Peter Jackson's 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' Trailer Arrives!

December 20, 2011
Source: Apple

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Trailer

"I'm looking for someone to share in an adventure." Ready to return to Middle Earth? The first full trailer for Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, the first part of The Hobbit adaptation, has arrived online in high def tonight via Apple; it'll also be playing in front of Tintin. It's a full trailer and, for Lord of the Rings fans like myself, is everything you could imagine and truly feels like seeing an old friend again. Martin Freeman stars as Bilbo, along with Ian McKellen as Gandalf, Andy Serkis as Gollum, and many others, like Richard Armitage as Thorin and James Nesbitt. Time to smile (and cry). Enjoy!

Watch the first trailer for Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, via Apple:

In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit… The Hobbit, being directed by Peter Jackson in two separate parts, is set in Middle-earth 60 years before Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, which Jackson and his filmmaking team brought to the big screen in a trilogy ten years ago. The Hobbit films, with screenplays by Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens, Guillermo del Toro and Peter Jackson, will be shot consecutively in digital 3D using the latest camera technology. The Hobbit follows the journey of Bilbo Baggins, played by Martin Freeman, who is swept into an epic quest to reclaim the lost Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor, which was long ago conquered by the dragon Smaug. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey arrives in theaters in 3D on December 14, 2012.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

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yea!!!!! it looks awesome

Michael Baldwin on Dec 20, 2011


Finally, a reason to live.

superAwesome on Dec 20, 2011



John on Dec 21, 2011


Gonna be a great movie, but cheer up dude.

Cbarnicle on Dec 25, 2011


The Dark Knight Rises should also tie your life over for a little while stud

Jesus on May 13, 2012


YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oluver J L on Dec 20, 2011


Liked it. Loved when Gollum showed up. I'm excited, not gonna let the hype take me.

Xerxexx on Dec 20, 2011


It just did. Live a little. 

Quanah on Dec 20, 2011


Perhaps I will...hype usually is wasted on me...the only hype machine I'm hooked into is Prometheus.

Xerxexx on Dec 20, 2011


Right behind U dude

Tester on Dec 20, 2011


Same for me. But this...Well...

Quanah on Dec 20, 2011


i got chills when the dwarves started singing.....not to mention when oakenshield says: "i cannot guarantee his safety - but, will i be responsible for his fate" .........EPIC stuff! the hype has COMPLETELY drowned me.

Anonymous on Dec 21, 2011


Would you like a flotation device?

Xerxexx on Dec 21, 2011


no thanks - in this case, it's sweet extasy!!

Anonymous on Dec 21, 2011


Is it nice?

Xerxexx on Dec 21, 2011


this is in response to your "is it nice" comment.....there was no way for me to respond directly. the only other movies that left me this giddy with anticipation were the  LotR movies. of course, if hollywood would get off it's ass and develop terry brooks "shanarra" books to movies  and have a director like PJ doing them.....i'd be just as excited. and yea - it IS nice. once you get to a certain age - stuff doesn't have the luster it once did........i love movies; but, to have this kind of crazy excitement/anticipation is special and to be enjoyed!!

Anonymous on Dec 22, 2011


I'm usually always giddy for a movie I can't wait to see and this looks fantastic! Happy Holidays.

Xerxexx on Dec 23, 2011


it was NOR will i be responsible. meaning he ISNT responsible.

James on Dec 21, 2011


fuck off -  so i was typing too fast.

Anonymous on Dec 21, 2011


Language, child, language!

Wwll on Jan 29, 2012



Marsh Daniel09 on Dec 20, 2011


All I can say is yet again a masterpiece! Cheers Peter Jackson and Bravo! WAY TO LONG TO WAIT THOUGH!

Thegrizzlywriter on Dec 20, 2011


Hand over mouth.

nick on Dec 20, 2011


I'm glad to see Jackson's influence all over this in look and style. Although, I'm curious as to how this would have turned out with Guillermo. But, I'm more glad that Jackson is in charge. Hopefully I will get to see this before the end of the world in 2012 (eyeroll).

Quanah on Dec 20, 2011



John on Dec 21, 2011


Holy crap I never thought about that!!! Well if I'm dead there better be a huge screen to watch this in purgatory

Justin on May 23, 2012


This trailer killed Batman's!

Wolffsrain on Dec 20, 2011


I thought the same thing!

Boy_toy2007 on Dec 20, 2011


wrath of the titans killed batmans TDKR had a very mediocre trailer that really showed nothing

Anonymous on Dec 20, 2011


That's because Christopher doesn't spoil his movies in his trailers.

