Tom Hanks Says Another 'Toy Story' Apparently Already in the Works

June 27, 2011

Toy Story

Back when we initially heard about the Toy Story centric short that's currently playing in front of Cars 2, director Lee Unkrich, the man behind the touching Toy Story 3 had said that shorts like that were a way to keep characters like Woody and Buzz Lightyear around, but that Toy Story 4 seemed unlikely and no plans had been hatched for the sequel. Well, things may have changed a bit at Pixar Animation Studios as AICN learned from some of their readers in the United Kingdom that Tom Hanks recently appeared on BBC's "Breakfast Show" and said that another Toy Story sequel is apparently in the works right now. What?!

When asked about the possibility of a Toy Story 4, the charismatic Hanks said, "I think there will be, yeah.  Yeah, yeah, they're working on it now.  There you go." This seems like kind of a big deal to not have been announced by Pixar already, but if anyone would be on the right side of information it would be Tom Hanks, the voice of everyone's favorite cowboy Woody. Honestly though, Toy Story 3 had such a heart-warming conclusion that I'm not sure I would want to see another adventure with Andy's toys, no matter how good the story might sound.

Of course, if the demand from audiences is there, and people keep turning up for sequels like they did with Cars 2 this weekend, then Pixar may just become another part of the system with a slew of sequels. Personally, I'm far more interested in their original films rather than more sequels, but you know there's plenty of kids and parents who will turn up for more Toy Story. There's always a chance Tom Hanks is wrong, so we'll try to keep you updated. Would you see another Toy Story sequel?

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I don't think I'll like another sequel after the ending of Toy Story 3

Marco Mo on Jun 27, 2011


Please don't do a sequel.

M.K. Nielsen on Jun 27, 2011


Right, Pixar, you're officially fucking dead to me now. Iger, Lasseter, whoever might say "Who gives a fuck?" but I'll tell you who and what, your fans and your reputation was made with original films, films with stories that were instant classics upon release, now, going the way of Hollywood's incessant sequelizing, you've betrayed the people who have come to expect a class above current Hollywood standards. Even Dreamworks knew to pull the plug with Shrek's fourth outing.  RIP Pixar

ate on Jun 27, 2011


Completely different considering the fact that Shrek just got consistently worse, and Toy Story has done nothing but satisfy us with each film. I would look forward to another sequel with the new setting and new toys in the new child's house.

Mdiddy on Jun 27, 2011


But is that really worth devoting an entire film?  Unless they really up the ante with the story, I really don't see what they could do with these characters that couldn't be done in a 10-minute short.

SkaOreo on Jun 27, 2011


Wow ate, you have not heard of the new shrek universe movie comming out this year called puss n boots? The toy story sequels brought more depth and love to each character in the series as well as allowing you to fall in love with each new characters. What is your problem with pixar? that they are bringing more stories of kid's faviorate characters to the screen to impress them not the critics. obviously each film has done better than the last for a reason. And also it was fun to watch Andy grow up over the years like I did. (I was 5 when the first one came out, and I was in college when Andy was going to college.) 

markj765 on Jun 28, 2011


Money money money it's not funny...

Crapola on Jun 27, 2011


No more cars, no more Monsters, no more repeats until they make an Incredibles sequel for chrissakes. C'mon Pixar!!!!!

Voice of Reason on Jun 27, 2011


Dying for sequel to The Incredibles. Actually would like to see a Finding Nemo sequel before Toy Story 4

Mdiddy on Jun 27, 2011


I think they ended perfectly. And another one is not necessary. But if they can deliver something 'new' and refreshing I am all in! And you can always depend on Pixar to deliver. 

Ron on Jun 27, 2011


I bet Tim Allen just did a backflip. Whatever, people will see this. It'll probably be pretty fucking great, too.

Cracky on Jun 27, 2011


Ha Ha!!! "Wooo Hoo! I ain't gotta do another Santa Clause movie... for a few more years" Someday Tim Allen will grow up and realize he can portray an actual adult in a movie, not just a middle-age man-child. With the right script and director, maybe even get himself a nomination.

Anonymous on Jun 28, 2011


No one expected Toy Story 3 to be the great movie it ended up being, so while I'm as pessimistic about sequels as anyone else, Pixar does have a record of showing us they can still make a sequel as heartfelt as the original.

DRM on Jun 27, 2011


Knew it.  I'm not really interested as a TS4 sounds like it'll just be the same damn movie, now with a new owner.  Pixar, just stop with the sequels and focus on making original films.

SkaOreo on Jun 27, 2011


I suppose it's for financial potential. Afterall it's not as if Toy Story's source material is a bunch of best selling novels (Potter, Rings etc.).

Jez on Jun 27, 2011


If they can come up with an original plot, it works for me. Personally, I believed that Toy Story 2 wasn't that bad (Plot Wise). If they can come up with some sort of cool and original adventure for the best toys ever, I'm in.  

Mac 306 on Jun 27, 2011


The image of that little boy in the dominos commercial when he is shown the pineapple pizza and runs away screaming comes to mind. "NO! NO! NOOOOOOOOOO!"

Chris Amaya on Jun 27, 2011


and the image of the little girl nailing the older lady in the face with a soccer ball comes to mind haha

Anonymous on Jun 28, 2011


I love how it just ends as it smashed into her face. 

Chris Amaya on Jun 28, 2011


Link to interview below - the scoop comes right at the end.

AB on Jun 27, 2011


must be disneys idea to ruin a pixar franchise and create more sequels for money

Dickymouse on Jun 28, 2011


Well after 3 I was fine with it ending on a high note as it was a good trilogy but my Fiancee and I felt 3 left off where 4 could start with Bonnie taking over for Andy in a sense. Anyhow looking forward to where they can and do go. The kids and us love it.

Johnny Neat on Jun 27, 2011


really whats with the back lash from everyone while watching the toy story short no one was wishing they were watching toy story 4 like I was rather than cars 2 the short was great and I thought the series progressed well rather than weaken. Please bring on toy story 4 whats up with all the pixar haters seriously????

Markj765 on Jun 28, 2011


I want to see The Incredibles 2 dammit!

Anonymous on Jun 28, 2011


Yes I would really want to see a Toy Story 4 it sounds like the movie will be great if Tom is right.

Nancymooney5 on Jun 28, 2011


I would rather see a sequel to the Incredibles first. Its too soon to make another Toy Story sequel, especially since the third wrapped the franchise up quite nicely. They would really have to up the ante as far as story goes for it not to be a fail.

Lamar on Jun 28, 2011


sounds like Incredibles sequel is all anybody wants to see but If Pixar decide to carry this on in a new environment of Bonnie's house/life then i'm all for it, in Pixar we trust.

Alex J Moore on Jun 29, 2011


Yes I would i dont care what anyone else says

DaniMerr on Nov 17, 2012

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