Toronto Review: Bobcat Goldthwait's Wild, Violent 'God Bless America'

September 10, 2011

God Bless America Review

There are lots of black comedies, which are usually quite edgy, then there are really, really black comedies, and Bobcat Goldthwait (of Sleeping Dogs Lie, World's Greatest Dad) is one of the kings of those very black comedies. God Bless America is his newest film and it makes quite a bit of fun of America, as if it were Bobcat's rant against the endless idiocy found there, but it's also hilarious in dark—very dark—ways. My first thought is that it's this year's Super (from James Gunn), in terms of the violence and craziness, and its light, amusing tone throughout, but I laughed quite a bit more during this film that I did in that comedy.

Bobcat's God Bless America is is pretty much the ultimate anti-American culture catharsis film, in the fullest extent. A middle-aged man named Frank (played by Joel Murray) loses his job, considers killing himself first, but then takes his gun and starts offing people who "deserve to die", starting with a bratty, spoiled girl who was unhappy by the super sweet 16 birthday party her rich parents threw for her (like that MTV show). Along the way he meets a 14 year old girl named Roxy (played by Tara Lynne Barr) who has the same hate for the stupidity and ridiculousness of modern American culture, and the two go on a roadtrip to stay away from the law and hunt down anyone they don't like. As demented and vicious as this sounds, it's the perfect concept for a black comedy, and if you can sit back and enjoy that insanity, you'll enjoy this as much as I did.

The film is packed full of references and it makes fun of everything from American Idol to Juno and Diablo Cody to energy drinks to every absurd part of American culture that, if you're from Europe, you probably already make fun of. But if you are American, you've probably always wanted to make fun of that stuff and laugh at how absurd all of it is, but haven't had the chance (or have been afraid to). It's not the best film, it gets a bit repetitive with the constant barrage of American pop culture, and the second half slows down and loses the momentum it built, but it's a wild ride and totally worth seeing if you love the very dark, brutally honest humor that Bobcat does so well. It has a bit of Idiocracy to it, along with Gunn's Super, and even Bonnie & Clyde or Natural Born Killers, with some genuine Bobcat wackiness thrown in for good measure.

Since I personally do enjoy those kind of black comedies, especially ones that make fun my own country and culture, I had a great time watching God Bless America, laughing more than I have in a comedy in a while. It might've also helped that the audience was mostly Canadian and they were really in for the ride, laughing often and applauding some of the jokes and lines that honestly tell it like it is. It gets a little preachy at times, making it hard for everyone to enjoy, and repetitive or over-the-top with its mockery of American culture, but I thought it was hilarious. It's not as good as World's Greatest Dad, but it's definitely amusing.

Alex's Toronto Rating: 8 out of 10

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Yep ... DARK comedies have their places.

Anonymous on Sep 10, 2011


Damn, I totally thought he had died some years back (o_0). glad to know he hasn't, this sounds purdy intersting

Nero on Sep 11, 2011

3 ain't no Shakes The Clown!

tommyturner on Sep 11, 2011


Yeah, America has idiocy, not doubt about it, but so does every country....including almighty Canada.  Besides, it's stereotyping, as if we're ALL that way.  I despise many aspects of American culture, but there's making fun of it, and there's just being a self-righteous ass.......I do believe you fall into that category, Alex.

Jules on Sep 11, 2011


Agreed. There may be "endless idiocy" here, but there's also a lot of the best of humanity. Judging a country by the media it produces does great injustice to the, perhaps more hidden, good within it, and diminishes your own credibility. People are still fiercely proud to live here, Alex, and that pride has nothing to do with Jersey Shore. 

Justin on Sep 12, 2011


Ok, how about we judge it by the amount of homeless people? Because that is 54 million, or double the population of Australia. Or maybe we should judge it on income disparity, where the US ranks at a glorious 69th highest, just above Rwanda. RWANDA.

Lebowski on Sep 14, 2011


just watched worlds greatest dad and loved that! wish it got more press so robin williams would regain his kudos as an actor. but yeah looking forward to this too

curious cat on Sep 12, 2011

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