Guest on Dec 20, 2011


But Inception (a Nolan movie) was probably an all time top 5 in trailers in this movie era, hands down! I do agree with Para, it was a bit underwhelming. But a trailer is a trailer. The movie is the final product that will be a hit or miss.  As for the Hobbit trailer. I was a little underwhelmed as well (but better than TDKRs). With the Fellowship of the Ring and the Trilogy teaser, it gave me goosebumps. The last few seconds just fell flat.  In the end Im sure both movies will do fine and will get rave reviews.  

Makarov on Dec 21, 2011


Absolutely agreed. batman trailer was such a let down

Para on Dec 20, 2011


HAHAHAH... you made a funny and if your intention was not to, then I feel sad for you just like Sam Worthington's hairstyle.

Dirty Dutchman on Dec 21, 2011



John on Dec 21, 2011


Even the end of the world is going to wait for this first.

Hangingintheweb on Dec 20, 2011



Marqwest on Dec 20, 2011


Gollum's voice gave me the full on chills!

shadownlite on Dec 20, 2011


Totally! I was gonna say the same thing. It just now hit me, as I watched this... 2 more Peter Jackson LOTR movies!!!

Jonathan on Dec 21, 2011


Looks good.

Sean Kelly on Dec 20, 2011


it wasn't anything like AWESOME!! but i mean yeah it was cool, where is harry and ron?

Gallbrack on Dec 20, 2011


dude! this isn't harry potter, there is no harry and ron! it's THE HOBBIT!!! didn't u watch the trailer???

Jay on Dec 20, 2011


I'll bet you get rick rolled all the time, too.

JL on Dec 23, 2011


Troll comment?

Oh noes! on Dec 20, 2011



John on Dec 21, 2011


Still.... Bane's voice isn't that understandable. Wait... what? Looking forward to this film! It looks to be as splendid as The Lord of The Rings was.

Neuromancer on Dec 20, 2011


I think you meant... at least we can hear Gandalf! ūüôā

Alex Billington on Dec 20, 2011



Cory Lind on Dec 20, 2011


<3 This is going to be so great =) The trailer showed just enough, but I think a peek of Smaug, Bjorn or the 5 armys might have "really sold it". It's just the first trailer, we might see a new one every 2-3 months =)

David Banner on Dec 20, 2011


Exactly. I think of this trailer like the "amuse bouche" to the "entree" trailer we will get in six months. W00t!

DAVIDPD on Dec 20, 2011


You know the movie is going to be split up in two parts right? Smaug and the 5 armies are probably going to show up in the second movie, as for Bjorn, it's been ages since I read the book, so I forgot where he really falls in the story.

John I.G. on Dec 21, 2011


He's definetly in the first part.

tir na nog on Dec 21, 2011


I did not read the books and found the first 3 movies mostly boring, therefore have very little interested in this movie. But I do like this site and all the fans here, so here it is to all U guys waiting for this ->  I really hope this movie turns out to be everything you have hoped and waiter for !!!!

Tester on Dec 20, 2011


Wow. Kindness and honesty. Bravo. I like what you wrote.

Quanah on Dec 20, 2011


"boring"? what way?

Anonymous on Dec 21, 2011


Ok, since U asked.   Since I did not read the books, I found the story to be fairly simple and one that did not require 3 movies.  To me, it would have been great if the entire story was told in a 2 hour movie.  But again, I did not read the books and I am not a fan of this gerne, so I dont think my opinion is fair. But sincerely, the reason for my post is to wish U guys, the fans of these movies, the very best wishes...

Tester on Dec 22, 2011


fair enough.........i was just asking out of curiosity - everyones entitled to their opinion.

Anonymous on Dec 22, 2011


If you don't have any interest, then why are you on this page? ..... -_-

Marco Chaudry on Apr 15, 2012



Bltzie on Dec 20, 2011


Fantastic trailer! All at once I was reminded of the entire trilogy and the experience I had watching those. Man, even got choked up a little!

Anonymous on Dec 20, 2011


awesome truely cannot wait!

A5J4DX on Dec 20, 2011


Underwhelmed after first veiwing. But I still like it a lot and am still looking forward to seeing it on day 1. After 3rd 4th 5th 6th viewing I am liking it a lot more. And that Misty Mountains song is catchy

Filmfan21211 on Dec 20, 2011


AT LAST! Finally a trailer shown this week for a movie that I never thought I'd be as interested in... I'm in!

