Video Blog: 'The Dark Knight Rises' IMAX Prologue was Exhilarating!

December 9, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises - Bane

Earlier tonight I was invited to come see The Dark Knight Rises six-minute IMAX prologue in glorious full-screen film-projected IMAX. As many know, I am a huge fan of Chris Nolan and his Batman series, and I love The Dark Knight. I wasn't sure what to expect and I haven't been looking at any set photos, so this was all a surprise for me and it was amazing—even for only six minutes! The footage was personally introduced by Nolan himself, who I got to meet after. I won't spoil the experience of watching it unfold, but this is something you must—at any cost—see in full IMAX, it is absolutely exhilarating, your jaw will drop.

While I could fire off countless hyperbolic adjective after another in text, I'd rather speak my mind, so we recorded a video blog after the event inside the IMAX theater with Peter Sciretta from SlashFilm and Steve Weintraub from Collider. We all talk about how much the prologue amazed us, plus a few minor complaints, and how it compares to The Dark Knight prologue, which is a tough question to ask but one that will come up a lot. As expected, we all thought it was awesome. Watch our TDKR prologue video blog here:

The prologue, which runs six minutes and includes a brief one-minute montage of IMAX footage from later in the film, introduces us to the character of Bane, played by Tom Hardy. You must see for yourself exactly how that introduction is handled, but as Nolan has explained, it's the opening of the movie and it also gives us an idea of the feel and where this is headed. And holy shit, does it look unbelievably awesome. Nolan introduced this by speaking about how seeing films shot on film-stock IMAX brings back the "grandeur" of cinema, that "larger-than-life" experience he had watching movies as a kid. That is certainly the case here, as this is truly nothing grander than see an incredible action scene shot in IMAX, it all looks so stunning.

Even though it was only a brief six-minute tease, and admittedly I have a tendency to get easily hyped by Nolan's films, I believe there are hints in here that he has pulled off what we all thought was impossible - making a movie to even top The Dark Knight. There's even a few shots of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman (with pointy ears - which will be a huge discussion point for many), some shots of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and of course Tom Hardy as Bane, who speaks (in this prologue) using a distorted, digitized voice-box through his mask. My only complaint has to do with his voice, I couldn't understand some of what Bane was saying, it seemed mixed wrong, but either that's part of it or just the first pass. Besides that though, I loved it, every second, and I'm about ready to get back into full-on TDKR hype mode all the way until next July.

Finally, because I know this will be asked, how does this compare to The Dark Knight's opening Joker bank robbing prologue? My first impression is that I still like TDK's just a bit more. There's something about it, with Joker and how brilliant the robbery setup is, and while this one comes close it just can't top it. That said, once I see this one four or five more times, I might change my mind. The Dark Knight Rises prologue is playing select IMAX theaters starting December 16th. This is a cinematic experience you cannot miss!

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Dang it.  This isn't even gonna be in an Imax near me.   I guess I'll have to wait till the actual movie comes out. Which'll be fine with me, I guess.

Chazzy on Dec 8, 2011


SO jealous right now. Hype levels for this are so damn high right now in my circle of friends. Hell the other day we were even arguing the finer point's of Brandon's editorial post from 2009. (BTW Brandon saw the tweet and you are so right) This movie while it may not be what TDK was in many ways is still going to be something of a milestone movie. TDK was a whirlwind of a movie with ups and downs both in movie and the events surrounding it in the real world. Fairly or not it's been put on a pedestal due to Ledger's death and some people I am sure feel that TDKR can't compare due to that. But with the brilliant move to advance time so far in the movie confirmed now I think this has the ultimate shot at becoming the perfect wrap up to the Nolan Batman universe. Really can not wait to get out and see the IMAX prologue and be able to dissect this more. But right now from what I am able to gather Nolan and crew have done it again. And so glad in the video you touched on the score for the movie. TDK had an amazing score and I can't wait to see what has been done this time around for it. Man watching the video above again the excitement you guys have is making me just want to rush out right now. 

Raymond Morse on Dec 8, 2011


Alex, your geeking out is hilarious. Can't wait to see this prologue!!!

Bryan Harley on Dec 8, 2011


So jealous,no imax here.

tir na nog on Dec 9, 2011


Alex! You bastard! I have to wait a whole week.  I thought it would be easy but now this post has raised my hype levels, so I have to deal with this level of excitement for another week.  Good one, mate 😛

Carlo on Dec 9, 2011


I don't even know what happens in the prologue but this still gave me a boner

yikeee$ on Dec 9, 2011


hehe going to see this on the 15th of dec,  auckland has it first. we problably wont even have a queue as its a small town! and only 1 small imax but im gonna love it!

truedat on Dec 9, 2011


This is lame, I think I'm going to take a vacation when the dark knight rises just to see it in IMAX

Chevyvara on Dec 9, 2011


Sadly, I don't think that the opening to this film could be half as amazing as that to The Dark Knight. There's never been anything like that opening. It's grown to be iconic.

Cianan on Dec 9, 2011


Jesus, could you nerd jizz in your pants much more?

Deathstar on Dec 9, 2011


Alex, are you sure that wasn't the prologue to Breaking Dawn Part 2? JK 🙂

Marcus on Dec 9, 2011



Voice of Reason on Dec 9, 2011


I read an article saying that that is how Bane is going to talk.  Supposedly Nolan himself said it will be almost impossible to fully understand Bane when he talks.

Brian Ricci Movie Review on Dec 9, 2011


Just like Gordon's mumbling then  🙂

Steven on Dec 9, 2011


Already bought my tix for M:I4 next Thursday at 9PM (before the midnight show). I'm counting down the hours!

thefutureofhollywood on Dec 9, 2011


Please just be as good as Dark Knight ,cause if this even better than Dark Knight I won't be able to enjoy other movies in the same genre EVER!!! 

TumM on Dec 9, 2011


you guys have done a great job of not revealing anything!

Digitals2354 on Dec 9, 2011


As bad as i wanna see this, I probably wont.  I wanna take the whole movie experience in at once. 

Anonymous on Dec 9, 2011


I won't bee seeing the Prologue until its too late, it's in Theaters here in Egypt when MI:GP comes out.

AHox on Dec 9, 2011


My excitement meter just exploded. Hard.

Anonymous on Dec 9, 2011


Maybe we'll be given special headphones to understand Bane. That would be kind of cool.

Jseathroo on Dec 10, 2011


Can't wait for July 20, this film is gonna dominate, for more on this film come over to

Yazmin Figueroa Torres on Jan 4, 2012


Check out this short film I found on YouTube - reminds me of INCEPTION and MEMENTO:

Abosco on Jan 21, 2012


Fanaticslive on Feb 14, 2012


Check out New Theme song for Dark Knight Rises Album:

Fanaticslive on Feb 14, 2012


Yeah, so it's three fans frothing over the prologue, but they have a point. I saw the prologue it it IS amazing! I thought Heath Ledger was formidable in the Dark Knight.... this film is going to blow you away by how amazingly dark and terrifying it is. Tom Hardy is not going to disappoint. This preview/prologue proved it. Scary as hell and more exciting than anything else coming out soon (the exception perhaps, being Prometheus). I certainly can't wait for The Dark Knight Rises, either.

Pacific707 on Mar 20, 2012


I'd have to agree with Pacific707 the two movies this summer to watch are this one and Prometheus. The only negative thing I have to say about the prologue was (as I was invited to see it too) that it was a little bit difficult to understand Tom Hardy's character. Hopefully that issue is worked out in post production and will no longer be an issue. PS if you guys want to see the new trailer in 3D check it out here: on Mar 23, 2012

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