'The Evil Dead' Remake Gets an Official Early April 2013 Release Date

December 8, 2011
Source: Bloody-Disgusting

The Evil Dead

"Shut up, Linda!" Whether you want it or not, the remake of Sam Raimi's original 1981 horror classic Evil Dead is being put into production by Ghost House & Mandate Pictures and Sony & Film District, and it now has an official release date. Bloody-Disgusting reports it is now set for April 12th, 2013. So just before the summer of Star Trek 2, Iron Man 3, Fast 6, Monsters U. and Man of Steel, we'll get our new look at Diablo Cody and director Fede Alvarez's new take on Evil Dead (the logo above), without even an Ash character this time. Instead it's just a story about five friends holed up at a remote cabin who uncover a Book of the Dead.

There have been a few story details leaking out recently, but I'm still so upset that this is evening happening that I haven't bothered to read them. I'm not that excited for this at all. If you want any more information, head to Bloody-Disgusting, where they've been covering all of this. Fede Alvarez is the Uruguayan director behind that Panic Attack! short and has been working with Raimi and screenwriters Rodo Sayagues and Diablo Cody. This is being produced by Raimi's Ghost House Pictures, so Sam is somewhat involved. It will be shooting in New Zealand starting next March, so expecting casting and more details to come as we start the long and unexciting wait until April 2013 when Ash the Necronomicon returns in The Evil Dead (2013).

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Automatic no-thanks-ever. 

Tyler Morgan on Dec 8, 2011


Unless they get Bruce Campbell in it is just the bottom of the barrel remake.

Kyle A. Kiekintveld on Dec 8, 2011


Evil dead should have a no remake clause, but rami did sorta remanded his first Evil Dead and is somewhat involved in this one, so ill wait for more details.

ur_babys_daddy on Dec 8, 2011


Sorry, remake.

ur_babys_daddy on Dec 8, 2011


I wouldn't touch this shit with a ten foot pole. But the upside is that it's impending release will probably lead to a spike in the sales of the OG trilogy, thus granting Bruce a larger residuals cheque. And I'm all for Bruce getting more paper.

Lebowski on Dec 8, 2011


"But the upside is that it's impending release will probably lead to a spike in the sales of the OG trilogy, thus granting Bruce a larger residuals cheque. And I'm all for Bruce getting more paper." Agreed.  And Raimi's company is producing it, so... Still, I'm not getting hung up over it.  No one's holding a gun to our heads to see this, and heck--there's always the original ED trilogy on DVD (and ANY film geek would have 'em on DVD anyway!), and they aren't going to vanish when this film comes out.

Anonymous on Dec 9, 2011


Why in the world would you get rid of Ash? I'm still curious, but have very little expectations for this.

Danimal on Dec 8, 2011


fail alert fail alert...

JimD on Dec 8, 2011



MatthewS on Dec 9, 2011


If there's no Ash it's not a remake.  Diablo Cody is an asshole.

Brian Ricci Movie Review on Dec 9, 2011


"Diablo Cody is an asshole." Hmmm...provide actual, solid proof, please. But in all seriousness....yeah, I'm miffed at this, but I have a solution to save everyone's mental health--don't see it when it comes out.  In fact, don't worry about it or even think about it.  See, we already have the original ED on DVD--along with EVIL DEAD 2--which was sort of a remake/re-imagining of EVIL DEAD, and ARMY OF DARKNESS.  They're not going to disappear when this one comes out. Sure, I wish Ash was in this....but Bruce Campbell IS Ash, so no way that character can be replicated.  But I'm not going to go wail and gnash the teeth about this one or cry on about how this is indisputable  proof that Hollywood is a festering sh*thole sucking up all ideas.  People have been saying that for years.

Anonymous on Dec 9, 2011


I just hope they make it very gory like the older ones remakes always suck like dawn of the dead the gore was weak and I was sad I loved the one from the 70s and evil dead 1&2 are my fav movies Bruce aka ASH is my fav actor him and Sam Gould do this movie and then it would be the greatest scary movie ever made 🙂 I've got a pretty sweet evil dead tattoo that's how much I love the movies so please don't mess it up for the fans oh yeah GIVE US ASH!!! Lol and make him Bruce damn it 🙂

WPcannibal on Dec 11, 2011


I think I would be awesome to reboot the Evil Dead franchise!

Anonymous on Dec 11, 2011


Man I was such an Evil Dead fanboy for all these years, but damn it has aged terribly. Watching Evil Dead 2 recently it is leaps and bounds better. Much more exciting. The original is boring. Not sure how this remake will turn out. Sounds like it's gonna turn out like Rob Zombie's Halloween. Gore, gore, gore...umm...more gore yay! -__-

Majestic 12 on Aug 9, 2012

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