Two Sleek Character Posters Revealed for Fox's 'X-Men: First Class'!

February 28, 2011
Source: Comic Book Movie

X-Men: First Class

We've already seen the first sleek trailer for this summer's anticipated comic book flick X-Men: First Class, but now the marketing machine is getting into full swing with the film's June 3rd release date inching closer and closer. Today we have two fantastic character posters that take the same approach as the first trailer by focusing on who Magneto and Professor X were before they became two of the most powerful mutants the world has ever seen. The reflections of the two mutants can be seen in puddles of water as Erik Lehnsherr and Charles Xavier pose dramatically. Check out both posters below!

Here's the two new posters courtesy of Comic Book Movie:

X-Men: First Class Poster: Magneto

X-Men: First Class Poster: Professor X

X-Men: First Class is directed by British director Matthew Vaughn, of Layer Cake, Stardust and Kick-Ass. Bryan Singer, director of X-Men 1 and 2, is producing and wrote the story. TheĀ  screenplay was written by quite a few writers, including Josh Schwartz ("Gossip Girl" & "Chuck"), Jamie Moss (Street Kings), Ashley Miller ("Fringe", Thor), Zack Stentz, and finally Jane Goldman (Kick-Ass). Marv Films & 20th Century Fox are bringing X-Men: First Class to theaters everywhere starting June 3rd this summer. Thoughts?

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I like the overall feel of these, however, i am not a fan of the typography on the bottom - it looks great but a little too sleek for this film. I sorta feel like it would have went better with the original two films. nit-picking i know.

alejo on Feb 28, 2011



Mattias K. Nielsen on Feb 28, 2011


we get it, it's a prequel...

Eric on Mar 1, 2011


LOL, yeah...And I'm not sure they should force that association on us, the other movies weren't all that great.

Anonymous on Mar 1, 2011


Before he was in retirement home he looked like a British guy! Before he was crippled he could walk!

i have no name on Mar 1, 2011


looks extremely photo shopped. lol. The text on teh top, i feel like should tilt along with the over all poster. it just looks off that its horizontal while the entire thing is tilted. plus i feel like alot of posters these days are jacking off of inception poster, where all the characters are fare off and the image is tilted at a weird angle...

Roderick on Mar 1, 2011


Yes, but at least they look photoshopped in a good way, rather than the usual oversized heads or hands.

Craig on Mar 1, 2011


Some of the most beautiful posters I've seen in a while.

Craig on Mar 1, 2011


I understand that Erik was imprisoned at Auschwitz, but this might cause a bit of controversy.

mike on Mar 1, 2011


The concept is cool, but not unseen before. I recall that when Star Wars Episode I came out, they released a teaser poster featuring young Anakin walking away from his Tatooine home, and the shadow that he cast upon the hut was the silhouette of Darth Vader. It was simple. Effective. While these try to grasp that idea, and do so with some rather beautiful settings, they lack the charm and ominousness that the Star Wars poster had.

gpak on Mar 1, 2011


Professor X needs to look into his reflection and realize hes going to be paralyzed for the rest of his life. and if they throw in how Erik was saved from Auschwitz it'll be completely bad ass

Anonymous on Mar 1, 2011


no. this film was ruined before its production. nothing can save it.

Joe on Mar 1, 2011


man how weird would these posters be if they didnt have puddles in front of them! i would be totally lost.....

Croniccris on Mar 1, 2011


just.......amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how cud any1 dislike it??

Nans2693 on Mar 1, 2011


Very much looking forward

HdWaLlPapEr on Mar 1, 2011


Before Ratner ruined it there was Singer

WB EXEC on Mar 1, 2011


I like it 'cause it's a pretty colorful attempt to a movie poster for a movie like this.

Matt NotDamon on Mar 1, 2011


Why are there bodies with big flying heads stuck on onto these posters ? That looks so amateurish... Colors will make me puke if I keep looking at it any longer.

Emmanuel on Mar 3, 2011


As a matter a fact they do have the usual oversized heads of the most recent photoshopped posters. Take a good look at Eric... he looks like is the crippled one with is little body and skinny legs...

Pedro Insider on Mar 3, 2011


This is how you make posters for movies, i have faith this movie is gonna own.

Fisherr on Mar 6, 2011

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