Video Blog: James Cameron's 'Titanic' in 3D Footage Truly Impresses

October 28, 2011

Titanic 3D

I know what you're thinking. James Cameron's Titanic in 3D? Come on, really? But bear with, it's actually not that bad. I was invited to the Paramount lot this morning to see about 18 minutes of converted 3D footage and a brief intro/Q&A with James Cameron and producer Jon Landau. Most already know I'm not a fan of 3D in general (especially converted 3D), but I will honestly say this was impressive. Cameron showed scenes to "jog our memory" of the movie, and he certainly did, as most of us in attendance this morning were considerably impressed by how good Titanic looked in 3D. Video blog and more info below!

Following the presentation of footage and a rather short Q&A afterwards, I met up with my good friends Peter from SlashFilm and Frosty from Collider (in the Paramount parking lot) to record a video blog on our thoughts. We're all die-hard movie fans (and James Cameron fans) who've seen Titanic numerous times and none of us are too keen on converted 3D normally, but we all had some great things to say. Watch here:

For those interested, Paramount is re-releasing Titanic (first out in 1997) in theaters on April 6th, 2012, four days before the 100th Anniversary of the real ship's departure on April 10th, 1912. They're releasing it in 3D nationwide, IMAX, and also in 2D, featuring a fully digitally re-mastered 4K print that Cameron says looks better than it ever has before. Cameron also said at the beginning that his motivation for doing this was to get Titanic back into theaters, where audiences should truly be seeing it, not so much the 3D aspect alone. But since he's been involved anyway, they "painstakingly" converted it into 3D spending 60 weeks and $18 million with two conversion companies to make it look as good as it does in 3D. And it looks great.

It's obviously challenging to convince anyone converted 3D looks good unless you see it with your own two eyes, but Cameron explained it best. He said that the Titanic 3D conversion, while not perfect and not fully there, is about "2.99D" (instead of "3D"). But by comparison, most post-converted movies only ever come as close to around "2.4D", so this is still a drastic step up and you'll notice it, especially if you've seen the movie over and over. I'm already planning to catch this when it's released, it's an immersive experience, and James Cameron has once again hooked me into his latest project, even if it's just another new 3D re-release.

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Titanic came out 14 years ago and James Cameron is still milking it. Until recently, he was still milking Avatar as well. Anyone who goes to see this is still living in the past. He has got to be the greediest man in Hollywood. All those billions of dollars are not enough for him and he is still not satisfied. You don't see Nolan and Abrams milking Batman and Star Trek.

Denise on Oct 28, 2011


I'd like to introduce you to my friend, you may have heard of him. His name is Lucas.  George Lucas.

Phillip Gockel on Oct 28, 2011


don't forget celine dion - that one overly sentimental song from the movie helped her milk millions from a career that literally has very few original hits.

Anonymous on Oct 28, 2011


Greediest Man? George Lucas much?

BBrown on Oct 28, 2011


Anybody who goes to see Titanic, (a movie about a ship that sank 100 years ago) is living in the past!. That's kind of the idea isn't it?

guest on Jan 10, 2012


I thought Cameron was against converted 3D movies?

Nathan on Oct 28, 2011


He is (he even mentioned it a few times during the Q&A) but that's why they went through an extensive process to make sure this conversion was about as good as they could get it to real 3D. He explained his issues and said it's all about the time and attention to detail.

Alex Billington on Oct 28, 2011


Aw man, if there's nothing I love more than 3d, it's terrible Irish stereotypes dancing and playing shoogledy-hoogledy music and then drowning. I'm a little sad James Cameron did this, but I suppose My Heart Will Go Oooooon!

Crapola on Oct 28, 2011


i feel really bad for the avengers now

Dpramroop on Oct 29, 2011


Wha? Why so? You mean Marvel's Avengers?

Alex Billington on Oct 29, 2011


dude i want to see avengers,i want to see tdkr, but lets face facts here, titanic in 3d will make a boat load till august, it ,might  surpass the $1.8 billion and then break avatar record of $2.7 billion, point I'm trying to say, movies need push back release dates, there is no stopping that movie. 

Dpramroop on Oct 31, 2011


just out of curiousity, did he happen to mention which two studios were doing the 3D conversion?

Brian on Oct 30, 2011


Star Wars 3D and Titanic 3D in the box office octagon... What a sad state cinema is in.

rennmaxbeta on Oct 31, 2011


noland milk  batman too thats why it made  billion dollars. so if u dont know u need to shut up say what ever u say but this movie is going to make alot of money whether u like it or not his the man.

Mosquedajesus49 on Oct 31, 2011


Actually I want to see it in 3D. I think we can see it in a different light.

Kim Olinuk on Oct 31, 2011


Its odd that he suddenly changed his views about converting into 3D... Anyways my estimate is  that it tops at #2 in the box office then everyone forgets about it. I mean those who love this movie already own it on DvD how much incentive could they really have to go see it with 1 or 2 scenes augmented by the effects of 3D.

Courtney Term on Dec 7, 2011

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