Spike Lee's 'Oldboy' Remake Will Apparently Have a Darker Ending?

November 28, 2011
Source: Collider

Oldboy / Spike Lee

While many fans of the original film have been skeptical of a remake every since Steven Spielberg and Will Smith were involved, the new version of Park Chan-wook's Oldboy from director Spike Lee already sounds promising with Josh Brolin taking the lead role and an offer out to Colin Firth to play the villain of the film. But what about the story itself? After all, the original film has a different ending than the manga on which the first film was based, so how will this film treat the story? Collider recently had a chat with producer Roy Lee, the man behind Japanese horror remakes like The Ring, who teased some small details.

As for the script, Lee says, "This is a completely new version written by Mark Protosevich." That's the same writer behind I Am Legend and the forthcoming return to Jurassic Park. And while the producer says the film obviously shares elements with the original film, there are plenty of differences to keep the story fresh:

"It’s very similar, but we’ve added new elements. Or, Mark Protosevich has come up with new elements to it that will throw off the audience who have seen the original movie because there are new characters and new situations that present themselves in a way that changes the story but eventually go in the same direction."

One specific tease that Lee delivered was the ending to the remake. While he doesn't say that it will be faithful to either Park Chan-wook's original film or the manga, Lee says, "The ending will be something that the audiences will all be, especially the fans of the original, will be very happy with. In fact, some may consider it to be a bit darker." We don't want to ruin the film for those who haven't seen the original, or who want to go into this remake with a clean slate, but a darker ending could make for a very pleasing adaptation, even for fans who might be dreading this remake. Thoughts?

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I agree, I'm a bit skeptical with all the changes they're making with adding new characters and long as they can stay close to the manga.

jah p on Nov 28, 2011


Seriously? A darker ending cannot possibly be, especially after the original has shaved every last bit of tissue off my bare heart. 

Blablaface on Nov 28, 2011


Agreed. There is a darker conclusion than incest? Really? I doubt it. And if there is, there is no way that film could get a R rating. 

Gingerbeer on Nov 28, 2011


^ "shhh!" for those who haven't seen the original yet... but yes, i totally agree with all of the above-no way possible this remake could have a 'darker' ending Park Chan-wook's original. i still start out right describing this film to the ill-informed as "the most psychologically &%$#ed up movie i've ever seen in my LIFE." tall order to fill Spike...

Nick S. on Nov 30, 2011


Nice job somewhat ruining the movie for millions of people..I do agree with you.

Bean Machine on Jul 11, 2013


The same curiosity that made me watch the original....keeps my eye on the development of this project.

jay on Nov 28, 2011


So waking up after being drugged most of your life and finding out your having sex with your own daughter is too upbeat? At least with Spike there'll be more sex scenes, he's does like a bit of filth.

Crapola on Nov 28, 2011


Even though it will be father on daughter sex scenes, so don't get too excited.

Crapola on Nov 28, 2011


I love how the article says it doesnt want  to spoil the original yet every comment just says what happened

ottoslotto on Nov 28, 2011


Wait, they made this film already?

Crapola on Nov 28, 2011


Spike lee is full of shit. His film version will be NOTHING compared to the extraordinary original. And more darker? Please.

Anonymous on Nov 28, 2011


Sorry nothing can be more cringing as boning your own daughter. It may be darker if he shits on her afterwards? Maybe?

Xinthisdiaryx on Dec 9, 2011


Yeah...I mean boning your own daughter...what kind of sick twisted bastard is Spike Lee if it's going to be darker than that. I agree with Xinthisdiaryx...he would definitely have to shit on her as well.

Skankzardi on Dec 9, 2011


This remake should have Sean penn and edward norton...not doubting brolin but just can't picture him as the protagonist

... on Dec 19, 2011


that would be a disgusting cast.

!!! on Jan 4, 2012


Darker Ending = He marries his daughter? I mean I kinda took that with me anyway from the original's, but maybe since this is USA USA we will see a wedding?

Ryan Colson on Jan 6, 2012


Spike lee is going to butcher this movie. Remaking Oldboy is a sin having Spike Lee direct it is an extra kick in the groin for any film fan with taste.

SpikeLeeisReallyDumb on Jan 30, 2012


Indeed. He doesn't belong anywhere near this film. To be 100% honest though, if it was the Cohen Brother's I would be interested. Skeptical, but interested.

Arb57 on Feb 6, 2012


Name one Spike Lee movie even close to as good as Oldboy, the rest of the Vengeance trilogy or JSA. Name one hollywood actor as good as Choi Min-Sik, there are none. What a horrible idea.  

nothappyaboutthis on Jan 30, 2012


Malcolm X.

SpikeLeeisNotReallyDumb on Feb 11, 2012


Inside man

pete on Aug 7, 2012


If it's not broke; Don't fix it.

Gareth Byrne28 on Feb 26, 2012


This remake makes me so mad! Of course I'll be the first in line to see it. 

Kspaffy on Feb 27, 2012


i hate hollywood for makin remakes always the same, i hope they drown someday!!!! fuck the money you monkeys!!!

Mr. I am pissed, again on Mar 30, 2012


The darker ending would be if he had children with her daughter and he finds out if his wife was his mother and the guy who kept him locked up was his half brother lol I would be able to see why he smiled well he cried

Blackdiamond9988 on May 2, 2012


I hope t his falls through. Old Boy is my favorite movie, its perfectly fine on its own. There is no reason why an American audience cant suck it up and enjoy the original... if you are too lazy to read subtitles or too racist to look at Korean faces, you dont need to see the story in the first place.

Ben Jackson on May 22, 2012


Fuck Spike Lee. Fuck Americans who refuse to read in the cinema. The original is a masterpiece and in my opinion the best film of the last 20 years. Just watch that instead of this version which will be sooooo much worse.

Bigghouse on Aug 3, 2012

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