'Super 8' Film Reel Viral Box Sent Out, But Not Much Unlocked Yet

April 13, 2011
Source: SlashFilm

Super 8 Film Reel

With only two months left until release, I had a feeling we'd see the on-going viral for J.J. Abrams' Super 8 kick back in again. There hasn't been anything new since that big reveal of footage a few weeks ago, but SlashFilm received a mysterious package earlier today containing an old Super 8 film reel (above). The box contained a short clip on a USB drive as well as a note with the reel including a code which is designed to unlock more footage on viral site But oddly, I've scoured the internet and I can't find anyone else who also received a package today. Not even us. So what else is there to unlock? Not much yet.

Here's where things get confusing again. The viral site, which was discovered in the last trailer, is basically just an online vintage "film" editing room with various bits and pieces of footage that is being culled together as more gets unlocked. Most of it is black & white Super 8 footage from laboratories, probably a bunch of film from Area 51 they didn't want to get out. Either way, it seems odd to only unlock one clip at a time and only send one of these film reels out at a time. There's an entire grid of boxes still left to be unlocked in the "editing room" so we obviously have a long ways to go. SlashFilm's clip is of a bunch of scientists looking at… something. But that's it. So when are we going to see more? Only Bad Robot knows.

Everyone probably knows how insanely excited I am for Super 8 at the moment (my most anticipated of the year), but the viral really seems to be lacking. Not only is there just not much going on, but it hasn't really lead anywhere or unlocked anything of interest recently, but maybe that's the big end game yet to come in these last two months. We'll definitely continue to keep you updated and we'll let you know if any Super 8 film reels show up here, too. In the meantime, check around for whatever you can find.

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Personally, I am sick to death of viral marketing. It's always this quasi-conspiracy stuff that promises some sort of subjective or intellectual depth, but can never deliver, because the end result of any viral marketing is 'SEE THIS MOVIE'. And the other thing is, as advertising goes, it is counterintuitive. Basically, you pay a company millions to provide drips and drabs of information to people who are already totally invested in your property. I think viral marketeers should look closely at the performance of films like Sucker Punch and Scott Pilgrim, because it's that type of fan boy reliance that can do a film in. Viral marketing is attractive in a hip web2.0 sort of way, but I doubt it actually has any sort of effect on attendance numbers. But then again, since this is JJ and Spielberg, this will be a monster fucking hit regardless of my ranting.

Lebowski on Apr 14, 2011


I like viral marketing and/or ARG's because sometimes it adds information to the film/show...just little extras. Especially Bad Robot's (The LOST Experience was pretty interesting IMO).

Anonymous on Apr 14, 2011


Did they attempt to actually PLAY the frigging reel?? Why do you think Paramount sent that out??

MovieKid on Apr 14, 2011


That's a good point... But I don't know anyone that has an old 8mm projector just lying around they can hook up. Plus I wouldn't want to ruin it! But yea, this does remind me of that The Dark Knight viral where reels of the trailers had Joker scratches on every frame.

Alex Billington on Apr 14, 2011


check the packaging...

jdg on Apr 18, 2011



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A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018

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