Tim Burton & Josh Brolin Making a New 'Hunchback of Notre Dame'

February 28, 2011
Source: THR

Hunchback of Notre Dame

With competing Snow White projects moving swiftly into production, yet another familiar tale is in the midst of a live-action big screen revival. THR reports director Tim Burton and actor Josh Brolin are working with Warner Bros. to develop a new take on The Hunchback of Notre Dame, the 1831 Victor Hugo novel of the same name. The original story followed Quasimodo, a deformed and hunchbacked bell-ringer of the Norte Dame cathedral who tragically falls in love with beautiful gypsy named Esmerelda. Apparently Brolin came up with the idea for the project, and while Burton is interested in directing, he's not formally attached just yet.

Supposedly Burton's involvement is contingent on a good script from writers Kieran and Michele Mulroney, the same writing duo who brought new life to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic detective stories with Sherlock Holmes starring Robert Downey Jr. Apparently Brolin would also produce the film, but as this is a project still in the infancy of development without a script, we likely won't hear anything about this one for awhile.

Keep in mind that this also has nothing to do with the new take on the story Paramount picked up in July of last year. We may very well have another race to the finish line much like the aforementioned Snow White situation. Of course, it's hard to gauge how exciting this story might be without any plot details to differentiate from the countless adaptations in TV and film including the most famous 1997 Disney animated version. But with Brolin and Burton involved, it certainly sounds intriguing. What do you think?

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Fuck Tim Burton, man.

Jon A. on Mar 1, 2011


 why does every1 hate him? he's awesome!

me on May 27, 2012


Hearing that Tim Burton is only considering it actually gives me hope. Hope that maybe he wont direct and someone who would actually make this a good movie and not just a Tim Burton Gimmick-Mobile might have a chance at making something new and interesting. I mean Underwold? really? We get it bro, your all dark and stuff, give it a rest.

Scott of the Antarctic on Mar 1, 2011


Also by Underworld I didnt mean the Underworld movies, I was refering to Alice In Wonderland.

Scott of the Antarctic on Mar 1, 2011


Because the last Tim Burton Disney Remake wasn't shitty enough.

Mountain Top Movies on Mar 1, 2011


Yea I know.....Burton's last effort was....Brilliant!

RandallM on Mar 1, 2011


They should cast Colin firth or Jesse Eisenberg as Quasimodo.......instant positive reviews.

Awtan90 on Mar 1, 2011


 no no no no no. They should cast Johnny Depp as Quasi cuz he's so good with outcast characters. And THAT will get a lot of positive reviews, from the audience at least.

me on May 27, 2012


With all my respects, I think a lot of you have a terrible mess of ideas. Disney’s animation films are adaptations of books or legends, so please stop saying that Tim Burton’s Alice is any kind of Disney remake, as isn’t any of the Snow White projects. If Disney shall make a version of Hamlet, that doesn´t turn in “Hamlet is a Disney story”. In any case. Near all the most famous Disney pictures are adaptations of European books or legends, even it’s hard to believe in the USA, as I see. The Hunchback of Notre Dame is not at all a familiar story, as Ethan Anderson says, and its relation with the Snow White projects is as good as a connection with “The planet of the apes”, another remake made by Burton. Would you put in the same pack an Aztecan tale, the legend of Pocahontas and Henry James’ Portrait of a lady. They are all American stories, aren’t they? That’s all their similarity. It’s the same relation as the one between Snow White, Alice in Wonderland or The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Thank you very much. José Manuel

Anonymous on Mar 2, 2011


Actually, it's funny you should mention Hamlet. Quite a few of the plot points in The Lion King mirror Shakespeare's tragedy. Sorry, if that's totally tangential to the point.

Sweetiemajig on Mar 3, 2011


I wonder what role Johnny Depp will have.

SDGsgf on Mar 2, 2011

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