Tyler Perry will Lead Adaptation of 'I, Alex Cross' from Rob Cohen

February 1, 2011
Source: Deadline

Tyler Perry / I, Alex Cross

We've already seen Morgan Freeman play James Patterson's detective/psychologist character Alex Cross in adaptations like Kiss the Girls and Along Came a Spider. However, Deadline reports a younger version of the character will hit the big screen in an adaptation of Patterson's novel I, Alex Cross. In addition, Cross will now be played by none other than Madea Tyler Perry and brought to the big screen by director Rob Cohen (Fast and the Furious). The project doesn't have a distributor yet, but considering Perry's popularity at the box office, and Patterson's long list of best-selling novels, a deal will likely be made at a studio soon.

With much of the same tone as the aforementioned adaptations of Patterson's novels, here's a rundown of the story which is actually the 16th novel featuring the signature character:

Word that an estranged 24-year-old niece, Caroline Cross, has been murdered disturbs Alex Cross's birthday party. To make that horror even worse, the killer fed Caroline's body through a wood chipper. Cross soon discovers that Caroline supported herself as a high-price escort for Washington, D.C.'s elite, and that other women who served similar clients have turned up missing. Cross's investigation soon attracts the attention of the feds, and he concludes that Zeus is better connected than most of the psychopaths he's brought to justice.

This material is a far cry from Perry's previous work (especially as an actor) from putting on a house dress, wig and glasses as the motherly Madea in many of the films he's also directed. The real test will be if he can bring the dramatic weight to the story and character that someone like Idris Elba would have brought to the table. As a matter of fact, Elba was actually the choice to play Cross in an adaptation of the same novel with David Twohy (A Perfect Getaway, Pitch Black) directing instead. Apparently the prospect of Perry being teamed with Rob Cohen was more enticing, though I feel very much opposed to that decision. What do you think?

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not bad

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


not bad

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


Just waiting for the racist comment I know there coming

TheJ on Feb 1, 2011


lolll! Why are you doing that? loll TheJ You remind me of people who constantly scan things around the globe for the same reason. Of course they will find their evidences. You always find what you are looking for.. Having said that, I think Elba has more of a credibility when it comes to action than Perry....but on the other hand Perry has a bigger fan base; especially in the Black community. But when it is all said and done, it's not only the Blacks that go to the cinemas , so the smarter choice would have been a guy like Elba. However, if they can successfully market Perry to wider audiences before the release, so be it.The material has already a fanbase, so it probably won't matter much. A bit like the James Bond movies...regardless of who they chose, as long as he is muscular and tough, they will always be takers... More power to them though!

Gh on Feb 1, 2011


What a joke.

Craig on Feb 1, 2011


not a fan of perry and the story seems like i've heard it ( or a variation of it) many times before. i'll wait for the trailer. it might be a rental.

Anonymous on Feb 1, 2011



Blue Silver on Feb 1, 2011


What the hell is wrong with them? Why replace Morgan Freeman?? Tyler Perry doesn't even look old enough to have a 24 year old niece. I have to agree with Craig and Blue Silver.

Jedi on Feb 1, 2011


Bollocks. Read the books and you will see that Freeman was a horrible casting decision for Alex Cross. (Not that Perry will necessarily be a good decicion either)

givorden on Feb 2, 2011


I would have like Idris better (American "Luther") but we'll see.

Lamar on Feb 1, 2011


I'm all for more Alex Cross on the big screen, really bad decision picking Perry for the part.

DwainIBe on Feb 2, 2011


We need Will Smith for this role not tyler perry this stinks any fan of the book knows what a tragedy this is but then again he couls play Alex Cross and his Grandmother.....just like Eddy /murphy on the naughty proffesor....the world is coming to an end ......boooooo mr perry booo to you dont ruin this film go make one of your film titled tyler perry presents a tyler perry productions starring tyller perry on the tyler perry why did i make this film ...tyler perry

Macc49ers on Feb 2, 2011


Well if everyone is finished pussy-aching and taking pop shots then you might realize that Tyler Perry has played other roles than Madea. I'm not sure if he was the best choice for this film, but let's not act like Idris Elba is the greatest classically trained thespian either and I'm pretty sure I read somebody suggest "America's Favorite Go To Black Guy" Will Smith which is laughable because just a couple years ago he was nothing but a comedy actor himself. I'm a fan of the books and I'm excited to see what comes of it.

.............. on Feb 2, 2011

14 The email address above for the company that aquired the rights. Make them know your feelings about one of the most moronic casting choices ever!!

One Mans Opinion on Feb 3, 2011

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