Tim Burton No Longer Directing Angelina Jolie in Disney's 'Maleficent'

May 16, 2011
Source: Heat Vision


Since as far back as January of 2010, director Tim Burton has been loosely attached to direct Maleficent, a live-action take on Sleeping Beauty that would tell the fairytale story from the point of view of the evil witch who threatens the princess' life. Writer Linda Woolverton, who collaborated with Burton on Disney's new live-action take on Alice in Wonderland was also brought on board to write the script with Angelina Jolie lined up to play the titular evil queen. However, Heat Vision reports that Burton has decided that he will not sit in the director's chair for the movie, and the search is on for someone else to direct it now.

Disney's new spin on the tale gives a name to the evil queen who can transform into a dragon, so it's no coincidence that director David Yates, the director of the final four films in the Harry Potter franchise, is being talked about to potentially helm the fantastical tale. However, he's only one of the names that has surfaced, and there's surely a whole list of name directors being talked about for the gestating Disney project. The film would be yet another alternate take on a classic fairytale, and with the competition heating up between the two rival Snow White projects, it's clear that these stories are still all the rage in Hollywood right now. Who do you think should direct Maleficent?

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 i say trade angelina for burton. i would much rather see his work with someone else as my favorite disney princess villain!1111

Mostasteless50187 on May 17, 2011


 I'm sorry, did you actually see Alice in Wonderland? It was baaaad. I mean come on Burton's last decent film was Sweeney Todd and his last GOOD one was Big Fish back in 03

Bltzie on May 17, 2011


Alice in wonderlland had a huge success! if you didn´t like it that is your own bussines....Tim Burton is awesome and the movie was great!

Catalina Afanador on May 17, 2011


I believe you mean a huge box office success. It doesn't mean it was critically acclaimed or even good. If you liked it that's fine. But the general consensus is: it sucked. 

Bltzie on May 17, 2011


haha I loved it! 

CharlotteChamberlain on May 22, 2011


Guillermo del Toro (he set the bar for the rest of the Harry Potter films) or Kenneth Branagh.

James on May 17, 2011


 Again, I'm sorry but Del toro never made a Harry Potter...

Bltzie on May 17, 2011


I'm pretty sure you mean alfonso cuaron  

Ryan Birth on May 17, 2011


Ugh...pick someone better than Angelina Jolie...please. She's just horrible & can ONLY act one way!!  

Jennamr on May 17, 2011


 I'd like to see Joe Wright have a crack at this.  He likes his female protagonists and could bring some class to this.

lane on May 17, 2011


now THAT'S an interesting idea!

Bltzie on May 17, 2011


 jolie is wrong for this lol get someone like cate blanchett

HG on May 17, 2011


i think blanchett is one of the most incredible actresses but her physical appearance isnt okay for this role. There should be a slightly vampy look to whoever plays maleficent. I think meryl streep could also execute it perfectly if she were younger however, i do think that currently angelina would be the best choice

Tristan on Jun 11, 2011


Whoever wrote this article didn't know what they were talking about. Maleficent is not an evil queen that is the bad guy from snow white, she is actually an evil faery/sorceress. And they must really have their wires crossed because again, this is not snow white this is sleeping beauty, I know it's an honest mistake, but if you are writing an article, make sure your information is correct.

Gottolovejack on May 17, 2011


Tim Burton.  If you can't get him, get Tim Burton instead.

Marcheline on May 17, 2011


They should just hire the set designer or lead development artist as the director, the end result would be indistinguishable from any tim burton film. Probably cheaper and shorter as well.

Lebowski on May 17, 2011


Thats how we got Mike Myers Cat In the Hat

Lane on May 17, 2011


I thought Burton was doing Monsterpocalypse? 

jah p on May 17, 2011


I love Tim Burton and Johnny Depp ~Angelina Jolie not so much. I've always wanted a Maleficent costume for halloween though.. she is one of my favorite disney villians, the movie is a great idea.

CharlotteChamberlain on May 22, 2011


they need to leave Maleficent alone....they will only f**k up her image! But if it's going to happen, I'd like to see Famke Jansen

Spardigus on May 24, 2011


Jolie is perfect for the role. She's probably the only actress which could make this concept interesting and successful. I'd love Tim Burton though.

Anonymous on May 28, 2011


An Idea...Milla should do it. She can show the proper stance, and certainly give a speech, which is a noted thing Maleficent does. She has the pale skin, and can easily fit the part. Tim Burton's Alice movie was a fantastic piece of work. I think the disappointment was mostly it was not in tune with the Alice In Wonderland story. What most did not realize was it was basically the second book, rather than a remake of the animated film. I got to liking it a lot better when I deemed it as more of a sequel.

Finalfantasykingdom on Sep 15, 2011


Okay So I Read all this Thread and I just want to Say Tim Burton is a Great Choice for Director But I would really like a Director that can Bring Out the Evil Creepy Yet Seductiveness to this Character and Her Surroundings and Make it an Epic Production But I have to Say Angelina Jolie is the Perfect Woman to bring this Cartoon Character to Life She Has that Evil Look and can give great Voice She Not Only has that Sex Appeal that Maleficent has but Scared to Death Undertone that the Cartoon has Maleficent is My Favorite Villain I have always found Her Sexy Since I was a Kid and can Not wait for it to come out

Babyblueeyesjayce7 on Oct 31, 2011

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