THR's New 'The Time is Now' Lenticular Andy Serkis Oscar Ad Cover

December 7, 2011

The Time is Now

I guess the time really IS now. I received an email with a link to a video of the cover of an upcoming issue of The Hollywood Reporter, the print edition (they still have one?). The cover is unique because, not only is it an Oscar ad supporting Andy Serkis for Best Supporting Actor in Rise of the Planet of the Apes, but it's a holographic lenticular ad, as you move the image the face morphs from Andy to Caesar and back. It's pretty damn cool. I'd actually love one of these (hey THR!) to see in real life. We just wrote about the launch of Fox's "The Time is Now" Oscar campaign for Serkis, which is getting a bigger push coming up, it seems.

We'll update this with the actual cover art in full once it's available. "The Time is Now" is Fox's big campaign to push Andy Serkis for Best Supporting Actor for his performance capture performance as Caesar. As I said recently in our original piece on the launch of this campaign, I'm all for it, I want to see Serkis nominated, at least getting some recognition. Despite the work the CG artists put in, there is still a powerful, emotional, character performance behind all of it and that's thanks to Serkis. Love this cover, I need to get a copy of it!

I'll keep supporting Serkis (see @OscarForAndy) and hope enough Academy or SAG members take notice and give him a chance. I'm not sure if they'll listen to Fox's blunt "The Time is Now" messages, but we can only hope something sticks. Check out our recent recap of the Oscar campaign including quotes from Serkis' interviews. Rise of the Planet of the Apes is hitting Blu-Ray next week, grab it and support Andy for Oscar.

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Couldn't agree more.

Nick Sears on Dec 7, 2011


Nothing but the eyes match up? Its nothing like the frickin monkey.

Guest on Dec 7, 2011


Why should he get an oscar? It was the animators at Weta Digital that did all the work... Think he would ever get nominated for his live action stuff? Nope.

Iateababy on Dec 7, 2011


The fact that you refer to the personnel at WETA as animators illustrate your ignorance of performance capture technology.   If you think of Serkis as wearing a digital suit, as opposed to Serkis being used as a model which is then animated by computer.   In that respect, how is Performance Capture different from Wardrobe and Make Up? We can admire the technical skill, as we can also admire the wardrobe and make up, which can and does add to a performance, but is nothing without the actor underneath it. So it is with Motion Capture.  Compare Serkis as Gollum or Caeser, with Worthington as Jake Sully.  Remember that the same studio did the effects, but some performances were better than others.

cinemabandit on Dec 7, 2011


Cinemabandit you are completely wrong with your understanding of how the process actually works. The animators have nothing to do with the capturing of Andy's performance, just as they have nothing to do with the modellers, riggers, lighters and finally compositors who all work to create the shots. Andy's performance is nothing like wardrobe and make up as his performance goes through many talented techanicans and artists who then clean up, tweak, refine and vastily improve the performance for dramatic effect. Your not seeing his performance, your seeing his performance improved to smallest detail. Also do you really believe that animation supervisors, vfx supervisors and finally the director will not want tweaks and to put their own stamp on the shot? Before calling another ignorant please have some actual knowledge yourself.

P_d on Dec 7, 2011


Would he still be convincing if the film was viewed without him being animated?

happy camper on Dec 7, 2011


I bet it would! I'd actually love to see that version, with Serkis in just full Ape mode without the CGI, I bet it would be awesome and still VERY emotional, just the same. They should show it.

Alex Billington on Dec 7, 2011



Jseathroo on Dec 7, 2011


This man is cocky huh? If he wants an Oscar for acting, he needs to actually act. This particular character was created by the dedicated digital artists NOT Serkis. Period. "Motion Capture" is not what the public is being told it is. It still requires artists to recreate everything... He doesn't deserve an Oscar for this.

Guest on Dec 7, 2011


Gollum would not have existed in the way that we know and love if not for Andy Serkis, The Animators did create the creature and they got awards for that, the writers wrote Gollum's dialogue and they were recognise for that as well BUT (and this is something that Jackson has admited many times) without Andy's AMAZING performance, both physical and vocal, Gollum wouldn't have worked at all, That incredible monologue between Smeagol and Gollum is one of the high points of the entire LOTR trilogy. Ten years later, ROTPOTA's actors like James Franco would have looked as fake as any actor in the star wars prequels. Andy, as an actor, was there all the time to deliver feedback to the actors and to give emotions to Ceasar. I strongly believe it is time to recognise his contribution to Motion Capture.

Héctor Pérez Tovar on Dec 7, 2011


“pretty damn cool”?! This is 40 year old technology mate, people used to get this “morph”-ing thingy as gifts when buying a comic book or a pack of chewing gum in nineteen sixties and seventies. Then the 3D came along based on the same technology (which by the way will be the core tech for glassless 3D TV-s soon). That will be next? The amazing cool can opener?

Euclid- on Dec 7, 2011


What's wrong with thinking some creative marketing on the cover of a movie mag is "pretty damn cool"? When was the last time we saw a morphing face for an Oscar ad. I know they make holographic posters like Avatar and whatnot, but for this Oscar ad and supporting Serkis - it's cool!

Alex Billington on Dec 7, 2011


Couldn't agree less. On Serkis' acting merit alone outside of mocap he's average, with some might say a propensity for hamming  - certainly nowhere near Oscar material.  For his mocap performances he's depending on many complex layers and alterations via technology provided by a team of people to make it something special.  We're not talking John Hurt acting despite heavy prosthetics here, we're talking about a base performance that is then smoothed, accented, turned up, turned down, edited and painted over, after the fact.

Anonymous on Dec 7, 2011


I know many here are arguing that the people of WETA deserve the Oscar more than Serkis. HOWEVER, we have to remember that he gave the voice to all of the characters he's played so far as well as an idea of movement involving all of the characters. The graphics WETA produce for the motion capture is flawless, but a character without reference, personality, or a voice is no character at all. Andy has done a brilliant job with helping the company progress into newer areas involving motion capture, and his performances helping then does deserve some sort of merit.

Mercedes on Dec 7, 2011


First of all any great animator could do what Andy has done, in fact animators often shoot themselves acting out the animation as reference. Also motion capture data is nearly always cleaned up manually or only used as reference. How much of the performance we're seeing is 100% Andy? Anyone who supports this bid is showing their ignorance of how vfx work. This is fine if you don't work in the industry but when people try to push for an oscar please do some research or understand what your on about. Or read, Why have we never been wowed by Andy in a live action role?

P_d on Dec 7, 2011


I'm with you, mate!

Ezio on Dec 7, 2011


I'm really confused by his bid, not that it's a question of whether a digital performance is Oscar worthy - but that the film kind of blew and his was the least convincing ape of all of them in it.

norm on Dec 7, 2011


For anyone interested in further reading of how something like gollum's performance came together. Please note that tehre was no facial motion capture> ""Raitt comments, "Andy definitely deserves the applause, as do the animators. They took the data as a starting point, embellished it, sweetened it, and made sure the intent of the performance was really clear. Sometimes the footage was so blurry or bad, or the direction had changed, that it was entirely keyframing. It is important to note that there is no facial motion-capture data, at all, on Gollum. The only motion-capture data is for his torso, legs and arms."" If anything Andy was a great voice over artist, yes but the performance you see is created by a talented post production team.

P_d on Dec 7, 2011


Is he the missing link?

Davide Coppola on Dec 8, 2011


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