Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone in 'Crazy, Stupid, Love' Trailer

April 6, 2011
Source: Apple

Crazy, Stupid, Love Trailer

"I'm in love with her, and I don't know what to do about it." Ohh there goes Ryan Gosling again, melting hearts around the world. Warner Bros has debuted the trailer via Apple for Crazy, Stupid, Love, their new summer romantic comedy starring an ensemble cast lead by the dashing Steve Carell and charming Ryan Gosling. In addition they've also got Emma Stone, Julianne Moore, Marisa Tomei and even (a glimpse of) Kevin Bacon. This actually looks quite good, now I know why it deserves that summer spot. Though if you put Muse in a trailer and make fun of Twilight, it's that not hard to like. Watch in HD below!

Watch the first trailer for Glenn Ficarra & John Requa's Crazy, Stupid, Love:

You can also watch the Crazy, Stupid, Love trailer in High Definition on Apple

When Cal learns that his wife has cheated on him and wants a divorce, his "perfect" life quickly unravels. Worse, in today's single world, Cal, who hasn't dated in decades, stands out as the epitome of un-smooth.

Crazy, Stupid, Love is directed by filmmaking duo Glenn Ficarra & John Requa, writers (Bad Santa, Bad News Bears) turned directors, whose feature directing debut was I Love You Phillip Morris. The screenplay was written by Dan Fogelman, a writer on Cars, Fred Claus, Bolt, Tangled and the upcoming My Mother's Curse. Warner Bros is bringing Crazy, Stupid, Love to theaters everywhere starting July 29th this summer.

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I'm always up for a romance...I don't know why, though. The cast is excellent! Its fun seeing Gosling in a...well douche role...Stone is always a delight. Carell and Moore look excellent as well. I'm in!

Anonymous on Apr 7, 2011


Looks good to me! Can't wait!

CisforCinema on Apr 7, 2011



????? on Apr 7, 2011


basically lol

dangelp on Apr 7, 2011


Not really.

Anonymous on Apr 7, 2011


hitch meets the 40 year old virgin, but in a good way?

Jmh5615 on Apr 7, 2011


You just read my freaking mind.

John Doe on Apr 7, 2011


seriously! u look like ur photoshoped... lmao i'm so in! great cast. ryan gosling can do no wrong... and emma is so hot!

A.B. on Apr 7, 2011


Goslings name alone is enough for me to want to watch this but this really looks good and it's a cool cast. How brilliant would Golsing be as Batman, I know it's nothing to do with this film but I just think he'd kick serious arse as Batman/Bruce Wayne.

Dandoo on Apr 7, 2011


I would totally watch that. Gosling in the bat suit. Grrrrr

Poppa on Apr 12, 2011


I'm thinking the "photoshop" line is the best line scripted this year.

97point6 on Apr 7, 2011


i need an embed link!

Dim2thesum on Apr 7, 2011


We've had to remove that from our videos because bandwidth is costing too much... 🙁

Alex Billington on Apr 7, 2011


one too many shots of people smiling, but this is all but guaranteed to be great. cast, directors, and trailer. excited

lane on Apr 7, 2011


I'm not liking how again, its a mans fault a girl cheats. She didnt have to cheat on him. Arg. Being a victim of cheating, I really , really hate that BS In movies.

Theszurk3 on Apr 7, 2011


Watch the trailer again, she didnt cheat on him

edusc on Apr 7, 2011


I think you should take your own advice. She definitely said, IN THE FIRST FEW SECONDS, "I slept with someone." Later Gosling says, "Your wife cheated on you because you lost sight of who you are as a man." People paying no attention to what they read and hear is getting pretty bad these days.

JL on Apr 7, 2011


This is a very valid point. I'm hearing this more and more. "You should have been more attentive," "You aren't meeting my needs." How about a little communication? Tell your lover what you want, what you're expecting and not getting, and most importantly, if you feel the irresistible urge to break your exclusivity to your spouse/bf/gf, have the adult constitution to tell him/her what you're going to do and make sure it's over. Excuses, excuses, excuses. I see people like this on "Cheaters," male and female, and I always feel like if I ever saw them in real life I'd sock them in the jaw. / On a lighter note, this looks like it could be very good. Everyone in this cast has a great capacity for drama, and most are good at comedy as well.

