Video Interview: SSgt. Nantz in 'Battle: Los Angeles' - Aaron Eckhart

March 8, 2011

Aaron Eckhart Interview

He's played Nick Naylor, Dr. Josh Keyes, Bill, and Harvey "Two-Face" Dent, but this weekend you'll see him as Staff Sargent Michael Nantz in Battle: Los Angeles, the new sci-fi action movie from director Jonathan Liebesman (who we have an interview with tomorrow). Aaron Eckhart has dedicated himself to Battle: LA and the character of Nantz since the start - he helped Liebesman shoot the test footage to get it greenlit and essentially became the leader of the ensemble cast when shooting down in New Orleans. I had the honor of interviewing Mr. Eckhart recently and we had a great chat about all things Battle: LA, so check it out below!

Watch our video interview with Battle: Los Angeles lead actor Aaron Eckhart:

Thanks to Sony and Aaron Eckhart for allowing me to shoot this with my Flip cam. As much as I admire his entire career, I stayed pretty much on topic with Battle: LA this time because I had so much to ask about, so we covered as much as possible in the time given. Battle: Los Angeles arrives in theaters this weekend and also stars an ensemble cast including: Bridget Moynahan, Michael Peña, Michelle Rodriguez, Ne-Yo, Ramon Rodriguez, Noel Fisher and Adetokumboh M'Cormack. I saw the movie and thought it was a totally kick ass non-stop-action flick that delivered exactly the kind of action I love seeing! Hope you enjoyed the interview.

Battle: Los Angeles Poster

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Cant wait

Barnaby Barrilla on Mar 9, 2011


I hate you Alex...I HATE YOU!!!! Why do you get to meet Aaron fucking Eckhart!?

Anonymous on Mar 9, 2011


Whoa whoa no need for all the hate! He's a cool guy, eh? What did you think? 🙂

Alex Billington on Mar 9, 2011


I love his enthusiasm for the film, I'm in...was already in but now that I know how much Eckhart believes in the film it makes me wanna see it even more.

Anonymous on Mar 9, 2011


Count me in as well. I have to admire Eckhart's devotion to the film; the fact that he is in it put it in the "check it out" category. And look, the man was fantastic in THE DARK KNIGHT and THANK YOU FOR SMOKING. Those are great movies!

Marc McKenzie on Mar 9, 2011


you got to see it? oh, i'm VERY jealous. this has already been a long week. i've got an excitement for this that is usually reserved for huge movies like "dark knight", "hobbit", or "LotR", friday is a great day for me - i'm closing my office to watch OSU basketball at noon and then going to dinner and this movie with friends in the evening!!!

Anonymous on Mar 9, 2011


It's great to see how much he believes in this project. That's what struck me about him, he seems very dedicated. He also seems extremely cool and gives great answers

Moviekidmike on Mar 9, 2011


I love him! Thank you for this.

Traveler on Mar 9, 2011


Like everyone else said, he seems like a really nice guy. He talks about picking teaching or father roles, and that part of his personality even came through in this interview. I'm not 100% sold on this movie, but I'd still like to support their hard work.

Anonymous on Mar 9, 2011


This made me even more pumped for this movie.

john s on Mar 9, 2011


yes this movie will be epicly awzome 😀

Anonymous on Mar 9, 2011


Im soooo excited for this movie. But unfortunately everytime I'm this excited for a movie it tends to disappoint. My prediction will be a low-med on the Rottentomatoes tomatometer. As he said in his interview he loved it for the action and nothing about the story. So I believe this movie will be all special effects/action and falls short on the story like 2012. I hope it at least lives up to the staying power of ID4, as of today still is the best alien invasion movie IMHO.

I love movies! on Mar 9, 2011


yeesh, i know there are a lot of haters on the site, but can you at least wait for the movie to come out before ripping it? how can you say that (unless you're very young) - i could name 100 movies off the top of my head that i've had mega-excitement for that ended up "delivering the goods". here - i'll throw out a few(and i won't even go back too many years) "saving private ryan"; "schindlers" list"; "shawshank redemption"; "dark knight"; "LotR movies". and i could name MANY more. think positive!

Anonymous on Mar 9, 2011


"Think positive".... Well-put advice, but nowadays, that's something a lot of 'Net lurkers either cannot--or will not--do. Check the talkbacks at AICN to see that in full effect. Me? I'm hoping for a great time at the theater. I'm not looking for a transcendental awakening--I'm just looking for a great way to enjoy 2+ hours at the theater on a Friday afternoon.

Marc McKenzie on Mar 9, 2011


mark - you and me think very much alike (don't know if that's good or bad!) one of the things that saddens me the most concerning the role of the internet in life is how many people seem to love to hate for the sake of hate. movies, sports, games, politics - it doesn't matter the subject, the hate is everywhere. i'll be there friday evening looking for a fun time too. hey- register with disqus on the site and we can follow each others posts. i'm not saying i'm never negative, but i say what's on my mind and try to be fair.

Anonymous on Mar 9, 2011


hes awesome!

A5J4DX on Mar 13, 2011

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