Stephen King Novel 'Rose Madder' Being Adapted for the Big Screen

November 8, 2011
Source: Variety

Rose Madder

There are numerous big screen Stephen King adaptations, from the really good (The Shining) to the really bad (unfortunately there are too many of these to list but here's one for you…Dreamcatcher) and the "Oh yea, he did write those didn't he?!" (The Shawshank Redemption , The Green Mile) in between. But somehow, King's Rose Madder has evaded the feature film treatment until now. Variety is reporting that Palomar Pictures and Grosvenor Park are working on an adaptation of the 1995 novel with screenwriter Naomi Sheridan, writer of In America and daughter of My Left Foot director Jim) scripting the project.

No word on a director or any stars attached to the project but something tells me it won't be Mr. Sheridan after the flop that was Dream House (for the record, the director was very unhappy with the studio's final cut and wanted his name removed from the film). Madder, like many of King's stories, centers around elements of domestic violence (It, Needful Things, etc.) and tells the story of a woman who flees to the big city to escape her abusive police officer husband. Once there, she trades her wedding ring for a painting of a woman in a rose madder-colored dress, which she soon discovers is a kind of magical portal to a fantasy land and that the woman in the painting is kind of insane. From there, it's revenge, murder, an underground labyrinth, an evil one-eyed bull, magic seeds that grow a magic tree and all kinds of other Kings-isms. To make a long story short, shit just gets weird.

I'm not sure the book is ripe for the picking when it comes to big screen adaptations, which is likely why it's gone untouched for 16 years and is being brought to us by smaller production companies but I guess it's too early to judge and time will tell. Fun fact though: like many of King's stories, Rose Madder has connections to the author's other works, most significantly The Dark Tower series. The question is whether or not this adaptation is just as desired as that one.

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I can't believe they have optioned off another Stephen King book when the FANTASTIC ones are yet to get off the ground. The Stand, The Dark Tower, From a Buick 8, and most importantly The Talisman (which has been promised since the 80's). Very disappointing!

Anonymous on Nov 8, 2011


yes! i would love to see the talisman and black house. I wish they would do a serious series on the gun slinger like the lord of the rings movies too.

kpe1979 on Nov 9, 2011


The Dark Tower has been picked up by HBO, and the plan to do the last three books as movies. Ron Howard and Brian Grazer (Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind) are the producers, mayber director, and Javier Bardum is going to be Roland.

Katidid1781 on Nov 9, 2011


The last I heard, The Dark Tower project was dead in the water due to budgetary problems.  They might be able to work through them, but even if they do, we won't be seeing Dark Tower for a long time and I doubt Javier Bardem or Ron Howard will leave it on their schedules for very long.

peloquin on Nov 9, 2011


Just as long as Mick Garris stays far away from this I will be happy

Black Dumbledore on Nov 8, 2011


have no idea how they'll be able to do justice to the book with out messing it up. this will not be something easy to do as it will require a lot of CGI. and another problem is going to be bringing across what King does in the book.

Witchy on Nov 9, 2011


The stand was made for tv. For it's time it was awesome.

Jez on Nov 9, 2011


The Shining was NOT very good because Kubrick allowed Nicholson to ham it up too much and there was an insufficient to bring the hedges to life, which was an important part of the novel. Shawshank was very good as was Stand By Me, The Green Mile and The Stand miniseries! Can't wait to see what Jonathan Demme does with 11-22-63 or if the Showtime miniseries Under the Dome can match the book. 

NSF on Nov 9, 2011


I have to say that I am 40 year's old and I have been a King fan for many year's and I have not seen a bad movie yet nor have I read a bad Stephan King book yet.

Vickie_1070 on Nov 9, 2011


I cannot imagine anybody seeing Kubric's Shining and finding it to be less than a horror classic. I loved the book, but the movie was different. Each was brilliant in it's own way.

Rpotter1000 on Nov 12, 2011


King's books are a bit hard to adapt to the big screen (or small screen for that matter!) Thinner, Langoliers, Dreamcatcher are a few books that were terrible movies, although I love his books.

Liana on Oct 2, 2012


Really impossible to take any article that calls Kubrick's mega-flawed "The Shining" a "really good" King adaptation seriously. Especially one that backhandedly denigrates "The Shawshank Redemption" and "The Green Mile". I am, however, quite excited to see any "Rose Madder" adaptation.

David Fowler on Nov 9, 2011


I'm not dissappointed at all, just delighted that it's another fantastic story is on the big screen. This story has particular significance to me as i left my now ex-husband who just happens to be a police officer at around the same time i bought this book, so it holds a special place in my heart. I hope the director does it justice and a place in movie history.

Calm_karma on Nov 9, 2011


I never read a book twice but I loved rose madder that much I've read it 3 times. As for poor screen adaptions! Get Peter jackson on the case.

Herpist on Nov 9, 2011


I believe if they get Tim Burton to direct this film it can be a big hit!!

