Visionary Apple & Pixar Co-Founder Steve Jobs Has Passed Away at 56

October 5, 2011
Source: NY Times

Steve Jobs

Very sad news to report today. The AP/NY Times are reporting, with confirmation from Apple, that Apple co-founder, Pixar co-founder, businessman, vanguard and father of four & family man Steven P. Jobs has died today. Steve Jobs, as he was better known, passed away at the age of 56, shortly after resigning from Apple CEO in August. While I know Jobs is known more in the tech world, I thought it important to write something about his death, as his help with Pixar early on and influence on Hollywood is certainly evident. He was a great innovator, a great leader and businessman, and will certainly be missed, but never forgotten.

This is one of those obituaries I thought I'd never have to write, as someone like Steve Jobs is one of those people that you look up and expect to look up to all your life. Details are sparse so far, but Jobs had a liver transplant for cancer in early 2009, and has been very cautious about his health, stepping down as CEO over those concerns just a few months ago. He leaves behind an incredible legacy, with Apple, with Pixar, with everything he has ever been involved in. The Apple website has already posted a remembrance page and listed an email to send them condolences and thoughts if you wish. Here's the message they published:

Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius, and the world has lost an amazing human being. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to know and work with Steve lost a dear friend an an inspiring mentor. Steve leaves behind a company that only he could have built, and his spirit will forever be the foundation of Apple.

Wonderfully said. I'm certain his genius and his inspiration will live in on in many ways, not only with a product that most of you are either looking at this very minute or holding in your pocket, but with future generations, too. Katey Rich from Cinema Blend already published a piece about "Remembering Steve Jobs, Who Made Pixar Possible", recalling how the $5 million he paid to buy Pixar and get it going in the 80's helped set it on the path to Hollywood history as we know it. And our friends at The Pixar Times also just posted their short message: Thanks For Everything, Steve. I'm sure we'll see many remembrances to come.

From the first message released by Apple: "Steve's brilliance, passion and energy were the source of countless innovations that enrich and improve all of our lives. The world is immeasurably better because of Steve. His greatest love was for his wife, Laurene, and his family. Our hearts go out to them and to all who were touched by his extraordinary gifts." May you rest in peace Steve Jobs, your legacy will live on forever.

New statement released by Steven Spielberg (via Mashable): "Steve Jobs was the greatest inventor since Thomas Edison. He put the world at our fingertips." Obama's message about him was wonderful, too.

Published on Facebook: ‎"Steve Jobs was an extraordinary visionary, our very dear friend and the guiding light of the Pixar family. He saw the potential of what Pixar could be before the rest of us, and beyond what anyone ever imagined. Steve took a chance on us and believed in our crazy dream of making computer animated films; the one thing he always said was to simply 'make it great.' He is why Pixar turned out the way we did and his strength, integrity and love of life has made us all better people. He will forever be a part of Pixar’s DNA. Our hearts go out to his wife Laurene and their children during this incredibly difficult time." -John Lasseter, Chief Creative Officer & Ed Catmull, President, Walt Disney/Pixar Animation Studios

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I've never been a user of Apple products, but R.I.P Mr. Jobs.

Cruzer on Oct 5, 2011


What a brilliant man. So sad to see him gone.

4k4k on Oct 5, 2011


This man made me like computers again. R.I.P Steve.

Anonymous on Oct 5, 2011


Everything he did, influenced our lives in some manner. Even the little things from using a mouse for our PCs to watching a movie like Toy Story. 

lossy on Oct 5, 2011


Thanks for posting this, Alex. He influenced the film world just as much as the tech world.

Angry Chief on Oct 5, 2011


This is just a sad day. we lost one of the most influential people in the world. R.I.P Steve Jobs

truong18 on Oct 5, 2011


FYI, Jobs didn't co-found Pixar. In fact, no one did. It started as a sub-division of LucasFilm.

Xtheory on Oct 5, 2011


He did not, but I'm certain it wouldn't be the same had it been without Jobs. 

lossy on Oct 5, 2011


Truly is a sad day...R.I.P. Steve Jobs you will be missed.

Anonymous on Oct 5, 2011


R.I.P Steve Jobs. 

