Steven Spielberg Could Bring 'Jurassic Park 4' Back from Extinction?

June 15, 2011
Source: Heat Vision

Jurassic Park 4

In the fall, we'll see Fox's new sci-fi series "Terra Nova" hit the small screen which has executive producer Steven Spielberg toying with dinosaurs for the first time since Jurassic Park III. And while that sequel's director Joe Johnston most recently had thoughts about a second trilogy for the dinosaur franchise, the interest seems to have faded away. Enter Spielberg himself who has apparently been meeting with screenwriter Mark Protosevich (the guy who was working with the director on that dead Oldboy remake with Will Smith) to develop ideas for Jurassic Park 4, a potential franchise reboot. "Life found a way."

However, before anyone gets too excited or pissed off about the prospect of a return to Isla Nublar or any of the other islands with dinosaurs now roaming wild 18 years after the fact, Heat Vision says Universal and Spileberg's representatives have stressed that no one has been brought to write a script or anything like that. As of now, talks about the sequel have been "exploratory" and absolutely nothing more. Of course, if Universal was going to find success in another franchise (they haven't had much success with anything lately) going back to their dino DNA for some box office bucks. And you can bet we'd see the Dilophosaurus spitting at our faces in 3D this time around as well, there's no question about that.

Honestly, if Spielberg is involved, and hopefully directing (though it's unlikely), count me in. But my biggest concern is that we no longer have special effects and creature wizard Stan Winston around to bring those prehistoric beasts to life. Jurassic Park is in my among my Top 20 favorite films of all-time, and the sequels are unfortunately lackluster at best. But if a story worthy of Michael Crichton (who also sadly passed away) can be cracked, and Spielberg is willing to dig out his dinosaurs, you can bet I'll be in line for a ticket.

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I'D SEE IT! ...#@%&in' love me a dinosaur movie.

NICK S. on Jun 16, 2011


I enjoyed the sequels almost as much as the original, even though nothing can touch the original. All are amazing movies though. There hasn't been a sufficient dinosaur movie since King Kong!

Jyprln on Jun 16, 2011



Anonymous on Jun 16, 2011


I love jurassic park!!! the last one was crap but i would absolutely go see another one

lisa hall on Jun 16, 2011


JP3 wasn't crap, its plot just wasn't that convincing or great and the "talking" raptors part was pretty stupid. But other than that it was pretty good and they added so many new dinosaurs the to movie: spinosaurus, ankylosaurus, ceratosaurus, corythrasaurus, and pterodactyls. And, it had sam neill in it, which is a great actor and is rarely now in movies

Jwb3 on Jun 16, 2011



Logan on Jun 16, 2011


Don't see why so many didn't like the second film. For me it was just as amazing and magical to see at 13 as the original was at the age of 8! The 3rd was definately lacking though, but I'm up for a 4th especially if Spielberg directs

El Hoopso on Jun 16, 2011


People do hate too much on the other films. I always look at it this way: JP1 had the best plot, JP2 had the best action sequences, and JP3 just had new dinosaurs, haha. But I mean come on, how can you not like the idea of a t-rex running down the streets of san diego destroying buses and eating people!

Jwb3 on Jun 16, 2011


Yes Please! I loved the first two. The 3rd one not so much.

xamel on Jun 16, 2011


it almost needs to be done, and let me say, going back to the original island would be a fantastic idea.

rocKKicker on Jun 16, 2011


Sure. Why not. Just make them good, pulpy B-movie fun.

Hallospaceboy on Jun 16, 2011


With all the crap being put out today why not? You can never beat a good summer Dinosaur movie. I'd be in.

The Douche on Jun 16, 2011


maybe we can have a Godzillasaurus.....8D......

Jericho on Jun 16, 2011


So if Terra Nova fails, I'm guessing everyone will get cold feet and JP4's chances evaporate again?

Chris on Jun 16, 2011


Jurassic Park is probably my second favorite movie. So yes, I'd definitely good see it. You know it now comes to the point where, even if the new movie (or new trilogy) isn't that good, I won't even care, I just wanna see dinosaurs with InGen and the rest of JP themes surrounding it. I'll always know the first film was the best.  Being that its kinda hard to think up more good movies with dinosaurs in them, these days, i think one of the better directors out there should make the seven Dinotopia books into movies! If you really read the books and check out the pictures in it as to how the human and dinosaur world evolved together and coexist, i could easily see that being a great movie series. just a thought.

Jwb3 on Jun 16, 2011


 Jurassic Park WAS my childhood I love those movies. I've been watching them since I was three-years-old. I'd love to see the franchise rebooted on two conditions: 1. Don't make a cash grab movie just to reignite the franchise 2. Don't overuse CG, the others didn't have a lot of CG and they were great (we don't need another Avatar)

Lamar on Jun 17, 2011


yea i agree with you Lamar about the overuse of CG. Nowadays, since we have the power to make special effects and CGI look so real, it never looks as real as a robot or a real sculpted figure. And that's pretty much what all the JP's were. The only time they used CG was for hardcore action sequences or if you were to see the whole body of a dinosaur larger than 7 feet in height. I definitely agree with your conditions.

Jwb3 on Jun 17, 2011

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