Philip Michael Chubb on Nov 9, 2011


I can't believe anyone thought that "The Stand" miniseries was good.  "The Stand" was absolutely Steven King's best book, and they destroyed it on screen.  Rose Madder was a great novel.  I hope they do it justice.

Hey_buuuuddy on Nov 9, 2011


The Stand was a made for TV movie..which they did a VERY good job of in my opinion. Was it perfect, well would be better now with the advances in special effects..but I still think they did a great job.And I read that they are making an HBO series of the Dark Tower as well...HBO has done an awesome job on the George R R Martin series Game of Thrones..hopefully they will do The Dark Tower as good as well...

Shelli on Nov 9, 2011


the stand was amazing and is still one of my favourite king adaptations, i enjoyed his book insomnia and would love to see that made into a film as it different to see the elderly generation as the heros aided by the younger generation

Georgeotterbein on Nov 9, 2011


Any of stephen Kings books that is brought to life should always be a hit. He has a brilliant mind and is a lot of new writers mentors. He should all ways have an director that will not down grade his work but bring it to life. 

christine marie on Nov 9, 2011


Rose is by far one of my favorite King works. I hope that should they actually DO something with it that it turns out wonderful, especially since it's considered one of his "less popular" novels (I believe somewhere [in the DT Series] he says that it "Bombed"?). My fingers are crossed for Rose.

LindaT on Nov 9, 2011


Not sure why someone can't manage to do his books justice...would LOVE to see The Long Walk as a film if it was done right. 

Tstodghill on Nov 9, 2011


 "The Long Walk" is one of my favorite books too, and Frank Darabont (Shawshank, Green Mile, The Mist) has picked up the rights and says he is planning on making the movie in the next 5 years.

Anonymous on Nov 9, 2011


The Long Walk is also a favorite of mine. ^_^

Pandabear on Nov 9, 2011


I'm a little disappointed that "Dreamcatcher" was listed as a poor adaptation. I enjoyed the book and the movie, and I've seen far worse King movies that could've been mentioned in its place. Anyway, Rose Madder is a great story, and I'm still holding out for the Dark Tower adaptations 🙂 

Neil Valentine on Nov 9, 2011


Absolutely loved Rose Madder.  The Talisman & Black House would be awesome.  Flip!

Jmckee on Nov 9, 2011


@Tstodghill, "The Long Walk" is one of my favorite books too, and Frank Darabont (Shawshank, Green Mile, The Mist) has picked up the rights and says he is planning on making the movie in the next 5 years.

Anonymous on Nov 9, 2011


I know "Desperation" was made into a TV movie (which I haven't seen but heard was horrible) but I would LOVE to see that as a big-screen adaptation with a big budget and good writer/director to do it justice. My second favorite King book behind "The Stand".  Just picked up my copy of 11/22/63 yesterday!!

Anonymous on Nov 9, 2011


Dreamcatcher wasn't that bad actually O_o

Pandabear on Nov 9, 2011


I can't take an article seriously that downplays works like Shawshank and Green Mile and neglects to mention other movies such as CARRIE and MISERY to name a few. Also forgets to mention one of the worst King film adaptations, the Tommyknockers. I think King should forget made-for-TV garbage as it always comes out sub-par. As far as Rose Madder is concerned, it reads great on paper, but a film adaptation might just ruin it.

RandallFlagg on Nov 9, 2011


Whatever they decide to do with these films, well lets face it nothing they will do will be as good as my imagination. I don't watch films of S.Kings books since they murdered the stand.

Nightentity on Nov 9, 2011


What is the connection to dark tower?

Vampkel on Nov 11, 2011


I will watch it! It has always been a favorite for me. Anyone who has ever been scared for their lives in a domestic relationship will love this story!

Cherokeefran on Nov 11, 2011


This book is my ALL TIME favorite book!! I am sooo happy they're looking to adapt this one FINALLY! I am just a little scared that they will ruin it and not make it justice AT ALL, as someone  said above, it reads great on paper as we all have our own imagination, but a film adaptation, I'd get James Cameron in to get it as magical and real as the book is.

Steph Donner on Dec 11, 2011


Rose madder is good, to a point. I really wish they'd make a movie out of , "Liesy's Story."! I love that one....And Sandra Bullock should play the lead with Brad Pitt as Scott....It would be awesome. Even if they can't get Brad, Sandra would be perfect...Love her voice. Thank you, Diana in Greencastle

Diana Eversoled on Oct 29, 2012


Amazing book n my all-time fav! I have been wondering Y that haven't made this into a movie! The story is really out there but thats what makes it so great n so SK! U have to use ur imagination n it has so many different feelings n realisms n fantasies! There has been weirder movies done n this would make one hell of a great movie, if done right! With all the great effects that Hollywood has to offer, they could do some amazing n cool things w this book!

Kelly Nichols on Sep 18, 2013

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