Taylor Lautner Goes Building-Sliding on the Latest 'Abduction' Poster

June 22, 2011
Source: Yahoo

Taylor Lautner - Abduction

Lionsgate has revealed a new poster via Yahoo for their upcoming action film Abduction, starring Taylor Lautner, Alfred Molina, Lily Collins, directed by John Singleton (watch the trailer). After criticizing the last poster for being pretty much a Jason Bourne-ripoff, this new poster follows in the same footsteps, but at least has a unique flare of its own with a crazy shot of Lautner sliding down the face of a building. To be honest, I thought it looked pretty cool, worth sharing. Then again, it's heavily Photoshopped and looks a little too squeaky clean, especially if they're going for that Bourne feel again. That said, check it out anyway.

Abduction Poster

A riveting new man-on-the-run thriller centered on a teen named Nathan Harper (Taylor Lautner) who sets out to uncover the truth about his real life after finding his baby photo on a missing persons website.

Abduction is directed by veteran action filmmaker John Singleton, of Boyz n the Hood, Poetic Justice, Rosewood, Shaft, 2 Fast 2 Furious and Four Brothers previously. The screenplay was written by newcomer Shawn Christensen, a songwriter and screenwriter also of the Walter King and Enter Nowhere scripts. Lionsgate is bringing Abduction to theaters everywhere starting September 23rd this fall. Look any good?

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haha wellllllll it's not the WORST photoshop job i've seen....but it's pretty damn close 

Danimal on Jun 22, 2011


This is like one of those in-joke-posters within a movie, you know, those over the top posters of some ridiculously over the top film, showing how Hollywood is all messed up.

Leinergroove on Jun 22, 2011


Ha! Ha! Exactly...

Tyler Danger on Jun 23, 2011


straight to DVD. Oops did I say "straight" , sorry Taylor.

Hallospaceboy on Jun 22, 2011


Who cares if its photoshopped. Its not about the poster, its about the film. And who cares if hes gay or not, dont be so homophobic. 

guest on Jun 22, 2011


If he had acting chops I still wouldn't be excited for this. What a waste.

Adam on Jun 22, 2011


Im not entirely sure how Lautner has managed to become a movie front man so quickly after not actually being in any decent movies as a sidekick. Saying that, it is a Singleton movie.

Tom New on Jun 22, 2011


The women, for some strange reason, love his pug face.

Frank on Jun 23, 2011



Cruzer on Jun 22, 2011


This really doesn't make any sense.  It looks like another Inception poster...except those buildings were meant to be out of place

JP on Jun 22, 2011


Lautner showed a clip from this on Jimmy Kimmel a few weeks ago and it looks absolutely horrible.

Film Fan on Jun 22, 2011


This is a BLATANT copy of The Dark Knight's poster. lol

Big Boss on Jun 23, 2011


Shark Boy storms the city!

Marcus on Jun 23, 2011


sorry but, as much as i give it to him that he's great looking. but only that. i can't watch anything related to twilight sorry.

redguy on Jun 23, 2011


Reminds me of Adjustment Bureau and Inception posters.  I feel kinda bad for most of the Twilight cast; it'll always be hard for them to step out of the shadow of that hugely successful (why?!) franchise and establish themselves as serious actors.  Lautner might be a little beefcake, but his face is still a little too pudgy and babyface-y for me to buy him as a Mini-Bourne.

Anonymous on Jun 23, 2011


Sparks flying from shoes, nice.

Vinnie Cipollone on Jun 23, 2011


If the last one was a borne rip off i feel like this ones an inception rip off then...

pork on Jun 23, 2011


yep, an 19 year old boy with a gun... fantastic... ¬¬

Paulyname on Jun 23, 2011


 I bet there won't be a single scene like that in the movie. Oh well, as long as he can keep his shirt on, I'll see it. What they should do is make Sharkboy and Lavagirl 2.

Lamar on Jun 23, 2011


I'll give the kid a chance.  This kind of movie looks to be aimed at a 16+, not quite bourne but older than Cody Banks. 

Anonymous on Jun 23, 2011


shouldnt this be a first quarter release?

Jordan Edwards on Jun 23, 2011

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