'Spy Kids 4' Hitting Theaters with an All-New Form of Smell-O-Vision

June 24, 2011

Spy Kids - Aroma-Scope

Looking back at some of the films in his career, it's no secret that director Robert Rodriguez is a fan of over-the-top, B-movie spirit in films like Machete, Planet Terror, The Faculty and even Sin City. Now he's bringing another cheesy gimmick back to theaters with his franchise sequel/reboot Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World that will utilize Aroma-Scope, which is basically a different version of the infamous Smell-O-Vision from the 60's which allows audiences to experience the film with not only their eyes, but their noses as well. That's where all this promotion of Spy Kids being in 4D (see the poster) is coming from.

I doubt this will become a trend as popular as 3D (though Spy Kids 3D: Game Over was one of the earlier films to utilize the dated technology before Hollywood became obsessed with the third dimension), but for a big, fun family film like this, there's the potential for a really entertaining theater experience. Rodriguez told USA Today, "After Spy Kids 3, I had to do something new, add another surprise." So how does it work? The surprise will come in the form of an Aromascope card (which comes free with each ticket) containing a series of numbers to rub when the corresponding number flashes on the screen. And then you'll have a scent from the scene in the movie thus putting you deeper into the world of Spy Kids.

Here's the new Spy Kids poster really hitting home the 4D and Aroma-Scope aspect of the movie:

Spy Kids: All the Time in the World Poster

It's nice that this kind of feature won't inflate ticket prices anymore than they already are, but it'll be interesting to see if audiences enjoy the moviegoing experience any more (or less) with this kind of pseudo-interactive element added. Honestly, it really is one of the cheesiest gimmicks to hit theaters in awhile, and it seems strange considering Smell-O-Vision was apparently named one of the 100 Worst Ideas of All-Time according to a recent TIME reader survey. As much fun as it will be, I don't know if it will get more audiences into the theater. After all, I don't know if I would see a movie based on a recommendation from a friend saying, "That movie smelled great!" But what do you guys think?

A few more tidbits from the press release: The introduction of scent in the movie going experience adds to the outrageous fun by enhancing the action, adventure and comedy to take you where no film has gone before. Let's hope that's true. "Families are going to love the interactivity of this new addition to the movie going experience. And best of all, you won't have to pay extra for 4D Aroma-Scope, which will be provided to every theater whether it be 2D or 3D," said Robert Rodriguez. 4 times the gadgets, 4 times the adventure and 4 times the dimension. Audiences can get a whiff of the bigger, better experience on August 19th when Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4D opens in theaters.

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Just what a parent needs. A raffle ticket that their children can't read (in the dark) and they want you to instantly help them figure out what '#5 fart' smells like.

Tyler Morgan on Jun 24, 2011


I'm game if I get to smell Jessica Alba but if it's just farts no thanks.

Imthinking Tyler on Jun 24, 2011


Gross! Her vagina smells like rotten fish! I guess you're game for fishing.

Jedibilly on Jun 27, 2011


This smells bad.

Manuel on Jun 24, 2011


Just when you thought it couldn't get worse; they give you another reason not to watch this movie! 

Ron on Jun 24, 2011


I hate to admit that I know this but Nickelodeon did this for their Rugrats/Wild Thornberries movie a few years back (using scratch & sniff smellovision) so Rodriguez is just copying a crappy idea rather than thinking up a crappy idea all on his own.

Anonymous on Jun 24, 2011


They stole it from John Waters who used it when screening Polyester.

Regalquantum on Jun 24, 2011


Well it's not like Waters invented Scratch and sniff. I always hate these "Cameron copied Spy Kids 3D" arguments.

AP on Jun 26, 2011


The Rugrats Go Wild didn't come out until 2003.As a 6 year old I watched the Smell-o-Vision thing in 1999 that September.I have to admit it was neat for the 90's...I hate the new Nickelodeon so much...I'm glad I was more of a 90's kid lol

Shani Timmons on Aug 18, 2011


I love me some cheese!

Davide Coppola on Jun 24, 2011


this idea stinks ;p

Anonymous on Jun 24, 2011


when he makes a kids movie he goes all the way

Donavan Correa on Jun 25, 2011


Time for "Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My Anus" to hit the screens.

Anonymous on Jun 25, 2011


i smoke so i cant smell

Anonymous on Jun 25, 2011


One of the most stupid ideas to come to The Movies in all time...

Wylles on Jun 25, 2011


Joel McHale? The hell? Shouldn't you be making snarky commentary about this kind of project on The Soup?

Anonymous on Jun 26, 2011


are they playing spy kids in 4d in theaters near nevada somewhere

boom boom on Jul 17, 2011


No shit u dumb fuck there's theaters in Reno and shit

Og vikin on Aug 11, 2011


Who knew Polyester could be remade for kids?

JD on Jul 17, 2011


"4 times the dimension?" As opposed to all the one dimensional movies I watch?

Bri on Jul 17, 2011


We should imprison all film-makers who use 3-D in a room that only shows them the same 3-D crap over and over again while we raise a new generation of sensible film-makers.

Michael Martinez on Jul 17, 2011



John Whorfin on Jul 17, 2011


The 3D is great.  They should never stop that and if they do, I stop going.  That's one of the few good things about movies these days and also those kind of films can't be pirated. I fully expect it to be here to stay. Otherwise movie theaters are nothing more than a giant extension of the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon.

Ecwforever on Aug 20, 2011


Oh pff quit "hatin". Sounds cool to me!

Guest on Oct 19, 2011

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