Agent Kid Society on Dec 20, 2011


I couldn't wait to see this movie - but now I'm not so sure. Does it HAVE to be in bloody 3D? That's a sure-fire way to get a migraine, in my books.

Heather on Dec 20, 2011


Other movies that have been released in 3D have also had 2D showings available; I'm sure this will be no different.

Edward Curtis on Dec 20, 2011


Its being filmed like no other 3D film before it. And is being shot at 48 frames per second. Groundbreaking is an understatement. Mr. Jackson knows what he is doing here. "In Jackson, We Trust."

DAVIDPD on Dec 20, 2011


I loved it, but even though this is a trailer, did you see the little waterfall scene at 1:27?  it looked very fake, I think it was a perspective shot with a miniature water.  Don't get me wrong, I am not a nit picker, but I guess by definition this post falls in that category.  I loved the first series and can't wait for this one to come out.  It just really stuck in my eye...

Michael McRorey on Dec 20, 2011


Mmm...please keep in mind that this movie has a whole year to clean the effects in post production. Let us not commit the most common of trailer critiques: the hasty generalization.

DAVIDPD on Dec 20, 2011


I think that is a gag by Peter, they might have "struggled" with getting enough done for a trailer, so shooting a miniature in his backyard and imposing it would be very him. The shot of Gandalf with only blue sky and clouds behind him?¬†Probably shot in the parkinglot of WingNut studioes ūüôā

David Banner on Dec 20, 2011


Im with you Michael. It seems like when a franchise takes off and becomes a smash it does too much. The build up was from its predecessors. Like the Matrix Rev. the Final episode of LOST, even HP DH pt2. It just doesn't have that oomph. You just felt the finality. I too am nit picky and I did notice how the water effect seemed off or fake. Im guessing it has to do with the 3D effects being implemented later. And because we are now in the High Def era. You can easily tell it looks like a movie set whereas in FOTR you felt that the locations were real as life like Weathertop and the Mines of Mordor.  We'll have to see what 48FPS does with the look and feel of the locations. Most of the trailer easily felt like set locations. I wish it had that more natural feel when it was in 24P. The movie will still rock regardless

Guest on Dec 21, 2011


You do realize there's an entire YEAR till the release date and most of the visual effects work isn't anywhere near finished.

Max Renn on Dec 21, 2011


Yarp! From all of those video blogs, I forgot just how dark this movie is going to be. This trailer is just a fist full of awesome. I cannot believe its dropping so early. And seeing how they will incorporate the actors from the Lord of the Rings, makes me happy. Thank you Peter Jackson and Co., these films will be a privilege and an honor.

DAVIDPD on Dec 20, 2011


Thank FSM that Peter Jackson is releasing this before the end of the world.

William W on Dec 20, 2011


Yes, but only part 1. We'll just have to hope the world is here, so we can see part 2 a year or¬†two later when it's released ūüôā

David Banner on Dec 22, 2011


Simply amazing... Seamless, rich looking, some of the same scenery shots as the previous trilogy. So much to look fwd to in 2012

Anonymous on Dec 20, 2011


This was amazing for everyone who had a feel for how amazing The Lord of the Rings trilogy was. It is just like if George Lucas would decide to make an epic prequel to the Star Wars trilogy. .... Oh wait....

Papa Justify on Dec 20, 2011


I cried. Not even gonna lie. Thats how amazing this is.

Anonymous on Dec 20, 2011


I wish I could like this twice

Crapola on Dec 20, 2011


Like it in your heart, Crapola. ._.

Anonymous on Dec 21, 2011


It's going to be ten x AWESOOOOOOOOOME

Crapola on Dec 21, 2011


i want you to take that 10x awesome............and TRIPLE it!!!!!

Anonymous on Dec 21, 2011


As a New Zealander, I do forget what a beautiful country I have the pleasure to live in.   Thanks to Peter for reminding us of it.  I simply cannot wait.  

cinemabandit on Dec 20, 2011


NZ rocks! Wish I could go back!

Filmfan222 on Dec 21, 2011


Not enough like buttons on this page. It's good to be back in Middle Earth again, wooohoooooooooooooooo!

Crapola on Dec 20, 2011


sorry but this looks like stuff from the lotr that were left the cutting room floor. same people, same scenery..looks kinda dull

Para on Dec 20, 2011


WHAT?! C'mon now.