JL on Apr 7, 2011


MAN! I wish I could take Emma Stone home.

Chip_Tha_Ripper on Apr 7, 2011


agreed Wait... you don't mean that in the 'knock her over the head and drag her in by the hair' do you? 'Cause if you do... agreed. 😉

JL on Apr 7, 2011



John Doe on Apr 7, 2011


Soooooooo HITCH?

nick on Apr 7, 2011


What's with the Hitch comparisons? Is that movie some divine relic that needs protecting all of a sudden?

Anonymous on Apr 7, 2011


Of course not dude but this film does seem to have many similarities with that film (which isn't a bad thing bye the way) that's all.

John Doe on Apr 7, 2011


Well Hitch had a lot to similarities with other films as well...I mean a wholly original film is extremely hard to come by.

Anonymous on Apr 7, 2011



John Doe on Apr 8, 2011


Every trailer they make now should use Muse music. cept for Twilight...gawd

lego on Apr 7, 2011


Dear God. That looks good to me. Someone check to see if I have a fever.

Modern American Man on Apr 7, 2011


Looks kinda cliche, but for some reason I really wanna see this. Great cast!

M.K. Nielsen on Apr 7, 2011


wow looks good im in :X and lol photoshopped

A5J4DX on Apr 7, 2011


Wow, Julianne Moore really knows how to cheat and remain the victim: Chloe, The kids are alright now this. Whoever she's with in reality should probably be nervous about her movie roles lately though

Richie G on Apr 7, 2011


There's something very 80's about this movie that I think has a whole lotta charm. Looks very entertaining!

Marcus on Apr 7, 2011


I absolutely loooove Steve Carrell. He doesn't have to say anything and just look into the camera with 'that look' (The Office) and I will die laughing. He's also great in more serious and low key roles (Little Miss Sunshine), and I would watch anything he's attached to. Now, Ryan Gosling is just hot and I am happy to see him in a different role than the usual "Omg, I'm so broody and sensitive and the most understanding boyfriend ever, yet I have problems with the women, wut do?!?" kind. Emma Stone, well...I'm totally gay for her. She's so sexy and funny, she can do no wrong. And Moore has long been established as an actress that can do anything. This looks great!

Anonymous on Apr 7, 2011


I seriously choked up at the first scene in Little Miss Sunshine, where they went to pick him up from the hospital because he tried to kill himself. He was just so perfectly glum that he made me feel sad.

JL on Apr 7, 2011


Damn. I thought I was the only one who did that. My wife (who is almost always emotional at ANY movie) thought there was something wrong with me, but I agree: He wore pain on his face so well that I was wrought with emotion. Tough scene to watch so early in a film. The scene towards the end when he was on the dock talking to his nephew is incredible. One of the great scenes in my opinion.

Modern American Man on Apr 8, 2011



JL on Apr 8, 2011


Love it already. 😀

Liyan on Apr 7, 2011


MAAAN... i fell in freakin' love with this!! I'm even freakin' sayin' "love"!! Maaaaan!

Leinergroove on Apr 7, 2011


My god, when will KEvin Bacon start to AGE! I mean Jesus..he hasn't aged a day!

Anonymous on Apr 7, 2011


I really do not like Steve Carell but if this gets solid enough reviews I might see it.

Anonymous on Apr 10, 2011


emma stone Ryan Goslyn...just no

Gh on Apr 11, 2011


Is it me or both Will Ferrell and Steve Carell going through the same Break-up/Separation scenario with their wives at the same time. 🙂 Clever.

Ells on Apr 13, 2011


God forgive me, but I want to see that because it looks funny, but also touching. Crap! Ryan Gosseling in the only person I would consider watching in a role like this because I know he's not actually "that guy".

Eric81375 on Apr 13, 2011


cpj on May 19, 2011

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