Van Damme's New Action Film 'Assassination Games' Official Trailer

July 4, 2011

Assassination Games Trailer

"If I overreacted, you'd be dead." Yes! How about some Jean-Claude Van Damme to spice up your long weekend. I recently stumbled across this official trailer for an upcoming JCVD flick called Assassination Games that co-stars Scott Adkins (seen in Bourne Ultimatum, Wolverine, The Tournament). While this may look a little direct-to-DVD, apparently it is getting a limited theatrical release in the US this month. It's Van Damme's first theatrical action movie in the US in over a decade (besides Universal Soldier) and his latest theatrical film since JCVD. There's lots of action and big fights, and loud music, so have fun with this!

Check out the latest official trailer for Ernie Barbarash's Assassination Games (via YouTube):

(The sound is quite bad and that's how it originally came, but we'll update it soon as possible.)

Rival assassins (Van Damme, Adkins), each of whom are masters of their respective weapons, form an uneasy alliance in their mission to take down a DEA-backed drug cartel. Mediapro Studios and MPCA's Assassination Games was directed by Ernie Barbarash (Cube Zero, Stir of Echoes 2, They Wait, Hardwired) from a screenplay by Aaron Rahsaan Thomas (Cover, Peeping Tom, "CSI: NY"). Samuel Goldwyn Films will supposedly be releasing this in limited theaters sometime in July, but we don't have an official release date or any info yet. Otherwise, we suggest visiting for more updates on all of JCVD's films.

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The sound is awful!!! and I love van-damme but why does he always look so depressed and grumpy - he was so lively in the tv show and when he was younger.

Dom on Jul 4, 2011


i'm willing to bet that he looks so depressed and grumpy because he destroyed his personal life, his career, he's a step above flat broke and in case you didn't read the article-no theatrical releases in a decade. just a hunch though

astroboy3000 on Jul 5, 2011


Yeah, he's the Belgian Steven Seagal.

Stevebeer60 on Jul 22, 2011


Well, I hope a better version of the trailer will be posted, because I couldn't understand a thing

Anonymous on Jul 4, 2011


Yea I know, the sound is terrible. Every version I went through on YouTube sounded the same, I just think that's how the trailer came, sadly.

Alex Billington on Jul 4, 2011


errr. it has an IGN watermark, why not just embed IGN's version?

Shikaka on Jul 4, 2011


nevermind, the sound in the trailer on their site is fudged to. I guess some PR rep doesn't know how to encode a video for distro properly

Shikaka on Jul 4, 2011


Yep... Let me know if you do find a better version of this and I'll update it! Or maybe this is just how they want it to sound... 😛

Alex Billington on Jul 5, 2011


Aren't we past narrations like this in trailers, yet?

Neuromancer on Jul 4, 2011


Pablo Fransisco narrating?

Anonymous on Jul 4, 2011


My friend always wanted Van Damme to play Wolverine. He has the body type atleast. 

Loser on Jul 4, 2011


i thought Van Damme was on the right path with JCVD but this looks like his usual shit, love Adkins too but never saw him in something watchable since undisputed 2

Kelly on Jul 4, 2011


undisputed 3 was good too. Boyka kicks ass and chews bubble gum.

redguy on Jul 5, 2011


trailer felt like a tv movie

joshp on Jul 4, 2011


Whats up with the sepia colour filter??

Ron on Jul 4, 2011


Trailer imperfections aside, this flick looks like the usual DTV fare Van Damme has been putting out for quite some time. The synopsis reminds me of the upcoming Stallone/Hill flick, "Headshot", or "Bullet to the Head",(whatever the title is)-- in addition to so much action fare from past years. I am glad to see  Van Damme walking baby steps towards the big screen and getting more press. At least, this'll get a limited run; perhaps, to prime audiences for his grand return ("The Expendables 2", maybe. I'd like to see his involvement confirmed). If, "Assassination Games", gets a theatrical release in my city, I'll be there! 

Spider on Jul 5, 2011


That voice over was just god awful. 

Cody W. on Jul 5, 2011


Guys, the trailer in the article is NOT the original one. It has some music added ON TOP OF IT by someone! Here's the ORIGINAL trailer:

VM on Jul 5, 2011


Sorry, the HD version was taken offline. Here's the ORIGINAL trailer, but it's not HD: At least you can hear the actors in this version.

VM on Jul 5, 2011


...very amateur, but i never say no to scott adkins, he's the best of the best and it's a shame he doesn't get more roles in big budget movies. Go go Boyka 🙂

redguy on Jul 5, 2011


Van Damme was great in 90s. Now he is looking like an amateur comparing with Statham, let's say. 

whatafy on Jul 5, 2011


Screw anybody that doesn't think this is pure awesomeness.

Powerfunk on Jul 7, 2011


Why Van Damme, why? After JCVD you had a chance to move past such lame productions.

Johnny Neat on Jul 7, 2011


Gonna b awesome would go and see it at movies but sure we wont get it here in OZ!

Donza1978 on Jul 8, 2011


Poor JCVD. I like him I was 8.

Mr Batist on Jul 11, 2011


wats the name of the trailer music

hassaan on Jul 27, 2011


wats the name of the trailer music

hassaan on Aug 24, 2011


its good 

Brian Wolf Baker5 on Dec 20, 2011

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