John on Dec 21, 2011


I saw this trailer in a hospital room waiting for the doc after we just saw our first baby's sonogram.... so I told my fiancee if its a boy he needs to be named Bilbo... she didn't like that idea.

Furious911 on Dec 21, 2011


Should have named him Gandalf, I bet she would have liked that instead.

Anonymous on Dec 21, 2011


That gave me goosebumps!

Justin Kinley Atkins on Dec 21, 2011


the moment the other dwarves stood up and joint thorin in that song,shivers down my spine...brrrr

Hotse on Dec 21, 2011


Martin Freeman fits perfectly! Great casting!

Razor on Dec 21, 2011


Dr Watson!   Now as Bilbo - such an expressive,  ordinary guy type of face and voice.  BUt a brilliant actor.   This going to be awesome

the Great Goblin on Dec 21, 2011


I wonder how Sherlock will go as the voice of Smaug?

cinemabandit on Dec 21, 2011


I am still catching up breath....

Oujeman on Dec 21, 2011


Only 4 films in 2012 worth watching The Avengers The Dark Knight Rises Skyfall The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Rich on Dec 21, 2011


Um, Prometheus?

uap on Dec 21, 2011


um, 3 stooges? and anything adam sandler decides to crap out and call a movie?

Anthony C on Dec 21, 2011


Django Unchained, Brave, Lincoln, Spier-Man, John Carter, Looper, Les Miserables, Gravity, Bourne Legacy, Prometheus, Kill Bin Laden...but yeah, only four films in 2012 worth watching.

Cinexcellence on Dec 21, 2011


I agree that the dark knight rises and the hobbit are two films worth watching based on the fact that the trailers are awesome and that the directors have excellent track records. The Avengers will be nothing more than an over-marketed cgi crapfest used to sell more limited edition lenticular slurpee cups at 7/11 and burger king kids meals. Just like all recent marvel flicks. We know next to nothing about Skyfall. We don't even have a production still as far as I know. But if yod still like a list of 4 you could add Prometheus and Safe House.

Awtan90 on Dec 21, 2011


you must not watch many movies - i 've got a HUGE list  of must-see films.

Anonymous on Dec 21, 2011


Excellant,loved it,was worried about the singing,that it might look a bit silly,but was the best thing in the trailer,really set the film's tone.

tir na nog on Dec 21, 2011


You poor bastards.

Guest on Dec 21, 2011


Peter Jackson is a genius. I will be seeing this opening night IMAX 3D, and I don't even like LOtR that much. It just never really did it for me. But this definitely looks like it'll be a fun ride that I am not going to miss.

Erin on Dec 21, 2011


I am going to watch the HELL out of this movie

Tendonin on Dec 21, 2011


i haven't even seen it yet and it's already a bluray purchase!!!!!!.....extended version, of course.

Anonymous on Dec 21, 2011


honestly...that was the best trailer ive seen all year

Anonymous on Dec 21, 2011


and the best bit is this is only part 1...then we have the 2nd to look forward to another year later! ūüôā

Turner 01 on Dec 21, 2011


Amazing! obligations: re-read the hobbit, re-watch Lotr extended editions... aw yeah! can't wait!

Anonymous on Dec 21, 2011


I suppose these hobbits have to be gay. No women around!(Neither in Lord of the rings). But gay people have at last female friends, so might be asexual mysoginists as thir cousins from Star Wars

Jmpinzones on Dec 21, 2011


there were MANY hobbit women shown in "fellowship".......what are you talking about.

Anonymous on Dec 21, 2011


So many, really, and whith such importance to the history....

Jmpinzones on Dec 22, 2011


what does importance have anything to do with my response? yousaid no women around..........and there were.

Anonymous on Dec 22, 2011


Do you know what is called irony? Have you read all my commnet when Ive said that it's the same with other sagas as Star Wars or thousands of others with only une or two women in the whole movie.

Jmpinzones on Dec 22, 2011


This is a Hobbit post, so naturally there would be trolls...

Max Renn on Dec 22, 2011


Gay Hobbits? Really? You must have OBVIOUSLY not seen Fellowship, nor even READ Return of the King to know that Sam marries Rose Cotton, a female hobbit, and has a daughter Elanor Gamgee...also a female hobbit.... Ignorant fuck.

Anonymous on Dec 21, 2011


Yeah, all of them big female characters. All the greatest actresses we fighting for these roles! As they previously did in the Star Wars saga and all sort of these kind of big budget films. Think about them otherwise, with 95% female characters. Gay hobbits its what is called irony, but i think you don¬īt know what is it

Jmpinzones on Dec 22, 2011


alright, just calm down mate.

