'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' Viral Comes to End with Screenings

December 9, 2011

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

"What is Hidden in Snow, Comes Forth in the Thaw." After almost two months since the Mouth Taped Shut viral blog started hiding clues in its update that lead fans to find actual movie props from David Fincher's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, it looks like the viral is coming to a close, as the film will be released in just a few weeks. It all came to an end today as all 40 flowers were finally given out to fans, along with tons of other props like Lisbeth's helmet, jacket, shirts and passport, as well as "Hard Copy" on VHS and Millennium magazine. Now that it's finished they're hosting viral screenings Monday night. Badass!

The Dragon Tattoo viral has been running at the site, where if you go there now, scroll down and click on the tattoo gun, you'll see some information on screenings taking place on December 12th at 10PM in 8 different cities worldwide. That includes Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Toronto, as well as even London and Stockholm, Sweden. To get actual tickets, you'll have to follow @mouthtapedshut as they'll apparently be tweeting out information on how to get them tomorrow sometime. This was all discovered today at the end of the viral, which included a final online game with multiple levels of puzzles, including lots of anagrams and codes. Info on how it was solved below.

What is Hidden in Snow

We've been following along with this viral as much as we can, but the updates have been coming in rapid fire recently, including multiples today. Each new flower or object is revealed when clues, usually posted in some way on Mouth Taped Shut, lead to a new url, like "/first". From there each page has a GPS location to get to first for a package, all over the world. However, this final online version of the flower game popped up once the final flower spot #1 was the only left, which was originally the flower lost in San Diego when no one picked it up before the timer ran out. So once all 39 other flowers were picked up today, this game started.

Most began following along on twitter, #mouthtapedshut, and picked up at that "first" clue, which is where all this began. On that page, the names were anagrams for various names of tracks on Trent Reznor's soundtrack, and if you cross referenced those with the actual track numbers in the liner notes, you'd get a set of numbers, then converted to alphabet, would lead to the next page at /melliflous, which were time codes from the "Hard Copy" video. Take the words spoken at each time, that also unscrambled a word that lead to /latentmystery, which was one of the tougher ones for most people playing, as far as I could tell.

That graphic, which looked like a crossword puzzle, was meant to be printed and folded at the marks on the sides, forming a smaller square where the black blocks would cross out some blocks. Find the only letters left unblocked, circle those on all sides, and it spells out a word (not "Drink More Ovaltine"). This time it was "The Missing Solution is Block Out", which is where the final step came at /blockout. I couldn't get past this point myself, but lucky winner of the final flower @ninhotline did, recapping on his forum how he did it. It was solved by combining the images and using "Difference" in Photoshop, which is one of those "that was all too easy" but we never got it. Now he's the owner of the final flower from this Dragon Tattoo viral.

This has been a rather exciting and impressive viral to follow and experience. Although I am considerably jealous of everyone who scored one of the exclusive props/items from the viral, since I never could get to any myself, I'm also just as excited to catch a screening and hear the reactions, since that's the true payoff for all of this. Be sure to get all the screening info from their website and keep following both the Mouth Taped Shut tumblr, which continues to post more updates, and their twitter @mouthtapedshut all weekend.

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While i am intrigue by viral news, i find it difficult to care when it involves a movie i already know the entire plot, having read the book and seen the Swedish movie.... There is literally no new information.

Rodion32 on Dec 10, 2011


How ignorant of a comment Rodion32. Let's see the American version will have one of the greatest directors working today at the helm, it will be much darker and well crafted than the (rather weak Swedish Versions). A much better score by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. Much better actors, better writing with Steve Zillian, Not to mention the cinematography will be amazing being shone on the RED one MX and RED Epic.....  A BETTER FILM! Who cares if you already know what happens. What kind of film fan are you??????????

guest on Dec 10, 2011


Being patriotic is one thing, being a complete douche is another.

M.K. Nielsen on Dec 10, 2011


While your comment is ruder than i am ignorant, i stand by what i said. However i believe you misinterpreted, i agree with everything you said about the new Girl With the Dragon Tattoo movie, and my knowledge of the plot will absolutely NOT deter me from seeing what will undoubtedly be one of the best films of the year. However my ACTUAL point was: the purpose of a Viral (in my opinion) is (with The Dark Knight Rises as an example) the opportunity to release exciting little tidbits of information about costumes (catwoman), plot (The villian will be BANE!), and related things. A viral for GWTDT seems (to me) to be pointless for TRUE fans, due to the fact that their is next to nothing to reveal. The 8 minute extended trailer (which i'm sure you've seen...) already revealed the look and feel of the film as well as character wardrobe and makeup. So before you comment next time please truly think about what you are responding to.

Rodion32 on Dec 10, 2011


Oh and Alex Billington, having been a reader of your site everyday for the past two years i am a little disappointed that you would like such a rude comment direct towards a simple matter of "how i feel". I would be interested in why you feel that such a viral is valid, if you wouldn't mind.

Rodion32 on Dec 10, 2011


What do you mean? I edited Rodion32's comment briefly, but he is entitled to his opinion. And saying he isn't interested in a viral because he already knows the story, since this viral is all about the story, is a legitimate opinion about virals and the film. I don't agree with it, but he's allowed to have that opinion.

Alex Billington on Dec 12, 2011


I wish I had props from movie... wish I had prop from the Orig movie though!

Wasp on Jan 26, 2012

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