Thor Freudenthal to Helm the 'Percy Jackson' Sequel 'Sea of Monsters'

June 17, 2011
Source: 24 Frames

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Back in March we learned that Fox was already beginning to develop a sequel to Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, the first film adaptation of the five-book series from author Rick Riordan. Now 24 Frames reports director Thor Freudenthal, who has helmed family friendly adaptations like Hotel for Dogs and Diary of a Wimpy Kid, will now direct the sequel, The Sea of Monsters. Director Chris Columbus, who helmed the first installment of this new fantasy franchise, will still remain a producer of the sequel. Apparently production is expected to move quickly, and the film could see release in 2012.

Agent Cody Banks and Ed Wood writers Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski are scripting the new adventure which will see Percy and his group of friends as they head to the Sea of Monsters to find the mythical Golden Fleece and to free a friend who has been captured there. However, apparently this sequel is expected to take some cues from the other books as well, so fans may not end up seeing one film for each book in the series. This is probably because Logan Lerman (who's returning for the film as well), is already 19, while the books only deal with Percy Jackson form ages 12 to 17, so sooner than later Lerman just won't be able to play the young demigod any longer. Anyway, I can't say I'm all that thrilled with the idea of a sequel, but surely plenty of fans are excited.

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Thank GOD! I love the books! The first movie was good and I have been waiting for the sequels!!! FIRST!!!!! 

Vreeland Holt on Jun 17, 2011


first one had potential but was rushed could have been as epic as harry potter but instead was a step down. Hope they get a good director for the next

Adam L on Jun 17, 2011


However if you put the first Percy Jackson film next to the recent Clash of the Titans, Lightning Thief does look like a masterpiece. I rekon if Sea of Monsters does well, the Eregorn sequels and Subtle Knife might actually get greenlit asuming the producers have the balls to greenlight them of course.

Jez on Jun 17, 2011


Oh wait thats the new director? ya they might as well give up on the series

Adam L on Jun 17, 2011

5 no no no no no no.  I liked the first one, and I was looking forward to a sequel. But this guy has never made a movie I liked. They might as well get Neil LaBute or Uwe Boll to direct it.

Shaun on Jun 17, 2011


Actor Logan Lerman is growing fast, so they better make this movie while he's still young enough to play a 17 yr old or younger

Jedibilly on Jun 18, 2011


It's annoying because the final book is about percy jackson's great prophecy when he turns 16! in the film, he looks 16/17! so they mightas well give up because the whole series builds up to the final prophecy

Erwanhughes on Aug 3, 2011


I liked the first movie, but in the first one they never introduced a character that is very important in the novels, especially sea of monsters. the movies would have to follow the main concept of the books, which are amazing.. but it will be very difficult to introduce her.

butters on Jun 18, 2011


1.Logan Lerman is hot xD! 2. I friken love this movies 3. you guys better pick it up, By the time the last movie is on theaters,  Logan is going to be 30 haha. Well see what it brings up!

Love these shows! on Jun 18, 2011


I fuckin love this movie! and the books! i imagined what if they made all the series and at th showing of the Last olympian Logan would be like 27 years old? and annabeth would be like 33? LOL but i still love the series

Jmichaeldm_o13 on Jun 27, 2011


Will this one bet better than the the failure of the first movie? Lots of characters that were important in the first movie weren't in the movie? Will this one live up to my expectations? hopefully it will the first one didn't even follow the book at all. But for the people who didn't read it probably enjoyed it. 🙂

Jackle1213 on Sep 9, 2011


The Lightning Thief was terrible! Didnt follow the storyline of the book at all and left out characters all together! Not going to see this one!

TB on Mar 29, 2012


they're making amendments in the second movie, and the director is cool... I guess you'll miss the fun if you don't watch the 2nd one. + btw, you posted on my birthday! 😀 lol 

Percyluvverrr<3 on Apr 27, 2012

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