Ron on Oct 5, 2011


Always had a Mac. Shame he died so young, 56 is way too young. Sad news indeed.

Crapola on Oct 5, 2011


R.I.P. a great man in history

Anonymous on Oct 5, 2011


Rest in peace, Steve Jobs. You were responsible for so many things and directly shaped such an incredible technology culture that I have been in love with since I was 8 years old. I remember my very first interaction with the Apple IIe, the original Macintosh, the iPhone on launch day... Your influence, creativity and approach to technology and its implementation have had an incredible impression on a majority of my life. I have long respected and admired you. Thank you for everything you gave to this world. My children and their children will know about you and your footprint on our lives.

Everman on Oct 5, 2011


I think I kind of take for granted the tool that he had a part in shaping that I use everyday of my life, either via the desktop and now my phone too. I can remember when it didn't exist and how excited I got getting to use Photoshop for the first time on a tiny Mac at school and how it became intuitive very quickly. I still get excited and am enthusiastic about it and it must be accredited to him for starting it off. Will definitely have to have a think about this one...

Crapola on Oct 5, 2011



Xerxexx on Oct 5, 2011


The world has lost a great visionary!! I extend my deepest condolences to his family! RIP, Mr. Jobs.  🙁

Spider on Oct 5, 2011


great loss for apple but now apple break all the previous records of sale beacuse of sympathy

Haroon_7866 on Oct 5, 2011


eh, rip steve jobs. You made using computers a trend especially the cult of mactards lol. Definitely gonna miss those pc vs mac arguments without him being around. Apple will never be the same without you and billions you made for them! Not to mention the denial of "macs are PCs too" by apple fanatics! Those apple product presentations will be boring without you and catchy phrases! Buying a computer with overpriced parts slapped with reused and new themed OS will not have same feeling without you! ... atleast microsoft is doing terrible in the mobile market.

BoomBoxxx on Oct 5, 2011


What's wrong, with you people? Reality check: You are using this guy's death for os trolling. No judgment intended.

Kabbesmensch on Oct 6, 2011


Four Children have just lost their father, keep your thoughts and stupid ill-timed, really bad sense of humour to yourself for few days idiot

stephenw on Oct 6, 2011


well said

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


well said

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018


I'm sorry for his lost, and for his family who will truly miss him. The computing world will never be the same without him. I apologize

BoomBoxxx on Oct 6, 2011


Maybe you, too, are profoundly touched by Steve Job’s death, October 5, 2011. He died young,  just 56. Even with a net worth $7 B as of September, 2011, as reported by Forbes magazine, all the money in the world, the finest doctors, the most innovative medicines, and the most advanced surgical procedures could not cure Steve Job’s pancreatic cancer and keep him here on Earth. Life is ephemeral, and I am reminded today that we have just so many years, and so many days, and so many hours, and so many minutes to really live life, and  it’s all in God’s hands. So what is it that draws me to feel such loss for this man, whom I never knew, who was a reported curmudgeon and workaholic? I loved his passion. I loved his creativity. I loved his courage. I loved his unstoppable drive to make his dreams come true. I loved that he co-founded my favorite film company, Pixar, for which I am currently writing a film and hopeful to submit. I also love my ipad, my ipod, and my itunes. Thanks, Steve. I already miss this guy with his gutsy, innovative spirit. I’m putting more of that into my life.

Lbooradley on Oct 6, 2011


RIP Steve,will miss his apple presentations.

tir na nog on Oct 6, 2011


I would just like to point out that every website ive been to that has said something about Steve's passing and had a comment section, is filled with two types of comments. either "what a great man, very innovative, he will be greatly missed," or "I never used apple products, but i think steve was a great man and he will be greatly missed."  Everybody loved steve, whether they used his products or not, or even if they hated his products. i think thats a sign of a really good business man, and a really fine person in general. RIP steve.

jswiss on Oct 6, 2011


What a man. RIP Steve. "Stay hungry, stay foolish".

Alex C. on Oct 6, 2011


Steve Jobs as the public knew him was a carefully manufactured personality that was closely monitored and controlled. In that sense there is no real loss.

FellowGent on Oct 8, 2011


RIP the genius jobs

A5J4DX on Nov 13, 2018

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