Para on Dec 22, 2011


Anyone else excited for the scene where it looks like Gandalf is in Dol Guldur?  That was a surprise to me, looks badass!

UMman316 on Dec 21, 2011


A very nice trailer... But surprisingly devoid of big money shots. Certainly more of an atmosphere piece - very dependent on a love for the LOTR films. I did think that the singing scene was the surprising highlight of the trailer.

Anonymous on Dec 21, 2011


What I just saw in the Hobbit Trailer is the sad consequence of everybody using the same tools in visual effects nowadays...It just felt like watching the "Clash Of The Titans"Trailer last year....It¬īs not outstanding anymore.....

Gboy on Dec 21, 2011


well....considering that 99.999% of the people absolutely LOVE it - i think the films will survive with the  .0001% of you that disagree.

Anonymous on Dec 21, 2011


That's what the Occutards thought, too.

Blurb on Dec 22, 2011


I think that was the best teaser trailer I have ever seen. Totally unexpected. It shifts in tone so many times and I think that is the reason why some didn¬īt like it. But I think the song is what holds the trailer together. The images were pure magic and they showed much more than i was expecting. I don¬īt get it when some were expecting to see Beorn or a glimpse of the dragon. Are you kidding me? They showed exactly the right amount of footage. Gboy: this is were I disagree most strongly with you. I was actually thinking about how bad Wrath of the Titans trailer was after i watched the Hobbit trailer a couple of times. There was magic on display here that just wasn¬īt in wrath trailer. They showed much more in wrath trailer, all monsters and titans and tried¬† to really sell the idea of an epic, but instead of suceeding they failed epically.¬† Only other fantasy series that stands any chance against Lotr and Hobbit are the Harry Potter movies, and even they lack the magic of Tolkien and Peter Jacksons movies.

DaleKing on Dec 21, 2011


I think the ring looks too CGI. It's different from the original ring.

Ege Sönmez on Dec 21, 2011


I have to wait a year?! FFFUUURURGGHGHKKK!!

Angry Chief on Dec 21, 2011


I see so many Oscars going to this movie

andrew on Dec 21, 2011


Not nearly as good as Dark Knight Rises...But looks good.

Posogirl2006 on Dec 22, 2011


getting in line ready...

Tonker on Dec 22, 2011


A movie with 2 of the most boring characters in LOTR? The hobbit and Gollum. I will pass.

ryan on Dec 23, 2011


Uh...the hobbit was a book that took place before the Lord of the Rings trilogy. And gollum is barely in the book.

Noodleconsistencies on Jan 15, 2012


I love it but with the little I've seen I think Del toro would have been an even better choice for director (don't hate me Jackson thought so too). LOTR was an adventure-epic tale for kids that were like 12 (and up of course) and The Hobbit was for little kids like 5 or 6. I just think Del Toro's fairy tale expertise would be perfect for this. He has a beautiful take for good vs evil especially on a visual scale. Just think of the contrasting gold in HB2 and the dark purples and blue in Pans Labyrinth. Jackson just seems more comfortable even in this trailer with the epic moments. Del Toro is perfect with fairy tales which this story is more similar to than an epic. Del Toro can also direct comedy better than Jackson lol. Just imagine Del Toro with Smaug. I'm sure this movie will still be perfect though. lol at the troll scene

Anonymous on Dec 24, 2011


Experience it in IMAX 3D? **dies from excitement**

Anonymous on Dec 27, 2011


Loved LotR , but this looks even better , on an aside  would love to see Terry Pratchets Disc World books made into a movie like this , Sky Tv tried nad failed miserably.....

Tonker on Dec 28, 2011


I've never been excited about a "Lord of the Rings" film until "The Hobbit." This movie looks amazing and I'm a huge Martin Freeman fan. This is going to be great.

Monique Jones on Jan 6, 2012


I've watched LOTR'S 200x's in the past year...maybe more. I now see no reason to rush out and get a life!

Mason-Theresa on Feb 5, 2012


Wow The Hobbit: An unexpected journey is going to be the most legendary movie of the century! It will make all other movies look like mud, and I am so glad a lego game based on the Hobbit is coming out! I have always wished for a Lego Lord of The Rings, but it never came, so this satisfies my lifelong hunger!

wormagedog on Mar 5, 2012

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