great robotic effects that when I looked around the theater, folks were genuinely involved and entertained. Mission freakin' accomplished. I think people just read too much into a relatively simple story... 

David Lawyer on Oct 8, 2011


It is no Lord of the Rings or Starwars, but then again what current movie is? However, it's the kind of film that made me wanna jump out of my seat pump my fist in the air and say "HECK YEAH!" You have got to love the underdog!!

Anonymous on Oct 9, 2011


Jesus fuck shit the responses to Noclue002 sum up everything that I dislike about the comments on this site. So what if he didn't like it? At least he took the time to explain himself. I haven't seen this film, so I can't comment, but because film is ENTIRELY SUBJECTIVE, there is no wrong answer. Anyone who attacks someone for justifying their own opinion just comes off looking like a myopic, mouth breathing dickhead. /internetseriousbizness

Lebowski on Oct 9, 2011


Lol seems like noclue loves posting crap in disguise to keep his bogus argument going.... what a loser. I do have an awesome idea for a movie though... I'd pay good money to see noclue's head get bashed in with his keyboard and I'm sure some others would too. Real Steel is a kids movie lol not the Godfather, critics get over yourselves.

walter on Oct 9, 2011


I apologize for my ignorant remarks. I love to argue and complain for no reason and pay to watch childrens movies even though I'm an adult. Now please let me be as I go die alone and misunderstood.

Noclue002 on Oct 9, 2011


...nice one, Walter. I feel like you've done a fine job of making yourself out look like an asshole. I don't have an "argument" so much as a view of how the film appealed to me, personally. And that's pissed some people off. Clearly.

Noclue002 on Oct 9, 2011


Could have been better. The robot fight scenes were awesome though. I hope Real Steel 2 is a bit more gritty. What will keep the franchise alive is product endorsements and toys. Now where did I leave my can of Dr. Pepper?

Anonymous on Oct 9, 2011


I wish I had time to camp out on this Sound Off and complain about the film too... pretty sad.

Notorious on Oct 9, 2011


seriously, who cares? it's a damn movie.

Xtheory on Oct 9, 2011


I watched this, then went home to watch Ghostbusters to forget Real Steel and remind me of when movies used to be good.

Cody on Oct 9, 2011


Thought the movie was thoroughly entertaining. It'll never be Rocky, but it was really good.

Anonymous on Oct 9, 2011


Incredibly corny, but surprisingly fun. 

Mattsride97 on Oct 9, 2011


Lol!! These comments actually make me want to see the movie so I can get in on the discussion. Any movie that creates this type of back and forth is good for conversation and I want to judge for myself. (Even though the commercials made me not want to see it.) Maybe if studios would advertise these types of discussions then maybe they'd sell more tickets. Lol!!

Funny on Oct 10, 2011


Probably the best film I've seen all year.

Crapola on Oct 10, 2011


Saw this yesterday on Ethan's recommendation. Shoulda just lit the 10 bucks on fire. 

bippidy on Oct 10, 2011


It was an enjoyable movie... a merging of the Transformers movies and the older "Over the Top" Sylvester Stallone movie.

deek on Oct 10, 2011


I took my kids to see this movie at the Drive-In, so that made it even better.  I thought it was a great movie--kind of a mix of Iron Giant and The Champ.

Buneez2 on Oct 20, 2011


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