Tom Cruise in Talks to Star in 'One Shot' for Christopher McQuarrie

June 13, 2011
Source: Deadline

Tom Cruise

We already know the actor has committed to star in Universal's big budget sci-fi project Horizons (the project formerly known as Oblivion from Tron Legacy director Joseph Kosinski), but Tom Cruise might get another project off the ground before then. Deadline reports Cruise is negotiating with Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions to star in One Shot, an adaptation of Lee Child's novel of the same name which features the author's recurring character, former military policeman-turned drifter Jack Reacher. Some fans may be scratching their heads at Cruise's potential casting. Find out why below!

The recurring character who appears in fifteen of Child's novels is described in the books as being 6'5" and weighing in at 250 pounds. Cruise certainly isn't the tallest actor in Hollywood (quite the opposite) and while he's physically fit, he certainly doesn't get anywhere near a beefy 250 pounds. Of course, a big name actor taking on a popular book franchise will get butts in the seats, so that's the way the cookie crumbles. Anyway the author is behind the casting all the way saying, "Reacher's size in the books is a metaphor for an unstoppable force, which Cruise portrays in his own way." Here's what kind of trouble Reacher gets into as per the book's official synopsis:

In the book's gripping opening, five people are killed when a shooter opens fire in a small unnamed Indiana city. But when ex-infantry specialist James Barr is apprehended, he refuses to talk, saying only, "Get Jack Reacher for me." But Reacher's already en route; having seen a news story on the shooting, he heads to the scene with disturbing news of his own: "[Barr's] done this before. And once was enough." Nothing is what it seems in the riveting puzzle, as vivid set pieces and rapid-fire dialogue culminate in a slam-bang showdown in the villains' lair.

In addition, the film will reunite Cruise with Valkyrie writer Christopher McQuarrie who will be directing from his own script (his first directing gig since The Way of the Gun in 2000). If a deal with Cruise comes together quickly, the film will shoot later this year. However, since Horizons is already slated to start production in January of 2012, if One Shot can't come together in time, it will shoot after Cruise finishes the sci-fi flick at Universal. This sounds like it's just a grittier version of something we've seen Cruise do already in the Mission Impossible franchise, but I guess he's been a fan of the series for awhile. Interested?

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6'5" and 250lbs?  Dwayne Johnson. Hell, Chris Hemsworth would sell just as many tickets as Cruise coming off the buzz from Thor. Only other person I can think of is Alexander Skarsgard. He's got the height and could pull of the military vibe a la Generation Kill. 

Jfc3po on Jun 14, 2011


This is one of the worst casting choices I've ever heard. I've read nearly all of Lee Child's Jack Reacher series and Tom Cruise would be the last person who I would see playing Reacher. The best choice in my book would be Jason Statham. But as Jfc3po had said earlier even Dwayne Johnson and Chris Hemsworth would do. Anyone of those fellows would be miles better than Cruise. I don't know what Child was thinking endorsing the Cruise casting; I think he is a bit too desperate to get the film made.

Andy on Jun 14, 2011


If the author likes it, what's the issue... Cruise would do good.

face on Jun 14, 2011


Read the books and then you'll understand. As for why the author like it, it could be money or recognition or both. My respect for Child just went down several notches. Child, through out the entirety of his novels went on to portray Reacher as this gorilla of a guy with a soft spot for the weak and feeble. Say nothing, do nothing, don't react unless provoked. And when he does react its an explosion of violence that leaves everyone down in a heap. Can't see Cruise in that role, ever.

Andy on Jun 14, 2011


I'm with Andy here - horrible casting choice - and I've read every single Lee Child Novel... kinda shocking that Child allowed Cruise to be cast.....

Lars on Jun 14, 2011


Christopher McQuarrie's script have great depth.  There are very few script writers who are aware of what depth belongs in a script.  This is why he's starting to make the millions, it's been a long time coming.

cape on Jun 14, 2011


I agree with Andy and Lars. Tom wont cut it

Goterdone101 on Jun 14, 2011


Mickey Rourke all the way.

Loser on Jun 14, 2011


50 Hugh Jackman could pull it off

Goterdone101 on Jun 14, 2011


How about Thomas Jane? He was The Punisher? Haven't read this series of books but he's big and can act....

Jasong609 on Jun 14, 2011


I'm not sure I agree with Ray Stevenson being able to handle it, is he big enough? Reacher is a BIG guy. Thomas Jane (While I loved the Punisher) just doesn't have the acting capability to do this justice, I realize that Reacher isn't a very complex charcter - but he's one SMART Mfer, not sure I see that in TJ, The only one I like so far is Goterdone101's suggestion of Hugh Jackman... guy comes off as smart, and tough a good mix. Cliched as this may sound I actually would like to see Dwayne Johnson handle the role - I just again don't see him as smart enough.... we need a guy that's HUGE, and smart.... and has a few good looks too thrown in for the ladies that Reacher is always getting... just my two cents

Lars on Jun 14, 2011


Thomas Jane has shown some good depth in the HBO series, HUNG. Another candidate could be Christian Bale. He's definitely got the chops for it.

Jasong609 on Jun 14, 2011


Tom Cruise woud do great. Did you see him in Magnolia?

Joxe on Jun 14, 2011


not questioning his ability as an actor - it's his fit in this role I don't agree with, also I wasn't actually a fan of Magnolia...

Verbal1781 on Jun 17, 2011


Sounds like Ray Stevenson could pull this off and needs it. I dig Tom, even if he comes off nutty as all hell in real life, as an actor he is the quintessential movie star. I'd enjoy Tom going back to finishing Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles as Lestat.

Johnny Neat on Jun 14, 2011


Ray Stevenson could easily pull it off - Punisher War Zone & Rome Chris Hemsworth is a good suggestion Sam Worthington could also bulk up to a larger mass I'd love to see a young Terrance Stamp or Bob Hoskins - epitome an explosion of violence. 

Harm on Jun 15, 2011


Sam Worthington could pull this off - agreed 100% with that recommendation

Verbal1781 on Jun 17, 2011


People are judging Cruise based on his personal life, how many of you have seen Collateral, Born on the fourth of July, or any of the M: I movies? Basically Cruise can act from bad guy to action hero to anything you want to see him portray, I think he he can obviously handle this more than an Australian superhero movie actor or a guy known only for his muscles. 

Raul Perez on Jun 15, 2011


Certainly not judging him based on his personal life. Though I do have to agree with you - he's crazy. I honestly think that that's what makes  him a good actor.... Having said that - every actor can't work with every role. It's not about Cruise's ability to act, it's about the character he is portraying that I disagree with. Jack Reacher is a HUGE guy - literally a foot taller than cruise, he's a walking brick wall of a guy, he's meant to intimidate people as he walks into a situation, that subtlety to the charactor in the situations Child wrote for him will be lost, losing that loses the allure of seeing his character on the big screen. Hope I've made myself clear....

Verbal1781 on Jun 17, 2011


I thought this was a bad joke. I have read every jack reacher novel, and there is jus no way of getting around the fact that reacher is huge. I like Cruise, in most of his movies, the simple fact is though, he doesnt fit the reacher role based on  appearance and size. This is crazy!

Gideon_p on Jun 19, 2011


No, no, no ... I just can't see Cruise in this role. And there is no need to use him. Face it, he simply is not the top A-lister that he once was. His presence doesn't guarantee butts in the theater seats.

Anonymous on Jun 20, 2011

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